Scalp Psoriasis

Posted Fri 16 Feb 2018 3.56pm by janedaniels

Hello - I have been using Sebco on my scalp for several years only to be told by Boots that it is no longer available due to a manufacturing problem. I originally used Cocous Co but, the same thing happened.

Can anyone suggest a similar product that is available on prescription and is cold tar based?

Many thanks,

Jane D.

Posted Fri 16 Feb 2018 11.40pm by Gemjrwooddisse

Capasal shampoo

Posted Sat 17 Feb 2018 9.58am by janedaniels

Many thanks for your suggestion but, I am looking for an alternative ointment for my scalp not a shampoo.

Best wishes,


Posted Thu 22 Feb 2018 7.41pm by jojo17

Hi, I use betnovate scalp application. Works well for me.

Posted Fri 23 Feb 2018 11.04am by janedaniels

Thank you - I'll give it a try!

Posted Tue 27 Feb 2018 10.46am by BillyR

I'm using Enstilar on prescription from a dermatologist. It's strong stuff and has got rid of most of my body psoriasis. My scalp (and resulting dandruff) is much better but I accidentally got the stuff on various parts of my body, through lack of care, and it's quite hot and itchy on those patches. The foam spray that it comes in is only designed for 4 days' use, so obviously it's a nuclear option. More later.

Posted Tue 27 Feb 2018 3.25pm by janedaniels

Many thanks for your help. Luckily Sebco is now back in stock but, I will keep a note of Enstilar.

Best wishes,

Posted Fri 9 Mar 2018 2.52pm by babs52

I used Capasal yesterday for the first time and my scalp has gone from dry and flaky to weeping sores. waiting on response from doctor for advice on what to use. I have used T-gel and T-tree to no avail. I've never had scalp psoriasis before and it is now on my face too. Once again the cream for my face is more irritating so am just using aveeno moisturiser which does not make me want to scratch my face off. Any suggestions for really caring hair products as I dont think coal tar agrees with me

Posted Mon 12 Mar 2018 10.02am by BillyR

Capasal does absolutely nothing for me. Dead sea salt helps with removing the itching - I have baths with a whole packet in.

Enstilar is not the answer, I fear. As I said before, it's a nuclear option and gets rid of most things but only for a week. For me, it's the scalp that needs fixing.

Posted Mon 12 Mar 2018 9.16pm by Katie1996

Capsal shampoo is rubbish and won’t work, if it’s as bad as mine speak to your doctor, they have the hospital make a ointment for me consistent of 2 parts , pomade tar and an acid (name beginning with an S but I can’t quite remember it) and the psoriasis on my scalp went away for a year!! It will come back as mine did but just ask for it again ( you have to wait a while for it to be made though)

Posted Tue 13 Mar 2018 8.56am by BillyR

My very good friend Eamonn has suffered like many of us for years with psoriasis, even with patches in the most private of parts (!). Last year, he moved part-time to Canillas in the South of Spain. It all disappeared. He came back to the UK for Christmas - it all came back again. Now back in rural/coastal Spain, it has gone again. Some message here!

Posted Wed 21 Mar 2018 2.15pm by mungflesh

I find sun and salt water is great: the sun is the main factor and the saltwater assists in getting rid of the scale/flakes.

Another thing which really helps for me is swimming in chlorinated pools. I am a strong swimmer and I do 3 x 1hr sessions a week training. I find that afterwards, the chlorine has dried the scalp such that the psoriasis kind of 'dies' like dried leaves. Later in the evening I then apply epaderm ointment to the scalp before bed and for a few days it's usually much better.

I try and avoid ALL steroid type treatments if I can. They have worked well in the past but eventually stop working.

Posted Wed 21 Mar 2018 2.53pm by Gemma

I use t gel shampoo for scalp psoriasis,its very good not great smell, but does job. Stop itchy scalping most supermarkets

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