Eating Blueberries has cleared up my psoriasis

Posted Fri 17 Mar 2017 7.51pm by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for 2 years.

After living more that half my life with psoriasis, the condition has 99% disappeared from my body. I am a 50 year old man, and six months ago I was covered all over with psoriasis - now I don't really have the condition. This of course is nothing short of a miracle!

Anyway I started eating about 10 to 20 blueberries a day, blackberries also are good I believe if you can get them. After about a month my psoriasis was gone, I can hardly believe it. I stumbled upon this treatment by accident, and thank heavens I did.

I hope my experience will help fellow sufferers. BTW - ease off on the alcohol, I believe this makes the condition worse.

Good luck I hope others will benefit.

Posted Fri 17 Mar 2017 9.36pm by Conachuir

I love blueberries, will definitely try this, thank you.

Posted Fri 17 Mar 2017 9.49pm by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for 2 years.

@Conachuir - good luck, let us know, one month from now how you get on.

Posted Sun 3 Jun 2018 7pm by DH

My plasic surgeon recommended blueberries 2 weeks prior to a procedure to minimize bruising and promote healing. I three weeks my psoriasis has completely cleared after 20 years! I was eating one cup a day and still can’t believe that it worked!!!

Posted Mon 4 Jun 2018 4.35pm by Blossom (edited Thu 21 Jun 2018 0.11am by Blossom)
Istarted with psoriasis 10 months ago.Im on creams and hospital treatment.Sometimes i feel very low,and do,nt want to leave the house.

I'm going to give this a try.I am suffering with P at the moment.Do you know if frozen ones would be just as good. Thank you for the information.

Posted Tue 5 Jun 2018 0.01am by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for 2 years.


DH, I am really happy to hear that you have also had this miracle. I had hoped that others would also benefit, and you are the first to confirm my theory. I remain clear of psoriasis ever since I started eating them 21 months ago. I have just enjoyed a beach holiday without shame, wonderful.

Blossom, I did try frozen blueberries but didn't like the taste. I only ever eat them fresh so I don't know if frozen is as effective.

I have read that blueberries are a powerful anti-inflammatory, and so it makes sense to solve an inflammatory condition. Let us know how you get on.

Posted Wed 6 Jun 2018 5.17pm by Blossom
Istarted with psoriasis 10 months ago.Im on creams and hospital treatment.Sometimes i feel very low,and do,nt want to leave the house.

Hi.Many thanks,I'm off to the supermarket near me tomorrow.Im so happy for you that you are clear from Psoriasis.I went to see my Dermatologist last week and wants to start me on the injections.Tablets not working.So I will definitely be giving Blueberries a try,I like them any way.So thank you for sharing this with us.And fingers crossed you remain clear.So from tomorrow I'm buying blueberries.And thank you for the information.

Posted Thu 7 Jun 2018 9.36pm by Cazzy27

I have PPP on the soles of my feet and on Cyclosporin at the moment. I'm just wondering if the blueberries would help me or not. Desperate to try something as having trouble walking at the moment as it's so sore.

Posted Thu 7 Jun 2018 by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for 2 years.

The soles of my feet was about the only place that I didn't have plaque psoriasis. I was also on Cyclosporin for a while. It worked for me for a time but gradually lost its efficacy, then the psoriasis came back worse than ever. I had bad side effects with Cyclosporin as well. Thank heavens that is all behind me. I've no idea whether blueberries work for all variations of psoriasis, I recommend a try, it's easy and natural, you have nothing to lose. Mixing blueberries with other treatments may not yield optimum results, one thing to consider. Good luck.

Posted Fri 8 Jun 2018 7.26am by Cazzy27

Thankyou pdr321. I shall certainly try them. I have to stop the Cyclosporin soon for 2-3 weeks before starting methotrexate so that will give me a break from the meds anyway. It usually flares up over my body when I'm not on anything so that will be a good test. Do you eat the blueberries in one sitting or can they be spread out?

Posted Fri 8 Jun 2018 12.40pm by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for 2 years.

Hi Cazzy,

I almost ended up on methotrexate, I just couldn't face it, then luckily I discover blueberries and experience the miracle of normal skin. Even now I have to pinch myself that I am clear, I hope this works for you.

I started eating Tesco's Berry Medley about 4 times a week, at about 3 to 4 weeks I was clear. I now eat blueberries every day, either with morning cereal, or a Berry Medley at lunchtime. For me it's a small price to pay for clear skin. I probably don't need to eat as many as I do, but I like them anyway. I just had a beach holiday abroad where I only ate blueberries about 4 times in 2 weeks, still clear. To clear your skin initial I recommend that you eat some every day. I hope it works for you. Phil

Posted Fri 8 Jun 2018 2.49pm by Cazzy27

Hi Phil. Wow that sounds amazing. I have started on the blueberries but as I'm still on meds I'm not sure if they will help but at least they will be in my system for when I come off. I so hope it works and I will give it a good try. It would be so great not to have medication every day and to lead a normal life. It would be life changing and think you and others that it helps are so lucky.

Posted Fri 8 Jun 2018 3.19pm by Blossom
Istarted with psoriasis 10 months ago.Im on creams and hospital treatment.Sometimes i feel very low,and do,nt want to leave the house.

Hi pdr321, I've just bought mine today.Im looking forward to some good results before I see my Dermatologist in 4 weeks.So do you recommend eating Blue berries every day.Thankyou

Posted Fri 8 Jun 2018 5.42pm by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for 2 years.

Blossom, yes I eat blueberries every day.

Cazzy, the Cyclosporin and blueberries mix does concern me. Personally I'd ditch the Cyclosporin, you may get a flare up initially when you do. I think you will only really know if the berries work when your body chemistry returns to normal. I understand how you feel, I've been there and will be crossing my fingers for you. Phil

Posted Fri 8 Jun 2018 5.54pm by Cazzy27

Hi Phil. I should be stopping any day now. Just waiting for my appointment date to come through. They said 4-6 weeks and it has been 4 weeks already. I flare up really quickly after stopping the meds and literally can't walk that's why I'm loathed to stop until I have a date so I have something to fall back on if the blueberries don't work.

Good luck Blossom. Hope it works for you. Let us know.

Posted Sat 9 Jun 2018 3.48pm by DH (edited Sat 9 Jun 2018 3.49pm by DH)

It has been 6 weeks and I am still 100% clear for the last 3 after starting the blueberries 6 weeks ago. I eat 1 cup a day, frozen or fresh whatever I can get. My husband has just started so will see how he does.

You can spread it out or eat it all at once, it really doesn’t matter. I am thinking of cutting down now for maintenance maybe 3-4 times a week.

I encourage you all to try and please let us know. There are blueberry councils that do research on how good blueberries are for you, but I can’t find any research on psoriasis. I am thinking about starting an informal study with people’s initials and their individual results so please keep me posted. It might spur real research on this that can help a lot of people.

Posted Sat 9 Jun 2018 4.14pm by Cazzy27

Hi DH. Thanks for that. I know that there are different kinds of Psoriasis so this might only work for some. I have PPP but I will certainly give this a go as it would be amazing if it worked. I will keep you posted.

Posted Mon 11 Jun 2018 11.14am by Chrissie NW

Hi Phil I am amazed at what you have written about Blueberries, Ive had Psoriasis for over 50 yrs I have not gone down the road of the Cancer drugs, but just done it myself, but I am terrible at the moment very sore and very, very red, been to see my Consultant and he recommended drug after drug, blood tests etc I just said no thank you. After reading your article I am going and buying my Blueberries, its absolutely amazing, with me using Steriod Creams most of my life my skin is like tissue paper, so now my hols are spoilt as I burn very easily, so I have to stay out of strong sun. I would like to thank you for all the info and I will certainly come back to the Forum and let you know how I get on, we will be calling you the Blueberry Man. Chrissie

Posted Mon 11 Jun 2018 11.49am by Cazzy27

Hi Chrissie. May I ask what type of psoriasis you have got?

Posted Mon 11 Jun 2018 1.45pm by Chrissie NW

Hi Cazzy, yes you certainly can, I have Psoriatic Psoriasis, I've had Psoriatic for about 18 months you have the pain of that, together with your skin to take care of, it's the worse and painful one. Thanks for contacting me.


Posted Mon 11 Jun 2018 1.52pm by Cazzy27

Hi Chrissie. Ooh I do feel for you. I have PPP on the soles of my feet and some days it's like walking on glass. I'm on Cyclosporin but have to come off it any day now so I am going to give the blueberries a go. I don't know if they work for PPP but time will tell. If that fails then it's back onto methotrexate injections which I don't want to do! Good luck and keep us posted.

Posted Mon 11 Jun 2018 2.57pm by Chrissie NW

Hi Cazzy and I feel for you too. I had P on my feet, only once, but it drove me mad, so I do have sympathy for you. I have never been on any drugs for P when I read all the nightmares people have, I refuse them, one Consultant struck me off his list, so I got in touch with the Ombudsman and they re-instated me, but with a different one and he is great and so understanding, in fact Im going to the Hospital on Thursday am trying the Lamp again its been about 10yrs since I last used it, Im trying it as Im so down at the moment, I hate the travelling three days a week for approx 12 weeks, but we will see if any improvement, Im also going to take the blueberries as well, or should I say magic blueberries!!!!I will keep in touch with my progress. There is a new injection coming out at the end of the year, so Im hoping I may try that, this has no cancer agents in it and has specifically been done for psoriasis suffers only, so there should be no harmful after effects the person who has done this is a Prof at the Manchester Hospital, so thats fantastic news. Thanks Cazzy I will keep you in the picture, let me know how you get on. Good Luck.


Posted Mon 11 Jun 2018 4.04pm by Cazzy27

Hi Chrissie. Ooh I haven't heard of the new injection coming out. Are you able to give me anymore info on it or a website I can look at. I don't like the idea of biologics etc so it would be good if they could find something else that works. Hope you get some relief from the lamp but meanwhile enjoy the magic blueberries! Bye for now.


Posted Mon 11 Jun 2018 7.19pm by Chrissie NW

Hi Carole, well with the injection coming out at the end of the year I have put it somewhere safe and can't find it, leave it with me and I will search I've put it in a book not my Chrome Book, so I will have a good look, with it being later in the year for availability I will look for it in my spare time, I will definitely get back to you I am a bit of a scatter brain . Spk soon. Chrissie

Posted Mon 11 Jun 2018 7.29pm by Cazzy27

Thanks Chrissie. No hurry, whenever you've got time. Carole

Posted Wed 13 Jun 2018 1.14am by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for 2 years.

Hi Chrissie, what has happened to me is amazing, it all seems too easy after all those years of agony, steroid creams, hospital appointments, nasty pills etc. If only I had known about blueberries when I was 23. Now it just seems like a bad dream I had. I do hope that everyone here will experience the same miracle. Phil

Posted Wed 13 Jun 2018 6.38am by Benh1988

I’ve been watching this chat for a few days now and after having P for around 15 years nothing as really worked for me , I used to use betnovate on my face which in the end just thinned my skin. now I just moisturise with aveeno which isn’t too bad , however I always wear jumpers and trousers to cover my arms and legs up , only other good thing that works is sun for me if I go abroad to Turkey or Greece , I’ve tried everything sunbeds , vitamins , creams , steroids , tablets , nothing works , I’m going to give the blueberries a try and will keep updates I started on the 11th of June having around 15 a day so will come back with another update in a few week then a few week after that , I have also bought some blueberry smoothies . Fingers crossed it works

Posted Wed 13 Jun 2018 11.18am by Summer

Iv just had a large flair up, due to getting stressed over been told I had a BCC on my face, which was removed last week,(results back in a week)

This is amazing I hope everyone Who tries it Will get the same results, I always have a small hand full in my porridge, but now I have doubled the amount

Fingers crossed for us all

Posted Wed 13 Jun 2018 1.29pm by Chrissie NW

Hi Summer, sorry to hear of your BCC and trust all will be good when you get your results.

I'm going for my blueberries tomorrow as my P has been horrific, so I'm going to eat lots. Miracle Phil will have help a lot of us P suffering people with his Blueberries.


Posted Wed 13 Jun 2018 1.37pm by Cazzy27

Hi Phil. Just wondering if you have shares in blueberries. If not, you should have, ha ha! On a serious note, it would be great if you have helped a lot of people on this forum, hopefully me included.

Posted Wed 13 Jun 2018 4.49pm by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for 2 years.

Hi Cazzy, I know what it's like, and many patient stories on here are heartbreaking. This condition can certainly ruin lives. In a way I feel like I'm pushing snake oil. It took a while for me to decide to post my experience, when I did the post got next to no feedback. My consultant noted my miraculous recovery but gave it no credibility. Reading the stories of sufferers on here made me decide to post again. It's good to hear that it has worked for at least one other person. Even now some people look at me in a t-shirt and say where are your spots? I tell them what happened and they look at me speechless, not quite believing. I should probably stop pushing this though, I don't want to give false hope. Lastly I do believe that a reasonable diet is also factor. Smoking, too much sugar and alcohol are all bad for psoriasis. I find that I can still indulge within reason. In actual fact I don't smoke and only drink very moderately. Phil

Posted Wed 13 Jun 2018 5.35pm by Cazzy27

Well said Phil and this forum is a great way to share ideas and treatments. I think people are only to pleased to be able to try something else that has worked for others even if it is only one or two people. I'm like you, never have smoked and only have a couple of drinks at the weekend but if I go onto methotrexate I won't be able to do that. Looking forward to hearing from the others on this forum seeing if the blueberries worked for them.


Posted Wed 13 Jun 2018 7.23pm by Chrissie NW

Many many Thks to Phil, I couldn't get my blueberries the other day I have a round trip to the supermarket of 46miles so I thought I have the Hosp tomorrow so I will get them tomorr I have faith in the blueberries, if it's not worked for me, these things happen, all trial and error, like everything in life when you have problems. I will come on the Forum and let everyone know how I get on, I love all this chat when we all suffer with P one way or another. Chrissie

Posted Wed 13 Jun 2018 7.35pm by Cazzy27

Hi Chrissie. Wow 46 miles! I moan when I have to go to the supermarket and mine's only a 2 mile round trip!! I shall never moan again. As you say these things are trial and error and don't work for everyone but you have to try them. Good luck with the hospital tomorrow and hope the supermarket have got lots of blueberries for you.


Posted Wed 13 Jun 2018 8pm by Chrissie NW

Thanks Carole, yes long mileage for me to the Supermarket, I live in the middle of nowhere in between two mountains ( but it's beautiful ).

I will let you know how I get on.


Posted Fri 15 Jun 2018 8.34pm by Benh1988

Hi PDR how long was it before you started to notice the p clearing up thanks Ben

Posted Sat 16 Jun 2018 0.19am by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for 2 years.

Hi Ben,

I recall that after a couple of weeks I noticed first that no new spots were forming. Next the scales just started falling off, dead skin everywhere like snow! At about 3 weeks to a month I was clear. I healed really rapidly, it was quite the miracle. Just before I had been covered nearly all over, it was really bad.


Posted Sat 16 Jun 2018 9.17pm by Stuart7
Hello all Nice to see a group of people helping one another

Hi all new on here and like you guys looking to rid myself of my P

Thanks to Cazzy for pointing me in direction of this forum

Along with blueberry is there any other recommended superfood that helps us sufferers

Any feedback appreciated

Posted Mon 18 Jun 2018 4.47am by MAD

Hello All,

I just recently been diagnosed with psoriasis and i find it very daunting. I have never suffered from any skin condition until a year ago. I have been on the steroid creama nd coal tar lotion but nothing seems to help. Its getting worse. First it was only on my knees and elbows and now its all over my body. The itching is also getting worse. I have been waiting to see the dermatologist for 6 months. It’s very frustrating. I will definitely try the blueberries. I haven’t slept all night due to the itching and i feel very down as a colleague just pointed how awful my skin and if its contagious! I just want to hide.

1 Posted Mon 18 Jun 2018 5.09am by Stuart7
Hello all Nice to see a group of people helping one another

Hi MAD Firstly sorry to hear of your skin troubles. Like you i only contracted P a year past march and mine started with a few spots with got bigger and eventually spread. My worse effected areas are my lower back shins and forearms.

I started cyclosporin on saturday but only taking 100mg per day instead of the 200mg i was meant to take. Of course i also started on the blueberries on saturday and im hoping for a result by way of combining them with the cyclosporin

Will keep you posted as to how it goes and good luck with the super blueberries

1 Posted Mon 18 Jun 2018 8.54am by OhNo_NotAgain?

I find it quite strange that there are so many posts on these forums from people who say things like - "I have been prescribed xxxx but I don't want to use it" or "my dermatologist gave me xxx but I only use it yyyyyyy". Here is another example - and please do not take this as personal criticism Stuart - but why if you are "meant to take 200mg" would you only take 100mg?

My doctor prescribed my certain things for psoriaisis and when I saw no impreovement at all - particularly in the itching, I went back to him, discussed options and non-prescription options and was given something else which has helped.

When some post that "xxxx did not help me at all" I do occasionally wonder for how long and in what way did they use it - was it as advised?

1 Posted Mon 18 Jun 2018 12.47pm by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for 2 years.

Hi Stuart,

I don't like the idea of the blueberries cyclosporin mix. Try the blueberries, if they don't work then you have no option right? My view is avoid strong meds unless there is no other option.


Posted Sun 1 Jul 2018 11.03am by DianeC

I've had a few small patches of psoriasis all of my life. (Elbow & knee). I've noticed in the past that it can suddenly clear up. Mine just cleared up again and I wondered what did I do that was different if anything.

I went blueberry picking last week and have been eating a lot of them everyday. Yesterday I noticed my psoriasis has cleared up! Could it be the blueberries? A coincidence? I searched online and found this thread..

Posted Sun 1 Jul 2018 1.12pm by Blossom
Istarted with psoriasis 10 months ago.Im on creams and hospital treatment.Sometimes i feel very low,and do,nt want to leave the house.

Hi DianneC .I to have been eating blueberries since I heard about it on here.And my psoriasis has been behaving itself.Im putting it down to the sun aswell.Mine is clearing up slowly,but as I've had it since I had a throat infection 4 years ago.I go to see my Dermatologist in 2 weeks and I'm hoping to have cleared up more by then.We,re all hoping for a miracle cure,so if something like blueberries help. Where's the harm in trying,Good Luck with the clear skin.

Posted Sun 8 Jul 2018 1.43pm by Cazzy27

Hi Lguk. I look foward to seeing how you get on. I'm like most other people and eating 20 blueberries a day. I have noticed a difference but am still on Cyclosporin 100mg a day so not sure if it's the blueberries or not. I like to think it is. I'm wondering if the juice might be a bit strong but if it helps then I would certainly give it a go. Anything other than meds!


2 Posted Sun 8 Jul 2018 2.56pm by pdr321 (edited Sun 8 Jul 2018 7.30pm by pdr321)
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for 2 years.

A few on here are taking cyclosporin and eating blueberries at the same time. To me this does not make sense, how will you know if the blueberries work unless you try them without medication?

My own experience of cyclosporin was that it worked at first, but there were some nasty side effects. Gradually it lost its efficacy and so was never going to be a long-term solution. Also each time I came off cyclosporin I had the most horrendous flare ups, so bad in fact that I wondered why I bothered in the first place. Of course this is just my personal experience. There is no cure for psoriasis, just treatment and management of the condition. That said eating blueberries is still working for me nearly two years along. If you take cyclosporin you are surpressing your immune system. At the same time the blueberries are a powerful anti-inflammatory. I'm not an expert but I must confess that this particular mix worries me. I never tried this. One thing is for sure, you will never know if blueberries are working for you unless you come off the meds.

Posted Sun 8 Jul 2018 7.05pm by OhNo_NotAgain?

Someone has said that eating blueberries has helped their psoriasis.

So now some people want to buy concentrate - that will have been extracted by industrial processes, and subject to other industrial proicess to be allowed to be sold.

What is clear - they will not be consuming everything that is in a fresh whole blueberry.

Additionally - if a 30ml serving contains 185 blueberries. I wonder if it also contains the sugar content of 185 blueberries?

Posted Sun 8 Jul 2018 9.03pm by DH

I wonder that too - it is called a blueberry concentrate drink, NOT even blueberry juice, that means they are adding other stuff, possible sugar.

Posted Thu 12 Jul 2018 0.40am by IH1987


I am new in this forum. Since I read the blueberries post (3 days ago)I have started eating them everyday. I stopped having methotrexate nov2017 and now I am on homeopathy treatment which apparently takes months to work.

Phil can I ask that initially when you started eating blueberries your psoriasis got flakier than usual?

Posted Thu 12 Jul 2018 6.58am by janice11573
I've had psoriasis for 10 years and it continues to get worse. Tired of medications, ready to try eating healthier and natural oils.


I just came across this forum while I was researching different remedies for psoriasis. I spend a lot of time researching...because I have been on so many different medications and ointments, all of which might help for a short time, but then they no longer work. I don't want to take any more medications. I know my dermatologist means well, but if one doesn't work they want to try another one. That gets old. Also, they are very expensive and insurance doesn't always want to pay for them. After reading and researching, it seems that diet and moisturizing and taking care of your skin may truly be the best defense. I started coconut oil today, and I am also ready to try blueberries. I keep seeing so many posts about those that I feel like they just may work.

Posted Thu 12 Jul 2018 3.51pm by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for 2 years.

Hi IH1987,

Yes my psoriasis got much flakier than it had been before. I started shedding lots of dead skin, when that was gone I got my normal skin back - wonderful.


Posted Thu 12 Jul 2018 4.07pm by Stuart7
Hello all Nice to see a group of people helping one another

I was taking cyclosporin along with blueberries but after reading a post i thought yeah whats the point in taking both as you wont know which one is working when my skin starts to clear

I ditched the cyclo about 2 weeks ago in favour of the super blueberries and my skin also flaked a lot worse before returning to almost normal

Only signs left are a few red blotches

20 blueberries per day is working a treat

Posted Thu 12 Jul 2018 4.19pm by Cazzy27

Hi all. I so want to ditch the Cyclosporin and try the blueberries but without knowing if anyone else out there has PPP on the soles of their feet and the blueberries has helped I am nervous to stop the meds. I know that within 2 weeks I won't be able to walk and it will have started to spread. Really not sure what to do.

Posted Thu 12 Jul 2018 11.41pm by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for 2 years.

Hi Stuart,

I'm glad to hear about your improvement. This is great news.


Posted Fri 13 Jul 2018 12.25pm by Stuart7
Hello all Nice to see a group of people helping one another

Thank you phil It just goes to show that sometimes the most simple natural things can help the body more than any meds

Good luck to anyone else that may have success with these super berries.

I have also been eating strawberries and blackberries and the red blotches are really begining to fade

Posted Fri 13 Jul 2018 3.07pm by Margaret W

Hi, I am going to try the blueberries- i’ll Try anything! I have scalp phoriasis which is driving me mad and have lost 50% of my hair.

Just picked up Enstilar and wondered how others had found this.


Posted Fri 13 Jul 2018 3.44pm by Chrissie NW

Hi Margaret. Ive had Psoriasis for just over 50 years, the last three years ive got Psoriatic Psoriasis, which all that time has been a living nightmare. Anyway, re your scalp ( I have it on my scalp and I use T.Gel Shampoo ( no nasty drugs) I live in North Wales and therefore do not pay for prescriptions, but if you have to pay its cheaper to go to Superdrug or Boots and its a fantastic shampoo for P. Re the Enstillar, I was prescribed this by my Consultant about four months ago my hands and arms were very bad when I put in on in the evening and went to bed in the morning I thought my hand especially had really calmed down and was thrilled considering I had only use it once but its a very and I mean very strong, after a week I was so sore and decided not to use it again, but we are all different,

Re the blueberries I have not got in touch with the MIRACLE BLUEBERRY MAN PHIL, I was going to leave it another week, but I ditched the UV Light Therapy at the Hospital and decided to do the Blueberry Phil , so Ive ate 20 blueberries a day, plus blackberries and I have done it now for three weeks and my Psoriasis ( what Psoriasis) it was so horrendous, my Doctor wanted me to go into Hospital, but I refused, Did the M,B.M.P. miracle blueberryman Phils remedy and Im clear just the odd mark on my legs, but Ive actually worn shorts for the first time in 40 odd years Im thrilled to bits and I will continue to eat them, bit expensive, but worth every penny.

Hope you get on alright Margaret. Good Luck

Chrissie North Wales

Posted Fri 13 Jul 2018 3.54pm by Chrissie NW


Hi Phil, well as you can see from the above message I sent to Margaret, IM CLEAR, yes clear Sir Phil thank you so much for letting us know, as Ive previous said Ive had P for just over 50yrs out of those years Ive been clear in total about 15 months . I still have a few marks on my legs and top of my feet, but they will go given time as the P has been there a very long time, I honestly cannot believe this has happened it is a true MIRACLE. I will remember you for ever.

Chrissie North Wales

Posted Fri 13 Jul 2018 4.01pm by Chrissie NW

Cazzie 27

Well what do you think about the above, its a miracle, go out and buy your blueberries and blackberries, go your two miles to the shop I did the 46 miles to get mine and thats every week, thinking of having Tesco delivery!!!!!!!

You must buy them I know we are all different, but its worth it.

Posted Fri 13 Jul 2018 5.37pm by Cazzy27

Hi Chrissie. Wow I am so glad that this has worked for you. I wish the medical profession would take notice of this. I have been on the blueberries for about 3 weeks and I have been on Cyclosporin as well but feel that my feet have improved slightly. So as from today I have stopped the meds and I'm just going to try the blueberries. I reckoned I won't know until I give it a good go. I might regret it if I can't walk in a couple of weeks but I'm determined to try. So I will keep you updated. Bye the way, I would definitely get Tesco home delivery if I lived where you do!

Posted Fri 13 Jul 2018 9.32pm by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for 2 years.

Hi Chrissie,

Thank you for sharing your wonderful news, I'm so pleased for you, and for Stuart too of course. Just today I was talking about my experience with a colleague and saying that sometimes miracles do happen. It's also good to have confirmation for other sufferers.

You guys have made me really happy with your success :-)


Posted Fri 13 Jul 2018 9.37pm by Cazzy27

Ah well done Phil. You have changed a few lives and I hope mine will change within the next month thanks to the blueberries. Watch this space!

Posted Mon 16 Jul 2018 2.41pm by IH1987

Hi cazzy 27

How long have you been having blueberries for? Today is my day 8 and I I am shedding a lot of skin and a couple of blobs did bleed also due to excessive scratching. I hope this is normal?

Keep on posting here people who have been on their week 2 and 3 of blue berries.

Also do they skin starts to get clear from top to bottom or there's no particular order?


Posted Mon 16 Jul 2018 3.54pm by Cazzy27

Hi IH1987. I have been in them nearly 4 weeks now but have only just come off of Cyclosporin. I haven't noticed any change yet but it normally takes up to 2 weeks from when I stop any meds. So time will tell.

Posted Mon 16 Jul 2018 9.15pm by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for 2 years.

Hi IH1987/Cazzy,

If you are on Cyclosporin then I would imagine you don't have much psoriasis unless the efficacy is wearing off as it did for me. Every time I came off cyclosporin I suffered the most awful flare ups. You have a different type of psoriasis to me, I hope the berries will work for you. I think you will have to get your body chemistry back to normal first to find out. I would also advise against eating lots of sugary sweets, smoking and drinking too much alcohol. In my case it feels like the blueberries just absorb a lot of imflammatory foods, but there is a limit I think. At Christmas when I had a bad diet, and drank too much, in fact I did get a few spots back. They disappeared in a few weeks when my diet went back to normal. Everything in moderation I guess.

In my case my skin healed from underneath, with the plaques just falling off. Also my skin got quite itchy just before it finally healed. The thing that I really noticed first was that no new spots were forming. Previously they were coming up all the time, I had it really bad.

Hope this information helps.


Posted Mon 16 Jul 2018 10.03pm by Cazzy27

Hi Phil. The Cyclosporin was keeping my PPP just to the soles of my feet but when I come off of it then within about a week it creeps up my legs and arms. I am still waiting for my appointment to come through so I have taken myself off of the meds (as I have to come off it anyway) as I want to give the blueberries a good chance to help me. I am trying them for as long as I can. Usually within 2 weeks of coming off the meds I can't walk so it will be interesting to see if they help me at all. My feet don't really get itchy, they split, bleed and get very sore. I will keep you posted.


Posted Tue 17 Jul 2018 0.03am by IH1987

Hi Phil

Thanks for the info. I have been off the meds since oct/nov 2017 and on and off I was using daivobet but last 3 months I haven't used any ointment/ creams/medicine at all. And because I have stopped everything and started homeopathy root so it's just flaring up. Apparently it takes 6-9 months for homeopathy to start working.

I want to give blue berries a good go.

Will keep you all posted.

Has anyone here tried homeopathy btw?

Posted Thu 19 Jul 2018 7.58pm by Cazzy27

Hi Phil/Chrissie. So I have been off the Cyclosporin for a week now and my feet are so tender and sore that walking isn't great. I will keep up with the blueberries though but just need to know how long I should give them. I so want and need them to work!


Posted Thu 19 Jul 2018 8.14pm by Chrissie NW

Hi Carole, I took 20 blueberries and it took exactly three weeks and all I have are the marks from the P. but they have really faded this is only on my legs as I dont have my legs out much Im always in trousers, I cannot believe it, But Carole persevere, all I use is Doublebase Gel moisturiser as my skin goes very, very dry, Ive been out for Lunch today with my friend, who lives in Spain a lot, because I burn in the sun ( skin very thin, with the steroids ) so I dont get over to see her as much, well she saw me today and she couldnt believe it and she thought I had been sunning myself somewhere, she didnt believe the Blueberry Magic Remedy and then when she came into my bungalow later and looked in my fridge she did when she saw all the blueberries ( wish they had a longer date on the packets ) she gave me a big hug Ive known her for over 35 years and she said well, Ive never seen your skin like this its like spun silk, wonderful. Good Luck but keep to it, Spk again soon.


Posted Thu 19 Jul 2018 8.23pm by Cazzy27

Ah thanks Chrissie. That gives me some hope and a timescale. I am using a cream called Calmurid which is just a moisturiser as my feet also get dry. I will look at the doublebase gel to see how it differs. I know what you mean about the dates on the blueberries but it's not as bad for me as the supermarket is just down the road. You must have been so chuffed with that comment about your skin. Makes it all worthwhile.

I will keep you posted.


Posted Fri 20 Jul 2018 8.20am by Chrissie NW

Hi Carole I hope you get your feet sorted I've had it under my feet but not as bad as you, in the 50yrs I've had P. Double base is the best I've used it comes in a 500g Pump Dispenser and 100grm to put in your bag, I've been using it over 10yrs it's the best I've used your skin is like silk you can get it on prescription, I'm lucky as in Wales we get free prescriptions for everyone, try it I love it , Chrissie

Posted Fri 20 Jul 2018 8.28am by Chrissie NW

Carole, sorry, I forgot to say my skin is fantastic, I can't believe it and the comments I get is incredible, all I get them saying is Blueberries have cleared all that and I say yes I've chatted with Phil the Blueberry Miracle Man on the P. Site and told them what he said, gave it a go and this is the result, they say can't believe that , he should be knighted!!!!! but what as happened to me, this time I do agree with them, only for Phil I would still be a mess, I was covered from toes to head and I didn't go very scaly I was red raw as if someone had thrown boiling water over me but I never have it on my face thank goodness,. Good Luck Carole. Chrissie

Posted Sun 22 Jul 2018 12.45pm by IH1987

Can I ask if it has to be exact 20 blueberries? I have had more than 20 also for few days and I am on week 2 (day 13)of having the berries. I am also covered to head to legs but not on my feet. Do I have to restart with 20 a day or continue having blueberries without counting?

Phil and Chrissie please guide me here.

Posted Sun 22 Jul 2018 12.51pm by Stuart7
Hello all Nice to see a group of people helping one another


It dont matter the exact amount you take Ive been eating a small punnet a day for over 5 weeks and my P is almost gone

Only a few red blotches left which are fading fast

Also try eating porridge every morning which is really good for your skin

Posted Sun 22 Jul 2018 1.12pm by Tinks999

Hey, so I’ve never completely been psoriasis free I’ve always had a few big spots on my legs, recently the flare up has been extreme prob the worst since I first got it 30 years ago,, I’m going back to Drs on Tuesday to get yet more cream however I’ve been using Waleda Skin food and vitamin d tablets and it seems ‘less thick’ went and bought my blueberries today so I’m hopeful that will help also as it still looks very ‘angry’ will post back in 2 weeks imagine if something so simple actually works after all these years and expense at the Chinese dr etc drinking disgusting tea.

Cheryl x

Posted Sun 22 Jul 2018 1.41pm by IH1987

Thanks Stuart I thought I'd have to restart. I have been having smoked salmon on brown toast with flex seeds every morning and drinking a teaspoon full of chia seeds. Hope this all helps too

Posted Sun 22 Jul 2018 2.11pm by DH

I posted June 3rd 2018 after searching for someone else that had their psoriasis resolved after eating blueberries. There had not been any posts since March 2017 and I am glad there is a resurgence of interest and people are trying it. You need to give it 3-4 weeks faithfully and see if there is a difference.

This was just something I stumlbled on in a prep for plastic surgery and at the same time having gone blueberry picking here locally. I am stil completely cleared. I was eating one cup a day, completely cleared in 3 weeks, but now I am eating them much less and the psoriasis has not returned. I am afraid to stop completely!

Posted Sun 22 Jul 2018 5.35pm by IH1987

That's great to hear DH. I have only been having it for 2 weeks and the only difference I have noticed is not the formation of new small spots. I hope and pray that this works for everyone here who is trying to get rid of p.

DH do you mind if I ask how long have you had p for and was it all over or just on some places?

Posted Sun 22 Jul 2018 11pm by DH

I have had psoriasis for about 20 years, When I started the blueberries I had it on my scalp and ears ( for years) and also on my right arm. Though many people have it worse than me, it has been ongoing and if it went away in one spot it popped up in another.

Posted Mon 23 Jul 2018 0.14am by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for 2 years.

Hi IH,

No new spots, that sounds very promising, keep eating the blueberries. I don't know what the magic number is. I originally cleared by eating about 60 I think, four days a week. Now I eat usually probably 15 to 20 a day, and am afraid to stop like DH.


Posted Mon 23 Jul 2018 0.29am by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for 2 years.

Hi Chrissie,

Thank you for the feedback and kind words. I am so happy for you, us and others. Hopefully this simple treatment will work for even more people. If only we had known years ago. Still better late than never :-) so nice to wear shorts and a t-shirt right now. Something that was once an impossible dream for me.


Posted Wed 25 Jul 2018 1.09pm by Itchy1982

Hi All,

Rob from Vic, Australia here. Long time sufferer and really need this disease gone. This chat has really motivated me again to eat clean. I’m 3 days into the blueberry campaign. Stopped diavobet steroid cream 3 days ago. So itchy and red at the moment. Even promised to go alcohol free for the next month to see what happens.

Keep the updates going as I want to hear if this is working for more people.



Posted Wed 25 Jul 2018 1.34pm by Chrissie NW

Hi Rob from Australia, well I'm one of the Blueberry Girls, I've had Psoriasis for over 50yrs, if you look at all the above messages I'm Chrissie from North Wales and you will see that Blueberries taken a cupful or 20 a day been taking them about three or four weeks and I'm clear I didn't have scales more red all over from head to feet I just cannot believe what Blueberries have done it's completely changed my life, we are having a heatwave at the moment and I have work shorts for the first times in about 35 years I cannot that The Blueberry Man ( our Phil)PDR321 for telling us all on the Forum what had happened to him so therefore I call him the Magic Miracle Blueberry Man because I know this has never happened to me when taking all the drugs the Consultants push on you, so try them Rob, may not work for everyone but it's worth a go, so good luck and don't forget to let us know on the Forum.

Regards. Chrissie N.W.

Posted Wed 25 Jul 2018 1.41pm by Itchy1982

Thanks Chrissy.

I’ve been reading everything I can find. I love Dr. Axes you tube on psoriasis diet as well as others. I really hope this works!

Go the blueberries!!

Ps. Would have to be the most delicious medicine I’ve had to take

Posted Thu 26 Jul 2018 7.24pm by Josh73

Hi everyone!, I’m josh I’m currently taking otezla for my P, been off and on the otezla because I’m lazy and missed an apt, hopefully it kicks in, it’s been a month , it’s pretty flared up right now, did some research and found this forum started the blueberry thing today, I’m really itchy still

Posted Thu 26 Jul 2018 8.59pm by Chrissie NW

Hi Josh, well the drugs are new to me as I've never in 50yrs taken anything orally and I don't intending to start. P. needs to work from the inside out and if you go down the blueberry route you don't taken any drugs prescribe for P. look at your diet and booze does not help the problem. Blueberries has worked for me and Im clear took the 20 Blueberries per day for approx 3-4 weeks and it was a miracle as I was covered from head to feet and for over 50yrs I've had it I will eat Blueberries now everyday. Hope this helps and Josh do them everyday, get your 20 wash them and eat and good luck come back to the Forum and let us know how you have got on, you can still use your Emmolient Cream for the dryness .

Posted Thu 26 Jul 2018 10.26pm by Josh73

I don’t have any emmolient cream but I have halobetasol for my skin and a clobetasol for my scalp and hydrocortisone for my face, I was gonna continue with the otezla and the blueberrys together

Posted Fri 27 Jul 2018 10.07am by Chrissie NW

Hi Josh, I'm hoping that Phil(PDR321) he is, who I call the Miracle Blueberry Man, Phil is the one who put the Blueberry Route on the Forum and if you look at all the previous messages, Phil always says to do the Blueberries when the person is not on medication as you will not know if it's the drugs or the blueberrries that eventually clear you and with blueberries being expensive I think it's wise to wait till your meds are finished, I hope Phil agrees with me. Emmolient is excellent for the dryness of your skin I have had several different ones, you can get it on prescription it's called Doublebase Gel in a 500grms pump dispenser. Hope this helps oh and my Consultant said your medication Cream/Ointment if put on over the emollient it works better. Best of Luck.

1 Posted Fri 27 Jul 2018 1.41pm by Josh73

I get a lot of those clear bumps on my hands that itch really bad, last night was really bad

Posted Wed 1 Aug 2018 1.29pm by warren1
widespread psoriasis for 30years

What i see in this discussion is that 20

blueberries for a month is the equation to see if it is working or likely to work.

i have widespread psoriasis which can be erythrodermic at times. i have been in hospital 3 times. Had light treatment 5 times.

Anyway lets go for it.... 1st Aug 2018

Will repost 1st Sept. God willing

Posted Wed 1 Aug 2018 4.36pm by Nick
A sufferer since age 55 looking for a natural remedy

This thread is very interesting and thanks for the valuable information.

I have posted previously regarding the use of Turmeric under the following link.

As a further update regarding success, my elbows are virtually clear and my legs are almost as good as new. I just have two capsules every day and a spoonful of Turmeric powder in some soup. I'm still taking one Vit D tablet each day, even though we've had plenty of sunshine.

As said, the best part is that I've not used my Dovobet ointment since the end of January and the awful pain in my elbow joints has disappeared completely.

I bought my first punnet of Blueberries yesterday and, following the advice above, will consume 20 each day. Hopefully this will supplement the Turmeric nicely and the bonus for me is that they taste really good.

Hearing good news storing contained in threads like this adds endorsement to the message that wonderful natural cures are out there. I believe that us fellow suffers need to explore these and ditch those horrible steroids, which seem to serve only as a short term cure with disastrous skin thinning side effects.

I'll post again in a few weeks with an update and hopefully I won't have turned a light shade of blue!!

Posted Thu 2 Aug 2018 9.47am by warren1
widespread psoriasis for 30years

Very interesting Nick.

I have had psoriasis since I was 5 , am now 50.

You have had it from 55.

We are both starting on the same date. Lets see how

we get on an compare notes.

I had 20 blueberries in porridge this morning. Trust this combination is ok.


Posted Fri 3 Aug 2018 8.02am by Cazzy27

Hi Phil/Chrissie. Well it has now been 3 weeks since I stopped the Cyclosporin and started the blueberries. On a plus note the psoriasis hasn't spread like it would have done normally (without meds) but my feet haven't got a lot better. So not sure whether to go back onto the Cyclosporin or give the blueberries a bit longer. I wish you could see a photo of my feet. They are not a pretty sight at the moment.


Posted Fri 3 Aug 2018 8.06am by Cazzy27

I forgot to say that as mine is PPP the blueberries might not work for this but I can see how they would work for other types as i said before they seemed to have stopped it from spreading.


Posted Fri 3 Aug 2018 12.52pm by Liverpool Lass

HI everyone, am new to this site and have found it really informative reading all your posts. compared to a lot of you Ive been really lucky. Although psoriasis is in my family Ive only had one flare up in my early thirties. Im now 59 and having another really bad flare up with it. Reluctant to try steroid creams etc, so was really interested to read about the success people have been having by eating blueberries. Off to buy some this afternoon and will let everyone know how I get on . Also the posts on Turmeric were interesting. Used to take that for joint pain which it was really effective for. Am going to restart taking that as well. Its great that there are sites like this. Was feeling really down about it , till I found this site. Thank you all for sharing your experiences..

Posted Sat 4 Aug 2018 7.44am by Nick
A sufferer since age 55 looking for a natural remedy

Re the post from Cazzy, I would mention that natural remedies are not an overnight cure and that it can take some time to get into your system and become effective. I have read other posts on various forums endorsing this.

I started taking Turmeric in early February and only saw positive signs at least one month later. Also, it's good for many other conditions, so even if it doesn't zap your particular type of Psoriasis, it will aid joint pain etc.

I guess the same could apply to blueberries, so my suggestion would be to persevere and see what happens.

Posted Sat 4 Aug 2018 10.55am by Chrissie NW

Hi I would just like to say re Tumeric anybody taking Blood Pressure Medication especially Losarten should not take Tumeric as someone could take it for Psoriatic Psoriasis ( like me) and apparently you can be poorly.

chrissie N.W.

Posted Sat 4 Aug 2018 1.37pm by OhNo_NotAgain?

Chrissy raises a very good point. If you are on any medication, you should not simply start taking a supplement without first checking if there are any potential conflicts or contra-indications.

Posted Sat 4 Aug 2018 1.55pm by Nick
A sufferer since age 55 looking for a natural remedy

Agree totally with comments above. I am not on any other medication, so did not have to consider adverse impacts. In my Turmeric posts, I did suggest people do their own research into potential benefits.

Posted Wed 8 Aug 2018 12.25pm by IH1987


It's been over 4 weeks for me having blueberries everyday and unfortunately it didn't work for me. Good luck to others who are trying.

I am still going to give it couple of more weeks.

Good luck

Posted Wed 8 Aug 2018 3.54pm by Cazzy27

Hi all. It doesn't seemed to have cleared my PPP either. It did seem to have stopped it spreading to a certain amount but it has been so painful to walk I have had to go back on the Cyclosporin. I tried the blueberries also for 4 weeks but I couldn't see enough improvement to warrant taking them any longer. Such a shame but so glad it is working for some people.

Posted Wed 8 Aug 2018 8.55pm by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for 2 years.

So sorry that it has not worked for you Cassy and IH. Perhaps then it only works for plaque psoriasis, and then there are possibly other factors as well that I have not understood. For me there seems to be a level of sugar, sleep and alcohol that works against the blueberries, but that's all I can tell you.

Good luck with your efforts to beat this condition.


Posted Wed 8 Aug 2018 10.09pm by Chrissie NW

Hi Carole, so sorry the Blueberries havnt worked for you I wanted it to be a success for you, I'm still clear, but when Phil it may only deal with plaque P well I didn't have plaque P mine was just red raw all over, people use think I had been in a fire, well I hope the Cyclosporine sorts you out.


Posted Wed 8 Aug 2018 10.21pm by Cazzy27

Hi Chrissie/Phil. Thankyou both especially to Phil for sharing this with everyone. I'm sure it will go on to help many more people and hopefully one day they will find a cure for this horrible thing. Hope it stays away for you both and enjoy the blueberries.


Posted Thu 9 Aug 2018 9.20am by warren1
widespread psoriasis for 30years

Thanks Chrissie,

i am glad u replied.

I have erythrodermic psoriasis which is red and fiery with about 70%coverage.

i started blueburries 20 a day on 1st of

August and encouraged to persevere by your post.

thanks, Warren

Posted Thu 9 Aug 2018 9.42am by Chrissie NW

Hi Warren, I've had Psoriasis for over 50yrs clear for 18months about 20yrs ago when I had the opportunity to go to the Dead Sea swimming and diving, then after the 18months it started again and I've been covered ever since, I've been on the Forum for a long time but was thrilled when I read about what Phil the Blueberry Man had to say about Blueberries I jumped to it and thought well Im going to try this remedy if it doesn't work, well at least I've tried it, It can't work for everyone one as our symptoms are different in many ways, but it worked for me I started them in June and still have them everyday, it's the nicest medication I've ever taken, I've never been as clear it's a MIRACLE and can't thank Phil enough, I go and see my Consultant next month, he won't believe what has happened. But good look with yours and try Double Base Gel Emmolient your can get it on script from Doctors 500 grms and use it all over and your skin won't get dry and I shower with it ( mind u don't slip) it's amazing for your skin, no nasty stuff in it. Let me know how you get on , good luck but persevere oh I have blackberries as well .

Posted Thu 9 Aug 2018 11.07am by warren1
widespread psoriasis for 30years

Chrissie hi,

thank you for your reply.

Could i just ask one question having

read Phil's most recent text.

Did u alter your diet in any other way?

ie in relation to sugar. The reason I ask

this is that when i was in hospital a common trend was for psoriatic patients

to take lots of chocolate like myself. It was soo prevalent it was like an ward of


Or was the only dietary change the

' MIRACLE ' blueberries?


Posted Thu 9 Aug 2018 4.16pm by Chrissie NW

Hi Warren , well I don't eat chocolate, sweets don't have puddings. I have not changed anything in my diet. I don't eat anything or drink anything that's red, I eat all white meat, brown bread, goats milk, gallons of water all bottled not from the taps I love my fruit and veg, salads, I don't eat any processed foods I have been doing this for years, it's not recent. Medication is only Multi Vit for over 50's, 1 tab of vitamin D, just prescribe that. 1 Fish Oil tab and of course my Blueberries. I've used my Doublebase Gel but nothing else. Hope this is helpful to you. I do have Psoriatic Psoriasis as well as the Erythrodermic P , I should say I did I havnt got it now. Chrissie

Posted Thu 9 Aug 2018 5.35pm by warren1
widespread psoriasis for 30years

Most helpful.

i will give this a thorough try.


Posted Fri 10 Aug 2018 0.11am by pdr321 (edited Fri 10 Aug 2018 0.19am by pdr321)
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for 2 years.

Hi Warren, I didn't change my diet when I discovered blueberries. That said I have never really eaten many sweets chocolate or had sugary drinks. Also I don't drink much alcohol, and I don't eat much spicy food either.

I do in fact seem to get the odd spot when I over indulge for a while, like over Christmas. But my skin clears pretty fast once things go back to normal. I believe that one should not eat too many foods that give an inflammatory response, I believe this encourages psoriasis. Blueberries are anti-inflammatory, so to me it makes sense that they should help sufferers. But certainly I do believe that a poor diet and lifestyle aggravates psoriasis. I find that I can eat a bit of everything now, just not too much of any one thing.


Posted Fri 10 Aug 2018 0.17am by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for 2 years.

P.S. What actually cleared my psoriasis was eating Tesco's £2 Berry Medley pot for lunch, originally 4 times a week. I still buy it every week day if I can. Yes it contains blueberries.

Posted Sun 12 Aug 2018 8.08am by Linda D

Hello everyone...I was diagnosed with PPP in February, and still trying all the creams/potions. Am loathe to have the medications because of the side effects. The soles of my feet are now so bad , I have to put dressings on everyday 2 go out. I soak my feet in like warm water twice a day, then apply moisturiser creams, am trying Natrabalm at the moment. I found these white moisturizing socks from Wilko, £1, very comfortable, so wear them in the house most of the time. & sleep in them Have eaten blueberries everyday, which I did b4 this awful disease. So glad I found this forum. Am determined to try everything b4 medication.....keep feet elevated in the evenings, sadly haven't been able to dance or my long walks for several months now :((

Posted Mon 13 Aug 2018 8.23am by Stuart

Great to hear that blueberries have worked for a number of people. Started with them yesterday after a friend, and fellow sufferer, mentioned it. Will post again in a months’ time to update on how it has gone. Have had plaque P for over 10 years.

Posted Tue 28 Aug 2018 7.57pm by Joy

Hi I’ve had psoriasis for 43 years and during that time I’ve think I’ve tried everything on the market - conventional medicine, Chinese medicine, 100s of creams, lotions and oils, I’ve tried adding foods to my diet, taking foods out of my diet. Nothing has worked for me.

On 23rd July I read the miracle blueberry man’s note OMG 5 weeks later and I’ve hardly got a spot on me.

I’m praying this is going to be long term but if not I’m just going to enjoy it now. I’m off to Ibiza this week I I’ve bought a short dress to go (unthinkable a few weeks ago. I know at 63 I’m a bit old for a short dress, guess what I don’t care).

Thank you Phil for sharing your discovery with the forum.

Posted Tue 28 Aug 2018 8.58pm by Stuart

Hi Joy - that’s absolutely fantastic news, so pleased for you. Enjoy your holiday!

Posted Tue 28 Aug 2018 10.06pm by ldonnelly95

Hi, I'm new on here and im so amazed at what I have just read on this forum!!!

I broke out in plaque psorasis when I was 14 (now 22) I was covered head to toe. I tried light treatment at hospital which did clear it up but after 2 weeks of stopping it soon came back. Being young at the time with this condition really took a toll on me it really knocked my confidence! My body is not so bad atm however my scalp never clears and it comes down my hairline and spots all over my face.... i really struggle to maintain it I will put cream on for a few nights and it will ease and I will only b at ease for a few days before it's back, so annoying!!!

I have did so much research and just a few nights ago spent a fortune on turmeric capsules, turmeric shampoo and conditioner natural exfoliatior and cleanser etc.

I have never heard of blue berries relieving psorasis and i am absolutly thrilled that this has helped so many of you!! :) so I will definitely be taking a trip to the shop in the morning to buy them!! Thank you and I will keep you updated!

Posted Tue 28 Aug 2018 11.56pm by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for 2 years.

Hi Joy,

Thank you for sharing your wonderful news, I am so happy for you, and a well timed recovery for your holiday. You have suffered too long, and I hope that from now on you can wear whatever you want. I full well know the miseries of summer holidays spent in long sleeved shirts and trousers, now a thing of the past. I have made full use of shorts and tee-shirts for the last two summers, all thanks to blueberries. Our stories show that for some sufferers at least blueberries are an effective and easy treatment.

Have a great holiday, and may you have many more of them symptom free.


Posted Sat 1 Sep 2018 2.10am by warren1
widespread psoriasis for 30years

hi Phil,

This is now 1st of September. One month after starting blueberries.

In the past i have tried every thing from steroids to light treatment in Hospital.

Having taken 20 blueberries for 1 month

my psoriasis is about 90% better and getting better every day. Amazing result.

I started noticing a change after 15 days, i said to my wife of 15/8 i feel that my skin is on the turn. It was starting to fade and less flakes. After 20 days still reducing, normal skin starting to show through and no flaking.

So i decided to stop all creaming, having creamed myself from head to toe for the past 40 years 2 - 3 times a day. A big decision for me.

Now 30 days on I am 90% better. I have gone from 70%coverage to 5-7% .

No creams now used. No cetraben. No Dermavate. No flaking. The heat from my skin has gone. I feel more energy. It is totally Amazing.

I didnt change my diet in any other way during the month. I really hope this will continue. This is the best my skin has been since i was a boy.

Phil i do believe that this could be a major breakthrough for many in the treatment of psoriasis.

I am so pleased and am thanking God for the massive improvement of this terrable disease Psoriasis.

sooooooo pleased


Posted Sat 1 Sep 2018 11.28am by Chrissie NW

Hi Warren I text you around Aug 9th. I'm absolutely thrilled it's working as I said previous I've had P for over 50 yrs now and I just can't believe what has happened, I'm clear, still got the marks on my legs where Years and years of P have left marks I've had my legs out whilst we had the good weather hoping the marks will go but they havnt they have faded, so I'm hoping we will get some more hot sun, but considering how raw, red and looked awful as if I had been in a fire, I'm so greatful to the Miracle Blueberry Man I'm still eating the Blueberries together with Blackberries the price of Blueberries has gone up in price, must be due to all the people on our site when are buying them . Anyway Fabulous news keepi taking them the Tesco Medley is good as well you should be hearing from SIR Phil soon, I can't thank him enough my life has changed considerably, shorts on, never heard of since I was in my 20's and I'm 70 yrs on Tues, my neighbours are in shock. Chrissie N. Wales

Posted Sat 1 Sep 2018 12.56pm by Summer


Happy birthday enjoy your celebration

Posted Sat 1 Sep 2018 2.20pm by Chrissie NW

Summer thank you so much for your kind wishes. I will have a good one.

How are you these days not seen you on site since June, I think????

Regards. Chrissie

Posted Sat 1 Sep 2018 2.25pm by Itchy1982

Hi Warren.

This is unbelievable. Can I ask about your diet? Do you eat much gluten, dairy or sugar? And what about alcohol and smoking?



Posted Sat 1 Sep 2018 10.48pm by warren1
widespread psoriasis for 30years

Rob hi,

My diet is terrable to be honest. Too many bars of chocolate and cans of coke. i neither smoke nor drink and never have.

The only thing that has changed is eating 20 blueberries a day for the last month.

i deserve no credit for this descovery. I simply copied Phil's plan and it worked.

He is Mr Blueberry. Give him a knighthood.

go for it . it worked for me.


Posted Sat 1 Sep 2018 11.06pm by warren1
widespread psoriasis for 30years


i am the same, i have gone from red to normal colour. Amazing.

I got my blueberries from Tesco.

£3 for a fair sized box.

i was told by a consultant that i was in the top 10% of worst psoriasis cases in Northern Ireland.

Now my psoriasis is almost gone. The fiery redness is gone , the flaking is gone, the heat is gone, the pain is gone, the bleeding is gone and all creaming is gone.

Anyone reading this let me say

" just do it " it is so easy and it has worked for me.

SIR Phil, Chrissie from Wales and me from N ireland have just given hero status.

I say it again. this is a major breakthrough.


Posted Sun 2 Sep 2018 0.39am by Gem 82
Hi my name's gemma I have had psoriasis for 24 years

After reading all the comments I will be buying blueberrys I have had p for 17 years it's all over my body I am so embarrassed to go to the beach or swimming I have 5 children who I know would love mummy going swimming with them so if these blueberrys work I can do all the things I've only dreamed about. X

Posted Sun 2 Sep 2018 8am by Summer

Hi Chrissie

I’m around lol, I read all the comments and are so happy to read so many positive results from eating blueberrys

I too have had good results

Fingers crossed for everyone

Thank you phill for the first post.

Posted Sun 2 Sep 2018 8.38am by Chrissie NW

Hi Summer

Well, Im so pleased for you it is quite incredible, no more nasties to use, I hope my lasts as long as Sir Phil, he as gone quite a long time free from Psoriasis.

Lovely to hear more good news from the Site,


Posted Sun 2 Sep 2018 6.03pm by Tinks999

Attempted Blueberries it helped get rid of my sweet cravings and think maybe it was a little less itchy but didn’t work for me unfortunately,,, however the dream cream at Lush seems to be helping a lot. How did I miss that it went viral. (Smh)

Posted Sun 2 Sep 2018 9.39pm by Cazzy27

Hi Tinks999. Unfortunately the blueberries didn't work for me either. I have PPP mainly on the soles of my feet. Interesting to know that dream cream at Lush helps you. Just wondering what type of psoriasis you have?

Posted Sun 2 Sep 2018 9.49pm by pdr321 (edited Sun 2 Sep 2018 9.50pm by pdr321)
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for 2 years.

Hi Warrren,

I'm really glad to hear your news, this is fantastic, and it is yet further confirmation that this is a viable treatment for some sufferers at least. I'm coming up to my second anniversary of being clear now (end September), I hope that for all of us the condition will never return to blight our lives again.

All the best,


P.S. It's also good to hear from Chrissie again, keep wearing those shorts, I am too :-) Also Happy Birthday for Tuesday!

Posted Sun 2 Sep 2018 10.06pm by Chrissie NW

Hi Phil, I've never had my shorts off!!! Weather been good here in sunny North Wales in fact I think I might to go and buy another pair!!

Thanks for Birthday wishes, having a good day, well a week celebrating in a house on Anglesey 14 ladies and my shorts will be on again. Thanks Sir Phil. Chrissie

Posted Mon 3 Sep 2018 0.08am by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for 2 years.

Hi Chrissie,

Sounds like a great way to celebrate to me in a lovely place.

BTW - when my psoriasis was gone like you I was left with many white circles of new good skin. After about a year and a holiday in the sun my skin colour evened out, you would never know what was there before.

So yes a bit of sun on the skin, but not too much of course, should sort you out in the end.

Enjoy your week,


Posted Mon 3 Sep 2018 6.46am by Cazzy27

Hi Chrissie. It's great that you can now wear what you want. It certainly is a life changer for a few people now and hopefully many more will benefit.

Hope you have a great birthday.


Posted Mon 3 Sep 2018 9.20am by Tinks999

Hi Cazzy27 I think it’s Guttate I was told that 30 years ago anyway I’m going back to a specialist next week as it has been so bad!!! the worst I’ve ever had it,

lush do free samples to take away just go in and ask then you can see if it relieves the pain for you it is pretty fast I noticed a difference over night and the redness went down and the white dryness went and looks less inflamed,, don’t spend a fortune like I have with £15 creams here and there get the sample first to make sure as I say it should be really quick.

Let me know if it makes any difference I’m not miraculously cleared yet but I think it’s 50% better and it’s only been 1 week.


Posted Mon 3 Sep 2018 9.28am by Cazzy27

Thankyou Tinks999. I shall certainly go into their store and see what they have. Definitely worth a try.


Posted Mon 3 Sep 2018 9.28am by Chrissie NW

Hi Carole. Thank you so much for your Birthday Wishes it will certainly be a good one. Taking lots of shorts with me to the Island ( got lots in the sales) .

Got this lovely saying for my birthday and I really had a good laugh :-

The older you get the more you appreciate being at home, doing absolutely nothing.

Love it . Let me know how your feet progress.


Posted Mon 3 Sep 2018 6.34pm by Cazzy27

Ha ha. Great saying and it's certainly true! Sounds like you're having a lovely time. Enjoy.


Posted Mon 3 Sep 2018 7.47pm by blodyn

Thanks so much for posting this - I hope this will be a magic, tasty and healthy solution for me. I've just been shopping today for my first dose.

Posted Wed 5 Sep 2018 4.05pm by carp1323
depressed spells, had it for 25years and it wont go away despite all the creams

Just been reading this and tonight i will be buying some 100%!! Like many others on here i have suffered for what seems a lifetime and have missed on many things due to being embarrassed. Will keep you all posted.


Posted Fri 7 Sep 2018 11.42am by warren1 (edited Mon 17 Sep 2018 9.30pm by warren1)
widespread psoriasis for 30years

why has this post went off the list when u go on the psoriasis forum. Hopefully this post will put it back on.

let everyone who has psoriasis try blueberries. My skin is fantastic 5 weeks

Perhapps Phil could do an online article and let as many psoriasis sufferers as possible know.

Wish someone had told me 30 years ago. No red skin, No flaking, No hovering

No bleeding, No shirts soaked in cream,

No need of skin specialist pushing me toward methotrexate.

It is gone.


Posted Fri 7 Sep 2018 1.26pm by Chrissie NW

Hi Warren I'm absolutely thrilled for you, I have experienced feeling so good for the first time in years and wearing shorts for the first time in 50yrs, unbelievable, I've even bought more!!! My neighbours are in shock seeing me in shorts, but at last loving and living life to the full and with my shorts on!!! Keeping eating the Magic Blueberries I see my Consultant at the end of this month , I bet he can't believe what he will see, he wanted me in Hosp and pumping me with all the nasty drugs you taken with this horrible disease, it has worked now for so many people. Fantastic, I will remember Sir Phil for the rest of my life. Well done Warren. Chrissie

Posted Fri 7 Sep 2018 6.23pm by Jane

This is the first time I have been on any forum let alone relating to psoriasis. I will definitely give the blueberries a go. Does anyone know of leeks or onions adversely affecting them, as my lips & hands sting when touching/eating them? thanks Jane

Posted Fri 7 Sep 2018 7.13pm by Chrissie NW

Hi Jane, well, where do I start, both veg are acidic, therefore on my list from Specialist, was not to have anything acidic, so therefore Leeks, Onions, Lemons, Limes, Vinegar hope this helps, I had P for over 50yrs ate Blueberries ( 20 per day) since June, no medication or nasty creams, ointment etc and I'm clear, it hasn't worked for everyone as there are several types of Psoriasis.

Hope that helps , this Forum has helped me. Sir Phil the Magic Blueberry Man is the man we all praise as he is the person who told us about Blueberries. Good Luck Jane. Chrissie

Posted Fri 14 Sep 2018 7.52am by demonicale

I've just started yesterday with trying this out and was wondering if it matters that i'm having the blueberries in the morning with natural yogurt?.

Should I just eat them without the yogurt or doesn't it matter?.


Posted Fri 14 Sep 2018 9.18am by warren1
widespread psoriasis for 30years

i had the same question. i wanted to put them into porridge.

it didnt matter. it simply worked. see previous posts.

Now 6 weeks on i am 95% clear.

Best and tastiest treat/treatment i have EVER had.


Posted Fri 14 Sep 2018 9.29am by demonicale

Thank you Warren for a quick reply!.

It was on my mind as I did t want anything interfering with it.

Have to say it was lovely having then in a cup with some yogurt on top this morning.

At what point did you initially start to see something happening?, Like the telltale signs.

Posted Fri 14 Sep 2018 10.49am by demonicale

Also I buy frozen blueberries as they last longer. Doubt that makes a difference though?

Posted Sat 15 Sep 2018 1.21pm by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for 2 years.

Hi Warren,

Just getting back to you about the YouTube idea, and putting the message out there about the good results with blueberries. I was in fact hoping that somebody from the Psoriasis Association would pick up on this. Certainly some sufferers have picked this up like yourself and endorsed this treatment, just what I was hoping for. Overall my impression is that the word has not spread as well as I would have liked. This is a particularly stunning development for some sufferers, nothing short of miraculous and so deserves further promotion. It's interesting that perhaps the best results are reported by us long-term sufferers. I was hoping that some younger sufferers would report benefit, and not have to go for years and years having their lives wrecked. Perhaps the younger sufferers are more inclined to see this treatment as a bit of a joke, putting their faith in the medical profession and all sorts of diets. Some of my comments in other forum posts just seem to have been ignored. Perhaps it took me many years to be open to the idea that there had to be another way, I just had this gut feeling really following my three sessions of cyclosporin. That particular treatment worked but only for a while, and had some awful side-effects for me. I look back at that and it seems like a nightmare time. Amazing that I stumbled across the answer by pure chance in the end. I had purchased a highly liked book about diet and the condition. It basically just seemed to recommend cutting out everything, an extreme diet to say the least. I did believe that it might work though, I had previously heard stories about the condition improving with some diets. Looking back at the book now I see that it does not mention blueberries once, all wasted words for me.

All of us that have experienced this miracle should promote blueberries though. I don't really want to show my face particularly on YouTube, but I will see what else I might do to give blueberries more exposure. A pity that this Association hasn't noted it - incredible really. The hard truth is that for those that respond, pharma investment and visits to dermatologists become unnecessary, probably not what they want. It's a bit like being able to run your car on water for free, not everybody is going to be happy.

I note the comment about frozen blueberries, I did try them once but they tasted a bit funny to me, so have always eaten them fresh.

Cheers, Phil

1 Posted Sat 15 Sep 2018 1.55pm by demonicale

Thanks Phil!, You find a lot of people won't try the dieting route. As for big pharma, they would HATE you telling people this mate

1 Posted Sat 15 Sep 2018 2.24pm by DH

Yes pharmaceutical companies will have no interest in researching this. It is all about the money!

I remember reading that a Blueberry growers association here in the United States supported research on blueberries. I am going to find them and lead them to this forum.

Perhaps someone can do this in Europe?

Posted Sat 15 Sep 2018 3.45pm by Suzfly

What a great result! I eat blueberries almost every day, but I'm afraid they've had no effect on my psoriasis (which is not too bad, actually - I had it on hands, tops of feet, elbows and inner wrists as well as at base of spine, but now it's only v. slight on elbows, comes and goes at base of spine and is worst on inner wrists. Gone from feet. (-:).

It's all very weird how it comes and goes. Time seems to play a role. And relief from stress. I know mine begin after I had an enormous life-changing SHOCK.

1 Posted Sat 15 Sep 2018 7.38pm by Stuart

So, I started with blueberries just over a month ago. Unfortunately, they have had no effect on my psoriasis. I had light treatment at the start of 2018 which mostly cleared it up, but it has started to come back and I don’t think the blueberries have really slowed the spread either. I am going to carry on with the blueberries as I’m sure they have had other benefits. I’m delighted it has worked for others - it is really uplifting to hear the stories of this. Best wishes to you all.

Posted Sun 16 Sep 2018 1.21pm by Twosmiler (edited Sun 16 Sep 2018 1.21pm by Twosmiler)

Wow, amazing result from just adding blueberries to your diet! I guess they are packed with antioxidants and a great source of fiber and vitamin C -

Fiber: 4 grams.

Vitamin C: 24% of the RDA.

Vitamin K: 36% of the RDA.

Manganese: 25% of the RDA

Blueberries are also prebiotics (which means they will act as food for your good gut bacteria) and they have anti-inflammatory properties. Apparently blueberries contributed to the growth of two probiotics - lactobacilli and bifidobacteria.

Had you read a lot about blueberries before you tried them?

Did you stop the 10/20 blueberries daily after the month or do you still take them?

Posted Sun 16 Sep 2018 1.53pm by Chrissie NW

Yes I'm still on Blueberries and it's now three months and I'm clear I do take them every other day and will reduce like Phil The Blueberry Man who told us all about the Blueberries to a coupe of days per week I've never been clear in 50 yrs


Posted Mon 17 Sep 2018 2.44pm by warren1 (edited Mon 17 Sep 2018 9.26pm by warren1)
widespread psoriasis for 30years

Hi Phil,

it is now 17th of September and my skin is still great. Approx 95 % clear.

I have taken the blueberries every day

and have seen great effect. Swifly mentioned that they were taken ALMOST every day and saw no effect.

In my experience it needed to be consistant until results are seen.

I showed my skin to a worker in Holland and Barretts this morning. ( i have been in there so many times in the past and she has seen my widespread red, sore,burning psoriasis) This morning she nearly collapsed when she saw my skin,

saying that is 'totally Amazing'.

i never had psoriasis on my face but had it in my hair and 70/80 % coverage from the neck down. I could have opened my top button and it was like i had my own central heating system, the rush of heat that was coming from my skin. But now my skin has returned to normal, the heat is gone, and many people are telling me that my complexion is back to normal. It must have been red due to the heat of my body.

After about 3 weeks of 20 blueberries each day i noticed a change and that continued and after 5 weeks a massive difference.

i have felt very down in the past, and phoned the psoriasis association for some glimmer of hope, on several occasions. I have lay for weeks during a flare up woundering if this raging disease would ever calm down, i have had to go home from work due to the psoriasis bleeding through my shirts, i have had my hands covered in psoriasis and peeled of the dead skin like a sheet from my palms, I have felt my whole body dry out and go into the shakes in work.

But But But

Now it is GONE.

I am a christian through faith in the Person and Work of Gods Beloved Son.

I thank God that this horrible , nasty ,embarrassing desease is Gone.

As you read i have sent this text from my heart because i am sooooo pleased.


Posted Mon 17 Sep 2018 9.49pm by warren1
widespread psoriasis for 30years

Oh Chrissie,

i owe you a reply too.

Your enthusiasm about this discovery

has been infectious.

No wounder, i feel the same having really suffered this disease for 40 years since a boy of 12.

Some have psoriasis on their elbows which can be difficult for them. But similar to yourself i have had it everywhere except my face.

What a relief. i have tried creams, light treatment, diets etc etc.

My wife just cant believe it that finally, i have found an answer.

As Sir Phil has rightly said Why?Why?Why? is the Psoriasis Association or another intrested body not responding to this forum.

I refused systematic treatment because of possible serious side effects. But what

could be better than BLUEBERRIES with

their many health benefits.

Its a no brainer.

Thanks for your help Chrissie.


Posted Tue 18 Sep 2018 6.14am by demonicale

I'm on my 4th day if eating about half a cup full of blueberries in the morning and evening and I'm starting to see my psoriasis heal!!. I think give it another week maybe 2 and it'll be gone as well.

Posted Tue 18 Sep 2018 9.28am by warren1
widespread psoriasis for 30years

keep going.

great to hear. it will be very intresting to see what u are like in a months time.


Posted Tue 18 Sep 2018 3.32pm by Chrissie NW

Hi Warren, sorry Im late replying to you, but have been and still are on my holidays, but when I read your message I thought I had better reply to Warren, Im thrilled to bits your skin is great as your Psoriasis was the same as mine ( on fire, horrendous ) and now well as Ive said previously Im wearing shorts, friends Im on holiday with have known me for years and have never seen my legs, and now my legs are out all the time, its great, I truely think they are fed up of seeing them!!!!!

Anyway Warren, apologies for the delay in replying and well done.


Posted Tue 18 Sep 2018 3.42pm by demonicale

Warren, Chrissie, how much of your bodies was covered with psoriasis?.

Mines Flexural psoriasis and have it in the worst places possible.

But after 4 days i'm starting to see some patches break up.

Posted Tue 18 Sep 2018 11.47pm by Chrissie NW

Hi I had Psoriasis in my scalp to my feet, with the exception of my face and it's not scaly, but extremely red raw it was horrendous and would not wish it on my worst enemy.

I do not have any now, truly amazing. Keep taking the Blueberries 20 per day and keep it up.


Posted Wed 19 Sep 2018 7.37am by demonicale

Hello Chrissie,

Thank you for replying so quickly, it really means a lot to me that I can get yours and a few others feedback on the blueberries.

A question that's bugging me. Would you think it's OK to have the blueberries mixed with natural yogurt?. I'm paranoid that the yogurt would have a counter effect?.

Many thanks!

Posted Wed 19 Sep 2018 8.03am by Sarahtenby
GP sufferer

I have guttate Psoriasis and suddenly another proper flare up has appeared - I am 100 percent starting the blueberry magic today! I will update you all in a month so glad I found this thread and for Phil magic blueberry man

So happy for you guys it’s worked for bet you feel like different people, did any of you guys it’s worked for have guttate psoriasis xxxx

Posted Wed 19 Sep 2018 8.09am by Chrissie NW

Hi yes it is perfectly ok to have Blueberries with yoghurt. I had them on my porridge, mini shredders with Blueberries inside (from Aldi) but most days I just had 20 out of the box, wash them, let them dry off and eat them. Hope this helps. Good luck and I hope it works for you, I took them for a month to six weeks and the results amazing as I was literally covered and red raw. Chrissie

Posted Wed 19 Sep 2018 8.49am by demonicale

Thank you Chrissie as I was worried that having yogurt with them might not work.

I can't believe that it's not even a week yet (week tomorrow) and i'm already seeing a difference!. Mind you, I've been having them morning AND evening so that might speed up the process a little.

I'll keep you all informed of how things progress!

Posted Wed 19 Sep 2018 9.35am by warren1
widespread psoriasis for 30years

Sarah hi,

My psoriasis was guttate. seemed like thousands of little red spots. Then it got worse and worse until i was a red flaky mass, except my face.

Chrissie had same as me, I am sure you can feel the heat off your skin.

You have my sympathy, when my skin was like that it nearly put my head away.

Hope it works for u as it did for me.

Best Wishes


Posted Wed 19 Sep 2018 12.13pm by Chrissie NW

Hi Warren, I was just reading above re:- why hasnt the Psoriasis Ass not done anything about the Magic Blueberries.

Well I emailed them yesterday so ask why it has not been any interest from them and considering we are on the Forum letting the world know how people with P have been cleared of the nasty, damaging disease. I have had a reply this morning by email acknowledging, my email will be passed to the relevant department and I should here very soon, thought I would let you know and perhaps Sir Phil will see this as well. I just want them to see all our discussions and whatever else they have to say.

Thanks Warren.


Posted Wed 19 Sep 2018 12.38pm by Cazzy27

Hi Chrissie. Well done on taking this further. I know it didn't really help me but they shouldn't ignore these findings. Hopefully they will look more into it. Nice to hear that you're on holiday wearing shorts. I can't imagine the difference it makes to you and all the others it has helped. Carole

Posted Wed 19 Sep 2018 12.53pm by Chrissie NW

Hi Carole, lovely hearing from you, yes Im on Holiday on Anglesey, it only takes just over the hour to get here from home, it a four bed bungalow and tomorrow there will 14 here all ladies until Sunday, this is as it was a BIG birthday for me so its all friends, plus school friends Ive come away for a rest but its been crazy but great, but today the wind is horrendous and we think the bridge to the island will be closed, hoping its ok tomorrow as thats when they all arrived. Anyway, less of me, I hope you are keeping ok, Im still clear, but when I read a message from Phil to Warren I thought well I will contact the Association as it is clearly a Charitable Organization and should be looking at there forums and reconising what Blueberries have done to the people on this site, anyway I should hear from them soon and will come back on the Forum and let everybody know what they have said.

Its lovely hearing from you and try and keep well,


Posted Wed 19 Sep 2018 1.07pm by Cazzy27

Hi Chrissie. Wow how lovely to have so many friends to share your birthday with. I'm sure a few laughs will be had. I'm in Turkey at the moment and it's very hot. Finding the feet are drying up a bit but I can still walk at the moment. Keep up the good work. I can't see how they can ignore these findings now. Enjoy the rest of your holiday and hope the bridge is open for the rest of your party to get there. Regards Carole

Posted Wed 19 Sep 2018 2.53pm by Chrissie NW

Carole you are in my favourite country, we spent two months in Turkey borrowed a house from a friend and we flew up to Instanbul for four days what a Capital, history is outstanding the four ladies enjoyed it immensely, we love the heat. Hope skin holds up and not hurting and enjoy the rest of your holiday. We have 70 MLS an hour winds it's calming down a bit but still fierce. Regards. Chrissie

Posted Wed 19 Sep 2018 3.20pm by Sarahtenby
GP sufferer

Warren - yes that’s how my flare up went last year loads of sore red hot angry spots and they grew into large red areas and went flakey exact same by the sounds of things, then lastly went all up my neck over my face all around my nose behind my ears very red very sore - I become a recluse and was extremely self conscious and feared I’d be like this for the rest of my life it effected everything relationships friends social and work

It did eventually die down although some spots never totally gone but I really don’t mind that one bit

But I can feel the start of another flare now new spots getting bigger everyday again I want to kick its ass now before I get worse I would do anything 😰 so I’m praying blueberries are going to help

I hope the psoriasis association read this thread guys and research more into it great you emailed them

I didn’t realise there were so many different types of psoriasis too


Posted Wed 19 Sep 2018 4.12pm by demonicale

So Chrissie you had the cereal with bluberries as the filling inside the wheat bites?. I've found Tesco blueberry wheat cereal.

Posted Wed 19 Sep 2018 4.46pm by Linda D

Hello everyone, I have PPP, and have eaten Blueberries every morning for 3 years....I have to say, it has made no difference to my PPP, but get very few colds etc....I have also gone gluten free in last few months, but the combination of finishing work & moving shortly have made the soles of my feet worse, and have been so sore with cracked lesions over several months. I have to put dressings on everyday to go 2 work and be able to hands have some sores, but not as bad as my feet. Am hoping by end of October, when I have semi retire & moved and stress is lowered, they will settle? As I do not want to go onto these toxic medications.....fingers crossed.

Linda D

Posted Wed 19 Sep 2018 9.05pm by warren1 (edited Wed 19 Sep 2018 9.08pm by warren1)
widespread psoriasis for 30years

Sarah hi,

Yep sounds like mine. I found that when my psoriasis flared up it just took its own ferocious course. The only thing i could do is put cetraben on or 50/50 liquid parifin and wait till it started to die down. Then i would use steriods. The steriod that worked best for it was Dermavate. It was given to me by Dr Kerr Consultant, when i was in hospital. Doctor Corbett, top consultant in N.Ireland explained to me that the reason the guttate psoriasis went up to the head and out at the arms and legs was that the flare up was seeking to make an exit via the extremities.

I found that many of my flare ups were linked directly to throat infections ie strep throat. You could possibly ask for and antibiotic if there is a direct link. I was never quick enough though.

You can see that i have been through the mill and i can fully sympathise with your situation.

Blueberries have made a massive difference to me. You can trace my story back to 1st August on this Thread. It is amazing. Its like a dream and i havent woke up yet.

Even my feet which were usuall cracked, red, raw and bleeding have cleared. My wife saw then yesterday and said thats totally amazing they are 'white as a ghost thats her way of saying normal.

As i have said i owe a lot to Phil and Chrissie on this thread. Its so simple 20 blueberries a day for 4-6 weeks. i bought them in Tesco.

i showed Dr Pagano's book healing psoriasis the natural way to a consultant when i was in the hospital ward 10 years ago and she dismissed it saying there is no scientific evidence to support it'

To be honest i tried it but could not keep his diet ,I simply found it too hard.

But Now here is an answer linked to diet

its Blueberries.

Any dermatologists reading this, and i have met many, this has worked for me.

sorry i went off on a rant just there.

trust the above is a help Sarah


Posted Wed 19 Sep 2018 9.40pm by warren1
widespread psoriasis for 30years

Linda hi

i take it that PPP refers to Pustualar Psoriasis. I have had plaque, erythrodermic , guttate psoriasis mainly throughout my life. It is this psoriasis that the blueberries have worked on.

I have only had Postular psoriasis on two occasions in my life on my hands and feet and both were linked to extreme stress. This blister form of psoriasis is possibly the most dangerous. Again you have my sympathy.

Have u tried the 20 a day dose? or just some? i dont know from your text.

From this thread we have noticed that a number with plaque, guttate and erythrodermic have benefited.

Postular psoriasis is different in that it is like a volcano erupting under the skin then blisters and hard red sore psoriasis.

again my sympathy is with you Linda.


Posted Wed 19 Sep 2018 9.50pm by Linda D

Thanks Warren, I have had a very stressful couple of years....& this ppp came on suddenly in Feb this year, despite steroid cream & lots of emollients, nothing seem to have helped. I have had a large handful of blueberries everyday on my ppp itches like crazy at night, because I gave to wear cotton socks & feel like walking on glass in the day. Like I said, am now leaving my stressful sales job on the corporate world, & moving 2 my new home early hoping with less stress they will settle & heal..

.Linda D

Posted Thu 20 Sep 2018 5.10am by Cazzy27

Hi Linda. I to have PPP on the soles of my feet so know exactly what you are going through. Are you on any medication at the moment? I'm on a low dose of Cyclosporin which helps me walk a bit. I have tried the blueberries but sadly they didn't help me much. I stopped the meds during this time but after a month I could hardly walk so had to start back on them. Not sure why mine started 7 years ago but I will look out for your post to see how you get on. Good luck with the move etc and hope your PPP calms down for you. Carole

Posted Thu 20 Sep 2018 7.38am by warren1 (edited Thu 20 Sep 2018 12.57pm by warren1)
widespread psoriasis for 30years

just a word about the Psoriasis Association. In the past i have found i have found them very helpful, giving advice on the phone, sending links and literature in the post.

My son has said that he knew when my skin was bad because i was on the phone to them. I have spoken to Laura on several occasions and found her to be very sympathetic, helpful and knoledgeable. i have benefited from these contacts.

There have been times when i have mentioned things to them which have been on this Forum which have helped people and each time they have said that what has helped one person may not help another. i have found that they consistantly follow the Health service advice regarding treatment ie in relation to creams, ointments, systemic treatment, etc.

Which is totally understandable and protects them from giving advice/direction in relation to things that are not scientifically proven.

In light of the above i can understand why the association is not jumping in to this arena with both feet. If there is a possible cure i believe they will be very forward to pursue it. I cant remember them coming into any other thread on their forum either.

I believe we are all on the same side, we all are against this disease, i was going to say plague.

If blueberries is the answer to thousands of people being cleared of psoriasis then i am sure that the psoriasis association will rejoice with us.

ps just had blueburries and haven't turned purple yet lol

Posted Thu 20 Sep 2018 2.49pm by JulieM
Plaque psoriasis 30+ years & psoriatic arthritis 20 years-started 20 Blueberries p/day & my skin is getting better, pain reduced in joints!

Had plaque psoriasis for 30+ years which seemed to disappear after starting low carb (for weight loss) plus vitamin supplements about 3 years ago. Since stopping low carb (and gaining the weight back) :-( psoriasis is back in full painful force together with psoriatic arthritis worse than ever! After reading this post I'm off to buy some blueberries! I will report back how I get on. I noticed also that you can buy blueberry powder online - has anyone tried this? Would it have the same effect?

Fingers crossed anyway x


Posted Thu 20 Sep 2018 3.58pm by demonicale

What is everyone having their blueberries with?.

Posted Thu 20 Sep 2018 5.13pm by Summer

Hi JulieM

Just buy pain fresh blueberries

No additives.

I have mine with porridge

Or I just pick

Posted Fri 21 Sep 2018 8.01am by demonicale

Hello Summer,

I buy the frozen blueberries as they're cheaper, larger packet and they last longer than the fresh ones.

In my local Tesco the fresh blueberries are £3, small and go off too quickly.

Posted Fri 21 Sep 2018 9.03am by Summer (edited Fri 21 Sep 2018 9.05am by Summer)

Hi demonicale

Not the cheapest fruit

I get mine from Aldi

I normally would go through 2 large punnets a week, a small price to pay if I can keep P at bay,

A definite now the winter is kicking in with less sun.

Hope you get on with the blueberries and see some good results

I’m just going to shops to get mine :-)

All the best


Posted Fri 21 Sep 2018 11.32am by demonicale

Hi Summer,

I might take a look at Aldi over the weekend and see what they have.

Have a great weekend.

Posted Fri 21 Sep 2018 6.27pm by Jidda

Hi Warren/ pill or anyone that the blueberries have helped...

I've suffered with psoriasis for around 5 years now with a short spell of freedom whilst on ciclosporin (not a lover of medication) anyway I'm having a bad flare up I would say I'm 80% covered anyway I started eating blueberries just over a week ago and I started to snow with skin and the patches looked more pinker however the last two days my skin has become angry again but I've stayed on the blueberries I've eaten that many I'm going to look like the girl from willy wonker soon... When did you start to notice a change? and what was the changes to the skin how soon did you notice it was helping? I understand it may not help everyone but I'm willing to try anything before going back on the ciclosporin..

Thank you


Posted Fri 21 Sep 2018 6.52pm by warren1 (edited Fri 21 Sep 2018 7.17pm by warren1)
widespread psoriasis for 30years

Janine hi,

If you look down this thread you will find that 20 blueberries a day for about a month to six weeks is the formula. I had No change after one week. I started to see definate change in my skin after 3-4 weeks. Firstly after 15 days it stopped flaking, then after 20 days it started to break up and i saw signs of normal skin breaking through, then about 30 days 90% clear.

The fact that there was a change in your skin after taking blueberries could be promising long term.

However from my knoledge you are the only one who has tried to use blueberries in the midst of a full blown flare up. It sounds really nasty. You may have to weather the flare up in the hope that when it calms down that the blueberries will take effect.

I have been in your shoes with nasty flare ups and i feel your pain.

When i had a flare up it was a case of.. i know this will last for about 4-6weeks then tale off and then i can treat the mess that it has left. So i had it in my mind .. hold on this raging flare up will eventually pass. it wasnt easy. in a flare up all i could think about was my skin. So stressful and depressing. The best thing to do if you can is... treat it, put your mind on other things and know that it will come and go.

Having said that blueberries could well be a long term solution for you.

Hope i have been helpful


Posted Fri 21 Sep 2018 8.48pm by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for 2 years.

Hi Janine,

I second what Warren has said, and I hope you will have success. What type of psoriasis do you have? It is helpful to all to find out what types of psoriasis blueberries are effective with. Certainly blueberries were the answer for me, and at the end of September I will have been clear for two years :-) That is with the exception of a few spots when I've been excessive with food and drink, around Christmas for example. For me diet isn't really a factor usually. My impression is that a highly inflammatory diet should be avoided. In other words try not to live off cake and spirits.

Let us know how you get on and good luck.


Posted Sat 22 Sep 2018 6.30am by NotHavingIt

I've had this for 5 years now. I happened to find this forum by chance on a Google search. I am also a member of a Facebook group that shares their ideas, experiences, and supports others called "Living with Palmar Plantar Psoriasis." I'd like to encourage you to join the page and share your stories. I've never heard about the blueberry success until I read these posts, so sharing with others on the Facebook page would be great. I was diagnosed by some doctors as having eczema others as having Palmar Plantar Psoriasis and they wanted to prescribe Methotrexate, biologics, etc and I said I wouldn't take any of those medications. So, basically, I had the thought that didn't have it before, so maybe I could get rid of it. I quit taking all vitamins and supplements. I continued taking my cholesterol medication. I had tried the creams and ointments the doctors prescribe, but found that the steroid creams made the cracks in my feet worse it may have slowed the growth of skin build up, but also slowed the skin repairing the cracks, so made it worse. I live 70 miles from the dermatologist, so light treatments weren't a viable option. Around this time I started having smoothies everyday for breakfast made with frozen blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. I added milk and also Ceylon cinnamon. I also drank green tea with a 1/4 teaspoon of Ceylon cinnamon in it. My hands cleared up and have stayed that way, most of my foot cracks went away. I actually thought it was the Ceylon cinnamon that caused the improvement, now I think it was the blueberries. The rest of the build up of dead skin on my feet I remove with an Amope Pedi Perfect. I'm a believer of using them, just remove all the dead skin. The build up of dead skin creates cracks and creams can't penetrate it. I found the best cream is Gold Bond foot healing cream and Gold Bond hand healing cream. The hand cream does not come off every time you wash your hands. I stopped using any of those antibacterial gel hand cleaners. Now, that I've read this forum I'm going to do the blueberries again and see if the last of the stubborn cracks go away.

Thanks, to everyone for sharing their stories. I totally believe this condition is diet or environmentally caused. We have so many additives it our foods, hormones, pesticides, etc, it would be hard to find a common factor, but a remedy may be something we can do together. I really think the doctors are unsure also, they just prescribe medications. One doctor saw me for less than 5 minutes and wanted me to take Methotrexate, she was surprised when I said, well that's not happening.

I see this thread is from the UK, I'm from America from a northern state, so the amount of sunshine we get is probably similar. One doctor told me if she could give

me a prescription for a trip to Hawaii, it would clear up, but then it would come back later, so not sure if she meant the combination of ocean salt water and sunshine. So, I'm wondering does this condition just occur in people of European ancestry and more in people who live in the middle and upper latitudes? I'm determined to not have this condition, a positive attitude couldn't hurt I figure.

Posted Sat 22 Sep 2018 8.57am by warren1 (edited Sat 22 Sep 2018 9.03am by warren1)
widespread psoriasis for 30years

To Janine

in readind the text from PDR i really think you should continue with blueberries. I could easily have given up after one week.

Great to hear from SIr Phil too. I am sooo

glad that i ever read his text.


Posted Sat 22 Sep 2018 11.40am by Linda D

Hi Cazzy, thank you for ur reply, am using the Hydrocholloid dressing plasters on the open sores on soles of feet, they are like clingfilm & make it much more comfortable to have to so am & dry feet thoroughly b4 applying dressings though, as they won't stick...however you can leave them on 4 several days...have also discovered elastoplast healing cream which have found quite good on my heals....hectic time 4 me, viewings on rented property, trying 2 sort stuff to move & finishing work & hsndovers.....have found this site when ur think you are the only one!.... thanks everyone x

Posted Sat 22 Sep 2018 11.54am by Cazzy27

Hi Linda. Thankyou for that. I haven't heard of those dressing plasters so I shall look into that. I agree, this site is great. So good for asking for recommendations etc. Hopefully things will ease up a bit for you soon. Carole

Posted Sat 22 Sep 2018 4.59pm by Jidda

Thank you for replying Warren and phill

I have plaque psoriasis... I will continue with the blueberries, I have noticed my skin is alot more itchier than normal is this anything you guys experienced?

Thank you

Posted Sat 22 Sep 2018 9.39pm by pdr321 (edited Sun 23 Sep 2018 0.37am by pdr321)
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for 2 years.

Hi Janine,

My skin did get itchier in the final weeks of my psoriasis, I see this as a promising sign. The real breakthrough came when I noticed that no new spots were forming.

Keep us posted,


Posted Sat 22 Sep 2018 10.01pm by pdr321 (edited Sat 22 Sep 2018 10.05pm by pdr321)
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for 2 years.

Next week it will be 2 years since my skin became normal, and clear from plaque psoriasis. This was achieved by eating Tesco's £2 berry medley fruit pot 4 times a week for a month. I still buy the medley quite often, and I usually have blueberries sprinkled on my morning cereal too. I became convinced it was the blueberry component of the medley that had helped me. I've had the odd spot since when over-indulging on food and drink, but they never lasted long. As I type this I can tell you that I am clear :-)

It has been great to see the effect this forum has had on other sufferers, though I guess it's getting quite long to read. I took the trouble to look it through and summarise the results so far:

38 sufferers have commented of which 23 haven't reported back, or are still trying the blueberries.

7 sufferers (including me) report success - like me, and another 3 cite an improvement.

5 sufferers say that blueberries did not work for them, and it does not seem to be effective with PPP.

So 2/3 of sufferers who have reported back have been cleared, or have seen benefit :-)

Conclusion: if you have non-PPP psoriasis, it looks like there is a high probability of experiencing a positive result with blueberries. Eat them for a month give or take, and then please report back.

Posted Sat 22 Sep 2018 10.07pm by demonicale

I've seen improvements in the first week, long way to go but remain convinced you're right... Blueberries rock!

Posted Sun 23 Sep 2018 1.47pm by warren1 (edited Mon 24 Sep 2018 7.28am by warren1)
widespread psoriasis for 30years

Intresting and encouraging stats Phil.

like yourself my skin isn't perfect, but 95%improvement and improving after 7 weeks.

I will be the first to read your book, that is if Chrissie doesn't get to the shop first.


Posted Sun 23 Sep 2018 3.06pm by Chrissie NW

Hi Warren, yes I will be at the front the queue, well before you, glad your skin is still ok, I'm the same. I do wish they would put a up and down arrow on this site I've been scrolling up and down it's finger aching!!! Glad Sir Phil is ok, I've been quiet as I've been on holiday celebrating a lot of girlies and all friends over 50yrs, I've just come home for a rest!!!! I have also been flashing my beautiful skin, the girlies can't believe it. Chrissie

Posted Mon 24 Sep 2018 8.37am by blodyn

An update from me - I have been taking blueberries religiously for the last couple of weeks and the red patches have toned down on my torso and legs. I also think there as been a little less hair loss from my scalp psoriasis. I must note that I have been taking the blueberries at the same time as I have also started taking a concoction from my herbalist. My herbalist is aware of my blueberry consumption and the reasoning behind it. On Saturday, due to a chaotically busy day I did not take blueberries nor the herbal concoction; it was also a stressfully if not unpleasant day. Today, the psoriasis patches are red again, and are itching. My scalp is also itching badly. Thanks very much for this thread - an invaluable lifeline methinks.

Posted Mon 24 Sep 2018 10.49am by JulieM
Plaque psoriasis 30+ years & psoriatic arthritis 20 years-started 20 Blueberries p/day & my skin is getting better, pain reduced in joints!

Hi all,

I started the blueberries Thursday evening and have taken 20 a day since.

Elated to report that my psoriasis patches are starting to change! No new plaque build up and they are starting to feel smoother!!!! Additionally my arthritis pain is not as bad! Hallelujah!

It’s not even been a week and I know this is going to work for me. Thank you all who have tried this, been cured and contributed to this post! I will keep letting you know my progress. It’s looking very positive as it stands!


Posted Mon 24 Sep 2018 10.58am by demonicale

What do you eat them with Julie?

Posted Mon 24 Sep 2018 12.03pm by Chrissie NW

Hi Julie. Well done and keep to it, Ive had P for 50yrs, yes 50yrs and been clear in total around 18months spread over that number of years. I saw the thread and rear through and decided I have to try this and all I can say is PDR our Phil the Magic Blueberry Man should be knighted I would never be as clear only for him and I have now been clear ( except for the old marks, which are fading) since beginning of August it is totally amazing Ive worn shorts for the first time in 50yrs, I love that man to bits for what he has done for me and all other members on our site, remarkable. So keep at it, 20 a day thats all, Im still tucking in cos I love them, Im sorting a spot in my garden and Im going to plant Blueberry Trees, only two as not much space and hope for a good summer next year, eat your fuit with natural yogurt, porridge which is lovely and other cereals, but I love them on there own, you are like me with arthritis, but although a very high inflamm. properties, mine has not improved, but not bothered about that as long as my skin stays good. Hope you keep improving.. Chrissie

Posted Mon 24 Sep 2018 2.46pm by warren1 (edited Mon 24 Sep 2018 2.51pm by warren1)
widespread psoriasis for 30years

Hi Julie,

Like Chrissie i am enjoying my psoriasis free skin. I havn't used any, i mean NO creams now for 4 weeks after creaming myself for at least 35 years sometimes 3-5 times a day from head to foot.

When I read your 'hallelujah' it just expressed how i feel too. I also can thank God for some relief. I was able yesterday to go to church wearing a white shirt with no cream sticking to me and no blood on the shirt. Incredible for me.

I saw no change for 10 -15 days, so such a change within one week is remarkable.

It is very encouraging for you to keep going. Hope your skin will completly clear.

Best wishes War.

Posted Mon 24 Sep 2018 11.58pm by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for 2 years.

Hi Chrissie/Warren,

Glad to hear that you are both doing well, it's a wonderful feeling to be able to lead a normal life, such a blessing. I know what you mean about being able to wear a white shirt. My shirts were once daily marked with blood spots, trousers and sheets too.

Some very encouraging rapid results reported above. Fingers crossed for an all clear when a month or so has passed.

All the best, Phil

Posted Tue 25 Sep 2018 8.47am by Chrissie NW

Hi Phil, many thanks for your kind words and yes it's good. I'm hoping I will be like this at Christmas and it will be the first time in my 50 Psoriasis Years. Seeing my Consultant this afternoon he won't believe this Phil , I can't wait to see his face, April time he was taking photos of my skin, with permission to show his Students what he called a Double Chronic Psoriasis Patient. Anyway thanks Phil for everything and I mean everything I have said about you on the Forum.


Posted Tue 25 Sep 2018 9.05am by Cazzy27

Hi Chrissie. Hope you've recovered from your birthday celebrations. I am just enjoying my last day in Kalkan, Turkey. It's just beautiful here. The sun's dried out my PPP though so feet are cracking a bit. I was just wondering if you have managed to look for the information on that new injection that you mentioned (from a Manchester hospital) yet. No problem if you haven't. I tried to look on-line for it but no luck. Carole

Posted Tue 25 Sep 2018 9.52am by ateeq

Hi everyone,

(My first post)

I have suffered with psoriasis for 10 years and am in my late 30's.

Over the past 9 months i have had more breakouts from head to toe like never before. It has been scary and frightnening and it has has depressed me /cut me off from the outside world - i feel so happy to read that people have experienced 'remission' eating blueberries and gives me hope.

I started eating bl

ueberries ( ate about 60) - apart from the cost - is there a reason we are keeping to 20?

On day two now - and skin feels /looks a little clearer although i had my first 'wet cupping treatment the day before' so maybe my skin is less scaley because of that.

I really hope blueberries are my route out from this nightmare.

For those who have experienced signficant improvements -amazing - i can only wish /pray this journey takes me to where you are.

Will keep posting my updates!

Posted Tue 25 Sep 2018 10.24am by Chrissie NW

Hi Carole alright for some still sunning themselves!!!! Glad your feet better perhaps sunning does improve. Re the injection, I will go through my desk now I have a quieter time I just hope I didn't throw it, think that's an age thing.

I promised I will look and I will be in touch. Enjoy the rest of your holiday, it is starting to go cold at night here, sweater time!!!


Posted Tue 25 Sep 2018 10.31am by Cazzy27

Hi Chrissie. Thankyou. That would be great. Please don't waste too much time on it though. I know what this age thing's like and it doesn't get any better! Sounds like the woodburner will be going on when I get back then! Carole

Posted Tue 25 Sep 2018 6.48pm by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for 2 years.

Hi Chrissie,

Thank you for the kind words, I'd love to see your Consultant's face as well. I wrote to mine after I went clear. She noted that it was coincident with eating berries and wished me well. I guess it was difficult for her to comment further. Many patients would not like to be told to eat blueberries by a Consultant I guess, expecting a medical miracle.

All the best, Phil

Posted Tue 25 Sep 2018 6.57pm by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for 2 years.

Hi Ateeq,

You can eat as many as you wish. I found that I was cleared by eating a relatively small number. In fact probably around 15, as found in Tesco's berry medley. I started buying them for lunch Monday to Thursday. Now I probably eat 15 to 30/day, I still eat the medley for lunch during the week. I always try and have them on my cereal for breakfast as well.

You need to allow a good month or so, I have read it takes the skin about 27 days to renew itself. So once you remove the cause of the inflammation you need recovery time.

Good luck, Phil

Posted Tue 25 Sep 2018 9.22pm by warren1 (edited Tue 25 Sep 2018 9.44pm by warren1)
widespread psoriasis for 30years

Well Chrissie,

Can u tell us what the consultant said?

I am really keen to hear.

The top consultant in Northern Ireland told me.. any diet (inc.blueberries)definately would not work......WRONG.

Sir Phil has led the blueberry trail to clear skin.......RIGHT.

I really miss hovering the floor each and every day ... NOT. I really miss having my psoriais burnt off with dithranol....NOT.

I really miss the back of my hands burning with inflamed psoriasis and even hiding them .....NOT.

I feel great. more energy too. probably because my immune system is no longer fighting against itself.

The consultants can say whatever they want and i have spoken to many of them in hospital But But Blueberries Worked for Me.


Posted Tue 25 Sep 2018 9.47pm by Chrissie NW

Hi Warren, my Consultant was shocked and just said if you want to continue with Blueberries it's up to you, really he wasn't interested, but I could tell he was very surprised. But I know in the 50yrs i had the disease it was living hell, compared to today, where like you, it's like a fresh and clean life and hope it continues, I will keep very positive. The Consultant does not want to see me for six months, I did say if this continues I will cancel my appointment and let someone else take it, he was not amused. Thanks for listening Warren. Chrissie

Posted Tue 25 Sep 2018 10.15pm by Summer

Hi Chrissie

Glad to here you’ve has such good results.

I to seen my consultant today, I told him about the psoriasis Association

I said how it has helped a lot of people, different treatments that have worked for some and not for others,

When I told him about the B.B. he looked at me as if I’d gone mad,

He said that’s a first for me

And kind of dismissed what I had just said

He did say he would send me another appointment 4 months

Let’s hope it will be last one. Lol

Just keep eating a B.B

And yes we need to plant B.B. trees, lots of them

Posted Tue 25 Sep 2018 10.21pm by JulieM
Plaque psoriasis 30+ years & psoriatic arthritis 20 years-started 20 Blueberries p/day & my skin is getting better, pain reduced in joints!

Hi demonicale,

I’m just eating them as they come out of the punnet. 20 a day. Quite enjoy them too. The odd one is sharp tasting but most of them are delicious!

Has anyone noticed a funny smell when they pee? (Excuse me for asking this) I have you see - a bit like when you’ve eaten asparagus!

No new plaques formed on my lesions todate btw! So happy I can almost see the normal skin beneath them 😁


Posted Tue 25 Sep 2018 11.55pm by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for 2 years.

Of course we do need doctors and consultants, and they do much good work on the whole, and I thank them for that. But that said they are not gods and they do get it wrong. A pity that such a closed-minded attitude is being displayed here by some of them. Clearly as we have seen and testified, we have more than some random coincidence, or psychological effect going on here.

Let them disbelieve then, what's important is that people are getting better anyway :-)


Posted Wed 26 Sep 2018 8.11am by warren1 (edited Wed 26 Sep 2018 10.21am by warren1)
widespread psoriasis for 30years

Chrissie hi,

'Shocked but not intrested' he needs to get a life.

Can the Dermatologist not see.. its clear skin. What caused it? Blueberries.

I think you get more interest and enthusiasm here on Sir Phil's thread.

I used to go to dermatologists but all they wanted to do was give me methotrexate, which i refused. I basically gave up going to them as it was the same old, same old.

What has cleared my skin was 1st Aug 2018, when i read this thread, it has definately cleared my skin and changed my life. FACT.

Julie M . The way you describe your skin is the way my skin was just before it cleared. Fantastic.

These medics need to think outside the box. It may not be in one of their text books, it may not be taught in medical school, but it worked for me.


Posted Wed 26 Sep 2018 9.10am by Cazzy27

Hi all. It's so good hearing about how blueberries have helped so many. I really wish it had worked for my PPP. I really don't want to go onto Methotrexate injections so has anyone got any other ideas? Carole

Posted Wed 26 Sep 2018 12.35pm by JulieM
Plaque psoriasis 30+ years & psoriatic arthritis 20 years-started 20 Blueberries p/day & my skin is getting better, pain reduced in joints!


I work in the NHS. all clinicians are not encouraged to go against 'Best Practice' guidance. So the NICE Guideline for Psoriasis (CG153) says first line treatment is topical steroids and that's what they have to follow. They get paid to prescribe the creams etc.

They cannot stray from the guidance unless they have gone through internal Governance Committees and have buy-in from everyone to say they won't adhere to the guidance. It's not encouraged though because they don't get paid by pharma or commissioners for suggesting people buy a £2.20 punnet of Blueberries from Asda (which could potentially cure them). They don't have time to do any research and it's not funded by pharma as there's no money to be made from it.

It's a sad fact that they don't want us to be cured because they can't make money from us.

JulieM (improving every day)

Posted Wed 26 Sep 2018 1.37pm by ateeq

For those who have had their psoriasis clear up - can I ask what your diet was like/what it consisted of

Posted Wed 26 Sep 2018 1.58pm by Itchy1982

I once saw a rep for a psoriasis steroid cream at my gp clinic giving my gp something. It looked like he was receiving some sort of prize or kick back. What reason would the rep be there when they don’t have the cream at the clinic? I’ve spent $2000 on this cream and it’s useless. I believe stress (divorce) triggered my psoriasis. Just before my divorce I also had a malaria vaccine to travel to Vietnam. Anyone else questioned if vaccines could be a trigger? Diet is the key to healing I think and unfortunately no alcohol. I’m still battling to heal as I can’t so no to a beer and burger.

Posted Wed 26 Sep 2018 2.01pm by ateeq

Itchy1982 have you tried the blueberry diet'

Posted Wed 26 Sep 2018 2.05pm by Itchy1982

Yeah I’m living on them atm. Heaps of veggies too. It’s hard as I eat really well then I give in to alcohol or junk on the weekends.

Posted Thu 27 Sep 2018 1.01pm by warren1 (edited Thu 27 Sep 2018 1.51pm by warren1)
widespread psoriasis for 30years

Julie hi,

looks like u are heading in the direction of clear skin. Really good news.

I was prescribed steriods for 35 years. Think of the money it would have saved the health service if i had eaten blueberries way back then. lol.

Itchy hi,

Alcohol is a known poison that causes an adverse reaction in psoriasis. Avoid. It wasn't a problem for me strictly tea-total.

A key to using blueberries, as seen in the above threads, is consistancy. No breaks at weekends.

to use an Ulsterism 'keep er lit'

Consistancy 20 a day.


regarding diet. i have eaten porridge, biscuits, chocolate, crisps, coke, chips, sandwiches, potatoes, sodas, pies, apple tart, cream buns and BLUEBERRIES.


Posted Fri 28 Sep 2018 1.43pm by ateeq

Thanks Warren - my diet is terrible - ive tried to sort it out but i tend to eat pretty much what you had on your list

Posted Fri 28 Sep 2018 2.18pm by Jidda

Hi ohil/Warren

Its been roughly two weeks since I started the blueberries I'm finding slight improvement to my torso but not so much on my legs and not really any on my arms and had a few new spots only on my arms and hands, did any of you find parts of the body heal better than others or all at the same time? Thanks


Posted Fri 28 Sep 2018 2.27pm by Jidda

Also I will add in previous treatments my legs have always been the last to clear and my hands but normally my arms and torso seem to clear first... Was you all still using your moisturisers as I'm still using cetraben and 50/50 I'm hoping this will work and it's just my psoriasis being stubborn.. My hands are what makes me feel so low in confidence the most as I have customer faced job I cover the rest up.. Any tips on hand psoriasis I use gloves at night sometimes it's ok but other times it can irritate them..

Posted Fri 28 Sep 2018 3.17pm by warren1
widespread psoriasis for 30years

Jidda hj,

Same as youself. my torso was first to clear. It sounds as if it is going in the right direction. simply keep going.

I had the same problem with my hands, even lost a job because of them, be patient my hands cleared but were slower to do so.


Posted Sat 29 Sep 2018 1.20am by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for 2 years.

Hi Janine/Warren,

For me this period was easier, I didn't know that I was recovering, so I wasn't checking my progress every day. But looking back I don't recall seeing anything until about 3 weeks in. My skin was more itchy than usual and I was shedding lots of dead skin. Then I remember looking at my leg and it looked a little better with no new spots. Then around 4 weeks it just started vanishing at a truly amazing rate. It all seemed to clear up in a matter of days. I was stunned and could hardly believe it was me in the mirror. Given that skin renews every 27 days, and I realised that I had started eating blueberries about that many days before, I thought that's it!

Keep going, Phil

Posted Sat 29 Sep 2018 10.01am by ateeq

did you guys have plaque psoriasis/

Posted Sat 29 Sep 2018 11.05am by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for 2 years.

Yes, but you know that for me: purple text at top of post. All people are different, and I'm not on a diet. If you eat lots of imflammatory type foods it can't be good for psoriasis. Blueberries are anti-inflammatory so I think soak it up to a certain extent, that's what I have found. I think you need to find your right balance.

Posted Sat 29 Sep 2018 1.38pm by JulieM
Plaque psoriasis 30+ years & psoriatic arthritis 20 years-started 20 Blueberries p/day & my skin is getting better, pain reduced in joints!

Hi all,

Just an update. Just over a week since I started on blueberries and yes I continue to improve! Skin is NOT forming new flaky plaques on lesions. It is getting smoother every day! For me it’s a miracle. Not even moisturising them either. Feel I don’t need to and that’s crazy!!!

I will eat blueberries forever!!!


Posted Sat 29 Sep 2018 2.19pm by Sarahtenby
GP sufferer

I’ve been on the blueberries 8 days now I haven’t noticed any improvement as of yet but there is also nothing worse I’m

Just the same

I’m being optimistic though and I know most of you guys say the 4 weeks

My sister and my friend both got plaque / guttate psoriasis too and I’ve got them on the blueberries too and I’m asking them to report to me about progress etc too

I’m not particularly well behaved when it comes to diet,🙈 I still like a cake and a chocolate bar most days got a sweet tooth and I’m eating potatoes/chips, but I do eat fruit, veggies, fish, nuts/seeds In my meals. I do drink most Saturdays with my partner and friends we love going out I don’t drink at home though at all. So this could be holding me back, will see.

I will report to you all on day 30 with my results and with my sisters n friends

Posted Sat 29 Sep 2018 6.14pm by warren1
widespread psoriasis for 30years

Julie hi,

Great news. Great results in such a short time. Amazing. Usually takes longer. Yes again consistancy is the key. Keep er lit till your skin is completly clear.

Sarah hi,

One week usually way too soon to see results. According to this thread the norm is 3 - 6 weeks to see improvement.

I was exactly the same , no difference until the third week then i noticed slightly less redness and scaling then from fourth week on significant change.

Interesting to see how things develop.

Phil 'the blueberry treatment inventor'

was the same. It takes time. I agree with Phil that it could well be linked with the skin replacement cycle.

regards, Warren

Posted Sun 30 Sep 2018 12.22pm by ateeq

quick update :

I started eating blueberries on Tuesday (so 5 days in now)

My psoriasis is showing signs improvements.

There is a slowdown of the skin growing on itself.

The skin feels smoother

I noticed that parts of my ear, there is a cycle of psoriasis clearing up and then forming.

I have been in alot of pain over the past few months due to the the skin/psorasis splitting when I get up after sitting down for a little while.

I am thankful to say that after 5 days on my right leg (which was extremely painful/sore/itchy/ splitting) the skin feels so much better. It has improved my quality of life and over past couple of days and doesn't act as a constant reminder that I am living with psoriasis.

I have been eating about 80 blueberries a day but around 20 is what has been recommended..

Having lived in what feels like despair for 10 years , i am addicted to blueberries at the moment hoping it is the 'magic cure'. will update on day 30

“Don't Stop Believing"

Posted Mon 1 Oct 2018 9.38am by warren1
widespread psoriasis for 30years

Ateeq hi,

80 is a lot. i dont know if u can take too many. The big thing is that u are seeing improvement. Again the signs are good that u are going in the direction of clear skin. Intresting to see how you do on such a large amount.

keep posting.


Posted Mon 1 Oct 2018 10.22am by ateeq

Thanks Warren

I think the amount of blueberries im consuming is linked to my desperation that this works.

Posted Mon 1 Oct 2018 6.24pm by Ladyred

Hi everyone.....I stumbled across your website today and have already it found it so helpful so thank you to everyone for their advice so far.

I am a 51 yr old female who until last October did not have a problem with my skin. Then almost overnight I started to have problems which were made worse by a stressful period in my life which went on for some months

I’ve made a number of changes to my diet etc...and have personally be trying things like goats milk soap and body lotions which I recently started using. But I still have a reasonable area of red patches on my lower legs, below the knee which just don’t seem to want to shift

I live in France and whilst the health service is amazing ...and they did send me home with a bag full of lotions and potions, my preference was to try more natural remedies so.....reading your stories about blueberries has been fascinating.

As there are no fresh ones in the shops now I have ordered some frozen ones online to try this method and see if it helps

Thank you again inspirational

Posted Wed 3 Oct 2018 5.41pm by Blossom
Istarted with psoriasis 10 months ago.Im on creams and hospital treatment.Sometimes i feel very low,and do,nt want to leave the house.

Hi ,I'm having good results with eating about 20 to 30 Blue Berries every day.My skin is not so itchy,but I'm flaking a lot more .Does anyone else have this with eating Blue Berries.Ive been on them about 2 Months.Thankyou in advance.

Posted Wed 3 Oct 2018 6.37pm by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for 2 years.

Hi Blossom,

My psoriasis flaked off massively before it cleared up. How much of your skin has returned to normal so far?


Posted Wed 3 Oct 2018 8.58pm by Blossom
Istarted with psoriasis 10 months ago.Im on creams and hospital treatment.Sometimes i feel very low,and do,nt want to leave the house.

Hi, Not a lot, it's just my skin is not so sore and the patches have gone flatter and paler.Im seeing the Dermatologist in 3 weeks and she wants me on the Humari injections.I don,t want that, so hopefully I will do well like yourself.On the Blueberries.Thankyou Phil for replying.

Posted Wed 3 Oct 2018 11.40pm by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for 2 years.

Hi Blossom,

It's a difficult call, you have nothing to lose at least by continuing with the blueberries, Do you have plaque psoriasis? If you haven't already I would suggest that you should avoid too much sugar in your diet, and not drink alcohol too often. In fact Just have a good healthy diet overall. I find that I can eat anything in moderation, but certainly my psoriasis loves my Christmas diet. Presently I remain clear.

Good luck, Phil

Posted Fri 5 Oct 2018 4.45am by TCNZ

Hi Phil,

Do you think blackberry (besides blueberry) also played a role in your healing?

Posted Sat 6 Oct 2018 0.23am by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for 2 years.

Possibly to a lesser degree, blueberries pack a bigger antioxidant punch than blackberries though. I did compare the properties of the two. People have only reported on blueberries in this forum, so they do seem to work on their own.

Posted Mon 8 Oct 2018 11.01am by ateeq

A quick update - 13 days in - eating around 120 blueberries a day

My quality of life has improved over the past week.

The crustation seems to have dramatically slowed down .

I am experiencing amazingly smoothe skin in areas such as my elbows and back.

I feel more 'itchy ' - incredibly more itchy it seems at times.

On my elbows I have noticed clear skin trying to breaking through a psoriasis patch - this ends up reddening and cycles but it is heartening.

The psoriasis on exposed places of my body - ears in particular have calmed down - this has really helped with self esteem. My ears have been looking really bad but now not so much.

My scalp has probably had the least reaction from the blueberries but there has been a small changes

I have been able to walk around the house wearing shorts and t-shirts in front of other family members and do not feel self conscious - there is no thick plaque psoriasis instead i i resemble an attack acid vicitim (apologies if thats not PC)

I hope that i am able to update in couple of weeks time and have the successes achieved by others within a month but if not then will continue with blueberries regardless (at a lesser frequency )

I read an article which highlighted foods with high anti oxident levels -

blueberries/ PECANS/ kale/spinach/ rasperberries.

Pecans apparently have the highest of any food for a/o levels - with blueberries in the top 3.

(I will add pecans to my non existant diet)

Posted Mon 8 Oct 2018 2.23pm by sher95

Hi! Folks,

New to the forum although having severe psoriasis for last 20 years now. Stumbled upon the forum while doing regular research to find solution to this dreadful problem- for I have had virtually all 6-7 types of psoriasis over all this years. Always willing to try a new strategy/cure!!!

First of all, congratulations to pdr321, Chrissie NW, Warren, JulieM, Blossom, Ateeq and many others who have benefited from the wonderful blueberries and sharing their experiences.

I have started the blueberries treatment from today. The tesco checkout person was curious as to why I was buying 7 packs of blueberries for at £3/- per pack, it is quite a spend.

Anyways, few things I wanted to check.

1) Should one take just 20 blueberries per day or go upto 80-120 per day? How many grams should it be? Like the £3/pack I bought from Tesco has 250 gm weightage while the size and weight of the individual blueberries varies from one to another.

2) what is a good time to eat them- during the day or as an after dinner snack. All at one go or spread it over the day?

3) While taking blueberries, did you also notice any change in your digestion pattern such as changes in terms of passing motion in terms of number of times a day etc. - did you get a feeling that it was kind of cleaning the body much faster.

Thank you for for your feedback...

Posted Mon 8 Oct 2018 7pm by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for 2 years.

1. I was cleared originally by eating around 60 to 80 odd a week. Eating that much per day seems a lot to me. Certainly I don't need such a high number. I probably eat around 30/day now.

2. As far as I know it doesn't matter when you eat them.

3. Noticed nothing new in the digestion department. But if you eat bucket loads of them I dare say you might. I didn't have any feeling that my body was being cleaned.

Summary: I eat them in moderation and that has been sufficient for me. Give it around a month.

Good luck, Phil

Posted Mon 8 Oct 2018 8.31pm by sher95

Dear Phil,

Hi! Thanks for your quick are the inspiration!!! Am certainly going to try this for a month or longer as it takes and will keep updating the progress on the forum...

Posted Mon 8 Oct 2018 11.36pm by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for 2 years.

Hi Ateeq/Sher,

Thanks for both of your reports, this is all great feedback for other sufferers to hear. I hope that you will be able to have the same success that I and others have experienced.


Posted Tue 9 Oct 2018 11.26am by blodyn

Many thanks for suggesting this solution. It has been a very tasty and healthy treat over the last few weeks. My month is up - and I’m much better. There are still some patches on my body, but they are paler and much less itchy. I have also been to a herbalist who has prescribed a herb mix for me - I’m very pleased with the results up to now. My scalp psoriasis is still there and that is most uncomfortable, but also better. If I do have a stressful day, the patches do turn redder, but again less red than a month ago.

Btw - daily dose/treat for me is a small punnet. My digestive system is not affected.

Many thanks again.

Posted Wed 10 Oct 2018 2.50pm by Jidda

Hi all

This is just an update I have been on the blueberries for just over four weeks and I have noticed a difference in my skin on my torso and legs, unfortunately my arms feet and hands are still bad with no change my arms have got worse :( I have a dermatology appointment on Friday and I know they are going to put me on ciclosporin again.. I so desperately wanted the blueberries to work before my appointment so I could avoid the ciclosporin.. I'm very pleased to see the blueberries worked for some of you.. I will continue to eat blueberries as I enjoy them but won't see the effects of them.


Posted Wed 10 Oct 2018 5.03pm by blodyn

Jidda - I'm so sorry to hear you have not seen an overall improvement. I am just starting on a gluten, dairy and sugar free diet - it feels extreme at present, but hopefully the scalp psoriasis will disappear as result. Best wishes with future treatment.

Posted Wed 10 Oct 2018 5.13pm by warren1 (edited Thu 11 Oct 2018 11.44am by warren1)
widespread psoriasis for 30years

Jidda hi,

since your torso is clearing, is that not an indication that u are going in the right direction. A top consltant in ireland once told me that psoriasis clears out from the torso to the extremities and away. i have been in your shoes many a time and, whilst things are going in the right direction if it was me i would delay the cyclosporine and wait to see if the blueberries will complete the job.

My psoriasis cleared from the torso out through the extremities. I started on 1st of August, after 5 weeks 95%clear, still clearing slowly but surely toward 100%.

My life is completly changed. I dont want to go back to creams and injections and light units EVER again.


Posted Wed 10 Oct 2018 5.20pm by warren1
widespread psoriasis for 30years

Blodyn hi,

Well pleased that u have seen such great improvement. As you read down this remarkable thread you will find that each one that has succeeded using blueberries has been left with a little reminder of their skin condition. i have massively improved and am soooo happy but my skin is not absolutely perfect.


Posted Wed 10 Oct 2018 5.26pm by warren1
widespread psoriasis for 30years

Ateeq hi,

I replied to your message after you had been on blueberries for just a fiew days. Thankfully you have continued and are now starting to see great results

it took 20 a day for about 5 weeks fof me to completly clear, well very very nearlly.

Posted Wed 10 Oct 2018 6.28pm by blodyn

Warren - thanks. I've read your response to Jidda, and intend to carry on with the blueberries. Hopefully theimprovement from the torso out will reach my scalp - that would be beyond amazing. Thanks for tge time you spend on this forum aiming to help others - you probably dont realise how much this means to sufferers like me.

Posted Wed 10 Oct 2018 11.25pm by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for 2 years.

Hi Janine,

As Warren says it would be better to persevere a bit longer if you can bear it, especially because you have seen an improvement in some areas. Regarding your arms, are you currently on any other medication/creams? Some medications can end up making the situation worse if used for too long. If you are flaking more than usual then that is a good sign, not a bad one. Fingers crossed that you will further improve.


Posted Wed 10 Oct 2018 11.39pm by Jidda (edited Wed 10 Oct 2018 11.47pm by Jidda)

Hi phill and Warren

Its such an awful situation to be in I have noticed improvement to my torso and legs but not anywhere else in fact it's got worse.. I'd love to continue with the blueberries but I'm having to wait 3 months for an appointment and my hands are so bad I struggle to put my daughters hair up.. I just don't know what to do for the best...

Thanks guys for your support

Posted Wed 10 Oct 2018 11.43pm by Jidda

Hi phill

Not on any other medication other than the contraception pill and 50/50 that's it..

Posted Thu 11 Oct 2018 9.47am by Affi
Long term psoriasis

Thanks to all who have contributed. I started the 20 a day regime two weeks ago, so far no improvement but I will persevere. I’m so encouraged by people’s successes and comments. My Dermatlogist has prescribed Otezla which I haven’t started yet. The side effects are pretty worrying- diarrhoea and depression. I have been taken off Methotrexate because it upsets my liver.

I know the best plan is to be off medication whilst trying the blueberry option, but I’m wondering if anyone has any experience of Otezla, known also as Apremilast.

Posted Thu 11 Oct 2018 11.36am by warren1
widespread psoriasis for 30years

Jidda hi,

As using blueberries to clear psoriasis is so new there have obviously been no clinical

trials. Therefore all we can do is speak from personal experience in the hope that

others might be helped too.

I am so glad that blueberries have worked for me. Having said that there is nothing to stop

continuing to take blueberries and also taking the advice of the dermatologist.

As I say there have been no clinical trials done on blueberries, therefore is it possible???

I ask the question??? that in years to come that whilst some may have significant improvement using Blueberries only, that others could treat the symptoms of psoriasis with

conventional medicine ie steroids, ciclosporin etc and use blueberries too to work from the inside out for long term benefit.

Just thinking outside the box, with a desire to help a fellow psoriasis sufferer.


At the end of the day you need to decide what is best for you in your circumstances.

Posted Thu 11 Oct 2018 10.28pm by Holly1
Has psoriasis since 2001

Hello, I haven’t read all the posts as there are so many but there looks to be so many positive stories on eating blueberries, sorry if this has already been answered but how long until you see a difference. I’m going to start this at the weekend and see how it goes but would be so good to stop all the creams and tablets for something natural 🤞🏻

Posted Thu 11 Oct 2018 11.44pm by ateeq

Hi holly

Around 20 a day is what has been recommended. good luck

Posted Fri 12 Oct 2018 0.41am by Yoofey (edited Fri 12 Oct 2018 2.53am by Yoofey)

Hi guys.

Disclaimer/preface - before I post what I am about to post

1) I am not pretending to be an expert

2) Everyone's biology is different

3) I have only read the contents of this thread and nothing else on the forum

4) I am sharing my thoughts/advice simply in the help that it might help at least 1 person to some degree

5) ANYTHING I state to be correct about autoimmune problems and human biology is based on research that has lead me to strongly believe certain things to the point where I can consider them to be factual

6) With point 5 in mind, EVERYTHING I say is open to your own interpretation and only follow my advice if you yourself decide it is the correct thing to do

Facts: -

1) All or nearly all autoimmune problems are a result of gut dysbiosis

2) Many things contribute to gut dysbiosis including (but not limited to) antibiotic ingestion (intentional or otherwise, such as in non-organic meats), stress, allergies, food intolerances, overeating, nutrient deficiencies and a lack of breast feeding (the mother's milk contains healthy bacteria designed to colonise the gut to fight off pathogens)

3) Nearly all dietary advice you have ever heard is complete rubbish

4) The dietary requirements and food sensitivities (both allergies and intolerances) in homo sapiens are largely dictated by the locality/ethnicity of the individual

5) Food intolerances are in many ways more sinister than allergies (I will explain all that below)

My story (I will keep it short and sweet) - I am a 40 year old lifelong sufferer of eczema. I finally figured out the cause and I am sharing with you what I believe to be of use to others who know the misery of living with inflammation like this.


You CANNOT heal the gut overnight. It requires BELIEF and (most of all) TIME AND DISCIPLINE. THAT is what you are seeing with blueberries.

Homo sapiens are obligate carnivores, meaning they require animal products for nutrients they cannot get anywhere else. An example of this is carrots and vitamin A - carrots actually contain beta-carotene, which is a provitamin A, rather than true vitamin A (retinol). Retinol is only found in animal products. About 45% of homo sapiens are capable of converting provitamin A to retinol and even then only at a very poor rate. That is an example of how badly diet is misunderstood.

Homo sapiens naturally feed on animal products. We are evolved this way. There are various vestigial elements to our genetic makeup which indicate to our past history millions of years about (about 3.5 million) as predominantly herbivores, with the vitamin A reference above a great example of this. But we evolved as carnivores and if any animal is fed an unnatural diet, it will become sick.

In their natural history, all localities/ethnicities of homo sapiens also included non-animal foods, such as season fruits, some leaves etc and seaweed whenever they could get it. These foods are supplemental and are not required to sustain life. They slightly enrich a diet of quality animal products.

Important point - you HAVE to understand that there are two types of non-animal foods - caloric and non-caloric. Leaves etc were eaten by our ancestors for millions of years so we adapt well to them. Seaweed has also been eaten for a long time (it is very mineral-rich). These are NON-CALORIC, meaning they contain little to no CARBOHYDRATES. Later on we developed ways of mass-producing CALORIC plant food such fruits hybridised to produce unnaturally high levels of fructose and other sugars and grains/tubers.

Meat is digested by the powerful acid produced in the human stomach. It is digested quickly and easily. All localities of homo sapiens have eaten meat as a staple for millions of years so they digest it no problem. HOWEVER the tolerance a homo sapien will have for caloric plant foods will be dictated largely by their recent natural history. Enzymes are required to digest carbohydrates (particularly starch) - amylose (starch) needs amylase. Amylase production (how many copies of the gene you have) is largely dictated by your ethnic background and various from person to person: -


Asians for instance have been eating carbs like rice, soy etc for thousands and thousands of years. As a result, they have many copies of the AMY1 gene. Scandinavians, conversely, have little or no copies of the gene. The reason for this being that starch in essentially not found in Scandinavia so was never eaten by that locality/ethnicity of homo sapiens. Scandinavians ate animals and berries during the summer months.

Modern fruits are highly sugar dense and fructose can be hell on the body. Fructose malabsorption/intolerance is very common. Fructose is the second leading cause of fatty liver disease (alcoholism is the first).

So WHY would little ol' blueberries be the cure for some people? Well, this will be why...

The fibre in blueberries is highly fermentable by Lactobacillus plantarum - ...

... and Lactobacillus plantarum plays a key role in rebalancing the gut flora and repairing gut hyperpermeability ("leaky gut syndrome") -

The health of the gut is a good guy vs bad guy fight - if the good guys are in the majority, the keep the bad guys in check. And vice-versa. Blueberries wont work for everybody because everyone is different, as is their gut flora.

A bit more about my story - after years of steroid creams, inhalors, anti-histamines, oilatum, E45 blah blah blah, I finally realise that wheat was causing hell for me. I realised this when I became self-employed - if I sat down to work and had eaten bread for breakfast, I would start to get drowsy. So I gave up all wheat, rye and barley. Suddenly I felt much better. The swelling I had always felt in my stomach started to go away, as did my rash. I still had dry skin though until one day my skin was obviously smooth. It appears I had been suffering from coeliac most of my life. I still needed moisturiser here and there but no more steroid creams etc for me.

Then suddenly years later I broke again HORRIBLY. Back on the steroid stuff, pain in the shower, blood all over my bed sheets... back to square one. The ONLY thing had changed was I started eating a bowl of fruit in the morning instead of an omelette (trying to add different foods in). I stopped eating fruit and it went away AFTER SEVERAL WEEKS.


They are different things. Allergic reactions come and go quickly, intolerance take weeks to come and go because they cause infection in the gut - you have to feed the bad guys for weeks before it shows and you have to starve them for weeks before order is restored.

Years later (a couple years ago actually) I started to eat more fruit and agave nectar in my oatmeal. AND HERE IT ALL COMES BACK AGAIN. Steroid creams blah blah... go cold turkey on the fruit and it EVENTUALLY goes away again. I finally realised this really was fruit and it was there I started to learn about the gut and the difference between ALLERGY and INTOLERANCE. I am Scottish, born and bred. There are no bananas, mangoes, melons etc here - all there are are small amounts of berries during the summer/autumn.

NATURALLY occurring fruits such as raspberries and BLUEBERRIES are high-fibre, low sugar, ONLY SEASONAL and SUPPLEMENTAL FOOD.

And here we come to FODMAP. I don't know how well known FODMAPs are in the psoriasis community, but you can look it up. FODMAPs are foods that FEED THE BAD GUYS IN YOUR GUT.

Here are some foods with fibres that feed the good guys: -

The gut microbiome also likes EPA/DHA, which is only found in animal foods.

My suggested protocol (what worked for me): -

1) Completely remove all FODMAPs from your diet

2) Remove all inflammatory foods (nightshades, eggs, soy, dairy, grains etc... you know the ones)

3) Get to know your butcher - get a good source of quality, grass fed meats. Grass fed meats contain nutrients not found in plants and are only found in small amounts in grain-fed meats (EPA, DHA, retinol, K2, CLA etc).

4) Don't overtax the gut - not only will the dysbiosis have to reverse but the damage to the gut lining will need to heal. EAT SMALL MEALS. Meat is well digested by the stomach. Eat salads with olive oil and balsamic dressing, sauteed non-FODMAP greens.

5) Get collagen powder and glutamine - these are essential for healing the gut as they contain the amino acids used heavily in the gut

6) Drink plenty water - there will be a lot of detoxing to do and it is HARD on the body (especially the liver)

7) No pork - it's a common allergen... pigs are genetically modified wild boars and are usually fed a terrible diet (corn/soy), even when they come from a good farm.

8) NO SMOKING, DRINKING or DRUGGING. I am not judging anyone, just keep the toxin levels in your body low and alcohol feeds candida albicans.

9) Absolutely no processed food, junk food or cheating on the diet until it heals you or you know it is not going to work for you.

10) IF NOT ALLERGIC - get a good-quality coconut oil. Aldi have a raw, organic one right now that is very cheap and excellent quality. Coconut oil is a good energy source but, more importantly, the caprylic acid in the oil is devastating to certain evil microbes, such as candida albicans. Start off with 1 teaspoon in the morning and one at night. Build up from there until you are taking 3-4 spoons (NOT teaspoons) every day.

11) IF NOT ALLERGIC - try to make recipes with coconut MILK. The lauric acid in coconut milk has properties similar to caprylic acid

12) IF NOT ALLERGIC - sunflower seeds. I am not huge on plant oil (with the exception of EV olive oil and coconut oil) but sunflower seeds contain high levels of vit E and silica, which is good for the skin. You can also use almonds in small amounts. Get fresh ones as they can go rancid quickly. Eat small amounts and do not eat them with animal products or supplements because they phytic acid in them demineralises the body

In addition to gut-specific protocol, I STRONGLY recommend this to keep the body running optimally: -

1) IF NOT ALLERGIC, eat wild salmon and fish roe often. Both are easily digested and extremely nutritious - wild salmon is one of the few sources of vitamin D. If you are in the UK, ASDA do a cheap frozen salmon that is actually wild pink salmon. It is not an amazing taste but it is very cheap and extremely nutritious

2) EAT YOUR LIVER for folate, iron and vitamin A. Vit A and folate are essential for tissue/skin repair. Do NOT take vitamin A supplements - it will be palmitate, which is toxic. If you are in the UK, Waitrose do a really nice organic chicken liver. Gently fry it with some greens and marjoram.

3) Eat dulse seaweed. It is full of iodine, which many people are deficient in. You only need very small amounts of it to get a lot of iodine.

4) IF NOT ALLERGIC take a GOOD QUALITY DHA/EPA fish oil supplement - it fights inflammation.

5) TAKE MAGNESIUM. Just about everyone is deficient in magnesium. Try to get magnesium glycinate, which is readily absorbed by the body. I noticed a big difference in sleep quality and inflammation control once I started taking it.

6) IF NOT ALLERGIC get PASTURED EGGS and eat the yolk. Pastured yolks will be orange, not like the usual crap. Sainsburys I believe do a 'golden yolk' egg which is something like this but try to get the real thing from a local source. Pastured egg yolk is very high K2 and contains good amounts of cholesterol (essential for tissue repair), EPA/DHA/D3 etc.

To give the gut a break, try to fast for periods during the day - start eating later in the day and don't eat after 6PM.

Many of the principles above can be seen in the GAPS diet, SCD diet, "paleo" diet as well as other diets that are recommended for sufferers of diabetes, candida, autism, all autoimmune problems etc.

I AM NOT A DOCTOR OR A MIRACLE WORKER. This is simply WHAT I BELIEVE MAY HELP OTHERS. I can't guarantee results but I think it is worth a shot.


If your condition is serious, I would recommend a gradual shift over to the new diet in terms of changing energy substrates from carbs to fat/protein. If you experience a die-off, inflammation can be rampant. However, I suggest removing all inflammatory foods, smoking, alcohol, processed foods, sugar, fruit etc IMMEDIATELY.

I sincerely hope this helps someone in some way.

Posted Fri 12 Oct 2018 2.55am by Delree9

Hello Yoofey! First I would like to say, great info provided. It's alot of information to digest and I may be a little confused. On one of the sited websites it talked about High/Low FODMAPs. The site suggested low but are you suggesting NO FODMAPs? Can you provide your meal plan to give me an idea? I am scheduled to try TREMFYA on Oct 22nd and really want to heal naturally. FYI...I started blueberries 2 weeks ago.

Posted Fri 12 Oct 2018 3.03am by Yoofey


Thanks for your response. You are spot on with D. The problem is that supplementation is difficult as a lot of cod liver oil is debatable quality and many brands have garbage added to them. And conventional D supplements are nearly always rendered from lanolin from sheeps wool, a classic allergen.

Yes, the northern people used to eat cod liver to sustain themselves due to low light. Weston Price I believe covered this. You should look it up his work if you havent already. BTW D, K2 and A all form a working partnership. Make sure you intentionally eat high K2 foods - it is not easy to come across now due to loss of soil quality, farming methods etc. People can be woken up to what they are putting in their bodies that shouldn't be there but it is even harder to get people to realise there is a lot that should be going in there that isn't.

I will look to post this on other parts of the forum when I get a chance (tomorrow, hopefully). I'll look over your other posts when I do.

Yep, oats contain oat gluten and avenin, but I am tested non-allergic to oats. TBH I dont eat much carbs anyway. When I do, it's usually low FODMAP and often resistant starch heavy (cooked then cooled basmati rice).

The phytic acid in oats (and lots of other plants) is a huge issue, too.

Posted Fri 12 Oct 2018 3.22am by Yoofey


I am going to try to help people as much as I can. It should be noted here that my issues don't come back unless I sustain high FODMAP for a while (which is why it was so hard for me to pin down the cause) or unless I eat wheat.

When I say "NO FODMAP", you have to understand that (assuming gut dysbiosis is the underlying cause), you have to put the fire out. You need to remove everything that feeds it (FODMAPs) and put in things that repair the gut (good quality fats and proteins, plenty of nutrients) and help the good guys (non-FODMAP fibres).

AT A MINIMUM FOR STARTING OFF, get rid of all processed foods, sugar, fruits (apart from small amounts of kiwis, raspberries and blueberries), soy, dairy, grains, beans, chickpeas, potatoes, sweet potatoes, alcohol etc.

Nuts and seeds - I am actually only allergic to peanuts and sesame. If you know 100% you are not allergic to them, it's OK to eat them IN SMALL AMOUNTS (they contain large amounts of phytic acid and omega 6 and tend to go rancid quickly). IF NOT ALLERGIC, walnuts are proven to be very good for the gut: -

Yeast - although that mostly leaves when you stop alcohol and bread but also check for it in soup stocks etc. It's a very common allergen (my worst allergen, along with wheat). If you are taking an immune reaction to other yeasts and their toxic by-products (candida albicans) it will most likely be even worse. Fungi/yeast is a pathogen the body fights against. Keep it out.

The majority of your calories should be coming from high-quality (grass-fed) animal meat and fats. Add in some berries, nuts (if not allergic), sauteed non-FODMAP greens. If you want some carbs, eat small amounts of basmati rice. Coconut milk and oil, grass-fed ghee, duck and goose fat etc are also good sources.

Posted Fri 12 Oct 2018 3.24am by Yoofey

BTW it is also a good idea to avoid high histamine foods, such as spinach.

Many of these things can be added back in if/when your gut heals. Obviously in small amounts. But you need to heal.

Posted Fri 12 Oct 2018 7.01am by Tim

Thank you all for this discussion. I started the blueberry plan a few days ago...fingers crossed. Will let you know how it goes. Would love a natural solution to this problem. I have mostly plaque psoriasis but it’s slowly moving into my joints...psoriatic arthritis. The plaques didn’t bother me that much’s the arthritis that freaks me out.

Some of the dietary advice here is new to me..esp the FODMAP. I have some googling to do!

Posted Fri 12 Oct 2018 2.03pm by warren1
widespread psoriasis for 30years

Intresting to read the recent discussion

regarding what to take and what not. The above must have been on the night shift. I know a friend who was in Canada and was told to take high levels of vit D and his psoriasis cleared up. i tried it and it didnt work. I have read the Pagano book on diet for psoriasis and tried it but

it was so hard to keep. For me it didnt work.

It is really encouraging that there are so many putting their minds to this subject

with the singular aim of defeating psoriasis.

Having said that, as we focus upon the benifits of blueberries for psoriasis I have found that i can eat whatever i like, that includes a cream bun this morning, and my psoriasis is almost clear and remaining that way. I am very thankful to Phil who initiated this thread and Chrissie who has helped me too.

Lets win the war against psoriasis, hopefully BLUEBERRIES will be a major

help to many.


Posted Fri 12 Oct 2018 2.24pm by Yoofey


Many nutrients work in tandem. Shoot for plenty D3, vitamin A, K2 and MAGNESIUM.

D3 - wild (NOT farmed) salmon and fish roe. Fish liver and their oils.

A - eat your liver!

K2 - pastured egg yolks. I think I am sensitive to egg whites so I usually just eat a lot of yolks, that is where all the nutrients are

Magnesium - supplement with magnesium glycinate. Soil quality is too low now to get adequate levels from diet alone

Good luck everyone!

Posted Fri 12 Oct 2018 3.05pm by warren1
widespread psoriasis for 30years

Yoofey hi,

Your information is intresting.

Could i just ask about your Psoriasis, How extensive was it? how long did you have it?. Are you completely cleared by the method you have posted?

Also ,have you tried the 20 a day blueberry scheme of this link?

would be intrested to hear?


Posted Sat 13 Oct 2018 1.42pm by Yoofey (edited Sat 13 Oct 2018 3.25pm by Yoofey)


First off, I seem to be limited in how often I can post as I am a new member of the forum so my responses are delayed. Annoying, but understandable.

If you read through my initial post, I state that I have never had psoriasis but I have suffered from eczema and I largely consider all autoimmune problems to have the same root cause but the symptoms it manifests differ from person to person.

Blueberries - I never tried it, don't need to. I just remove all junk food, sugar, grains and fruit from my diet and wait to heal. BTW when I refer to "fruit", I mean the man-made, glycemic garbage people mistakenly believe is a health food when actually it is a health hazard, especially for ethnically northern people. Small amounts of berries were always eaten during the summer/autumn months and I consider them to be a real food, although they are entirely supplemental.

As an anecdote regarding fruit, have a look at this thread: -

That is not me BTW, but is an interesting reference point. You will notice they tried to reintroduce it as a trial and they had a reaction 2 hours afterwards. What that person is experiencing is candidasis and/or Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), which is a condition when the upper colon becomes populated by pathogenic microbes which feed on carbohydrates. The primary cause of this is eating foods unnatural to the body, which cannot be digested and lead to overgrowths.

If you have an environment that is damp, warm and full of microbes and put any kind of "food" in there, it will be consumed by the microbes. The inside of your body is warm, damp and full of microbes (both good and bad). If you put foods of a natural diet in there (animal products, non-FODMAP plant matter), then the body breaks down the animal products rapidly and the good bacteria in your gut ferment the non-FODMAPs when it hits your lower colon. If you put foods of an unnatural diet in there (amylose, fructose, fructans, lactose etc... FODMAPs) then your body can't break it down and it is fermented by the bad bacteria in your lower colon. That is why dairy causes autoimmune problems for so many people - aside from the casein allergy, the bad bacteria in your gut multiply by feeding off of the undigested lactose (we lose the capacity to produce the enzyme that digests lactose - lactase - around 2 years old as that is when we are supposed to stop breastfeeding). Keep doing that and the bad guys start to overpower the good guys and then they start to travel up into the upper colon, then all hell breaks loose - you have a systemic mold/bacteria infection in your gut, leaky gut syndrome, massive inflammation from toxic by-products of the microbes (mycotoxins from the candida albicans being one of the worst) and a situation where those infections can set up shop in other parts of the body (such as the skin) as secondary infections. You essentially have plant material composting in your stomach.

Carb consumption (especially simple sugar consumption) will also raise blood sugar levels, which helps to feed the secondary infections. This is the reason why diabetics are so prone to yeast infections. IIRC the current research now shows that most cases of eczema are just fungal skin infections, but this is nearly always a secondary infection IMO. The reason behind the knees, groin, skin folds etc are primary/classic sites for eczema is because those areas are the dampest and warmest, which is the best condition for yeast to grow.


That is only for 1 family of pathogen - candida species. That does not include other types of yeast or bacteria. Yeast/mold/fungi... it is all the same. Mold allergies are very common... it is a pathogen.

The gut flora is complex, there are many different species of yeast and bacteria in there. Blueberry fibre might win the war for some, but not for others as different strains cause different problems. And then there is also the amount of certain strains. You might be being victimised by certain strains but also have populations that feed on blueberry fibre so they can overpower the bad guys and also heal the gut membrane.


2) Get your CALORIES from good quality animal products. You can supplement those calories with high quality olive oil and some nuts/seeds IF NOT ALLERGIC.

3) Eat smallish amounts of non-FODMAP fermentable fibres (such as those blueberries)

4) Consume plenty good quality coconut oil for the caprylic acid

5) Try to eat as little as you can while your gut heals.

6) Drink plenty water

7) Make sure you are getting plenty D3, K2, A (retinol), folate, DHA, EPA and magnesium.

If you look at the dietary recommendations for candidiasis, SIBO, IBS, Crohns, austism, epilepsy, diabetes... they are the same. At very least, they have one thing in common - remove all carbohydrates, processed foods and sugar. Google those conditions and their recommended diets and you will see it is all the same. It's the same diet for tooth decay as well. Because all of these issues are caused by carbohydrate consumption as human beings are limited by their capacity to digest them - some can digest quite a lot of them, others can digest none at all. If even you have the capacity to digest them, existing damage to the gut (overgrowths, villi damage) can make digesting them very difficult - if you have overgrowths of dangerous microbes in the upper colon, they will start feeding on the carbohydrates as soon as it leaves the stomach and before it can be properly broken down. That is why you need to give this time - you need to starve out the bad guys as well as feeding the good guys. It takes time to kill an infection. Be strict, wait it out.



Folate, vitamin A: -

Coconut oil (caprylic acid): -

Coconut milk/cream (lauric acid): -

Vitamin D3, EPA, DHA: -

Excellent quality kiwi (low-FODMAP, highly fermentable): -

Magnesium explained: -

EVERYONE is deficient in magnesium, you should be supplementing regardless if you are autoimmune or not.

And IF NOT ALLERGIC get PROPER quality eggs and eat the yolks. I seem to be sensitive to egg whites but not the yolks (the most common allergen in eggs is the albumin in the whites) so I tend to just eat a lot of yolks. They are vital for K2, which you will find almost nowhere else due to modern farming methods. A good quality egg will have an orange yolk due to the nutrient concentration. Try to get farm-fresh eggs from a local source. Failing that I believe the Clarence Court Eggs (available in UK supermarkets) are excellent quality.

I cannot guarantee this will work for everyone or even one person but I STRONGLY recommend giving this a shot. Be strict and give it time.

Good luck to all, whether you try my protocol or not.

Posted Sat 13 Oct 2018 2.19pm by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for 2 years.

.......I got lucky, all I had to do was to add blueberries to my diet. Others may need to also follow these suggestions


Posted Sat 13 Oct 2018 2.29pm by Yoofey (edited Sat 13 Oct 2018 2.33pm by Yoofey)


One interesting thing about blueberries is that they are also one of the few viable fermentation substrates for L. reuteri, which is the main bacterium passed in the mother's break milk during breastfeeding. L. reuteri is heavily present in the gut of all mammals and it aggressively fights off other pathogens - that is one of the reasons the mother passes it to the infant in the milk and one of the reasons why people who are breastfed tend to have much lower levels of autoimmune issues (the pathogens responsible are kept in check). Blueberry fibre's ability to be a fermentation substrate is most likely another one of the reasons it works so well for people such as yourself.

Posted Sat 13 Oct 2018 5.20pm by Yoofey

l-glutamine and collagen: -

^^^ the usually have an unflavoured collagen powder but they are out of stock right now. I would wait a few days to see if they get it back in so you are consuming less artificial c**p.

Posted Sat 13 Oct 2018 10.54pm by Yoofey


I completely disagree with you here in regards to the "setting up shop" hypothesis. Candidiasis can be systemic, not just localised.

"Patients with unspecific symptoms were sometimes tested for Candida. In case of findings of this yeast-like fungus in their stools they often were labelled with the diagnosis of a "Candida-syndrome". This comprises headache, weakness, flatulence, ravenous appetite for sweets, itching skin and several more unspecific symptoms. All 500 randomly sampled patients in 12 mainly naturopathic practices were asked to take part. In case of participation, they received stool-tubes and questionnaires to be answered during the waiting-time by the patients themselves. We asked for details of lifestyle, diseases and a number of unspecific symptoms. The stool-tubes were sent to a microbiological lab within 24 h after being filled. About one-third of all 308 participants carried Candida albicans in their stools. This finding is regarded as normal. Smoking habits were highly associated to Candida: 45 of the 78 smokers (58%), but only 68 of the 230 (29%) non-smokers were Candida positive, P < 0.0001. Three more results were associated with Candida-positive stools: Candida-vaginitis, allergies against food and allergies in general. Hints of a Candida-syndrome could not be found. The relation with smoking cigarettes is a new result. Associations to Candida-vaginitis and allergies were described before."

There is a clear correlation between intestinal candida levels and conditions such as candida-vaginitis (fungal vaginitis/thrush). I would suspect psoriasis - especially the "disk shape" types are simply fungal infections persisting in the skin. To kill them off, you have to kill the source in the gut and then make systemic improvements such as reducing sugar intake, populating your body with healthy bacteria who's by-products are antimicrobial and also try using caprylic acid etc.

Leaky gut occurs when the gut barrier is damaged by inflammation/fungal damage/bacterial damage, which allows food particles to pass through the gut before digestion. This leads to further autoimmune problems as the body starts to attack those substrates in the belief the body is being invaded. Then starts an allergy cascade - more inflammation leads to more allergies. A vicious circle.

I have overcome coeliac since stopping eating wheat/barley/rye. But that went on for a long time, undiagnosed. Just because someone doesn't realise they have intestinal microbe issues doesnt mean they dont have it. It doesn't have to manifest itself as IBS/IBD/Crohn's etc.

Posted Sat 13 Oct 2018 11.46pm by warren1 (edited Sat 13 Oct 2018 11.53pm by warren1)
widespread psoriasis for 30years

Hi Phil,

Yoofey has has never had psoriasis, i accept that i assumed that he had and was speaking from experience as many have done on this Psoriasias association thread. The text indicated that he had eczema not psoriasis when i read it again, oops.

Yoofey says that &quot;he has never tried blueberries and dosnt need to. also third point he mentions eating smallish amounts of blueberries&quot;. This is contrary to what has been the theme of this thread that roughly 20 blueberries a day over a period of 4 to 6 weeks ,more or less, has helped many with psoriasis.

Pagano diet, in 'healing psoriasis the natural way' deals with leaky gut syndrum, From the pictures of psoriasis and testimonials this method has proved successful to many.

This thread concerning YOUR discovery that blueberries helped your psoriasis has been extreemly helpful to me and many others. It also has the potential to benefit many many more psoriasis sufferers.

Could i respectfully suggest that we keep to the general theme of this thread

that both You, myself, Chrissie and in recent days a number of others have been helped in relation the Psoriasis desease by simply eating blueberries.

Many thanks Phil, this thread has changed my health and improved my quality of life.


Posted Sun 14 Oct 2018 8.30am by sher95 (edited Sun 14 Oct 2018 8.52am by sher95)

Hi! Chrissie and JulieM,

Understand from posts above that you also had psoriatic arthritis alongwith psoriasis as part of your condition. Just wanted to check if eating blueberries made any impact on the psoriatic arthritis part of it. While both of you did refer to miraculous improvements in the psoriasis part of it and the skin got better I will be keen to know the results on the arthritis side. Most of the successful users of the blueberry diet treatment have reported that the skin got itchier/flared up and produced more flakes before things improved kind of dramatically. Did you notice a similar pattern of first worsening and then recovery for the psoriatic arthritis condition too (if at all)?

I am in the midst of the blueberry diet (one week now) and seeing my psoriatic arthritis worsen. Any thoughts from other sufferers who have psoriatic arthritis in addition to psoriasis would be welcome. Thanks for your advice.


Posted Sun 14 Oct 2018 12.26pm by Chrissie NW

.Hi Yoofy I think you are on the wrong site this is a thread for Psoriasis , not Ez as you have had or have, we discuss Psoriasis problems only. There is a thread for Ez problems and am sure they would like to see your findings there.


Posted Sun 14 Oct 2018 12.35pm by Chrissie NW

Hi Carole Hope you are Ok, Ive search for the info and sorry its taken so long, but regretfully I must have thrown it, if I come across it again I will be in touch.

Im still clear and hope this continues till Christmas, it will be the first Christmas without Psoriasis, what shall I wear!!!!! not shorts away.


Posted Sun 14 Oct 2018 12.46pm by Chrissie NW

Hi Sherry Well Im clear of Psoriasis and quite a while now, I started taking Magic Blueberries in June and still taking 20 per day. My Psoriatic Arthritis has not cleared, but less painful, in fact I dont notice it unless I have done a lot of walking, which I couldnt do before the Blueberries.

Hope this helps Sherry, keep taking them,


Posted Sun 14 Oct 2018 12.59pm by Cazzy27

Hi Chrissie. Thankyou for looking but not to worry. At the moment my feet are feeling quite good. I am still on Cyclosporin but have changed the moisturiser which seems to suit me much better. They are reducing my Cyclosporin dosage gradually so hopefully I shall still be ok. So glad that you are still clear. Be good to treat yourself to something nice to wear for Christmas. Have seen the floods on the news so hope they haven't affected you and you can still get your blueberries.


Posted Sun 14 Oct 2018 1.27pm by Chrissie NW

Hi Carolyn. So pleased your feet are better and having your Cyl reduced, which is good news. Yes something new for the festive season, I still can’t believe this my life has completely changed Carolyn I will be so grateful to Sir Phil for the rest of my life which I’m loving at the moment. We have no flooding here although the River Dee comes thro our village all the properties are elevated, so we are ok, it is South Wales where it’s bad, I’m in North Wales near Llandudno. Chrissie

Posted Sun 14 Oct 2018 2.16pm by ezmo (edited Sun 14 Oct 2018 2.19pm by ezmo)

Hi folks,

My first post on this site - I was diagnosed with plaque psoriasis about 1 and a half years ago, been prescribed steroid creams and went through a stage of taking Acitretin but it sent my bad cholesterol levels through the roof so came off those.

My p was mainly affecting my life mostly on the hands, dead skin and cracking which made the most basic things you do with your hands daily painful. I have patches on one knee and both elbows.

Three weeks ago inspired by Phil's original post and the valuable contributions from others I started eating around 20 fresh blueberries a day...

I have too had miraculous changes especially to my hands which are almost back to the way they were 49 years before the awful P reared it's head :)

I would like to say a massive thanks to everyone especially Phil for the life changing benefits I've experienced and needless to say I will be eating those blue round magic berries now for the rest of my life.

All the best to all - Eric.

Posted Sun 14 Oct 2018 3.56pm by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for 2 years.

Hi Eric and Friends,

Eric, thank you for your feedback, it's great to hear that you have benefited, and it's also further confirmation than some sufferers can find relief by adding blueberries to their diet. I hope that you continue to improve.

Friends, good to hear from you all, and your valuable contributions. May you all look forward to Christmas being able to wear whatever you want. Clearly psoriasis is a complicated condition and there have been some interesting if rather long discussions. What is so wonderful about blueberries, apart from the miraculous results, is the simplicity of this treatment. Granted that some sufferers may need to research diets more thoroughly though. Putting the knowledge and ideas out there is what it is all about. We don't have all the facts at a scientific level, but I believe that together we have proven that blueberries can be effective as a treatment, and also life-changing.

All the best, Phil

Posted Sun 14 Oct 2018 8.54pm by sher95

Thanks Chrissie for sharing your experience. Any feedback from other psoriatic arthritis sufferers who have used the blueberry treatment would be welcome.

Yha, am going to continue with the blueberries...


Posted Sun 14 Oct 2018 9.18pm by Jayz
Inherited Psoriasis from a grandmother on each side. Life long sufferer. Been hospitalised for severe outbreaks.

Lifelong sufferer of psoriasis. Inherited from both grandmothers. Rest of the fam clear. Been hospitalised before for extreme outbreaks.

It's been fairly dormant for a few years, I mean I always have some but it's not been troublesome and suddenly I am in the middle of a bad outbreak, I am in an agony of soreness and could tear myself to pieces.

Going to try the blueberries, I'll let you know.

I get it everywhere except my face (or rather not had it there yet). Though my scalp has been fairly clear for about 10 years since I discovered Philip Kingsley itchy flaky scalp. It's pricy but worth every penny as it keeps my scalp clear. I thought I'd share that in case it helps someone else.

Posted Mon 15 Oct 2018 10.17am by TCNZ

Hi All,

Is there anyone who got result from eating blueberries a smoker/drinker?

Posted Tue 16 Oct 2018 4.47pm by warren1 (edited Tue 16 Oct 2018 4.51pm by warren1)
widespread psoriasis for 30years

Hi Phil,

Great to hear that Eric has been helped, especially his hands. This is very encouraging to the lady on this thread who was finding it difficult to clear her hands. My hands, as the rest of me, are virtually clear. This is important as the degree to which psoriasis is visable has a direct impact on how it effects people psychologically. I remember feeling so self conscience when my hands were bad for several years. It was so embarrassing when people stared at my skin, or when a child asked why i had so many sores on my hands. I took a picture when i had Pustular psoriasis on my hands and i can tell you that my hands were raw,red,bleeding,sore, etc. I would only scare people with the photo, but then again there are some on this thread and they know what i mean it is their experience too . But thanks to Phil my hands are clear, what a difference.

I read the text from Jayz, When my skin flared up it was terrable/horrific, i feel you pain. Like youself i had it from my feet to my neck but never on my face, that would definately have been traumatic. Trust the blueberries work for you as they did for me.

Its great to be clear, its just like being cured from leprosy, that is not an exaggeration, it is exactly how i feel to be honest.

May many more be the same.


Posted Tue 16 Oct 2018 9.26pm by Delree9

I have so many questions for the group. I was recently diagnosed with Psorasis in May, 2018. I'm devastasted! I started eating blueberries about 3 weeks ago. I see a lot of scaling on elbows and slow on hands but not much else. I really want to give the blueberries a chance but this itching is driving me crazy. What did yall use for the itching. Also, how often did you exfoliate and with what. I am scheduled for TREMFYA injections for Oct 22nd and really don't want it but my life has been on hold for months. I literally stay inside all day ( grateful I work from home). I have it practically all over besides my face. Suggestions please. I take a benadryl daily which only helps some. I also apply pure aloe vera and vaseline. Suggestions???

Posted Tue 16 Oct 2018 11.38pm by warren1 (edited Tue 16 Oct 2018 11.44pm by warren1)
widespread psoriasis for 30years

Delreeg hi,

My heart goes out to you as i was once in your shoes. When i was in hospital in Belfast the common practice was to plaster 50/50 over the patients 3 times a day 8am 5pm and 9pm and cover with bandages, this removed the scales.. Then patients were treated with active creams in between dependant upon the Consultants directions. I think that you should ring the psoriasis association phone number for further information.

Your doctor/consultant will also have information on 50/50 which is liquid moisturiser and other creams too.

I am not a dermatologist and cannot give medical advice ( i dont think anyone else has mentioned that they are qualified in Dermatology on this thread either) therefore i would suggest ringing you Doctor, Dermatologist and the Association. The P. Association are very helpful and will send you information via email.

I really hope the blueberries will help you as they did for me.

It is simply wounderful that so many are

responding to blueberries. I am delighted and hope it will work for you too.

Phil should possibly come in here as i think he had extra scaling just before he started to clear through blueberries.

Best Wishes Warren

Posted Wed 17 Oct 2018 1.41pm by JulieM
Plaque psoriasis 30+ years & psoriatic arthritis 20 years-started 20 Blueberries p/day & my skin is getting better, pain reduced in joints!

Hi Sherry,

Yes I have noticed an improvement in my arthritis! as Chrissie says, it is less painful. My skin is well on the way to looking clear but I have noticed an improvement in pain in my extremities. Although lower back is still quite painful when I'm walking I know this would be improved if I could lose weight!

Good luck to you.

JulieM x

Posted Wed 17 Oct 2018 5.47pm by Delree9

Hey Warren,

Maybe you misunderstood my question. I only wanted to know what the group used for OTC moisturizing and also exfoliation. I was just inquiring as I know all skin types are different. Thank you for the support.

Posted Wed 17 Oct 2018 6.29pm by Chrissie NW

Hi Delree9. I suffered with itching and extreme dryness where skin was hanging from my palms and I used Doublebase Gel I don’t know if you can buy it over the counter they do a 100grm tube idéal for bag and a 500grm (pump dispenser) I got it on prescription as we don’t pay for prescriptions in Wales. This gel is the best I ever used and I had P for over 50 yrs until I had the Magic Blueberries and Sir Phil and Warrens contributions. If you take the Blueberry Route you must stick to it I’m still taking 20 per day since June and it’s the best tasting medication I have ever had. It may take longer than the three/four weeks and if only slight improvement carry on with them. Chrissie

Posted Wed 17 Oct 2018 8.59pm by Delree9


I have to admit, I do feel much better consuming blueberries daily. I will definitely continue and pray for a change. Thank you so much! This tread gives me hope.

Posted Wed 17 Oct 2018 9.28pm by pdr321 (edited Wed 17 Oct 2018 9.29pm by pdr321)
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for 2 years.

Hi Delree,

Like Chrissie I use Doublebase Gel, when I had psoriasis, and for dry skin on my elbows now. I always found removing the scales to be a problem as I would bleed, so I tried to put up with them. I do wonder whether benadryl may be reducing the effect of the blueberries. Better to take only one form of treatment at a time if you can, otherwise you may not know what works for you. If you a suffering with itchiness and cannot bear it though, I understand. It would be good to continue with the blueberries for longer, 3 weeks was not enough to clear me, it all happened after 4 weeks. I flaked a lot before I cleared, and was also itchy. Looking back I think my new skin was forming and the scales became more irritating, but this period only lasted for a short while.

Good luck, Phil

Posted Thu 18 Oct 2018 0.52am by Delree9

Phil & Chrissie..

Your words are kind and well needed in my situation. I will prolong the Tremfya for 3 more weeks allowing the blueberries to take effect. I was also able to locate the doublebase gel 100 mg on Amazon! Thanks again and please wish me luck!!!!

Posted Thu 18 Oct 2018 5.13am by warren1 (edited Thu 18 Oct 2018 5.22am by warren1)
widespread psoriasis for 30years

Delreeg hi,

No I did NOT misunderstand your initial question as you did not ask in it what we used for OTC moisturiser. Please re-read your own question.

I gave you the best answer from 40 years of personal experience which is 50/50 which is a mix of liquid paraffin. This in my experience was the best to remove scales.

Please have some confidence to take advice from the medical profession and psoriasis association as well and not just OTC.

The gel based parifin mentioned by Chrissie and Phil will help too.

Personally, following long years of tar pomade, potent steriods, dithranol, TLO1 light treatment, scraping, scratching, and bleeding all I can say is ....

Thanks to Phil,

BLUEBERRIES have worked for me.


Posted Thu 18 Oct 2018 4.03pm by Tim

Update...I’m 1 week into the blueberries. My skin is still a mess but I’m having the most wonderful bowel movements. I’m guessing this is part of the gut health that was discussed earlier.

Posted Fri 19 Oct 2018 2.23pm by warren1 (edited Fri 19 Oct 2018 2.25pm by warren1)
widespread psoriasis for 30years


To give it a reasonable try it is approx 20 blueberries a day for 4 - 6 weeks. I saw no obvious effect until 3 weeks onward.

Thanks for the adequate info on the bowel movement lol. Any more would be too much information mate. Wouldnt rule out the gut health bit.

Blueberries rule ok.


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