after 4 weeks using Enstilar...

Posted Tue 20 Jun 2017 2.05pm by T86

Hi All

I'm looking for some advise from anyone who has done the full 4 weeks of Enstilar foam. After completing 4 weeks using Enstilar my psoriasis is quickly returning and i'm not sure what to do! (I get it mostly on my legs and elbows). My doctor said I need to give my skin a break before using it again and my pharmacy cant get hold of it at the moment anyway! My doctor gave me calcipotriol ointment to use in the meantime but it doesnt seem to be working. Has anyone got to this stage who might have some advise?

Also to anyone who hasn't tried it yet, it does work really well and its fast too. My legs are quite scarred from where i've had psoriasis but they are fading. I use an organic aloe vera gel and it seems to work quite well!

Any advice much appreciated!



Posted Wed 21 Jun 2017 9.23am by Scotty

I used it for 4 weeks and was practically cleared and then after asking my doctor for some more they wouldn't give me any.

Since then they've told me to use Psoriderm which isn't work and now my psoriasis is returning.

Apart from light treatment, enstilar is the best thing I've used and now can't get it anymore.

Seems dumb and so frustrating

Posted Wed 21 Jun 2017 9.31am by T86

My doctor did prescribe me more but theres a manufacturing problem so I cant get any for another 2 weeks. You should ask your doctor again, theres no reason that you shouldnt have it again, you just have to give your skin a break first.

I havent tried psoriderm, is it any good? Do you need a perception for it?

Posted Wed 5 Jul 2017 9.24pm by Mig

I'm at the same stage as you. I got guttate psoriasis which became horrendous in April. Got given Enstilar which I used for 6-8 weeks on and off and it literally starts working overnight for me.

I just started UV therapy (2 sessions) and stopped Enstilar about 10 days ago out of my own choice. I have 1.5 cans of it left but feel I should save it for an emergency (and also don't want to go on using it for months and cause damage to my skin).

Since I stopped Enstilar all the areas which were practically clear and smooth have flared up again and I look almost as bad as I did before the Enstilar. I am itchy and sore, and desperate for the light therapy to start doing something... anything.

Posted Tue 11 Jul 2017 2.45pm by Livvyg

Can anyone tell me which moisturizer they use with enstilar? I have just started using this and my spots have gone link pink does this mean they are fading??

Posted Tue 11 Jul 2017 2.50pm by T86

I use epaderm which works well! and yes going pink is a good sign! My scarring is defiantly fading now.

Posted Thu 13 Jul 2017 11.54am by Livvyg

How do you get rid of the scarring??

Posted Thu 13 Jul 2017 2.58pm by T86

Just moisturising and patients! Ive not tried bio oil but maybe that could help.

Posted Mon 17 Jul 2017 5.03pm by Essexgran
Lifelong symptoms but with recent severe widespread flare ups

I was given Enstilar by dermatologist and told to use twice a day for 8 weeks. It worked miraculously and very quickly. However, the fist can has now run out and I'm caught between hospital and my GP over who is to give the next one. The hospital started me on METHROTREXATE at the same time. I was doing ok on this but this week have a painful mouth ulcer. Two steps forward one step back!

Posted Tue 1 Aug 2017 10.55am by Lemac

I have been using this product for three weeks now and can definitely see an improvement.

Legs however are not responding as well as everywhere else.

I am also left with light pink/white spots where the psoriasis was- will this fade?

I am also considering now going on the sunbed to even out the discoloured spots- what are people's thoughts on this?

Posted Tue 1 Aug 2017 12.04pm by Livvyg

Can anyone else rec commend what else to use for GP?

Posted Wed 2 Aug 2017 8.24am by Sarah Donegan

Hello, I am starting my UVB treatment today! finally!! I was just wondering how you are getting on with METHROTREXATE Essexgran? I've read some not so nice side effects on line but I am just wondering whether its extreme cases? Does it work? Thanks

Posted Thu 3 Aug 2017 11.49am by Essexgran
Lifelong symptoms but with recent severe widespread flare ups

Hello Sarah, I hope your UVB treatment is going well. I had it two years ago and there was a big improvement until I had to stop the sessions because I burned( red hair/ sensitive skin)! I've now had 7 doses of METHROTREXATE with no awful side effects yet. I followed advice from other users and thought carefully which day of the week I take it. I decided on Sunday evening so I sleep through most of any effects! I feel a little weary Monday until evening but it's a quiet day for me so I'm fine. I can easily push through if I need to be busy. My friend takes it with no side effects at all. Generally, I avoid tablets but my psoriasis was so bad,I decided to try this treatment. I was given enstilar foam at the same time by the hospital and it has worked wonders. I think the idea is that the MTX will kick in and stop the usual "steroid bounce back". Some areas not treated by the foam seem to be healing as well. Time will tell!

Posted Thu 31 Aug 2017 8.50pm by Pgp
Both of my elbows are covered and now progressing towards the shoulders. My legs below knee are getting small patches I find new ones every


I have been using enstilliar for the last 2. Months now. Was advised by hospital to use it twice a day for 4 weeks and then twice a weeks. And they are now all coming back.

When I starters to use it I was nearly clear as I was having the tlo1 light therapy. Now do not know what to do? Carry on using the foam or get in touch with doctor for further advise. Has anyone got any idea if I am using the foam too often or not.

Very unclear on how often to use this after first 4 weeks.


Posted Mon 4 Sep 2017 6.58pm by richards
Had psoriasis for almost 50 years,on my body and scalp also have psoriatic arthiritis have done medical trials for my doctor currently using

I have had 26 sessions of light treatment and there was a huge improvement but unfortunately 4weeks after finishing treatment the psoriasis is flaring up again seems to have been a waste of time and expense very disheartening after putting up with this disease for 40+ years it seems my life is still restricted oh well back to doctor more creams and repeat the process. Has anyone else had or is having a similar experience?

Posted Fri 8 Sep 2017 9.16pm by BobbyJean
I love heavy metal xx

Hello Richards your story is almost identical to mine only I have only suffered for 44 years long enough though!! Had light treatment and thought this is it. I felt great, looked great lovely tan and my partner suddenly had an interest in me again. Our love life returned. Only to be short lived weeks in fact! Psoriasis returned, my tan faded as did my partners interest in me. Psoriasis sucks! X

Posted Fri 8 Sep 2017 11.03pm by richards
Had psoriasis for almost 50 years,on my body and scalp also have psoriatic arthiritis have done medical trials for my doctor currently using

Yes I had a great tan too! but now back on ointment seems to do the job but what a nuisance.Really feel for you with regards to your partner and your love life that can't do much for self esteem it's not as though we want psoriasis is it keep your chin up and stay positive best wishes Richard

Posted Fri 8 Sep 2017 11.23pm by richards
Had psoriasis for almost 50 years,on my body and scalp also have psoriatic arthiritis have done medical trials for my doctor currently using

PS. Bobby Jean yes you're right psoriasis sucks good to talk about about it though makes you realise it's not only you who has it keep positive who knows one day may be.xx

Posted Thu 12 Oct 2017 2.59pm by lesley08

I have suffered P from i was 16.. 37 now :( was pregnant and it totally cleared up, then after having my little boy it came back with a vengence!! covered :( went to my GP who referred me to the Dermatologist and they prescribed me Enstilar.. after now about nearly 3 weeks the results are AMAZING!!!! but from what I have read so far.. its not great after 4 weeks!! I am now awaiting what seems to be the repercussions of such a great result. Only realised there was a site for this. one great thing !


Posted Mon 23 Oct 2017 9.36pm by Chris7319

Enstillar really does not work for me i have tried it a few times. At the moment before i start methotrexate i am keeping mine at bay with double base of all things

Posted Mon 8 Jan 2018 1.54am by Elizabeth

After 4 weeks of using enstilar I thought I had cracked it! Left with white patches but a small price to pay to get rid of a trail of dead skin and lack of sleep through terrible itchiness. Sadly my euphoria was short lived, psoriasis is returning with vengeance as is the itching and lack of sleep. The exorex lotion I was told to use once the 4 week period was over doesn’t seem to work at all. It feels like I have been teased but have now had the rug pulled from under my feet.

Posted Mon 8 Jan 2018 9.54am by Pgp
Both of my elbows are covered and now progressing towards the shoulders. My legs below knee are getting small patches I find new ones every

Hi Elizabeth

i know the feeling. I had the same issue. as soon as you stop using the enstilar it comes back with vengeance. i have patches where i did not have them before and where they were they are worse. Before enstilar the scale did not itch, but now it is unbearable itchy.

i am now trying from tomorrow Curcumin to see if that helps.

Posted Tue 23 Jan 2018 11.08am by RascalNJazz2


I have tried so many treatments and ointments, I was giving up hope altogether of keeping clear of psoriasis. then I was prescribed Humira. Its changed my life. I have been using it for 4 years now and no side effects, it started working within a couple of weeks, and soon cleared all my psoriasis after about 4-6 weeks. I am now 99% clear, I used to have psoriasis effecting all parts of body, now I have been prescribed enstilar to clear some very, very small patches. I'm so sorry that you have had to live with this condition for so long, my heart goes out to you. Have you asked about Humira?

Posted Thu 22 Feb 2018 12.10pm by mac63

Hi , have just been prescribed enstilar and exorex . Does anyone no if they are used together or on alternate days ?

Posted Sat 24 Feb 2018 3.55pm by sculpture

hi all

i started tu use Daivobet (here in UK is Dovobet) a few years ago, after i tried all kind of creams, but this one and is working very well.

Posted Mon 26 Feb 2018 5.22pm by Itchy and scratchy

I have had this condition over 40 years with no breaks tried almost everything but not enstila not heard of it before and the feedback looks good but with all creams it will come back. But I will say the methotrexate does ease and can get rid of it for a while but when it returns it can be twice as bad so think very carefully about it. I have been studying my rash over the past years and have always said that when you get a new patch it always seems to mirror itself on the other side of the body not in the immediate area but there about anyone else notice this

Posted Sat 10 Mar 2018 9.08am by Paigecooney

I think it’s crazy how strict your prescriptions are! I’m on methotrexate with enstillar as and when I need it and I can get it on repeat whenever? I’ve also never been told not to use longer than 4?weeks? Weird

I’m under a specialist dermatologist who I see every 3 months in London, so maybe they’re more leniant?

Posted Mon 12 Mar 2018 8.07pm by allan m

enstillar foam is dovobet in different form so a steroid treatment this is why 4 week treatment period and why it returns with a vengance

Posted Tue 13 Mar 2018 5.18pm by Mark (edited Tue 13 Mar 2018 6.11pm by Mark)

Yeah, Enstilar works wonders for me but it is expensive. In June 2017 I paid $102 now CVS wanted $185.. Ridiculous! This is with the $300 Leo discount card applied

My insurance is Blue Cross blue shield, purchasing at CVS. Anyone pay less in the US and where?

update: my insurance company retail pharmacy will mail me 3 months worth for a total cost of $125. This is a much better deal but I think it is still rather expensive.

Posted Tue 13 Mar 2018 5.26pm by Mark

One thing that makes my psoriasis ointment work better is the wrap it in plastic wrap..

Sounds funny but it works great. In medical terms it is called an occlusive dressing. I keep it wrapped for about 4 hours to 8 hours mainly on my knees on elbows. On my hand I put on the ointment and cover with a self made bandaid and Medical tape. Psoriasis goes away in like 2 days when I do this.

Once you are clear apply Enstilar twice a week as prescribed but wrap it to stay clear.

Posted Mon 2 Apr 2018 6.07pm by Gillian

So depressed and confused guys. My psoriasis is out of control and haven't slept for 4 days its all over my body. Have Enstilar and use it in conjunction with Silkis vitamin D cream but have been told not to use Enstilar more than twice a week. My consultant wanted to give me Methotrexate but my blood tests were abnormal and the liver specialist says that I can't take it. Does UV treatment work and are there any other options? I'm even willing to buy an expensive lamp even though I cant really afford it. Does anyone know if the psoriasis could be connected with a liver disorder as they have both come at the same time and neither myself or my family have any history of psoriasis.

Posted Mon 2 Apr 2018 6.10pm by Gillian

I also wanted to do what you do Mark and wrap up in clingfilm but was told that I shouldn't do that with a steroid cream but if it works for you I may well try it!

Posted Mon 2 Apr 2018 7.20pm by RascalNJazz2

Hi Gillian.

So sorry to hear how upset you are, I really do know how you feel, I've suffered horribly for years and years with psoriasis all over my body and tried all kinds of creams, treatments and pills.

I feel very fortunate that mine has now 99% cleared up thanks to a self injecting drug called Humira. have you asked your consultant about it? I have used UV treatment, it does work quite well but you cant use steroid creams during this treatment. Once under control you can then carry on with the creams to keep it under control the best you can. They advise not to have more than one or two treatments a year due to the risk of skin cancer.

I also have Enstilar and advised that it is quite safe to use it every day.

Good luck.


Posted Mon 2 Apr 2018 7.30pm by Mark

Hi Gillian,

What's keeping you up at night for 4 days.. is it the pain from dry psoriasis?

Just checking,


Posted Tue 3 Apr 2018 3.33am by Nahte


Just found this forum, it’s nice to read I’m not the only one with this terrible disease. I got guttate psoriasis last summer after having strep throat and got completly covered with it. I got put on a steroid cream and prednisone which helped relieve me of most of my psoriasis.

I have recently broken out terribly and can barley see the skin on my back after what I believe was a sunburn that triggered the flare up. Unfourtantely, the insurance provided by my fathers job is too expensive for my parents to afford so I don’t have any coverage and any medication will cost me hundreds, which I don’t have as a college student. I am depressed and don’t know what I am going to do until I graduate and can provide for myself. I have over the counter coal tar and some left over prednisone, neither of which seem to be helping though.

I got a membership today at a tanning salon with uvb beds and I am going to give that a try with hope to see some improvement.

If anyone has any suggestions for an affordable home remedy or a prescription medication that is affordable it would be greatly appreciated.

Posted Tue 3 Apr 2018 7.28pm by RascalNJazz2

Hi Nahte.

Please don't use the sunbed, it wont work and is more likely to cause further skin damage. the sunbed emits the wrong UV light, it won't help you at all.

i'm really sorry that you can not afford the insurance for medical treatment, i'm guessing you are from the US? I feel exceptionally fortunate that my treatment is basically all free of charge as I'm from the UK. Humira is an amazing drug that I use but I doubt its something you will be able to afford.

I wish i could offer some affordable ideas to you, I know just how difficult it is to cope with and you must be extremely uncomfortable. I would go with an intense moisturizer rather than the coal tar, I often found being able to swim in the sea worked very well, especially if you can get some good sunshine on your skin.

Good luck, I wish all the best.


Posted Tue 3 Apr 2018 8.37pm by Mark

Hi Nahte,

Sorry to hear your situation. In the US we need something like the UK or Canadian Medical system.

Go with the UVB lighting. I had UVB treatment a few times and it works. It takes a few treatments though. I think I went twice a week for like 3 months before getting clear. Stayed clear for like a month then it slowly came back. But mine is psoriasis vulgaris.

You can try Epsom salts baths too. Dead sea salts if you can afford them...

When my psoriasis is bad, I have a bath and gently clean the dry skin with like a sponge brush. Then right after the bath, put on a thin coat of Vaseline to trap in the moisture. This works for about 3 days or so then repeat.

When I was a student I bought affordable health insurance through my University Student Union in California and could use the student health clinic to get meds and creams.

Hope this helps.


Posted Tue 3 Apr 2018 9.08pm by RascalNJazz2

I agree with Mark. UV treatment works as he says and then comes back after a while. Thats when you need your creams to try and keep on top of it. But again, do not use sunbeds, its the wrong UV light, it wont work.

I used to have baths and gently rub away the psoriasis, then use a deep moisturizer afterwards, it was quite a relief and felt much more comfortable afterwards.

best wishes


Posted Wed 4 Apr 2018 0.33am by Nahte

Thanks guys for the replies. Upon some research I realized I can in fact get insurance through my University starting as soon as 5/14! I have scheduled an appointment with a dermatologist in two weeks and hopefully can get prescribed some medication to help me. Thank you Mark for the idea!

In the mean time I went and purchased an Intense moisturizer and Corizione 10 (I have been reading this to be helpful). I will keep y'all updated with any progress I make. Once again, thanks everyone

Posted Sun 3 Jun 2018 10.01pm by AndrewCatalin

I feel better when i find out i'm not the only one in the world feeling like shit with this curse on my body.

My psoriasis started jan 2018 with very small dots around hands, however it went all over my body quickly because the NHS ( no health services ) in uk sucks, a lot. I've seen the gp and hospital several times and at first i was diagnosed with scabies ( yea, scabies .. ) gave me treatment for a month with no improvement and huge amount of stess and scareness. At some point i went to see a private dermatologist in central London ( £300 bill for 20mins appointment .. ) which open my eyes, she done all the checks on me and told me it's 100% not scabies but it's psoriasis, which gone worse because the treatment for scabies actually done worse, yep. I've tried several treatments but nothing really worked apart from Enstilar so far, however i'm still full of red dots all over my body. I also noticed some improvements on my skin before Enstilar when i've started to use a different shampoo based on chinese herbs from Alumine, non alcohool product and 100% bio. However, i noticed that my psoriasis gets worse when i've stressed out and weather changes, as long as sun is out and warm ( not much here in uk ) i feel good, but that only lasts for a bit. After long fights with the gp i've sourced my " URGENT "appointment for UV treatment through NHS on 4th of September so finger crossed i will become human again. It's very depressing seeing myself like this and being in situations when people keep asking me what it is or even worse not asking what it is and getting scared of me ..

Posted Tue 5 Jun 2018 5.19pm by mr.m

hi ive just joined this forum .ive suffered from P for 6 or 7 years now and its got worse over the last few months ive got it on my head and face and all my body except my toes. ive just been to docs and he said creams will not work its that bad . I have an appointment with a dermatologist in a weeks time and to ask for tablets in the mean time the doc has gave me ENSTILER . I hope it will make an improvement

Posted Wed 6 Jun 2018 9.14am by Ellisjay

I have had psoriasis for 14 years, and have had dovobet for about 10 of those years. I recently visited the doctors for another matter, the doctor was trying to link my symptoms to my 'flare up' (which wasn't a flare up to me, just how I live day to day). Anyway, I mentioned the Enstilar foam to her, thinking I'd have to fight for it, and her response was great.. I have been using it for 10 days and the results are AMAZING! I have plaque and guttate lesions, they were 50% better after 3 uses, and 90% better after a week. I was recommended to use it every night, which I don't do.. probably every other.. I spray a small amount on each patch, rub it in and let it soak in for 20 minutes or so, then go over it with doublebase to seal it in (which is what my doctor suggested). Its a cold foam that crackles as you rub it, It definitely isn't as greasy as dovobet but is still a bit sticky. I'm not sure how easy I'll find it to get Enstilar on repeat...

Posted Wed 6 Jun 2018 9.22am by Itchy and scratchy

Enstilar foam is great we just need something to reduce the blood vessels under the skin aswell

Posted Tue 19 Jun 2018 2.35pm by Matt


Just been diagnosed with Guttate Psoriasis, I actually got it from having Strep Throat and been using Enstilar for 3 days, no improvement so far, My psoriasis isn't too bad from what I've seen but looks like it may be slowly getting worse. Just wondering if anyone has had minor/moderate Guttate Psoriasis (chest, stomach, arms and legs) and had any luck with this? If so, has it gone? Did it come back? Am I a goner?

My doctor is always going to give me the most hopeful advice but I would rather hear realistic advice. Please help me :) Thanks

Posted Thu 21 Jun 2018 10.31am by AndrewCatalin

I've used enstilar for the 4 days last week and results are just amazing, most of them dissapeared on my back, chest, arms, legs and head but i've stopped it for 3 days and they coming back quickly, itching me quite bad, i'll just start it again tonight and carry on with it until they competely dissapear hopefully they ll be gone forever, i felt sooo good when i saw them going away but i thought a little break should be good as my doctor said don t use it too often before the body gets used to it.

Posted Thu 21 Jun 2018 10.59am by AndrewCatalin

The best thing to do with enstilar is you spray it on the area affected and wrap it around in something convenient to you so it sits there for a few hours and it doesn't get wiped by clothes, i did that and it worked a lot better than before putting my clothes streight on.

Posted Thu 21 Jun 2018 11.10am by OhNo_NotAgain?

In reply to Andrews post : NO! Check first with your dermatologist or whoever prescribed it .

I read up on Enstilar and other treatments and it specifically stated that you should NOT wrap steroid treatments like this as you can increease the time that it is in contact with the skin and actually increase the likleyhood of damage to the skin.

You should apply steroids as prescribed and gently run/massage until they are absorbed.

Posted Mon 25 Jun 2018 7.34pm by jedders26

After 3 years of being told I have linear p, I’ve now been told it’s chronic plaque p.

I’ve been advised to start using Enstilar again every day for 4 weeks. My p. Is getting worse but it’s only on my leg.

Has anybody please got any self remedies for chronic plaque ?? 🙏

Posted Wed 27 Jun 2018 8.49pm by Mark

Hi Jedders26,

I've had plaque p for nearly 30 years; the Bain of my life..

I have tried many things.. from self help, to dietary changes, to behavioural observation modification, and changes in medications because they aggravated my psoriasis.

Constant pressure on one spot of your body will cause psoriasis to develop in that location. This is a known medical phenomenal called the Knobner (sp?) effect. When sitting, I used to rest my leg on the table leg near my feet. Well, I developed psoriasis in that rub spot. I changed my behavior and stopped putting my leg into that position and the psoriasis spot went away.

Same with psoriasis on my scalp. I changed my pillow to a thinner pillow so my head would not be raised so much, and thereby reduce the pillow pressure on my scalp. My scalp psoriasis went away.

The best natural remedy is natural sunlight right on the new skin from a psoriasis lession. When the new skin turns pink it's on the the way to becoming normal again.

The thing I noticed most is.. it's all about mood. Get stressed and 30 days later you get a flare-up.

I have also changed my blood pressure medication because it gave me a flare-up. My doctor didn't believe me but drug had psoriasis listed as a side effect even. I had the doctor reluctantly change my meds. But the lesson here is you are your own best advocate.

I read a book called Healing Psoriasis the Natural Way. It was informative. It says psoriasis is mainly caused by your body's reaction to diet. The book says evacuate (poop) as often as possible to get out the stuff that causes psoriasis as quickly as possible. But the book mainly says stay away from tomatoes, citric acid, and sugar. It's difficult...

The book also says you should clear out your intestines of all the poisons you eat once a year using a cleansing diet. The diet is to only eat RED grapes for 7 days. You can eat as many and as often as you like but it has to be red grapes as the skins cleanse the intestines. I've done this and I'm honestly not sure if it helps but hell, I'll try! Lost about 5lbs too..

The main thing is... When you get a psoriasis breakout try to think about what might have caused it..

- was I stressed 30 days ago?

- was it something new I have been eating starting about 30 days ago?

- is the spot caused by a pressure point like by resting my leg against an object always on the same spot?

Mine started small, a couple of spots on my hand where I had cut it on a raspberry bush.. then it got worse, then it went away, then it came back, repeat on like a 5 year cycle.

Just remember, it takes about 30 days for a psoriasis spot to appear. Then you need to change your behavior and see if the spot goes away in 30 more days..

Posted Wed 27 Jun 2018 10.56pm by jedders26

Hi Mark, thanks for your prompt and thorough response. It’s interesting that I think no two people suffer the same and prescription creams etc work differently on us all.

I’ve used UVB skin therapy now for almost six weeks (which I hired privately) and guess what it has NOT cleared it, intact only made it worse. Arrggghhhh it’s so frustrating. Also natural sunlight has no effect whatsoever. Nothing at all helps.

I wish you all the best and thanks for your advice..

Posted Wed 27 Jun 2018 11.10pm by Mark

Hi Jedders26,

I hope the best for you on your journey.

To get through a tough spot, sometimes I apply Enstilar to a waterproof bandaid and keep it on for a couple of days and repeat. This normally clears up those stubborn spots really quickly.

If I have an odd shaped spot or don't want to spend money on more Band-Aids, I've even cut a paper towel to size, applied ointment to the paper, then duct taped it on for a couple of days lol. It worked really well.

Posted Thu 28 Jun 2018 9.13am by jedders26

Many thanks 🙏 Mark for your self remedy & I will certainly give this a try. I have stubborn aggressive spots where my work boots rub. Great tip❗️

Posted Thu 28 Jun 2018 11.53am by OhNo_NotAgain?

Mark and Jedders,

I know that people often leave coal-tar treatments on overnight and wrp their hed in a towel etc. BUT I have read on various "medical/pharmaceutical" sites that it is recommended NOT to apply steroid treatments underneath a dressing in this way.

I would advise to talk to your GP or whoever is treating you about the advisability of doing this in your particular circumstances.

I recall reading that doing this increases the concentration of the steroid being absorbed by your body - and can increase the amount entering your bloodstream. This can cause further health problems.

I do not remember all the details - but in any case I would advise you to get professional medical advice.

Posted Thu 28 Jun 2018 2.53pm by Mark

Hey, check this out..

Many articles do say talk to your doc...

Here are some articles below.

But hey, if the spot is where your boots rub, try to get a new pair of boots that fit slightly differently. Then clear up the spot and rotate wearing the boots a month at a time.

An occlusive dressing is when you cover a spot with like a bandaid.

An occlusive dressing that is both cosmetically acceptable and long term is needed for psoriasis treatment. ... CONCLUSION: Prolonged occlusion is an effective therapy for psoriasis either as monotherapy or in combination with a high-potency topical corticosteroid.


Treatment of psoriasis | DermNet New Zealand

Occlusive dressings

Relatively small, localised patches of psoriasis may improve with occlusion, for example using waterproof adhesive dressings.



Information about the use of occlusion in the treatment of psoriasis.

Posted Thu 28 Jun 2018 8.56pm by jedders26

Many thanks Mark and OhNo_NotAgain?

Posted Sat 14 Jul 2018 0.21am by PappaCanoos (edited Sat 14 Jul 2018 0.31am by PappaCanoos)

OK, So I've suffered with 'P' for nearly 12 years and have only just found this forum.

Recently moved house and extended and had my 4th child, I think that all of this has contributed to my recent flare up.

A week ago, I was covered by 60% and my meds where doing nothing at all.

Went to Doctors 4 days ago and got prescribed Enstilar, I nearly broke down in the doctors as I'm on holiday in 3 weeks and I couldn't bare not going in the pool with my kids etc.

Anyway, after 4 days of applying twice a day, my skin is looking great. I was advised to apply twice a day for 4 weeks to start, then drop down to just twice a week.

Great, I might get in that pool !!!

Now heres the problem, I was only prescribed a 60 gram aerosol and I can only have this once a month ! I was told that only a Dermatologist can prescribe more, my appointment with the Dermatologist is in Jan 2019.

I've finally found a 'Wonder Cream' and I can't get any more if it !!!!

On a separate note, I work with a lad (in his 30s) who is also a sufferer and we confide in each other etc,,, He got prescribed 'Humira' 6 months ago and his skin is as near to perfect than I can ever dream of. How bad do I need to get before I can get this £10,000 a year drug ?

I have contemplated suicide on more than one occasion in the past year and my wife and kids are the only thing that stop me if I'm honest. Am I not worth £10,000 a year for a drug that could potentially give me my life back ?

Sorry to rant on, but I've been carrying this burden for years and have nobody else to talk to.....


Posted Sat 14 Jul 2018 0.22am by wendyloish

Hi everyone,

I have just read all the above for the first time. I Wikipedia-ed Enstilar and found it was a vitamin D lookalike plus a steroid. I wonder why people are not taking Vitamin D. The steroid may be why the reluctance of doctors to repeat prescribe. The UV part of the treatment is about starting the chemical cascade that ends up with vitamin D (the sunlight converts cholesterol into a precursor vitamin D). Long term inflammation may have caused the liver to be under stress, resulting in lesser effect for some people of light therapy. Vitamin D tablets are an intermediate stage precursor vitamin D that is produced by the liver. So the tablets can short circuit any liver problem. But the kidneys still need to be mobilised for the final vitamin D to be made. You can thus see that a kidney problem will result in vitamin D deficiency which cannot be fixed by the tablets.

So I suggest taking a vitamin D supplement. The results may vary, but you will not know until you try. Give it time to start to work. And remember that all the UV, B or otherwise, will not be of much use if the vitamin D trail is broken by liver or kidney malfunction.

Personally, I am working on diet to hopefully fix my autoimmune problems, which at 71 are now affecting many more things than my skin. All my organs and glands seem to have been affected by a lifetime of inflammation. After 3 months on FODMAP I am already much better - less pain, less inflammation, beginning to lose weight. I think my liver might be starting to function properly again. My advice, lowest carbohydrates, eliminate as much fructose as you can, no gluten, no lactose. Look up FODMAP for yourselves. It is actually for irritable bowel syndrome. You will be surprised to know that your guts have the same epithelial cells as your skin. Why would psoriasis affect only your outside, and not those cells as well?

Good luck


Posted Sat 14 Jul 2018 11.16am by RascalNJazz2

Hi PappaCanoos

First of all let me say just how much I and I am sure many other Psoriasis sufferers can sympathise and empathise with how this condition can seriously effect ones life. I have suffered from Psoriasis since I was about 20 (43 now with 2 children and another on the way) and know full well how depressing, self-conscious and hopeless it makes one feel. At its worst it was covering at least 65% of my body.

As with many sufferers I spent years and years trying all manner of ointments and steroids and light therapy twice. As usual they only had a temporary and limited amount of success and as everyone soon finds out it usually returns. Like yourself it left me feeling depressed and helpless.

I managed to get a referral to a dermatologist who prescribed me some oral drugs and when that didn't have any effect we tried a different combination which didn't help either. Eventually he prescribed me Humira. Wow!!! It had a dramatic effect, within 4-6 weeks most of my Psoriasis had cleared, by week 7/8 my body was completely clear apart from some very small spots. A bloody miracle!!

I have only had Enstilar once delivered to me after it was prescribed by my dermatologist and only used it a couple of times for any small spots of Psoriasis, so I havnt yet myself been told how I would get another prescription. My first piece of advice would be to contact your doctor first of all and see if you can have a repeat prescription for the Enstilar, I'm not convinced that it can only be prescribed through your dermatologist each and every time. I would hope if you explain your concerns to your doctor, he/she should be able to sort something.

I have heard a lot of good things about Enstilar and I'm so pleased that its having such a positive effect for you, I really hope you can go away on your holiday and feel comfortable enough to get in that pool with the kids.

My second piece of advice would be to make sure you reach out to your doctor/dermatologist as soon as you feel that the Enstilar is no longer having the same positive results - this might happen with continues overuse - or if you feel that it is not helping you enough. You MUST be open and honest and tell them exactly how this condition is effecting your life and well being. They have to take notice., especially if you feel suicidal. Ask them about Humira and if it would be appropriate for you, Humira is not a drug that can be given to anyone, it very much depends on current health and any previous illness that may have effected your liver or kidneys, although this wouldn't all together rule out this drug as there are variants of Humira and other similar biological drugs.

Basically, my Dermatologist told me we had to pretty much try every kind of treatment before he could give me Humira due to the the expense, but be persistent and insistent and hopefully you will get it.

Good luck my friend and I hope you get to enjoy your holiday.

Posted Today 6.22am by PappaCanoos


Thanks very much for your response,

Managed to get another 120g of Enstilar but I've been told that I can't have any more until I've seen the Dermatologist. Thats still in Jan 2019 so when these two cans run out I'm not sure what I am going to do ?

My GP needs to take this very serious and see how it is totally affecting my quality of life in every way possible.

For a refferal to take 6 months is a bit of a joke, especially when the Dermatologists secretary has apparently triaged me without even seeing me.

Maybe if they even just asked for a patient to send in a few pictures first, they would see how serious everyones case is !

Hope all you sufferers out there find that something works :-)

Posted Today 4.44pm by Maja

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