Eating Blueberries has cleared up my psoriasis

Posted Fri 17 Mar 2017 7.51pm by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for nearly 2 years.

After living more that half my life with psoriasis, the condition has 99% disappeared from my body. I am a 50 year old man, and six months ago I was covered all over with psoriasis - now I don't really have the condition. This of course is nothing short of a miracle!

Anyway I started eating about 10 to 20 blueberries a day, blackberries also are good I believe if you can get them. After about a month my psoriasis was gone, I can hardly believe it. I stumbled upon this treatment by accident, and thank heavens I did.

I hope my experience will help fellow sufferers. BTW - ease off on the alcohol, I believe this makes the condition worse.

Good luck I hope others will benefit.

Posted Fri 17 Mar 2017 9.36pm by Conachuir

I love blueberries, will definitely try this, thank you.

Posted Fri 17 Mar 2017 9.49pm by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for nearly 2 years.

@Conachuir - good luck, let us know, one month from now how you get on.

Posted Sun 3 Jun 2018 7pm by DH

My plasic surgeon recommended blueberries 2 weeks prior to a procedure to minimize bruising and promote healing. I three weeks my psoriasis has completely cleared after 20 years! I was eating one cup a day and still can’t believe that it worked!!!

Posted Mon 4 Jun 2018 4.35pm by Blossom (edited Thu 21 Jun 2018 0.11am by Blossom)
Istarted with psoriasis 10 months ago.Im on creams and hospital treatment.Sometimes i feel very low,and do,nt want to leave the house.

I'm going to give this a try.I am suffering with P at the moment.Do you know if frozen ones would be just as good. Thank you for the information.

Posted Tue 5 Jun 2018 0.01am by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for nearly 2 years.


DH, I am really happy to hear that you have also had this miracle. I had hoped that others would also benefit, and you are the first to confirm my theory. I remain clear of psoriasis ever since I started eating them 21 months ago. I have just enjoyed a beach holiday without shame, wonderful.

Blossom, I did try frozen blueberries but didn't like the taste. I only ever eat them fresh so I don't know if frozen is as effective.

I have read that blueberries are a powerful anti-inflammatory, and so it makes sense to solve an inflammatory condition. Let us know how you get on.

Posted Wed 6 Jun 2018 5.17pm by Blossom
Istarted with psoriasis 10 months ago.Im on creams and hospital treatment.Sometimes i feel very low,and do,nt want to leave the house.

Hi.Many thanks,I'm off to the supermarket near me tomorrow.Im so happy for you that you are clear from Psoriasis.I went to see my Dermatologist last week and wants to start me on the injections.Tablets not working.So I will definitely be giving Blueberries a try,I like them any way.So thank you for sharing this with us.And fingers crossed you remain clear.So from tomorrow I'm buying blueberries.And thank you for the information.

Posted Thu 7 Jun 2018 9.36pm by Cazzy27

I have PPP on the soles of my feet and on Cyclosporin at the moment. I'm just wondering if the blueberries would help me or not. Desperate to try something as having trouble walking at the moment as it's so sore.

Posted Thu 7 Jun 2018 by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for nearly 2 years.

The soles of my feet was about the only place that I didn't have plaque psoriasis. I was also on Cyclosporin for a while. It worked for me for a time but gradually lost its efficacy, then the psoriasis came back worse than ever. I had bad side effects with Cyclosporin as well. Thank heavens that is all behind me. I've no idea whether blueberries work for all variations of psoriasis, I recommend a try, it's easy and natural, you have nothing to lose. Mixing blueberries with other treatments may not yield optimum results, one thing to consider. Good luck.

Posted Fri 8 Jun 2018 7.26am by Cazzy27

Thankyou pdr321. I shall certainly try them. I have to stop the Cyclosporin soon for 2-3 weeks before starting methotrexate so that will give me a break from the meds anyway. It usually flares up over my body when I'm not on anything so that will be a good test. Do you eat the blueberries in one sitting or can they be spread out?

Posted Fri 8 Jun 2018 12.40pm by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for nearly 2 years.

Hi Cazzy,

I almost ended up on methotrexate, I just couldn't face it, then luckily I discover blueberries and experience the miracle of normal skin. Even now I have to pinch myself that I am clear, I hope this works for you.

I started eating Tesco's Berry Medley about 4 times a week, at about 3 to 4 weeks I was clear. I now eat blueberries every day, either with morning cereal, or a Berry Medley at lunchtime. For me it's a small price to pay for clear skin. I probably don't need to eat as many as I do, but I like them anyway. I just had a beach holiday abroad where I only ate blueberries about 4 times in 2 weeks, still clear. To clear your skin initial I recommend that you eat some every day. I hope it works for you. Phil

Posted Fri 8 Jun 2018 2.49pm by Cazzy27

Hi Phil. Wow that sounds amazing. I have started on the blueberries but as I'm still on meds I'm not sure if they will help but at least they will be in my system for when I come off. I so hope it works and I will give it a good try. It would be so great not to have medication every day and to lead a normal life. It would be life changing and think you and others that it helps are so lucky.

Posted Fri 8 Jun 2018 3.19pm by Blossom
Istarted with psoriasis 10 months ago.Im on creams and hospital treatment.Sometimes i feel very low,and do,nt want to leave the house.

Hi pdr321, I've just bought mine today.Im looking forward to some good results before I see my Dermatologist in 4 weeks.So do you recommend eating Blue berries every day.Thankyou

Posted Fri 8 Jun 2018 5.42pm by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for nearly 2 years.

Blossom, yes I eat blueberries every day.

Cazzy, the Cyclosporin and blueberries mix does concern me. Personally I'd ditch the Cyclosporin, you may get a flare up initially when you do. I think you will only really know if the berries work when your body chemistry returns to normal. I understand how you feel, I've been there and will be crossing my fingers for you. Phil

Posted Fri 8 Jun 2018 5.54pm by Cazzy27

Hi Phil. I should be stopping any day now. Just waiting for my appointment date to come through. They said 4-6 weeks and it has been 4 weeks already. I flare up really quickly after stopping the meds and literally can't walk that's why I'm loathed to stop until I have a date so I have something to fall back on if the blueberries don't work.

Good luck Blossom. Hope it works for you. Let us know.

Posted Sat 9 Jun 2018 3.48pm by DH (edited Sat 9 Jun 2018 3.49pm by DH)

It has been 6 weeks and I am still 100% clear for the last 3 after starting the blueberries 6 weeks ago. I eat 1 cup a day, frozen or fresh whatever I can get. My husband has just started so will see how he does.

You can spread it out or eat it all at once, it really doesn’t matter. I am thinking of cutting down now for maintenance maybe 3-4 times a week.

I encourage you all to try and please let us know. There are blueberry councils that do research on how good blueberries are for you, but I can’t find any research on psoriasis. I am thinking about starting an informal study with people’s initials and their individual results so please keep me posted. It might spur real research on this that can help a lot of people.

Posted Sat 9 Jun 2018 4.14pm by Cazzy27

Hi DH. Thanks for that. I know that there are different kinds of Psoriasis so this might only work for some. I have PPP but I will certainly give this a go as it would be amazing if it worked. I will keep you posted.

Posted Mon 11 Jun 2018 11.14am by Chrissie NW

Hi Phil I am amazed at what you have written about Blueberries, Ive had Psoriasis for over 50 yrs I have not gone down the road of the Cancer drugs, but just done it myself, but I am terrible at the moment very sore and very, very red, been to see my Consultant and he recommended drug after drug, blood tests etc I just said no thank you. After reading your article I am going and buying my Blueberries, its absolutely amazing, with me using Steriod Creams most of my life my skin is like tissue paper, so now my hols are spoilt as I burn very easily, so I have to stay out of strong sun. I would like to thank you for all the info and I will certainly come back to the Forum and let you know how I get on, we will be calling you the Blueberry Man. Chrissie

Posted Mon 11 Jun 2018 11.49am by Cazzy27

Hi Chrissie. May I ask what type of psoriasis you have got?

Posted Mon 11 Jun 2018 1.45pm by Chrissie NW

Hi Cazzy, yes you certainly can, I have Psoriatic Psoriasis, I've had Psoriatic for about 18 months you have the pain of that, together with your skin to take care of, it's the worse and painful one. Thanks for contacting me.


Posted Mon 11 Jun 2018 1.52pm by Cazzy27

Hi Chrissie. Ooh I do feel for you. I have PPP on the soles of my feet and some days it's like walking on glass. I'm on Cyclosporin but have to come off it any day now so I am going to give the blueberries a go. I don't know if they work for PPP but time will tell. If that fails then it's back onto methotrexate injections which I don't want to do! Good luck and keep us posted.

Posted Mon 11 Jun 2018 2.57pm by Chrissie NW

Hi Cazzy and I feel for you too. I had P on my feet, only once, but it drove me mad, so I do have sympathy for you. I have never been on any drugs for P when I read all the nightmares people have, I refuse them, one Consultant struck me off his list, so I got in touch with the Ombudsman and they re-instated me, but with a different one and he is great and so understanding, in fact Im going to the Hospital on Thursday am trying the Lamp again its been about 10yrs since I last used it, Im trying it as Im so down at the moment, I hate the travelling three days a week for approx 12 weeks, but we will see if any improvement, Im also going to take the blueberries as well, or should I say magic blueberries!!!!I will keep in touch with my progress. There is a new injection coming out at the end of the year, so Im hoping I may try that, this has no cancer agents in it and has specifically been done for psoriasis suffers only, so there should be no harmful after effects the person who has done this is a Prof at the Manchester Hospital, so thats fantastic news. Thanks Cazzy I will keep you in the picture, let me know how you get on. Good Luck.


Posted Mon 11 Jun 2018 4.04pm by Cazzy27

Hi Chrissie. Ooh I haven't heard of the new injection coming out. Are you able to give me anymore info on it or a website I can look at. I don't like the idea of biologics etc so it would be good if they could find something else that works. Hope you get some relief from the lamp but meanwhile enjoy the magic blueberries! Bye for now.


Posted Mon 11 Jun 2018 7.19pm by Chrissie NW

Hi Carole, well with the injection coming out at the end of the year I have put it somewhere safe and can't find it, leave it with me and I will search I've put it in a book not my Chrome Book, so I will have a good look, with it being later in the year for availability I will look for it in my spare time, I will definitely get back to you I am a bit of a scatter brain . Spk soon. Chrissie

Posted Mon 11 Jun 2018 7.29pm by Cazzy27

Thanks Chrissie. No hurry, whenever you've got time. Carole

Posted Wed 13 Jun 2018 1.14am by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for nearly 2 years.

Hi Chrissie, what has happened to me is amazing, it all seems too easy after all those years of agony, steroid creams, hospital appointments, nasty pills etc. If only I had known about blueberries when I was 23. Now it just seems like a bad dream I had. I do hope that everyone here will experience the same miracle. Phil

Posted Wed 13 Jun 2018 6.38am by Benh1988

I’ve been watching this chat for a few days now and after having P for around 15 years nothing as really worked for me , I used to use betnovate on my face which in the end just thinned my skin. now I just moisturise with aveeno which isn’t too bad , however I always wear jumpers and trousers to cover my arms and legs up , only other good thing that works is sun for me if I go abroad to Turkey or Greece , I’ve tried everything sunbeds , vitamins , creams , steroids , tablets , nothing works , I’m going to give the blueberries a try and will keep updates I started on the 11th of June having around 15 a day so will come back with another update in a few week then a few week after that , I have also bought some blueberry smoothies . Fingers crossed it works

Posted Wed 13 Jun 2018 11.18am by Summer

Iv just had a large flair up, due to getting stressed over been told I had a BCC on my face, which was removed last week,(results back in a week)

This is amazing I hope everyone Who tries it Will get the same results, I always have a small hand full in my porridge, but now I have doubled the amount

Fingers crossed for us all

Posted Wed 13 Jun 2018 1.29pm by Chrissie NW

Hi Summer, sorry to hear of your BCC and trust all will be good when you get your results.

I'm going for my blueberries tomorrow as my P has been horrific, so I'm going to eat lots. Miracle Phil will have help a lot of us P suffering people with his Blueberries.


Posted Wed 13 Jun 2018 1.37pm by Cazzy27

Hi Phil. Just wondering if you have shares in blueberries. If not, you should have, ha ha! On a serious note, it would be great if you have helped a lot of people on this forum, hopefully me included.

Posted Wed 13 Jun 2018 4.49pm by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for nearly 2 years.

Hi Cazzy, I know what it's like, and many patient stories on here are heartbreaking. This condition can certainly ruin lives. In a way I feel like I'm pushing snake oil. It took a while for me to decide to post my experience, when I did the post got next to no feedback. My consultant noted my miraculous recovery but gave it no credibility. Reading the stories of sufferers on here made me decide to post again. It's good to hear that it has worked for at least one other person. Even now some people look at me in a t-shirt and say where are your spots? I tell them what happened and they look at me speechless, not quite believing. I should probably stop pushing this though, I don't want to give false hope. Lastly I do believe that a reasonable diet is also factor. Smoking, too much sugar and alcohol are all bad for psoriasis. I find that I can still indulge within reason. In actual fact I don't smoke and only drink very moderately. Phil

Posted Wed 13 Jun 2018 5.35pm by Cazzy27

Well said Phil and this forum is a great way to share ideas and treatments. I think people are only to pleased to be able to try something else that has worked for others even if it is only one or two people. I'm like you, never have smoked and only have a couple of drinks at the weekend but if I go onto methotrexate I won't be able to do that. Looking forward to hearing from the others on this forum seeing if the blueberries worked for them.


Posted Wed 13 Jun 2018 7.23pm by Chrissie NW

Many many Thks to Phil, I couldn't get my blueberries the other day I have a round trip to the supermarket of 46miles so I thought I have the Hosp tomorrow so I will get them tomorr I have faith in the blueberries, if it's not worked for me, these things happen, all trial and error, like everything in life when you have problems. I will come on the Forum and let everyone know how I get on, I love all this chat when we all suffer with P one way or another. Chrissie

Posted Wed 13 Jun 2018 7.35pm by Cazzy27

Hi Chrissie. Wow 46 miles! I moan when I have to go to the supermarket and mine's only a 2 mile round trip!! I shall never moan again. As you say these things are trial and error and don't work for everyone but you have to try them. Good luck with the hospital tomorrow and hope the supermarket have got lots of blueberries for you.


Posted Wed 13 Jun 2018 8pm by Chrissie NW

Thanks Carole, yes long mileage for me to the Supermarket, I live in the middle of nowhere in between two mountains ( but it's beautiful ).

I will let you know how I get on.


Posted Fri 15 Jun 2018 8.34pm by Benh1988

Hi PDR how long was it before you started to notice the p clearing up thanks Ben

Posted Sat 16 Jun 2018 0.19am by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for nearly 2 years.

Hi Ben,

I recall that after a couple of weeks I noticed first that no new spots were forming. Next the scales just started falling off, dead skin everywhere like snow! At about 3 weeks to a month I was clear. I healed really rapidly, it was quite the miracle. Just before I had been covered nearly all over, it was really bad.


Posted Sat 16 Jun 2018 9.17pm by Stuart7
Hello all Nice to see a group of people helping one another

Hi all new on here and like you guys looking to rid myself of my P

Thanks to Cazzy for pointing me in direction of this forum

Along with blueberry is there any other recommended superfood that helps us sufferers

Any feedback appreciated

Posted Mon 18 Jun 2018 4.47am by MAD

Hello All,

I just recently been diagnosed with psoriasis and i find it very daunting. I have never suffered from any skin condition until a year ago. I have been on the steroid creama nd coal tar lotion but nothing seems to help. Its getting worse. First it was only on my knees and elbows and now its all over my body. The itching is also getting worse. I have been waiting to see the dermatologist for 6 months. It’s very frustrating. I will definitely try the blueberries. I haven’t slept all night due to the itching and i feel very down as a colleague just pointed how awful my skin and if its contagious! I just want to hide.

1 Posted Mon 18 Jun 2018 5.09am by Stuart7
Hello all Nice to see a group of people helping one another

Hi MAD Firstly sorry to hear of your skin troubles. Like you i only contracted P a year past march and mine started with a few spots with got bigger and eventually spread. My worse effected areas are my lower back shins and forearms.

I started cyclosporin on saturday but only taking 100mg per day instead of the 200mg i was meant to take. Of course i also started on the blueberries on saturday and im hoping for a result by way of combining them with the cyclosporin

Will keep you posted as to how it goes and good luck with the super blueberries

1 Posted Mon 18 Jun 2018 8.54am by OhNo_NotAgain?

I find it quite strange that there are so many posts on these forums from people who say things like - "I have been prescribed xxxx but I don't want to use it" or "my dermatologist gave me xxx but I only use it yyyyyyy". Here is another example - and please do not take this as personal criticism Stuart - but why if you are "meant to take 200mg" would you only take 100mg?

My doctor prescribed my certain things for psoriaisis and when I saw no impreovement at all - particularly in the itching, I went back to him, discussed options and non-prescription options and was given something else which has helped.

When some post that "xxxx did not help me at all" I do occasionally wonder for how long and in what way did they use it - was it as advised?

1 Posted Mon 18 Jun 2018 12.47pm by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for nearly 2 years.

Hi Stuart,

I don't like the idea of the blueberries cyclosporin mix. Try the blueberries, if they don't work then you have no option right? My view is avoid strong meds unless there is no other option.


Posted Sun 1 Jul 2018 11.03am by DianeC

I've had a few small patches of psoriasis all of my life. (Elbow & knee). I've noticed in the past that it can suddenly clear up. Mine just cleared up again and I wondered what did I do that was different if anything.

I went blueberry picking last week and have been eating a lot of them everyday. Yesterday I noticed my psoriasis has cleared up! Could it be the blueberries? A coincidence? I searched online and found this thread..

Posted Sun 1 Jul 2018 1.12pm by Blossom
Istarted with psoriasis 10 months ago.Im on creams and hospital treatment.Sometimes i feel very low,and do,nt want to leave the house.

Hi DianneC .I to have been eating blueberries since I heard about it on here.And my psoriasis has been behaving itself.Im putting it down to the sun aswell.Mine is clearing up slowly,but as I've had it since I had a throat infection 4 years ago.I go to see my Dermatologist in 2 weeks and I'm hoping to have cleared up more by then.We,re all hoping for a miracle cure,so if something like blueberries help. Where's the harm in trying,Good Luck with the clear skin.

Posted Sun 8 Jul 2018 1.43pm by Cazzy27

Hi Lguk. I look foward to seeing how you get on. I'm like most other people and eating 20 blueberries a day. I have noticed a difference but am still on Cyclosporin 100mg a day so not sure if it's the blueberries or not. I like to think it is. I'm wondering if the juice might be a bit strong but if it helps then I would certainly give it a go. Anything other than meds!


2 Posted Sun 8 Jul 2018 2.56pm by pdr321 (edited Sun 8 Jul 2018 7.30pm by pdr321)
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for nearly 2 years.

A few on here are taking cyclosporin and eating blueberries at the same time. To me this does not make sense, how will you know if the blueberries work unless you try them without medication?

My own experience of cyclosporin was that it worked at first, but there were some nasty side effects. Gradually it lost its efficacy and so was never going to be a long-term solution. Also each time I came off cyclosporin I had the most horrendous flare ups, so bad in fact that I wondered why I bothered in the first place. Of course this is just my personal experience. There is no cure for psoriasis, just treatment and management of the condition. That said eating blueberries is still working for me nearly two years along. If you take cyclosporin you are surpressing your immune system. At the same time the blueberries are a powerful anti-inflammatory. I'm not an expert but I must confess that this particular mix worries me. I never tried this. One thing is for sure, you will never know if blueberries are working for you unless you come off the meds.

Posted Sun 8 Jul 2018 7.05pm by OhNo_NotAgain?

Someone has said that eating blueberries has helped their psoriasis.

So now some people want to buy concentrate - that will have been extracted by industrial processes, and subject to other industrial proicess to be allowed to be sold.

What is clear - they will not be consuming everything that is in a fresh whole blueberry.

Additionally - if a 30ml serving contains 185 blueberries. I wonder if it also contains the sugar content of 185 blueberries?

Posted Sun 8 Jul 2018 9.03pm by DH

I wonder that too - it is called a blueberry concentrate drink, NOT even blueberry juice, that means they are adding other stuff, possible sugar.

Posted Thu 12 Jul 2018 0.40am by IH1987


I am new in this forum. Since I read the blueberries post (3 days ago)I have started eating them everyday. I stopped having methotrexate nov2017 and now I am on homeopathy treatment which apparently takes months to work.

Phil can I ask that initially when you started eating blueberries your psoriasis got flakier than usual?

Posted Thu 12 Jul 2018 6.58am by janice11573
I've had psoriasis for 10 years and it continues to get worse. Tired of medications, ready to try eating healthier and natural oils.


I just came across this forum while I was researching different remedies for psoriasis. I spend a lot of time researching...because I have been on so many different medications and ointments, all of which might help for a short time, but then they no longer work. I don't want to take any more medications. I know my dermatologist means well, but if one doesn't work they want to try another one. That gets old. Also, they are very expensive and insurance doesn't always want to pay for them. After reading and researching, it seems that diet and moisturizing and taking care of your skin may truly be the best defense. I started coconut oil today, and I am also ready to try blueberries. I keep seeing so many posts about those that I feel like they just may work.

Posted Thu 12 Jul 2018 3.51pm by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for nearly 2 years.

Hi IH1987,

Yes my psoriasis got much flakier than it had been before. I started shedding lots of dead skin, when that was gone I got my normal skin back - wonderful.


Posted Thu 12 Jul 2018 4.07pm by Stuart7
Hello all Nice to see a group of people helping one another

I was taking cyclosporin along with blueberries but after reading a post i thought yeah whats the point in taking both as you wont know which one is working when my skin starts to clear

I ditched the cyclo about 2 weeks ago in favour of the super blueberries and my skin also flaked a lot worse before returning to almost normal

Only signs left are a few red blotches

20 blueberries per day is working a treat

Posted Thu 12 Jul 2018 4.19pm by Cazzy27

Hi all. I so want to ditch the Cyclosporin and try the blueberries but without knowing if anyone else out there has PPP on the soles of their feet and the blueberries has helped I am nervous to stop the meds. I know that within 2 weeks I won't be able to walk and it will have started to spread. Really not sure what to do.

Posted Thu 12 Jul 2018 11.41pm by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for nearly 2 years.

Hi Stuart,

I'm glad to hear about your improvement. This is great news.


Posted Fri 13 Jul 2018 12.25pm by Stuart7
Hello all Nice to see a group of people helping one another

Thank you phil It just goes to show that sometimes the most simple natural things can help the body more than any meds

Good luck to anyone else that may have success with these super berries.

I have also been eating strawberries and blackberries and the red blotches are really begining to fade

Posted Fri 13 Jul 2018 3.07pm by Margaret W

Hi, I am going to try the blueberries- i’ll Try anything! I have scalp phoriasis which is driving me mad and have lost 50% of my hair.

Just picked up Enstilar and wondered how others had found this.


Posted Fri 13 Jul 2018 3.44pm by Chrissie NW

Hi Margaret. Ive had Psoriasis for just over 50 years, the last three years ive got Psoriatic Psoriasis, which all that time has been a living nightmare. Anyway, re your scalp ( I have it on my scalp and I use T.Gel Shampoo ( no nasty drugs) I live in North Wales and therefore do not pay for prescriptions, but if you have to pay its cheaper to go to Superdrug or Boots and its a fantastic shampoo for P. Re the Enstillar, I was prescribed this by my Consultant about four months ago my hands and arms were very bad when I put in on in the evening and went to bed in the morning I thought my hand especially had really calmed down and was thrilled considering I had only use it once but its a very and I mean very strong, after a week I was so sore and decided not to use it again, but we are all different,

Re the blueberries I have not got in touch with the MIRACLE BLUEBERRY MAN PHIL, I was going to leave it another week, but I ditched the UV Light Therapy at the Hospital and decided to do the Blueberry Phil , so Ive ate 20 blueberries a day, plus blackberries and I have done it now for three weeks and my Psoriasis ( what Psoriasis) it was so horrendous, my Doctor wanted me to go into Hospital, but I refused, Did the M,B.M.P. miracle blueberryman Phils remedy and Im clear just the odd mark on my legs, but Ive actually worn shorts for the first time in 40 odd years Im thrilled to bits and I will continue to eat them, bit expensive, but worth every penny.

Hope you get on alright Margaret. Good Luck

Chrissie North Wales

Posted Fri 13 Jul 2018 3.54pm by Chrissie NW


Hi Phil, well as you can see from the above message I sent to Margaret, IM CLEAR, yes clear Sir Phil thank you so much for letting us know, as Ive previous said Ive had P for just over 50yrs out of those years Ive been clear in total about 15 months . I still have a few marks on my legs and top of my feet, but they will go given time as the P has been there a very long time, I honestly cannot believe this has happened it is a true MIRACLE. I will remember you for ever.

Chrissie North Wales

Posted Fri 13 Jul 2018 4.01pm by Chrissie NW

Cazzie 27

Well what do you think about the above, its a miracle, go out and buy your blueberries and blackberries, go your two miles to the shop I did the 46 miles to get mine and thats every week, thinking of having Tesco delivery!!!!!!!

You must buy them I know we are all different, but its worth it.

Posted Fri 13 Jul 2018 5.37pm by Cazzy27

Hi Chrissie. Wow I am so glad that this has worked for you. I wish the medical profession would take notice of this. I have been on the blueberries for about 3 weeks and I have been on Cyclosporin as well but feel that my feet have improved slightly. So as from today I have stopped the meds and I'm just going to try the blueberries. I reckoned I won't know until I give it a good go. I might regret it if I can't walk in a couple of weeks but I'm determined to try. So I will keep you updated. Bye the way, I would definitely get Tesco home delivery if I lived where you do!

Posted Fri 13 Jul 2018 9.32pm by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for nearly 2 years.

Hi Chrissie,

Thank you for sharing your wonderful news, I'm so pleased for you, and for Stuart too of course. Just today I was talking about my experience with a colleague and saying that sometimes miracles do happen. It's also good to have confirmation for other sufferers.

You guys have made me really happy with your success :-)


Posted Fri 13 Jul 2018 9.37pm by Cazzy27

Ah well done Phil. You have changed a few lives and I hope mine will change within the next month thanks to the blueberries. Watch this space!

Posted Mon 16 Jul 2018 2.41pm by IH1987

Hi cazzy 27

How long have you been having blueberries for? Today is my day 8 and I I am shedding a lot of skin and a couple of blobs did bleed also due to excessive scratching. I hope this is normal?

Keep on posting here people who have been on their week 2 and 3 of blue berries.

Also do they skin starts to get clear from top to bottom or there's no particular order?


Posted Mon 16 Jul 2018 3.54pm by Cazzy27

Hi IH1987. I have been in them nearly 4 weeks now but have only just come off of Cyclosporin. I haven't noticed any change yet but it normally takes up to 2 weeks from when I stop any meds. So time will tell.

Posted Mon 16 Jul 2018 9.15pm by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for nearly 2 years.

Hi IH1987/Cazzy,

If you are on Cyclosporin then I would imagine you don't have much psoriasis unless the efficacy is wearing off as it did for me. Every time I came off cyclosporin I suffered the most awful flare ups. You have a different type of psoriasis to me, I hope the berries will work for you. I think you will have to get your body chemistry back to normal first to find out. I would also advise against eating lots of sugary sweets, smoking and drinking too much alcohol. In my case it feels like the blueberries just absorb a lot of imflammatory foods, but there is a limit I think. At Christmas when I had a bad diet, and drank too much, in fact I did get a few spots back. They disappeared in a few weeks when my diet went back to normal. Everything in moderation I guess.

In my case my skin healed from underneath, with the plaques just falling off. Also my skin got quite itchy just before it finally healed. The thing that I really noticed first was that no new spots were forming. Previously they were coming up all the time, I had it really bad.

Hope this information helps.


Posted Mon 16 Jul 2018 10.03pm by Cazzy27

Hi Phil. The Cyclosporin was keeping my PPP just to the soles of my feet but when I come off of it then within about a week it creeps up my legs and arms. I am still waiting for my appointment to come through so I have taken myself off of the meds (as I have to come off it anyway) as I want to give the blueberries a good chance to help me. I am trying them for as long as I can. Usually within 2 weeks of coming off the meds I can't walk so it will be interesting to see if they help me at all. My feet don't really get itchy, they split, bleed and get very sore. I will keep you posted.


Posted Tue 17 Jul 2018 0.03am by IH1987

Hi Phil

Thanks for the info. I have been off the meds since oct/nov 2017 and on and off I was using daivobet but last 3 months I haven't used any ointment/ creams/medicine at all. And because I have stopped everything and started homeopathy root so it's just flaring up. Apparently it takes 6-9 months for homeopathy to start working.

I want to give blue berries a good go.

Will keep you all posted.

Has anyone here tried homeopathy btw?

Posted Thu 19 Jul 2018 7.58pm by Cazzy27

Hi Phil/Chrissie. So I have been off the Cyclosporin for a week now and my feet are so tender and sore that walking isn't great. I will keep up with the blueberries though but just need to know how long I should give them. I so want and need them to work!


Posted Thu 19 Jul 2018 8.14pm by Chrissie NW

Hi Carole, I took 20 blueberries and it took exactly three weeks and all I have are the marks from the P. but they have really faded this is only on my legs as I dont have my legs out much Im always in trousers, I cannot believe it, But Carole persevere, all I use is Doublebase Gel moisturiser as my skin goes very, very dry, Ive been out for Lunch today with my friend, who lives in Spain a lot, because I burn in the sun ( skin very thin, with the steroids ) so I dont get over to see her as much, well she saw me today and she couldnt believe it and she thought I had been sunning myself somewhere, she didnt believe the Blueberry Magic Remedy and then when she came into my bungalow later and looked in my fridge she did when she saw all the blueberries ( wish they had a longer date on the packets ) she gave me a big hug Ive known her for over 35 years and she said well, Ive never seen your skin like this its like spun silk, wonderful. Good Luck but keep to it, Spk again soon.


Posted Thu 19 Jul 2018 8.23pm by Cazzy27

Ah thanks Chrissie. That gives me some hope and a timescale. I am using a cream called Calmurid which is just a moisturiser as my feet also get dry. I will look at the doublebase gel to see how it differs. I know what you mean about the dates on the blueberries but it's not as bad for me as the supermarket is just down the road. You must have been so chuffed with that comment about your skin. Makes it all worthwhile.

I will keep you posted.


Posted Fri 20 Jul 2018 8.20am by Chrissie NW

Hi Carole I hope you get your feet sorted I've had it under my feet but not as bad as you, in the 50yrs I've had P. Double base is the best I've used it comes in a 500g Pump Dispenser and 100grm to put in your bag, I've been using it over 10yrs it's the best I've used your skin is like silk you can get it on prescription, I'm lucky as in Wales we get free prescriptions for everyone, try it I love it , Chrissie

Posted Fri 20 Jul 2018 8.28am by Chrissie NW

Carole, sorry, I forgot to say my skin is fantastic, I can't believe it and the comments I get is incredible, all I get them saying is Blueberries have cleared all that and I say yes I've chatted with Phil the Blueberry Miracle Man on the P. Site and told them what he said, gave it a go and this is the result, they say can't believe that , he should be knighted!!!!! but what as happened to me, this time I do agree with them, only for Phil I would still be a mess, I was covered from toes to head and I didn't go very scaly I was red raw as if someone had thrown boiling water over me but I never have it on my face thank goodness,. Good Luck Carole. Chrissie

Posted Sun 22 Jul 2018 12.45pm by IH1987

Can I ask if it has to be exact 20 blueberries? I have had more than 20 also for few days and I am on week 2 (day 13)of having the berries. I am also covered to head to legs but not on my feet. Do I have to restart with 20 a day or continue having blueberries without counting?

Phil and Chrissie please guide me here.

Posted Sun 22 Jul 2018 12.51pm by Stuart7
Hello all Nice to see a group of people helping one another


It dont matter the exact amount you take Ive been eating a small punnet a day for over 5 weeks and my P is almost gone

Only a few red blotches left which are fading fast

Also try eating porridge every morning which is really good for your skin

Posted Sun 22 Jul 2018 1.12pm by Tinks999

Hey, so I’ve never completely been psoriasis free I’ve always had a few big spots on my legs, recently the flare up has been extreme prob the worst since I first got it 30 years ago,, I’m going back to Drs on Tuesday to get yet more cream however I’ve been using Waleda Skin food and vitamin d tablets and it seems ‘less thick’ went and bought my blueberries today so I’m hopeful that will help also as it still looks very ‘angry’ will post back in 2 weeks imagine if something so simple actually works after all these years and expense at the Chinese dr etc drinking disgusting tea.

Cheryl x

Posted Sun 22 Jul 2018 1.41pm by IH1987

Thanks Stuart I thought I'd have to restart. I have been having smoked salmon on brown toast with flex seeds every morning and drinking a teaspoon full of chia seeds. Hope this all helps too

Posted Sun 22 Jul 2018 2.11pm by DH

I posted June 3rd 2018 after searching for someone else that had their psoriasis resolved after eating blueberries. There had not been any posts since March 2017 and I am glad there is a resurgence of interest and people are trying it. You need to give it 3-4 weeks faithfully and see if there is a difference.

This was just something I stumlbled on in a prep for plastic surgery and at the same time having gone blueberry picking here locally. I am stil completely cleared. I was eating one cup a day, completely cleared in 3 weeks, but now I am eating them much less and the psoriasis has not returned. I am afraid to stop completely!

Posted Sun 22 Jul 2018 5.35pm by IH1987

That's great to hear DH. I have only been having it for 2 weeks and the only difference I have noticed is not the formation of new small spots. I hope and pray that this works for everyone here who is trying to get rid of p.

DH do you mind if I ask how long have you had p for and was it all over or just on some places?

Posted Sun 22 Jul 2018 11pm by DH

I have had psoriasis for about 20 years, When I started the blueberries I had it on my scalp and ears ( for years) and also on my right arm. Though many people have it worse than me, it has been ongoing and if it went away in one spot it popped up in another.

Posted Mon 23 Jul 2018 0.14am by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for nearly 2 years.

Hi IH,

No new spots, that sounds very promising, keep eating the blueberries. I don't know what the magic number is. I originally cleared by eating about 60 I think, four days a week. Now I eat usually probably 15 to 20 a day, and am afraid to stop like DH.


Posted Mon 23 Jul 2018 0.29am by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for nearly 2 years.

Hi Chrissie,

Thank you for the feedback and kind words. I am so happy for you, us and others. Hopefully this simple treatment will work for even more people. If only we had known years ago. Still better late than never :-) so nice to wear shorts and a t-shirt right now. Something that was once an impossible dream for me.


Posted Wed 25 Jul 2018 1.09pm by Itchy1982

Hi All,

Rob from Vic, Australia here. Long time sufferer and really need this disease gone. This chat has really motivated me again to eat clean. I’m 3 days into the blueberry campaign. Stopped diavobet steroid cream 3 days ago. So itchy and red at the moment. Even promised to go alcohol free for the next month to see what happens.

Keep the updates going as I want to hear if this is working for more people.



Posted Wed 25 Jul 2018 1.34pm by Chrissie NW

Hi Rob from Australia, well I'm one of the Blueberry Girls, I've had Psoriasis for over 50yrs, if you look at all the above messages I'm Chrissie from North Wales and you will see that Blueberries taken a cupful or 20 a day been taking them about three or four weeks and I'm clear I didn't have scales more red all over from head to feet I just cannot believe what Blueberries have done it's completely changed my life, we are having a heatwave at the moment and I have work shorts for the first times in about 35 years I cannot that The Blueberry Man ( our Phil)PDR321 for telling us all on the Forum what had happened to him so therefore I call him the Magic Miracle Blueberry Man because I know this has never happened to me when taking all the drugs the Consultants push on you, so try them Rob, may not work for everyone but it's worth a go, so good luck and don't forget to let us know on the Forum.

Regards. Chrissie N.W.

Posted Wed 25 Jul 2018 1.41pm by Itchy1982

Thanks Chrissy.

I’ve been reading everything I can find. I love Dr. Axes you tube on psoriasis diet as well as others. I really hope this works!

Go the blueberries!!

Ps. Would have to be the most delicious medicine I’ve had to take

Posted Thu 26 Jul 2018 7.24pm by Josh73

Hi everyone!, I’m josh I’m currently taking otezla for my P, been off and on the otezla because I’m lazy and missed an apt, hopefully it kicks in, it’s been a month , it’s pretty flared up right now, did some research and found this forum started the blueberry thing today, I’m really itchy still

Posted Thu 26 Jul 2018 8.59pm by Chrissie NW

Hi Josh, well the drugs are new to me as I've never in 50yrs taken anything orally and I don't intending to start. P. needs to work from the inside out and if you go down the blueberry route you don't taken any drugs prescribe for P. look at your diet and booze does not help the problem. Blueberries has worked for me and Im clear took the 20 Blueberries per day for approx 3-4 weeks and it was a miracle as I was covered from head to feet and for over 50yrs I've had it I will eat Blueberries now everyday. Hope this helps and Josh do them everyday, get your 20 wash them and eat and good luck come back to the Forum and let us know how you have got on, you can still use your Emmolient Cream for the dryness .

Posted Thu 26 Jul 2018 10.26pm by Josh73

I don’t have any emmolient cream but I have halobetasol for my skin and a clobetasol for my scalp and hydrocortisone for my face, I was gonna continue with the otezla and the blueberrys together

Posted Fri 27 Jul 2018 10.07am by Chrissie NW

Hi Josh, I'm hoping that Phil(PDR321) he is, who I call the Miracle Blueberry Man, Phil is the one who put the Blueberry Route on the Forum and if you look at all the previous messages, Phil always says to do the Blueberries when the person is not on medication as you will not know if it's the drugs or the blueberrries that eventually clear you and with blueberries being expensive I think it's wise to wait till your meds are finished, I hope Phil agrees with me. Emmolient is excellent for the dryness of your skin I have had several different ones, you can get it on prescription it's called Doublebase Gel in a 500grms pump dispenser. Hope this helps oh and my Consultant said your medication Cream/Ointment if put on over the emollient it works better. Best of Luck.

1 Posted Fri 27 Jul 2018 1.41pm by Josh73

I get a lot of those clear bumps on my hands that itch really bad, last night was really bad

Posted Wed 1 Aug 2018 1.29pm by warren1
widespread psoriasis for 30years

What i see in this discussion is that 20

blueberries for a month is the equation to see if it is working or likely to work.

i have widespread psoriasis which can be erythrodermic at times. i have been in hospital 3 times. Had light treatment 5 times.

Anyway lets go for it.... 1st Aug 2018

Will repost 1st Sept. God willing

Posted Wed 1 Aug 2018 4.36pm by Nick
A sufferer since age 55 looking for a natural remedy

This thread is very interesting and thanks for the valuable information.

I have posted previously regarding the use of Turmeric under the following link.

As a further update regarding success, my elbows are virtually clear and my legs are almost as good as new. I just have two capsules every day and a spoonful of Turmeric powder in some soup. I'm still taking one Vit D tablet each day, even though we've had plenty of sunshine.

As said, the best part is that I've not used my Dovobet ointment since the end of January and the awful pain in my elbow joints has disappeared completely.

I bought my first punnet of Blueberries yesterday and, following the advice above, will consume 20 each day. Hopefully this will supplement the Turmeric nicely and the bonus for me is that they taste really good.

Hearing good news storing contained in threads like this adds endorsement to the message that wonderful natural cures are out there. I believe that us fellow suffers need to explore these and ditch those horrible steroids, which seem to serve only as a short term cure with disastrous skin thinning side effects.

I'll post again in a few weeks with an update and hopefully I won't have turned a light shade of blue!!

Posted Thu 2 Aug 2018 9.47am by warren1
widespread psoriasis for 30years

Very interesting Nick.

I have had psoriasis since I was 5 , am now 50.

You have had it from 55.

We are both starting on the same date. Lets see how

we get on an compare notes.

I had 20 blueberries in porridge this morning. Trust this combination is ok.


Posted Fri 3 Aug 2018 8.02am by Cazzy27

Hi Phil/Chrissie. Well it has now been 3 weeks since I stopped the Cyclosporin and started the blueberries. On a plus note the psoriasis hasn't spread like it would have done normally (without meds) but my feet haven't got a lot better. So not sure whether to go back onto the Cyclosporin or give the blueberries a bit longer. I wish you could see a photo of my feet. They are not a pretty sight at the moment.


Posted Fri 3 Aug 2018 8.06am by Cazzy27

I forgot to say that as mine is PPP the blueberries might not work for this but I can see how they would work for other types as i said before they seemed to have stopped it from spreading.


Posted Fri 3 Aug 2018 12.52pm by Liverpool Lass

HI everyone, am new to this site and have found it really informative reading all your posts. compared to a lot of you Ive been really lucky. Although psoriasis is in my family Ive only had one flare up in my early thirties. Im now 59 and having another really bad flare up with it. Reluctant to try steroid creams etc, so was really interested to read about the success people have been having by eating blueberries. Off to buy some this afternoon and will let everyone know how I get on . Also the posts on Turmeric were interesting. Used to take that for joint pain which it was really effective for. Am going to restart taking that as well. Its great that there are sites like this. Was feeling really down about it , till I found this site. Thank you all for sharing your experiences..

Posted Sat 4 Aug 2018 7.44am by Nick
A sufferer since age 55 looking for a natural remedy

Re the post from Cazzy, I would mention that natural remedies are not an overnight cure and that it can take some time to get into your system and become effective. I have read other posts on various forums endorsing this.

I started taking Turmeric in early February and only saw positive signs at least one month later. Also, it's good for many other conditions, so even if it doesn't zap your particular type of Psoriasis, it will aid joint pain etc.

I guess the same could apply to blueberries, so my suggestion would be to persevere and see what happens.

Posted Sat 4 Aug 2018 10.55am by Chrissie NW

Hi I would just like to say re Tumeric anybody taking Blood Pressure Medication especially Losarten should not take Tumeric as someone could take it for Psoriatic Psoriasis ( like me) and apparently you can be poorly.

chrissie N.W.

Posted Sat 4 Aug 2018 1.37pm by OhNo_NotAgain?

Chrissy raises a very good point. If you are on any medication, you should not simply start taking a supplement without first checking if there are any potential conflicts or contra-indications.

Posted Sat 4 Aug 2018 1.55pm by Nick
A sufferer since age 55 looking for a natural remedy

Agree totally with comments above. I am not on any other medication, so did not have to consider adverse impacts. In my Turmeric posts, I did suggest people do their own research into potential benefits.

Posted Wed 8 Aug 2018 12.25pm by IH1987


It's been over 4 weeks for me having blueberries everyday and unfortunately it didn't work for me. Good luck to others who are trying.

I am still going to give it couple of more weeks.

Good luck

Posted Wed 8 Aug 2018 3.54pm by Cazzy27

Hi all. It doesn't seemed to have cleared my PPP either. It did seem to have stopped it spreading to a certain amount but it has been so painful to walk I have had to go back on the Cyclosporin. I tried the blueberries also for 4 weeks but I couldn't see enough improvement to warrant taking them any longer. Such a shame but so glad it is working for some people.

Posted Wed 8 Aug 2018 8.55pm by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for nearly 2 years.

So sorry that it has not worked for you Cassy and IH. Perhaps then it only works for plaque psoriasis, and then there are possibly other factors as well that I have not understood. For me there seems to be a level of sugar, sleep and alcohol that works against the blueberries, but that's all I can tell you.

Good luck with your efforts to beat this condition.


Posted Wed 8 Aug 2018 10.09pm by Chrissie NW

Hi Carole, so sorry the Blueberries havnt worked for you I wanted it to be a success for you, I'm still clear, but when Phil it may only deal with plaque P well I didn't have plaque P mine was just red raw all over, people use think I had been in a fire, well I hope the Cyclosporine sorts you out.


Posted Wed 8 Aug 2018 10.21pm by Cazzy27

Hi Chrissie/Phil. Thankyou both especially to Phil for sharing this with everyone. I'm sure it will go on to help many more people and hopefully one day they will find a cure for this horrible thing. Hope it stays away for you both and enjoy the blueberries.


Posted Thu 9 Aug 2018 9.20am by warren1
widespread psoriasis for 30years

Thanks Chrissie,

i am glad u replied.

I have erythrodermic psoriasis which is red and fiery with about 70%coverage.

i started blueburries 20 a day on 1st of

August and encouraged to persevere by your post.

thanks, Warren

Posted Thu 9 Aug 2018 9.42am by Chrissie NW

Hi Warren, I've had Psoriasis for over 50yrs clear for 18months about 20yrs ago when I had the opportunity to go to the Dead Sea swimming and diving, then after the 18months it started again and I've been covered ever since, I've been on the Forum for a long time but was thrilled when I read about what Phil the Blueberry Man had to say about Blueberries I jumped to it and thought well Im going to try this remedy if it doesn't work, well at least I've tried it, It can't work for everyone one as our symptoms are different in many ways, but it worked for me I started them in June and still have them everyday, it's the nicest medication I've ever taken, I've never been as clear it's a MIRACLE and can't thank Phil enough, I go and see my Consultant next month, he won't believe what has happened. But good look with yours and try Double Base Gel Emmolient your can get it on script from Doctors 500 grms and use it all over and your skin won't get dry and I shower with it ( mind u don't slip) it's amazing for your skin, no nasty stuff in it. Let me know how you get on , good luck but persevere oh I have blackberries as well .

Posted Thu 9 Aug 2018 11.07am by warren1
widespread psoriasis for 30years

Chrissie hi,

thank you for your reply.

Could i just ask one question having

read Phil's most recent text.

Did u alter your diet in any other way?

ie in relation to sugar. The reason I ask

this is that when i was in hospital a common trend was for psoriatic patients

to take lots of chocolate like myself. It was soo prevalent it was like an ward of


Or was the only dietary change the

' MIRACLE ' blueberries?


Posted Thu 9 Aug 2018 4.16pm by Chrissie NW

Hi Warren , well I don't eat chocolate, sweets don't have puddings. I have not changed anything in my diet. I don't eat anything or drink anything that's red, I eat all white meat, brown bread, goats milk, gallons of water all bottled not from the taps I love my fruit and veg, salads, I don't eat any processed foods I have been doing this for years, it's not recent. Medication is only Multi Vit for over 50's, 1 tab of vitamin D, just prescribe that. 1 Fish Oil tab and of course my Blueberries. I've used my Doublebase Gel but nothing else. Hope this is helpful to you. I do have Psoriatic Psoriasis as well as the Erythrodermic P , I should say I did I havnt got it now. Chrissie

Posted Thu 9 Aug 2018 5.35pm by warren1
widespread psoriasis for 30years

Most helpful.

i will give this a thorough try.


Posted Fri 10 Aug 2018 0.11am by pdr321 (edited Fri 10 Aug 2018 0.19am by pdr321)
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for nearly 2 years.

Hi Warren, I didn't change my diet when I discovered blueberries. That said I have never really eaten many sweets chocolate or had sugary drinks. Also I don't drink much alcohol, and I don't eat much spicy food either.

I do in fact seem to get the odd spot when I over indulge for a while, like over Christmas. But my skin clears pretty fast once things go back to normal. I believe that one should not eat too many foods that give an inflammatory response, I believe this encourages psoriasis. Blueberries are anti-inflammatory, so to me it makes sense that they should help sufferers. But certainly I do believe that a poor diet and lifestyle aggravates psoriasis. I find that I can eat a bit of everything now, just not too much of any one thing.


Posted Fri 10 Aug 2018 0.17am by pdr321
A long sufferer of plaque psoriasis who found an effective treatment after 27 years (blueberries). I have now been clear for nearly 2 years.

P.S. What actually cleared my psoriasis was eating Tesco's £2 Berry Medley pot for lunch, originally 4 times a week. I still buy it every week day if I can. Yes it contains blueberries.

Posted Sun 12 Aug 2018 8.08am by Linda D

Hello everyone...I was diagnosed with PPP in February, and still trying all the creams/potions. Am loathe to have the medications because of the side effects. The soles of my feet are now so bad , I have to put dressings on everyday 2 go out. I soak my feet in like warm water twice a day, then apply moisturiser creams, am trying Natrabalm at the moment. I found these white moisturizing socks from Wilko, £1, very comfortable, so wear them in the house most of the time. & sleep in them Have eaten blueberries everyday, which I did b4 this awful disease. So glad I found this forum. Am determined to try everything b4 medication.....keep feet elevated in the evenings, sadly haven't been able to dance or my long walks for several months now :((

Posted Mon 13 Aug 2018 8.23am by Stuart

Great to hear that blueberries have worked for a number of people. Started with them yesterday after a friend, and fellow sufferer, mentioned it. Will post again in a months’ time to update on how it has gone. Have had plaque P for over 10 years.

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