Medical injections

Posted Sun 9 Jun 2024 16.51 by Billy2018

Does anyone have experience with the immune suppression injections? I have psoriasis on my genitals, groins, bum crack and belly button. I have a much better skin sunbed and it just does do the job. I’m getting fed up as steroid creams don’t work they make it worse tbh!

Posted Sun 9 Jun 2024 23.18 by PrincessDi

I used Enbrel for several years then had to change to Humira due to insurance. If they will prescribe it by all means "take it"!!

Posted Mon 10 Jun 2024 21.03 by Steview
A P sufferer for over 30 years, through good and bad times.

@Billy, are you UK based and under a dermatologist? Have you tried lotriderm or trimovate for the areas you mention?

Posted Sat 15 Jun 2024 14.35 by jack1111

Medical injections are a crucial part of healthcare, delivering medications directly into the body for fast and effective treatment. They can be used for vaccinations, pain management, and chronic conditions like diabetes. While generally safe when administered by professionals, it's important to ensure sterile techniques to prevent infections and other complications. Always consult a healthcare provider for proper use.

Posted Sat 15 Jun 2024 14.38 by PrincessDi

I don't really think people realize the psychological effects of having severe psoriasis. Biological injections saved my life as far as I'm concerned and if down the road I glow in the dark, I don't care, well worth it.

Posted Mon 17 Jun 2024 11.56 by Pr3ees (edited Mon 17 Jun 2024 11.56 by Pr3ees)

Hi Billy, I have severe coverage of pso, phototherapy failed me this time round unfortunately made it worse! I signed off my paperwork consent forms on Friday for biologicals, just had my blood tests today, hopefully hoping the tests are okay to let me start my biologics asap ! I hope you recover as soon as and do what’s good for you

Posted Today 13.01 by PrincessDi

Hi, I have been on biologics going on 13 years and no thankfully no issues. Bloodwork once a year and all seems fine. I do still drink socially and have had no ill effects. It is the only thing that has ever completely cleared me, especially my scalp which although I treated with topicals it was still a mess.

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