Russ' Story

Russ has chosen to share his experiences of psoriatic arthritis by writing a poem. Have a read below, or listen to Russ read his poem aloud instead.

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Psoriatic arthritis
What the hell is that?
Are you growing an extra head?
Will you need two hats?

The total lack of knowledge
Totally flummoxed me.
I was having an assessment
At the D.W.P.

I accept that my condition
Is not exactly common.
Even my family’s understanding
Borders on the rotten.

People only see my skin,
They cannot see inside.
I’m too young for arthritis,
People often chide.

They don’t see me in the morning,
Crawling out of my pit.
I’m like Bambi full of whiskey,
Going for a p*ss.

I get some tablets down me,
Cover myself with grease.
A fag and a strong coffee
Brings me inner peace.

I’m ready for the day now,
See what fun it brings.
Already I am giggling,
I can’t open the bin.

Fat fingers are a nuisance,
They’re swollen and they’re sore.
I start to butter a piece of toast
And drop it on the floor.

I must use half a loaf each day,
There is toast everywhere.
But that’s one of the problems
Of having paws like Yogi Bear.

It looks like I’m staying in today,
Using keys is such a chore.
I have been trying for 10 minutes
But can’t unlock the door.

PsA is weird,
Some days it ain’t there.
I feel I could go dancing
Just like Fred Astaire.

Then other days it hits you
With a full frontal assault.
I struggle to even walk
Never mind run like Usain Bolt.

That’s what really baffles me,
How will I be tomorrow?
Will I be dancing in the street?
Or drowning in my sorrow?

The latest drug really helps,
It’s fresh off the shelf.
For the first time in 20 years
I feel like myself.

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