CBD oil

Posted Sat 9 Jun 2018 8.20am by Summer

Has anyone used CBD oil to help their P. If so where from and did you get good results

Posted Sat 9 Jun 2018 12.25pm by Mclean316

Hi summer, I started using CBD yesterday, I'll keep you posted if there are no other replies

Posted Mon 11 Jun 2018 11.22am by Chrissie NW

Hi Summer, I assume you are referring to Cannabis Oil???? If you are I tried it and my Psoriasis was very bad, I put it on my skin, but Im afraid it did not work for me, but when I discussed it with my friend, who also has P. she said she took it like medicine, she was not as bad as me and she see improvement.

You can buy it on Amazon, no harm in trying it.

Good Luck


Posted Tue 12 Jun 2018 5.29pm by OhNo_NotAgain?

Just to mention: Much of what is advertised in UK as CBD oil or cannabis oil (or what shows up in an internet search) is actually Hemp oil - it is made from different parts of the plant and is not the same thing.

Posted Wed 13 Jun 2018 3.01am by Debra B

I just started taking it twice a day 1 week ago. No relief yet. I’m praying. I’m so uncomfortable. Debra. Help!

Posted Tue 19 Jun 2018 6.46pm by Kiff

I purchased a Full Spectrum CBD lotion for my daughter. She started using it a couple weeks ago... We could not be Happier!!! Immediate results of "relaxed skin" not "tight" no sting or burn, like with all other lotions. Now, she has clear skin... just a little pink where the patches have been. She is Happy, I am happy!!! From all the research I did and questions I asked... Full spectrum products are going to be the most beneficial . My advice is do the research, find a local place willing to answer your questions and find out what products you can benefit from the most! CBD oils, tinctures, gummies, topical's... there are so many options.

CBD oil is derived from the plant... BUT is NOT the same has Hemp Oil- Hemp oil is extracted from the flowers or leaves. CBD is extracted from the whole plant, not just parts of it. So you get the cannabinoids, which interact with Our bodies natural endocannabinoid systems.

Good Luck !!

Posted Tue 19 Jun 2018 6.53pm by Mclean316

Hi Kiff,

Have you got information on this lotion like where you got it and brand?


Posted Tue 19 Jun 2018 7.07pm by Kiff

I am in the States and use a brand called American Shaman. The store/shop is called American Shaman also... not sure how many other states have this place??

It is a Full Spectrum CBD lotion.

The shop has great reviews and they had a lots of research information on their website and was willing to answer all my questions.

Also! some places want your money... I found lotions and oils that were priced over $100.00(USD) be careful what you purchase, expensive does Not mean better.

Posted Tue 3 Jul 2018 11.42am by Charlie24

I have had PPP for the last 4 years on the sole of my left foot. What started as, what I thought, athlete's foot between 2 toes has now spread as far as my heel. I don't think there is a cream, lotion or potion on the market either prescription or over the counter that I haven't tried, I have even had light treatment - nothing worked. I reached a very dark place in January of this year when I got an infection which ended up as cellulitis in my left leg, I was in hospital for 2 weeks with complete bed rest followed by another 2 weeks bed rest at home whilst being bombarded with very strong antibiotics both intravenous and oral. I have become semi-housebound as walking is just too painful. The PPP cycle of blisters, blood spots, skin peeling is continuous with no respite. I have spent hours on the internet researching as going to the GP is a waste of time. GP refers to dermatologist, dermatologist prescribes a different steroid cream and then sends letter of discharge. What seems recurrent in the research I have done is that food and your digestive system can play a bit part in controlling the PPP. So 2 weeks ago I started taking Cod Liver Oil to replace Vit A, Acidophilus to promote good bacteria in the gut and CBD oil both oral and applied to the PPP area. Not wanting to speak too soon, but the last two mornings I have woken up pain free as no cracks on my foot. It no longer feels like I am walking on razor blades but more like I have a crumpled inner sole in my shoe, uncomfortable but not painful. I am hopeful that there is a light at the end of the tunnel so will keep up the current regime and see when I end up.

Posted Thu 26 Jul 2018 3.32pm by OhNo_NotAgain? (edited Fri 27 Jul 2018 2.18pm by OhNo_NotAgain?)

The post below looks strange now, but was in response to a post from a company using the name Langfords and offering to supply various types of CBD oil.

I don't know if they deleted their own posts, or if the moderators of this site removed them.


1. they have misspelt their own website address.

2. NO contact details whatsoever, who they are or where they are

3. They only accept payment by BACS (direct bank transfer), so you have no consumer protection at all, AND they will receive your bank account details.

4. On their webstore page, the links to "terms and conditions", "delivery", "right of withdrawal" link to a template from the web designer or host - there are no actual terms or details of anything.

NOTE: there used to be a beauty-products scam a year or two ago where you could get free samples and "only need to pay postage". People ordered and found themselves signed up to monthly subscriptions of £80-£120 a month, with great difficulty to cancel and little chance of getting thir money back.

I have tried CBD oil - I bought it from Holland & Barrett.

Posted Thu 26 Jul 2018 5.19pm by OhNo_NotAgain? (edited Mon 6 Aug 2018 10.56pm by OhNo_NotAgain?)

My post below was in response to a reply from the company mentioned above - which contained personal insults dirrected at me, and they did not even correct their mis-spelt website address, which I thought strange.


Both your site and your reply here lack any professionalism and do nothing to convince me to do business with you.

If others want to - that is certainly up to them.

Usually a legitimate business would at least provide a business address, and contact details other than simply an email address.

2 Posted Mon 6 Aug 2018 4.52pm by Summer

I saw a post on here may be a few weeks

ago someone offering samples of CBD, any one knows if it was removed

OhNo_NotAgain? Responded to them. Maybe frightened them off

Posted Mon 6 Aug 2018 7.44pm by Charlie24

It is now 5 weeks since I posted regarding CBD oil and other things I was trying as an alternative to steroid creams. I have cut out alcohol altogether (I do miss my glass of wine of an evening). I avoid sugar and try to avoid gluten (although I am not obsessive about it). It really helps that I am trying this in the summer as I have been living on salads and fresh fruit. I also mix CBD oil with my Zero moisturiser and rub into my foot every morning. My PPP has not disappeared but is certainly a lot easier to cope with. The pustules seem to be getting fewer and longer periods between them appearing and the area covered by the PPP seems to be shrinking albeit very slowly. I get my CBD oil from Holland & Barrett and although it is expensive, there is usually some offer available. At the moment if you buy one you get a second one for 1p which is fantastic. I will keep you updated.

Posted Mon 6 Aug 2018 10.52pm by OhNo_NotAgain? (edited Thu 9 Aug 2018 1.27pm by OhNo_NotAgain?)

Summer: I don't know if the site moderators removed that company's posts or if they did themselves (I don't know if the Psoriasis Association allow advertising from companies on here, I have observed other obvious advertising to be removed quite quickly).

I pointed out on 26th July that their website address was mis-typed in their post here. Also they had no contact details on their website (no company address or contact details except for a single email address), and they only accepted payment by BACS which would mean customers would give them access to bank account details and you would have no protection under Uk consumer legislation if anything went wrong with the transaction.

I also remarked that none of the sections of their website covering tems and conditions, delivery details etc contained any information.

They responded with some personal insults, and did not even correct the mistake in their website address. That is not the behaviour I would expect from a professional organisation, even a one-man business. A few days later their posts on two threads disappeared.

Their company name is still mentioned in my post further back on this thread so anyone wishing to order from them can easily find them with a search engine.

There are however other companies selling apparently similar products who do give full details of their companies on their websites, their addresses and accept payment via credit card.

Posted Tue 7 Aug 2018 8.42am by Chrissie NW

Morning everyone, the Company who were selling was taken off by the Psoriasis Association as Selling is not allowed, thank goodness, we don't want our fantastic forum sites ending up like Facebook.

Chrissie H-B

1 Posted Sun 16 Sep 2018 9.52am by Daria

Hi All,

I am using CBD OIl, hemp tea and hemp buds. I would say the beginning was a bit strange, but now I'm getting fantastic improvement on many levels. I am grateful to myself for being persistent. I've done a lot of research on google. Apparently, the way oil is produced is important and if the hemp is a good quality. Too many commercial products out there. So, my final choice was www.cbdo.co.uk and I am happy! It is worth taking the time to research and think.

Posted Sun 16 Sep 2018 12.03pm by Charlie24

An update since I started using CBD oil and watching my diet. I am still using the CBD oil mixed with moisturiser on my foot every day and following the no alcohol, sugar or glutten diet, but for the last week after reading another thread on the forum regarding blueberries, I have also eaten a punnet of blueberries everyday and yesterday I actually went shopping and was out for 2 hours walking and came home with no noticeable effect to my foot. Usually when I get home from the weekly shop (the only time I go out) I spend the next 2 or 3 days in complete agony. Feeling very optimistic today and going to keep on with the blueberries

Posted Sat 29 Sep 2018 9.46pm by little1303

hi there

can you help i have a 50ml bottle with my fav vape juice and just brought a 250mg 2ml of cbd can you tell me how much i should put in the 50ml bottle i am big if that helps lol thanks

Posted Thu 4 Oct 2018 2.44am by Amanda0115

My psoriasis is getting worse. Feel like I'm losing my mind - absolutely nothing works. No matter what products I use, there is never any difference. I've tried dozens and dozens of different cleansers, moisturizers and BP products. Can anyone please recommend a product I've not tried? Something new?

Posted Sun 4 Nov 2018 10.04pm by BananaPhone

Hi Amanda0115,

Try Protopic ointment (might also be manufactured as Tacrolimus but I'm not sure).

It's not a steroid, which is the only reason I agreed in the first place, and it made my skin clear again.

I have to apply it daily which kinda sucks, and some areas around might itch the first couple of days, but it is totally worth it because even if you're looking for a long-time solution you obviously want to clear some stuff up in the meantime so you don't lose your shit until you find the perfect solution

Regarding CBD - I think I'm gonna go for it. I still don't understand what's better - Through the digestive system or by applying it on the skin? And if so then how much is enough?

Posted Tue 13 Nov 2018 9.38am by johndoe

Hi i also have a similar problem.

i have patches over my body not larger than an inch but im told by professionals it is psoriasis and they've diagnosed me with psoriatic arthritis I have not taken anything for it yet except creams which dont help. I take ibuprofen to ease the pains and swelling I have but now its at the point where it doesn't seem to help.

The pains are unbearable even when making a cup of tea.

I have purchased 2.5% cbd oil from https://www.cbdchem.co.uk/product-category/cbd-oil/?orderby=price.

Would anyone recommend a higher dosage because I am a larger male? I am 6ft at 120kg. Also it tastes pretty gross when you swallow it.

Thanks in advance.

Posted Mon 19 Nov 2018 2.28am by Tknut

I've tried these cbd salves, and have been satisfied. Check them out. I would try a higher percent of cbd if you are a larger person. https://driftlessog.com/product/hemp-oil-balm-1-3oz-50-100mg-cbd-pluscbd-oil and this one https://driftlessog.com/product/hemp-cbd-salve-2oz-150mg-cbd-abinoid-botanicals

Good luck!

Posted Mon 19 Nov 2018 9.46am by Nicolas3

Nope didn't use CBD oil yet. But I have heard about this one. And it's benefit as well. Much effective.

Posted Thu 29 Nov 2018 3.43pm by bobbywright86

Kiff - thank you for your recomendation! after reading your post I went to the American Shamarr site and purchased their "Ultra Concentrated CBD Hemp Oil Anti-Inflammatory 500 Topical Cream." I'm not sure if this is the same one you used because there were a couple options available. Frankly I was a bit hesistant to choose this specfic item for a couple reasons: there was no product image, no reviews, it was the most expensive product on their site, and in the description it says usage: A TOPICAL, creamy ointment for horse(s) ???

Anyway I purchased it and I'm so glad I did! I have A TON of skin problems included psorasis patches on my scalp/side of my face. I've been using this cream for about a 1.5 weeks and have definitely noticed an overall reduction in patch size. It says to use a drop or two of the cream but I use more and just cover all my patches every night. For years I've tried everything from steroids, shampoos, tar, etc with no progress - this is the first time I've purchased something that actually works for me! I also start otzela in December so i'm hoping the two combined will work its magic until everything disapears. I have not tried CBD oil yet but I think that is going to be my next purchase.

Posted Tue 4 Dec 2018 1.52am by Kranti7

I'm a newbie here. I have heard a lot about CBD oil but didn't use it yet. So looking for some good replies about using CBD oil. Thanks!

Posted Tue 11 Dec 2018 9.08am by Laura

I have been using a CBD/THC blend, about 30ml internally for about a month. While the psoriasis on my body hasn’t necessarily gotten worse, it isn’t going away (yet, I am hoping). My scalp seems to have gotten worse. There are no side effects and after this tube is finished I am going to try capsules. I tried some topically but it would take a lot and I would probably use the whole tube in 3 days.

Posted Fri 14 Dec 2018 4.49pm by bobbywright86

update! I may have sounded a bit too excited in my previous post ha so I wanted to clarify/provide an update. using the cbd cream did help me, there was definitely an initial benefit and noticible difference but it was not a cure - rather it has helped reduce the severity of my flares, which to me is still a win so I'm continuing to use it. I also started taking a cbd oil called hempworx500 which is a full spectrum hemp oil peppermint flavor. I place a full dropper under my tongue for a min (fastest absorption method) and then wash it down with water.

Side note - early spring i had completed the otezla starter pack and it actually helped me a ton, i saw a noticible reduction in my patch sizes! unfortunately due to unforseen circumstances i lost my health insurance so i no longer could afford seeing a dermatologist which is why i've been searching for other remidies likes cbd oil. luckily I managed to buy the generic version directly online and although ive only been back on otzela it for a week i'm already noticing promising results! I'll try posting an update in a month to see how things go

Posted Wed 26 Dec 2018 1.45pm by Nicolas3

I have heard a lot about CBD oil. But honestly didn't use it yet. Sorry!

Posted Sun 6 Jan 2019 11.24pm by Amanda0115

How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

Posted Sun 6 Jan 2019 11.26pm by Emily16

@Amanda0115, been there done that. The only place where I was able to purchase cbd legally was this verified place here https://bit.ly/2D9bX36 Fast shipping, great quality.

Posted Mon 7 Jan 2019 6.25am by OhNo_NotAgain?

Amanda0115: to which country are you trying to get a delivery?

Posted Thu 25 Apr 2019 9.09pm by francislallen01

I've tried these cbd salves, and have been satisfied. Check them out. I would try a higher percent of cbd if you are a larger person.


Posted Wed 8 Apr 2020 8.56pm by formulaswiss

I've been having sleeping problems for the past few months and I was wondering if anyone has any experience of using CBD oil to help sleep? I can't use THC at the moment as I suffer from anxiety but I saw that CBD isn't likely to cause anxiety as it is better tolerated? Also, what is the best form to take it in?

Posted Sun 17 May 2020 7.28pm by Artik (edited Sun 17 May 2020 7.47pm by Artik)

Hello everyone on this forum.

Posted Tue 4 Aug 2020 2.31am by ranimarie

CBD oil is amazing and has so many benefits. We use them topically to help relieve pain, anxiety, inflammation and so much more. My family and I use cbd oil roll on, cream for pain and cbd bath bombs. A warm bath with a cbd bath bomb has been my current favorite go-to treatment for sore muscles, relaxation and to help with sleep. We get them at: https://getcbdinfusion.com/ - I don't understand how anyone can be against CBD products when it's dramatically improving people's lives including ours.

Posted Fri 7 Aug 2020 11.03pm by youngirl3150

Try Three little birds ,don't worry about a thing, in Instagram they sell the best cbd oil.

Posted Fri 14 Aug 2020 0.16am by LondonWest (edited Fri 14 Aug 2020 3.18am by LondonWest )
Had P on and off for many years 🤗

I’ve used CBD for sleep and it does work for that. The downside is you can wake up feeling groggy though sometimes but not always. The lower strengths for me did absolutely nothing. Its very subtle when using it so don’t expect to be knocked out totally, I found this UK company is about the best I’ve used https://canabidol.com/ Drops under the tongue I’ve never tried the skin creams

Posted Sat 29 Aug 2020 1.18pm by emelyb (edited Mon 31 Aug 2020 1.24pm by emelyb)

I've always just vaped CBD in a vape liquid in my ecig. But now I want to try CBD flowers by <a href="https://berkshirecbd.com/">https://berkshirecbd.com</a>.

Posted Today 10.17am by naylorparker18 (edited Today 10.17am by naylorparker18)

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