Phototherapy treatment

Posted Wed 22 Aug 2018 10.31am by Lindy

I am currently on my second treatment after having a successful 8 years free from psoriasis after the first one but this one is not going well the psoriasis seems to be getting worse I keep getting red and burnt and more patches than when I started has this happened to anyone else and will it get better in time would really appreciate any feedback

Posted Wed 29 Aug 2018 2.54am by Ella.p

I had this treatment last year in February, it started off bad and I got burnt easily but as I started going more my skin was getting better, I haven't had a flare up since but do get the odd patch on my face or my belly but that's controlled with cremes, wish you the best

Posted Sat 1 Sep 2018 2.26am by warren1
widespread psoriasis for 30years

i have had light treatment 5 times. i found it a temporary relief. Please read the post on blueberries.


Posted Sat 1 Sep 2018 11.31am by OhNo_NotAgain? (edited Sat 1 Sep 2018 5.15pm by OhNo_NotAgain?)

Lindy: whoever is supervising your phototreatment should be ensuring that you do not get burnt. Burning the skin (along with other forms of damage to your skin) CAN tend to make psoriais worse.

Posted Sat 1 Sep 2018 3.22pm by Xtess_mpx

I have tried light therapy on my body and it made a huge difference at the time, but as soon as I got to 15 sessions it got worse again.

My scalp is the worse and im trying it on the scalp in 3 weeks, so in the meantime steroids.

The only thing that made it completely disappear for a week was going to France on holiday but as soon as I got to England again it flared up within a day. I guess i'll have to move abroad ๐Ÿ˜‚

I let the chat know if the light therapy works on scalp

Thanks Tess

Posted Sun 4 Nov 2018 9.48am by Yass

I tried phototherapy at this awful place called Acuiderm Cosmetic Laser Center & Dermatology . The โ€œ doctor โ€œ there had no badge so I honestly have no idea If sheโ€™s even licensed . I got big bruises, blisters and swelling all over my body due to their treatment . I am currently trying to see what I can do bout all the bruising... still looking around if u know of anything that can help pls lmk ... I can hardly get around due to the pain and constant oozing

Posted Sun 4 Nov 2018 1.15pm by OhNo_NotAgain?

Even a badge would not make someone a licensed/qualified doctor. Why anyone would consider a clinic describing itself as Cosmetic to be a suitable place for photo-therapy for psoriasis is beyond me.

Posted Sat 10 Nov 2018 7.53pm by driver

I had this treatment on my hands at hospital. Two visits a week but had to stop going as it cost too much in petrol (and parking) and I am on benefits. It was going really well after having some burning at first and my skin was losing the cracks and healing. Now it's back to as it was so I cant say if more would have worked but worth a go if you can.

Posted Wed 14 Nov 2018 6.10am by KiwiRegan

Hello - I have purchased the hand held light therapy device. I have psoriasis mainly on my legs to the point that there is no normal skin visible. The first time I used it there was a slight burn and heat afterwards - I assume because the skin is virtually non existent.

I have been doing it for a week and I do have a relief from the itch already and the scaling has stopped.. some parts have turned a dark purple..

I will come back in a little bit but it seems to be working. I like the hand held as I can focus on the worst parts. This takes time but as I am sure with most of you that is a small price to pay.

The device was around £100 but gives you control over having to attend a doctors etc ...

Thank you

Posted Fri 23 Nov 2018 6.23pm by driver

KiwiRegan, that is good news. I was advised to not try this as it has to be monitored (for skin cancer) At the hospital uva dept I was started on 25/30 seconds going on to 8mins a time and I was told I would need at least another 20 sessions while being monitered. but had to stop because of the cost of going (40 mile round trip) Now I'm still coating my hands with epaderm all the time and the skin is back to being cracked and split. It's my hands, I have this on feet and scalp but that is manageable so I am lucky compared with others. But a hand held would be good. Where would I get one?

Posted Sat 24 Nov 2018 6.59am by KiwiRegan

You poor thing - itโ€™s so painful.

Here is a link to the one I bought

I am left with darkened skin but I have no itch or cracked skin now. I also have on my scalp but have not treated that obviously.

I think you need to treat yourself for Christmas!!

Posted Mon 26 Nov 2018 4.45pm by driver

Thankyou, I'm looking into it. Don't mind the Darkened skin it happened with the hosp. treatment. Now it itches all the time and is cracked and hurts even when coated in epaderm/dermovete etc... and I'm having to wear cotton gloves all the time or latex when cleaning/washing. Luckily not allergic to latex.

Posted Wed 5 Dec 2018 12.50pm by Littlenell

I am on week 2 of UV treatment for my whole body, I feel its flaring up? Is this natural?

Posted Wed 5 Dec 2018 1.02pm by KiwiRegan

For me it was quite agrivated at first treatment and I used some natural aloe Vera to cool things down ... after a week it had turned to a dark skin.

I do think we are all slightly different and respond to different things. For example I have a friend using apple cider vinegar with great success but does nothing for me.

Keep posting how you get on. Wishing you the best of results.

Posted Sat 8 Dec 2018 11.23am by TT

Hi I am new to this chat. Can someone please help my son has just gone through 12 months if army raining and has developed psoriasis after being ill

He has it in his hair, elbows, knees and shins he was given CALCIPOTRIOL by the Dr in camp but it hasn't done anything and his career is now in question. Has anyone got a canopy that we could hire for 3 weeks as that's what he has off for Xmas leave. I am not I the position to buy these expensive products. I feel so sad as his mum as his career in the army could be taken away from him.

Please can someone help

Many thanks xxxx

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