Cold Water Immersion

Posted Mon 15 Apr 2024 07.10 by KCsufferer

Do members have any experience of Cold Water Immersion as an effective treatment for Psoriasis and genital Psoriasis in particular ?

Posted Wed 17 Apr 2024 20.27 by kad1220

One thing to remember is not everything works for every person. That said. I did a month of cold water with Epson salt 30 minute bath soaks and did not notice any difference for me. Some people claim the ocean will help, but I do not have close access to the ocean. The Jason Vale "skin deep" program works for me. Takes a few month for me to get clear. But when I flare, that is my go to. Hope this helps.

Posted Thu 18 Apr 2024 00.41 by KCsufferer

Many Thanks

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