what type is this, and how can i get rid of it :/

Posted Mon 22 Apr 2024 16.10 by Liketcirk (edited Mon 22 Apr 2024 16.10 by Liketcirk)

Hi, I've been diagnosed with Psoriasis since 2016. It used to be very mild, with occasional flare-ups, but after losing a lot of weight, the situation improved. However, since January this year, I've been experiencing severe flare-ups on my arms, legs, back, etc. It looks a lot like guttate psoriasis, but that would mean it's been going on for 4 months. Isn't that too long for guttate psoriasis? I've tried several things like drinking kefir, apple cider vinegar, eating more garlic, drinking lots of water, and even more water. I'm feeling really hopeless now. I also exercise a lot. With summer approaching, I'm becoming very insecure. Is there anyone with a similar skin condition or who has experience with it and has any tips? Please let me know! I would be very grateful :) https://ibb.co/vDnr6z1

Posted Mon 22 Apr 2024 18.55 by OhNo_NotAgain?

I came out in Guttate psoriasis (after having been virtually clear of plaque psoriasis for years). This erupted 4-6 weeks or so after a hip replacement. My GP at the time, who seemed quite knowledgeable and was certainly helpful, advised that it would probably go away after 6 months or so. Actually it took 8 months. I used Exorex Coal Tar treatment, and Psoriderm lotion where I could reach. I did not want to use steroid as the guttate psioriasis lesions were so small and numerous, and I did not want to slather topical steroind over all the good skin between the lesions. The itching drove me mad and the best thing I found generally for my arms and chest was Doublebase Gel, and Doublebase Dayleve Gel. I just used those over an ovr during the day. In the evening a mildly warm bath with Oilatum+ bath oil additive calmed the itching well enough that I could sleep. I spent a fortune on other creams and potions but these were the ones that helped me. For my scalp - Alphosyl (now disconrtinued) or Polytar shampoo, or Alphacade shampoo (excellent and pleasant). Again I spent a lot of money on other things to try -without any success for me.

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