Pervassive Genital Psoriasis

Posted Tue 9 Apr 2024 01.03 by KCsufferer

Frustrating in the Extreme! For 3 years this has ruled my life. Moisturisers and Hydrocortisone creams only go so far. Any experiences with treatments which have helped, greatly Welcomed.

Posted Tue 9 Apr 2024 13.44 by OhNo_NotAgain?

Trimovate finally helped me to eradicate it.

Posted Fri 19 Apr 2024 17.34 by Pepperoni

Prescribed Devobat yesterday from gp for severe genital psoriasis and under arms and breast. Reading the leaflet in prescription saying do not use on genitals, under arms or breasts. Obviously not using this after reading that. I am in despair with my situation.. any advice will be appreciated

Posted Sun 21 Apr 2024 11.00 by OhNo_NotAgain?

@pepperoni: I would suggest that you try to discuss with your GP, even over the phone. All Topical steroids that I have used or investigated have that or similar in the patient leaflet . They usually also warn about use near to the eyes. Some used to advise not to use on the all. I understand that this is to flag to patients a danger, and tostop them going off and slathering themselves Over the past 44 years that I have had varying degrees of psoriasis, I HAVE used a steroid on my genitals and on my eyelid, and nose with good success. Usually, and just in my experience, if a GP suggests a steroid for a sensitive area, they advise to use it very sparingly, and usually they insist on seeing me again much sooner than might be normal so that they could monitor my useage and stop before any significant detrimental effects occur. Some (perhaps all) topical steroids can cause thinning of the skin. One of the go-to ones in the 1970s was "Betnovate". Thee was a condition commonly referred to as "Betnovate face" - where people developed a red complexion. This was caused by over-use on the face over a time, and thinning of the skin meant that blood vessels became closer to the surface giving a red complexion. When I used Dovobet or back in the day, Betnovate, on my face and recently my eyelid, I put the slightest smear of ointment on my finger, just enough to make it appear shiny. I then applied it to my eyelid. I used it twice on the first day, then once a day only, just for 2 -4 days. For my groin and genitals, I used a little more, but ensured that it was well rubbed in to the skin so all was absorbed. I found that Trimovate was the most effective for my genitals and anywhere with folds of skin such as the groin. I strongly advise you to ask your GP for more advice.

Posted Mon 22 Apr 2024 06.23 by KCsufferer

Many thanks for your generous comment. I am heartened to read that you have found Trimovate cream so effective for psoriasis in your Groin and Genitals area. Have you had any significant adverse reactions/.side effects ?

Posted Mon 22 Apr 2024 09.43 by OhNo_NotAgain? (edited Wed 24 Apr 2024 17.57 by OhNo_NotAgain?)

@KCsufferer: I have not had any adverse reaction or side-effects at all. I have noticed a few others posting on these forums who have also had good outcomes with Trimovate. Until 2009 I was living and working overseas and was prescribed Triderm, I found that to be effective and so when I moved back to the IK I requested Triderm, but discivered it was noit available in the UK. But my GP suggested Trimovate. Trimovate contains a steroid, an antibiotic and an anti-fungal (as did Triderm, althpough not exactly the same ones).

Posted Mon 22 Apr 2024 23.18 by KCsufferer

Thank You for your Reply. Appreciated.

Posted Sun 5 May 2024 23.11 by Stef

Hi, I'm new here. I just wanted to say thank you as you help me understand that I am not that crazy because of the location of psoriasis...I have it too ,but I didn't spoke with my GP or anyone about it, as I thought this is very embarrassing and unusual...and even doubted that is psoriasis . But the flakes and itching proves it...So annoying and uncomfortable ,unpleasant and painful..I have scars and wounds,and the fact that I am scratching my private area is sooo not glamorous ..I will try Trimovate and see how it feels. So ,if it wasnt't your post ,I would've continue doubt myself. Btw,how did you talked with your GP about this area affected by psoriasis? I still don't know how to speak with the GP..he probably want to see the psoriasis...How to explain it? I don't want to show the area! 😁 Wish you all best! And maybe someday you will be cured.

Posted Mon 6 May 2024 01.21 by KCsufferer

Stef, Don't be embarrased. It is the profession of Dr's to clinically observe and treat such conditions. Moisturisers and Cortisones are the first line of Treatment and Biologics are the "Heavy Arsenal" which can be employed when all else fails. Biologics have a very high success rate But are not without Risk. Stay in touch on your Journey for an acceptable Outcome (as I am still seeking to do for my own genital psoriasis) as a problem shared is a problem halved as the old saying goes !

Posted Mon 6 May 2024 11.22 by OhNo_NotAgain?

@Stef: PLEASE try to overcome your feelings, and show your GP the problem. They really cannot diagnose effectively without seeing exactly where it is and the appearance of the lesions etc. I am very lucky in that I have a very pragmatic approach to seeing doctors. No matter how awkward or embarassed I feel, or how invasive an examination promises to be, I decide that not being examined and treated could be far worse. Most conditions get worse without treatment rather than better. If you are embarassed - for example, in front of a male doctor if you are female - then when you request an appointment, request a female doctor. You can ask for a chaperone of course, and even bring a friend or family member if that would help (although I am guessing it might not).

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