Posted Thu 7 Mar 2024 14.55 by rapture83

Hi all, I have just started this as of yesterday for my guttate P, anyone on it just now, been on it, had it had any success, impacts on your life with side effects? Almost everything I read is dry lips. I was Otezla for 6-7 months, did nothing so was taken off it, started MXT early last year but felt terrible on it so stopped it, then did phototherapy, this was great and cleared everything bar my lower legs, it came back again tho and now as I say started Acitretin, 25mg once a day. Thanks

Posted Sun 10 Mar 2024 12.05 by Steview
A P sufferer for over 30 years, through good and bad times.

Hi, unfortunately I was a long term user of acitretin. Clearence wise, not as successful as other systemic or biologic treatments I have been on. Impact on life with side effects, horrible sadly. Good luck at least you are a step neater biologics if you are UK based.

Posted Tue 9 Apr 2024 13.59 by Rads68

Hiya. For what it's worth, I've been on Acitretin for 5 weeks now, 20mg daily, only side effects dry lips and sore inner nose for first few weeks. Just had first set of bloods done so hopefully no damage there. Meant to be doubling the dose now but very wary. Waiting to wake up and find hair all over my pillow bu it hasn't happened yet. the consultant who put me on it said hair loss was rare and she's seen more mxt patients with hair loss than Acitretin. Who knows, probably just trying to convince me after I told her I'd read so many horror stories online. A lot of my P seemed to clear pretty rapidly, within the first couple of weeks, but its returned with a vengeance over my butocks already, much to my dispair. Torn between hoping it works, and hoping it fails so I'm a step nearer Biologics. Finding it difficult to cut out weekend drinking, slipped up couple of times, What A journey

Posted Wed 10 Apr 2024 10.46 by Rads68

Hi Rapture83. seems you're on a very similar timeline to me so would be good to share regular updates to compare results and side effects etc. Yep, dry lips and sore inner nose but easily managed with vaseline and lip balms depite the inconvenience. I've turned down mxt as I was scared of it. Though despite my dermotologist saying Acitretin will be good for me, this site is full of horror stories.

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