Newbie on methotrexate

Posted Mon 18 Mar 2024 17.41 by Karlos220282

Hi I’m new, After having psoriasis for over 20 years and wearing long sleeves and jeans in the summer, avoiding holidays abroad and never being able to take my children swimming I’ve started to take methotrexate. I bought a uvb sunbed for temp relief about 5 years ago but frightened about skin cancer etc. And also it flared up very soon after stopping uvb treatment. I bit the bullet and have now started taking 15mg on a Monday. (My fourth dose today). Whilst still covered I have noticed it’s not as angry and the flaking has reduced by a lot 👌 I’m very worried about side effects especially hair loss as I don’t want to be bold with crap skin also 😂 I would like to go on to biologics but my dermo says I have to do this route first. I had acitretin prescribed a couple of years back but due to being a chicken 🐔 never took them again due to hearing about the side effects. Does anyone have any positive stories on methotrexate? Would be great to hear 😁

Posted Mon 18 Mar 2024 18.46 by Dollydot

I’ve had three short term sessions on Methotrexate (8-10 weeks) in the last 30years. I used to take the one tablet on a Wednesday evening and I would feel a bit nauseous and weak for about three days. I did though still work a full time job. The best part was it cleared mostly all of my plaques which also stayed off for a while.. I hope it works for you too

Posted Mon 18 Mar 2024 19.01 by Karlos220282

Thankyou for your reply, can I ask why you’re not on it now? Or has it cleared as I hear some people saying there’s just disappears mine never has though 👎 Thanks Karl 😁

Posted Mon 18 Mar 2024 20.33 by Dollydot

My three goes on Methotrexate and three goes on phototherapy we’re all between the ages of 25-40 years old. I was mostly clear apart from the odd bit, which I used to get rid of on holidays. Since then (18yrs) I’ve just managed it through getting as much sun as possible. I only use E45 and nothing perfumed (pears soap or shower gel and an exfoliating mitt). It doesn’t clear but I have no itching and no flakes, It’s been pretty manageable until this year. Called my GP who prescribed the usual steroid cream and emollients. I did explain I am loathe to use steroid cream but apparently I have to before I can get a referral Everyone’s journey is different and every person has different reactions. Mine was not great but nothing I couldn’t live with for the short term I was on it. I really hope it works for you. I’m reluctant to try any other treatments bar these two past things

Posted Mon 18 Mar 2024 21.38 by Karlos220282

Yes it’s taken a long time to have the courage and to say I’m sick of this and I was willing to try anything 😂 good luck with your journey 😁👌 Thanks for your info 😁

Posted Tue 19 Mar 2024 17.29 by Steview
A P sufferer for over 30 years, through good and bad times.

@karlos, ten years positive experience of mtx. Never 100% clear but enough to lead a good quality of life. Yes I did have side effects inc nausea and drowsiness but put up with it for the benefit it gave. Take at bed time, drink plenty of water and take folic acid. Good luck

Posted Tue 19 Mar 2024 18.11 by Karlos220282

@Steview thanks for your response 😁 Great to hear your positive experience, hopefully mine is similar to yours 😁 Thanks again.

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