Inverse Psoriasis

Posted Fri 1 Sep 2017 11.20am by WorkingMum88

Hi everyone,

I'm new here and just wanted to reach out in the hopes of finding someone who has/knows anything about inverse psoriasis.

I was first diagnosed with scalp psoriasis at 19. I'm 29 now and have recently been diagnosed with inverse psoriasis after showing symptoms for roughly 9months (it was misdiagnosed numerous times).

Any advice on how to treat/manage/Just live with this would be hugely appreciated.

Thanks x

Posted Fri 8 Sep 2017 2.32am by life0007

Hello I have inverse psoriasis for several years - happy to talk. It is one of the most painful/itchy types of psoriasis.

And yes, it took a year to diagnose because the NHS doctors kept ignoring it.

Posted Sat 9 Sep 2017 1.25pm by idy (edited Sun 10 Sep 2017 9.51am by idy)

I have inverse/flexural psoriasis in my groin and where my arms bend. Moisturising with Emulsifying Ointment followed by applying Silkis in my groin keeps psoriasis away. I used a bit of Enstilar where my arms bend, and the psoriasis cleared within a week. All of these (and other alternatives) can be prescribed by a GP, but if these fail, ask them if you can be referred to a Dermatologist at a hospital to explore other options.

Posted Sun 10 Sep 2017 9.01am by WorkingMum88

Thank you both!

I've been at my whits end over this.

I'm so frustrated with my Dr. He seems to have given up trying to help me and sends me on my way with betnovate cream, scalp ointment and capasal shampoo. I've asked twice to be referred to a dermatologist and he's said no both times - he insists its not 'severe enough' because it's localised to my scalp and one other place and doesn't cover my legs or torso. I always feel terrible then. Like im wasting his time because I know some people live with this on their entire bodies. I'm looking into switching Drs but as there's a shortage in the area im not sure how successful I'll be. I understand there's unlikely to be a cure but he doesn't seem to grasp that I'm trying to manage the symptoms - it's the itch I can't bear. I've had days where I've injured myself scratching and have ended up having to make excuses to leave work. Sorry for venting but this seems like the only place anyone even remotely understands what it's like.

Posted Sun 10 Sep 2017 10.14am by idy (edited Sun 10 Sep 2017 10.15am by idy)

If your current treatments aren't working, it might be good to bring up alternatives with your (new) GP, as sometimes they might not think of something (or might be a bit lazy!). The 'Psoriasis and Treatments' section of this site has the full range of treatments available via GPs. Etrivex (daily for four weeks, then weekly, as instructed in the leaflet) worked great on my scalp.

About a year ago the inverse/flexural psoriasis in my intimate regions was much more itchy than usual, leading my GP to think that I also had a fungal infection (probably caused by earlier itching). I was prescribed an anti-fungal cream to use for a few weeks on top of my moisturiser (Emulsifying ointment), and that seemed to do the trick.

Referrals to a Dermatologist tend to be for more widespread psoriasis, otherwise the potential side effects are likely to outweigh the psoriasis itself, which is frustrating. Finding a better GP might be the way to go, along with frequent (monthly) appointments to monitor the treatments and change if necessary.

I too am having issues with work at the moment. See the 'Employment' thread I started yesterday.

Don't worry about venting. You're amongst friends here, and this is exactly what these forums are for!

Posted Mon 11 Sep 2017 10.31pm by WorkingMum88

That's a good point actually, maybe a new GP will respond better to suggestions. My current GP just makes me feel like I'm wasting his time. It's very frustrating. I don't like to suggest new treatments or things I've read because he becomes quite obviously irritated and it's exhausting feeling like you're fighting a losing battle.

The only thing that even remotely helps relieve the itching at the moment is hemp seed oil but the effects don't seem to last long.

Thanks for taking the time to respond, I really appreciate it. Just having a space to talk about it with people who understand helps.

Posted Wed 13 Sep 2017 2.04pm by Nikkib25

How do u know what type of psoriasis u have.i am 31 and have had it since i was 6 and just got told i have psoriasis.tried most creams but find dovobet my best one so far.

Posted Thu 14 Sep 2017 8.36pm by Knitting Jo

My local and very helpful pharmacist suggested taking an anti - histamine to stop the itching. I haven't tried it yet as I'm on quite a lot of meds anyway but am considering it as an option. Has anyone else tried this?

Posted Fri 15 Sep 2017 11.49am by thin-skinned
Irascible septuagenarian fed up with the psoriasis constantly at me :wink:

I have fexofenadine 180 prescribed for hives and itching which is fairly effective but not 100% and any reduction was gratefully received. I am also on a long list of other meds for several problems and the antihistamine had no effect on any on my list. Whilst I do not think OTC strengths would be very effective, anything must be worth a couple of weeks trial.

"Fexofenadine hydrochloride 180 mg

tablets are approved for the relief of

symptoms such as flushing, oedema and

itching, which occur in connection with

the allergic skin condition called chronic

idiopathic urticaria (CIU)."

Posted Fri 15 Sep 2017 6.01pm by lindylou

I often take over the counter Claritin antihistamine. I find if I take one before bedtime it reduces the morning wake up itch and gives relief throughout the next day.

Posted Sat 16 Sep 2017 7.13am by Sue P

Hi, regarding referral to Dermatologist. My doctor refused to refer me as said it wasn't bad enough. This was in my early days & the doctor thought it was Psorisis.. I had it really bad on my hands & feet. I contribute to a health scheme through work called Beneden so I asked them to cover the costs of the referral. The Dermatologist was horrified that my doctor hadn't referred me & as he was an NHS consultant ( Beneden work was his sideline) he wrote to my doctor asking her to refer me to him as an NHS patient. I'm not saying all consultants would do this but it worked for me.

Posted Mon 7 May 2018 12.06pm by matureprincess54 (edited Mon 7 May 2018 12.08pm by matureprincess54)

Hi there,

I have inverse psoriasis and have recently had an outbreak which i think is related to the menopause as i havent suffered since my second pregnancy 27 years ago!!

I have used coal tar 2% gel (MG27) which has cleared it up and is so much less itchy and sore. Yes its expensive but it works. Its also not as smelly as coal tar shampoos or doesn't stain , but it still has a chemical smell. I am less itchy and sore and less flare ups so i will continue to use this along with Vitamin D cream.

I have my breakouts in my groin area, around my pubic bone area and in the creases of my legs.

I used sudacrem to help with a barrier against rubbing but it didn't clear it.

I have also tried the Dermalex psoriasis cream which helps prevent flare ups but again is expensive.

I dont want to use steriods.

Hope this helps someone.

Ps have a read of this websites info for helping with the NHS

Posted Mon 28 May 2018 0.54am by Meeshymoo

I have inverse genital psoriasis, it goes from my pubic bone right round to the top of my sacrum, it also affects my thighs & my groin. I was on mometasone furoate cream until a new dr came into the surgery & stopped it, he rang me to tell me he wanted a review & the next available date he has for an appointment is in July!! I’ve been without my brilliant mometasone cream now for just over 2 weeks & I’m having the worst flare up ever, it’s bleeding constantly, I’ve been putting calendula cream on it as it’s the only thing that stops the itching & burning for a couple of hours. Is there anything else I can try until I can get my cream back again, I really feel like ripping my skin off!!

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