Enstilar foam

Posted Thu 6 Jul 2017 4.35pm by Shannonlouise

Hi all,

Ive got enstilar foam from my doctors. hes told me to apply it on my scalp but he was very unsure if it can be used there so he done some research whilst I waited next to him and he saw one case of it being used on the scalp..

Anyway ive just used it on my scalp and its working so far but It seriously wont come out.. ive washed my hair/scalp 5-6 times now and its still soo sticky and greasy its driving me insane!!!!

Any suggestions what I can do??

Posted Fri 7 Jul 2017 4.14pm by Metarie1985
Beauty standard ignorer, unapologetic P sufferer for 10 years, determined to stay positive!

The only thing I can suggest is use a clear shampoo (like vosene) and leave it on for as long as possible to cut through the grease...or maybe even washing up liquid?

Posted Sun 9 Jul 2017 1.50pm by Shannonlouise

Thank you, its a really thick grease!, it's horrible

Posted Sat 22 Jul 2017 8.38pm by Sarahmatty

Try putting shampoo on before you wet your hair. That's what I did when I used olive oil for my scalp p.

Posted Sun 27 Aug 2017 11.39pm by Glowstars

Capasal shampoo claims it can get rid of oily/greasy treatments. Given how stripped my hair feels after using it, I'd guess it probably can.

Otherwise I find aqueous cream works to remove it then shampoo as normal.

Posted Tue 9 Jan 2018 12.51pm by mljb

I am a Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis sufferer, and have been prescribed Enstilar foam which has worked wonders, but I have been having a great deal of trouble with my joints and muscles recently, Some web sites say Enstilar can be a side effect. Has anyone else had these symptoms?

Posted Mon 15 Jan 2018 11.51pm by Judith Nosrati

Hi there I too was prescribed Enstilar.

I have been using it as prescribed on my body and elbows and within 72 hrs my psoriasis was so much better., it's the best medication I have come across in 50 yrs of suffering

Posted Sat 20 Jan 2018 4.50pm by allan m

enstilar is dovobet in a foam form does ease skin as all steroids do but not a long term solution in my experience it comes back with a vengeance hope you have better results good luck

Posted Thu 5 Apr 2018 12.45pm by DanielC

Thankfully I'm not the only one. Enstilar is a really great product but I wish they did it in a mousse rather than a foam (similar to Betamousse). I know it's the calcipotrial that causes the thickness and greasiness the same with dovobet gel and with dovonex ointment - really gooey.

But seriously, I have tried washing my hair with Capasal, Washing up liquid, MG217, Dermarest....and I still look like a 1920s gangster my hair is so slick.

I need a haircut soon too so might have to give the Enstilar a rest until it is completely washed out. I'm also wondering if it is damaging my hair and if there are any long term impacts that could arise, similar to relaxants on Afro hair.

Posted Sat 5 May 2018 2.39am by Tczarnota

I need help. I’m new to this website. I have had plaque psoriasis since I was 16 I’m now 42. I have finally found Enstilar and I love it but it’s so expensive. My insurance company don’t even list it. My dermatologist is trying to get me a PA for humira but the side effects scare me. I want Enstilar anyone know if there is something similar or a way that I can get it. It’s so frustrating I have been doing ointment for so long with no improvement. I finally found what I want and I can’t have it. Also does anyone happen to know why insurance companies make it so difficult for people with psoriasis to get relief.


Posted Mon 7 May 2018 10.07pm by ScottishPinder

I used to have to wash my hair 6 times to get Enstilar out, but I've cracked it Baby Oil.

Massage baby oil on scalp through hair before wetting, I then shampoo with a cheap clear shampoo & then shampoo again with whichever coal tar one I have. Condition & it's all gone.

Posted Wed 16 May 2018 4.44pm by vasselise
Hi everyone. I have been loving and loathing my flakes for 45 years. We shall overcome :-)

Not sure if this helps but my dermatologist was on the review panel for Enstillar and it is NOT supposed to be used on the scalp. This was also echoed by my pharmacist. My GP prescribed it for me and 12 months later I am still suffering from the results.

If you do use it please use it very sparingly. I find better results from pure and simple baby oil and I have severe scalp psoriasis, so much so my next option is to shave my hair off !

Posted Thu 24 May 2018 4.14pm by Lizzie28

You can use dovobet on your scalp - they make a gel specifically for that purpose and my dermatologist gave me a prescription for the gel but it now comes with an applicator and a pump handle - bit like a small can of mousse except it's gel. The instructions say to apply the gel and leave it on overnight if possible. Next day apply a mild (baby) shampoo to DRY hair esp to the areas where the gel is. Leave shampoo on for a couple of mins before washing your hair. Repeat if necessary. The applicator means you don't need to get the gel on your fingers - but ask your GP for it specifically otherwise you will just get the bottle of gel prescribed

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