Scalp psoriasis shampoo recommendations?

Posted Wed 6 Sep 2017 7.44pm by staaace

Ok so I've been using Yes To carrots shampoo and conditioner for dry scalp for the past few months and have recently figured out that the tea tree in it is overdrying my scalp (either that or the shampoo is generally just crap at doing its job). Basically theyre just useless products, I would not personally recommend them (but Yes To is generally a great brand just not that specific product).

I've heard (through my extensive googling) that Dead Sea Spa Magik mineral shampoo is really good for scalp psoriasis and it has heaps of people raving about it on the Holland and Barrett website which is convincing me to give it a go...

HOWEVER, I've also seen Amazon reviews saying the OGX Macadamia Oil range has been effective for others with the same scalp condition.

>> Has anyone has any good OR bad experiences with either of these brands/products? Or could anyone please make any other recommendations for scalp psoriasis shampoos? <<

I've tried a prescription/medicated one over time it just made my head & neck worse :(

❤️Much appreciated❤️

Posted Mon 11 Sep 2017 9.48am by Isabel

My sympathies, I also have scalp psoriasis and have had it for about 10 years and gradually getting worse but I have to admit not scratching/picking it is one of my main struggles. I've found traditional treatments of little help, it clears up and then comes back and I worry about the skin damage from steroids. However I have found Hemp oil to be of some help, if you look on YouTube you will find an American girl who claims to have cured herself with hemp oil and it certainly seems to sooth my scalp, anyway investigate it, there is quite a lot on the internet. Good luck!

Posted Mon 11 Sep 2017 1.58pm by staaace

We have that scratching/picking problem in common! To the point where I have embarrassingly bald patches on my head (mainly due to stress induced alopecia which accompanied my new scalp psoriasis issue - stress is my enemy apparently!).

Thank you so much for the recommendation of hemp oil I will definitely give it a try! I'm very into naturally based products as I also fear the real damage other products can do because of all the chemicals they're packed with so I'm really glad that you suggested that! I also recently purchased the Body Shop's ginger anti dandruff scalp relief shampoo which I'm eager to try out when it arrives from online :)

Posted Tue 12 Sep 2017 7.57pm by Roofire

I've tried a fair few, but have settled on Capasal shampoo, which you can either get on prescription or directly from your local pharmacist. If you follow the instructions, I have found it very good in reducing itching and excessive flaking. The only down side is you are left with a slight smell of moth balls.

I'd be interested in hearing of any other shampoos that people have found effective.

Posted Wed 13 Sep 2017 6.20pm by Mark

Alphosyl shampoo works really well for me. I don't particularly like the smell but otherwise i can't fault it.

Posted Thu 14 Sep 2017 1.02pm by Roland

Polytar is the best I have used but is no longer available in this country but is still available on Ebay.

Posted Thu 14 Sep 2017 8.30pm by Knitting Jo

I've had psoriasis on my scalp for many years and it is incredibly itchy!! I like the idea of hemp oil but doesn't it make your hair really greasy? How do you then wash it out without drying out our scalp even more?

Posted Mon 18 Sep 2017 3.28pm by smondle

my GP actually suggested oiling my scalp like in the good old days! However, personally after using vaious prescription shampoos I settled on T gel therapeutic shampoo. You can get it on prescription or buy it in most supermarkets/pharmacists, it's as good as Capasal but doesn't have nearly as pungent a smell from the coal tar. It doesn't make your hair greasy, though I would suggest not using conditioner with it.

Posted Tue 19 Sep 2017 10.29am by Isabel (edited Mon 25 Sep 2017 12.25pm by Psoriasis Association (Admin))

I'm not sure if they'll let me post this YouTube link but I'll try. This is the info about Hemp oil that I mentioned earlier. If the link is not accepted try putting lamblike into the search. I found Dr Bronners shampoo drying and irritant and I also have not done the regime for a week, but have used the hemp every other time I wash my hair. I have it on overnight or for about 4 hours during the day. Its not cured the psoriasis but definitely improved the situation, worth a try!

Posted Tue 19 Sep 2017 10.45pm by Sargod

I don't really know how to start, I am 49 years old and have never had Psoriasis until now! I had a few dry scaby patches of skin appear on my scalp last year and then I have full blown Psoriasis? I put it down to the Menopause!

It is horrendous, it is all over my body and my scalp is just a mess, big lumps of flaky skin!

But, I have seen the Dermatologist and he has prescribed me with Enstilar Foam.

It is brilliant, it is a sort of foam but very greasy so you have to apply it to the affected arears in the evening and keep it on overnight and then wash off in the morning, but my scalp is so much better and looking normal. I don't have to keep checking in the mirror that I have scaly bits escaping everywhere! It is only available on prescription and a very new product so hope this helps and good luck!

Posted Wed 20 Sep 2017 9.32pm by Janeyg

I have recently been diagnosed with scalp psoriasis and waiting to see Gp for results on PA.

The best shampoo I have found is the cheap £1 per bottle xhc coconut water shampoo and conditioner.

I had been eliminating dairy and alcohol from my diet and it just about disappeared when for the last two days I have had milk in my diet and it flared up overnight. At least that is one trigger I have found.

Mine as been triggered by the menopause.

Posted Sun 24 Sep 2017 5.50pm by Rhubarb23

My psoriasis started on my scalp, gradually increasing until it felt like a hard hat on my head, I wouldn't wish it on anyone. I tried various scalp treatments, but ended up with not only the psoriasis but hair that felt like straw.

A bit inconvenient I know, but I started covering my scalp in coconut oil and wearing a shower cap for up to an hour before washing my hair in ordinary shampoo and touch wood I've been free of it on my scalp for several months now. My hands and feet however are an ongoing process. I'm seriously thinking about having my feet removed, wheels fitted and becoming a trolley bag!!!

Posted Wed 21 Mar 2018 4.57pm by Flo11

I've tried and tested many shampoos and remedies and the only one I find really helped has been Body Shop Ginger shampoo - it's an anti-dandruff formula however after reading the reviews, I noticed many people use it for psoriasis and commented to say it cleared up their scalp psoriasis so thought I would give it a try - so glad I did! Unfortunately it still flares up from time to time due to changes in weather/stress but I have come to accept that this will happen from time to time. Good luck.

Posted Fri 23 Mar 2018 11.14am by Allanswife03

Have you tried Capasal Therapeutic Shampoo, I've been using this for appx 3 weeks now and I have found it to work and the smell is not overly bad either, Although I am reasonably happy with this shampoo, I have however just ordered the Sorian Shampoo and scalp Lotion as I've been using the cream for my hands and feet and i love it, so i am going to give the Sorian Shampoo a try and see how it goes once my other Shampoo has left the building, will let you know how I get on with it, ps I had scalp psoriasis quite severe to the point of me losing a lot of hair (A lot) and as you can imagine that upset me quite a bit, I am back on the road to recovery now however a bit of crustiness keeps coming back but all in all the Capasal handled it fairly well, think it's a bit of trial and error till you find what suits, all the best xxx

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