Difficulty obtaining Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo

Posted Thu 21 Mar 2024 01.54 by richardmphillips

Anyone else having great difficulty sourcing this lately? I can't find it in any chemists and only at very high prices online. I couldn't find any info about shortages on the Netrogena website but also couldn't even find the product there. It's been a lifesaver in controlling my scalp for about 25 years!

Posted Thu 21 Mar 2024 11.31 by Bev

I'm in NI i was prescribed it just recently pharmacist said they can't source it but i could buy it ! Try Amazon . I had bother getting betnovate

Posted Mon 25 Mar 2024 11.33 by richardmphillips

I've managed to source some now. I had been looking for T/Gel in the States - it turns out that there's just a supply shortage in the UK. In the States it has indeed been discontinued, apparently due to a law suit against the company.

Posted Tue 26 Mar 2024 14.29 by psoriasis association (admin)Mod

Hi all, Thank you for bringing it to our attention that there is a supply issue with T-Gel. We have contacted the manufactures about this and they informed us that they are currently experiencing some temporary supply issues with this product and are currently working on resolving the stock issue as soon as possible. We will update this on our unavailable treatments website page. Thank you, Georgia

Posted Thu 4 Apr 2024 03.36 by CBMan

It seems to be back in the supermarkets in my area now (but at a new, higher price).

Posted Sat 20 Apr 2024 12.16 by Sal

We have been discussing this in another forum section. I moved from t-gel to Polytar due to the shortage, thank goodness I did. I have no scalp psoriasis since using Polytar and my hair feels so much better. Worth a try if you can’t get t-gel.

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