Vitamin D (3)

Posted Sat 23 Mar 2024 20.54 by KCsufferer

Given the importance of Vitamin D (3) on our Immune systems, wondering what experience people have had with taking "optimal" levels of Vitamin D and the affect this has had on their Psoriasis ?

Posted Mon 25 Mar 2024 11.29 by richardmphillips

I've been taking Vitamin D3 supplements along with K2 which I understand are required to both be present for the optimal effect. To be honest I haven't noticed any difference from taking dietary supplements, including those from cod liver oil. Vitamin D from controlled sun exposure, however, has a dramatic effect on my psoriasis (a positive one!). Whenever I have the chance, I expose as much of myself as I can get away with to the sun. I check the UV levels and have a good idea of how long is appropriate to avoid a burn, as I burn very easily. In the UK summer, for example, about half an hour each side is usually enough. As I work away from home a lot I'm lucky enough to travel quite a bit - somewhere like Africa is a different story where about 15 mins is the maximum. One thing I read, and seems to be true, is that Vitamin D forms in the oils in your skin. It takes a while for the body to absorb the Vitamin D from those oils, so I avoid showering or swimming for at least an hour after I've been in the sun. My skin is usually very quickly improved using this method.

Posted Mon 25 Mar 2024 20.49 by KCsufferer

That's disappointing to hear as I was Hoping that Optimizing Immune System might be a game changer. I hear you re the Sun. Unfortunately, I am besieged with genital psoriasis so isn't really such an option for me. Greatly appreciate your Input.

Posted Thu 28 Mar 2024 14.44 by Patty

I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis 20 years ago. Before I even had psoriasis. Anyway 3 years ago I had a liver transplant because methotrexate played a huge part in killing my liver. After my transplant I was given massive amounts of prednisone. And my psoriasis cleared up for over 2 years. The past six months it started coming back. I started taking zinc, D3 and vitamin C. Because I had Covid and the flu back to back and was tired of being sick. I’m on my 3rd week of taking this and I noticed my skin clearing by the end of the week. Right now I’ve only got a few spots on my back that are almost gone. I had no idea this would help my psoriasis, 20 years and not one single doctor could tell me this worked. I’m assuming it is mostly the zinc. But I’m not taking a chance. I’ll just keep taking them all. I’m beyond excited

Posted Sat 11 May 2024 23.41 by BigA1988

I had a similar experience. A few years back - through another illness I had - they discovered I had a vitamin D deficiency below 12, which is considered severe. So I’ve been supplementing ever since, and sort of using my self as a lab rat. I’ve tried different doses, combinations of supplements. I had a 2 month period where my psoriasis improved, I was taking 10,000iu daily, and it was amazing to be clear for those few months, but after using Enstilar to try and zap a spot I saw appearing, my psoriasis has come back, but not as bad as it once was. No more patches, more individual spots now. I think ideally everyone with P should get their Vit levels checked. It may not be a cure to get them boosted, but it certainly helps. In the end I went too far - 30,000iu a day - and I started showing symptoms of hypercalcemia, which is too much calcium in your blood, and can be a symptom of too much Vit D. So I’ve ceased supplementing these past few weeks. One other benefit I have noticed though, was my teeth feel far better now. Stronger and they look a bit better, as I have always suffered with unexplained dental issues until recently.

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