Hello. New member & recently diagnose. Anybody suffer with Psoriasis on toes, balls & heels of feet?

Posted Fri 17 Nov 2017 6.46pm by MrsXXV
Recently diagnosed after long, painful journey

Hello everyone. My name is Karen.

I've recently been diagnosed with Psoriasis after years of suffering a skin condition on my toes and the balls & heels of my feet. It seems an unusual area to be afflicted, and for years I was told it was just dry skin, ignore it and was even recently told it was athlete's foot. You can imagine what using strong Daktarin did for me. Ouch! My fingers are affected, too.

I've finally seen a Dermatologist this week and will be starting with a 10% Salicylic cream in soft yellow paraffin, a Salicylic acid & Betamethasone preparation and Cetraben. I've also been given some medicated plasters whose name escapes me just now. The plasters are to go over the many open fissures I have.

I've had 3 bouts of Cellulitis in the last few months, and the doctor thinks the bacteria have most probably got in through the fissures on my feet. I already have several other mobility issues and this has been the last straw.

Have any other forum members had these areas affected? Do you have any experience with these treatments? I've been told that, if these aren't effective by the time I see the doc again in 6 weeks, I'll need some ultra violet light therapy.

Thanks in advance for any contributions.

Posted Thu 1 Mar 2018 7.58pm by RubyT

Hey Karen, Know its a bit late but just seen your post - how you doing? Sounds like PPP palmoplanter pustular p have a read through there are a load of posts about it here.

Sounds like your GP is doing the right thing and you have follow up which is great, Like you someone thought I had athlete's foot - which was actually correct on two toes - just to make the cream applications more interesting!!

Reading about your cellulitis, have you been checked for diabetes? I had a flare after christmas and put it down to a bit too much sugar, I'm now looking at the Good Gut diet to re stabilise and reduce bad cards - just a thought.

Posted Thu 1 Mar 2018 9.22pm by MrsXXV (edited Thu 1 Mar 2018 9.27pm by MrsXXV)
Recently diagnosed after long, painful journey

Hi Ruby.

Thanks so much for your reply.

I'm doing pretty good, thanks. The treatments the Dermatologist prescribed helped a lot. When I went for my follow up appointment, the Consultant's Registrar was pleased and changed me to something called Dovobet. Unfortunately, the Psoriasis started to come back within 3 weeks. Im not due back at the hospital until April, so I've changed myself back to the original treatment and it's working. My Consultant said I'd need some form of UV light treatment if the others aren't successful.

Oh my! Yes, it must've been tough to deal with Athlete's Foot as well as Psoriasis! I hope your treatment is going well now.

Thank you for mentioning PPP. I'll have a read up on it right away. I've quite often wondered about Diabetes, too, but I've been tested quite a few times and I've been clear, thank goodness. It's always something to be mindful of, though, especially as my diet isn't great and I'm inactive due to disability.

Posted Sun 8 Apr 2018 11.11am by daftradar
Palmo plantar . On fingers also heel and toes. Just started a year ago after cut to heel.

Hi Karen

I def feel for you. I was diagnosed with PPP by a consultant following 6 months of being treated for fungal infection by GP. Like you it affected toes, balls of my feet and fingers. I had the uv light treatment which did help somewhat but also did a lot of internet research on how others had got their P under control. I changed my diet to a healthier one , limited my sugar intake as much as possible and cut out alcohol for a while too. I also started using prebiotics and probiotics to increase the good bacteria in the gut. Other than that i tried not to get stressed by it all as this is apparently not good either , difficult to do though.

One thing that also helped with P on my feet was natural fibre socks , not too sure why but it def worked . It took a while for theP to be under control but 2 years later I'm more or less ok. It's still there but very manageable .

I hope you get it under control too. Take care.


Posted Tue 10 Apr 2018 0.22am by MrsXXV
Recently diagnosed after long, painful journey

Thanks for sharing your experiences with me, Richard. With help from my Dermatologist, I've managed to massively reduce the number of cuts and splits on my fingers, feet and toes. I do worry about keeping in top of it all, though. You're right about trying not to stress, too.

Keep up the good work against your problem areas. Is it wrong to see it as a battle against this nasty disease!


Posted Tue 10 Apr 2018 10.55am by RubyT

Hi all, I started my light therapy 2 weeks back and can already see a difference, but like Richard I am looking to improve my gut health as well.

To help get rid of all the dead skin on my feet i find daily soaks in Olatum / salt on alternate days, slathering them with an ointment ( cetraben) then bagging them under socks for at least an hour works well for me. In a daily bath I rub dead skin off with nothing rougher than a flannel.

Would recommend watching TV or sitting still with ointment / bags, walking becomes treacherous. Similarily i have been applying ointment to hands and then putting on tight fitting non latex gloves, and gloves on the tops. I cut the fingers off everything as they are fine and my hands got too hot.

Ive been doing this for about 3 months and with the light therapy I am definitely getting some relief and feet healing well.

But Karen I totally agree its a nasty disease 😣

Posted Wed 23 May 2018 0.34am by JeanneJames
Here to speak with likeminded people and to offer support!

Hi Karen (and all!),

I am currently in week 2 of PUVA (light therapy). Suffering with P on hands, feet and wrists. This is my second round of PUVA in 18 months now!

I’ve found that the light therapy works really well, but you just genuinely have to find a topical treatment / diet to manage the P once the light therapy is finished. Unfortunately for me I haven’t got that far yet - and I’ve tried every steroid/tar/topical treatment that the GP has going!

I completely get what everyone is saying about the diet! I really try my best, but I work in a very dynamic work space and can’t seem to get the balance right just yet! I find trying to keep my stress and anxiety levels down helps somewhat too!


Posted Tue 19 Jun 2018 7.56pm by Kiff


My daughter has P on her ankles... and was given tons of diff. steroids and medications, that Never helped her. With lots of research and asking question after question, we/she found relief in a CBD lotion. There are many types of CBD products. Have you considered trying some?

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