Posted Mon 24 Feb 2014 18.28 by GeorgiaReeves

This is more a bit of advice for the girls. I have been suffering with psoriasis for a few months now and am still learning new things about it all the time and are still waiting to see a dermatologist. However, I am a dancer and am heavily into makeup so have done a lot of research into what is good for psoriasis and what isn't. If you're suffering with psoriasis on the face then you want a foundation with a moisturising factor in it. I have found that MAC mineralize foundation is perfect for covering the psoriasis without enhancing the flakiness, which is what a lot of foundations can do. This is quite a pricey foundation so I also looked for a cheaper one which is easier to find. Loreal True Match foundation isn't advertised for its moisturising quality but it what I wear on a day to day basis and works well in covering it. BB could also be another suggestion but I tend to steer away from it as I was something that is full coverage to help cover the redness. You also want to avoid powdering your face as this is going to soak up the moisture in your skin and dry it out further. I stick to just powdering the areas that get a bit oily throughout the day, which is my nose and chin, but thats all I do. Also, for when you want to go on a night out but avoid it because of psoriasis, then MAC face and body foundation has been my saviour. I tend to stick to dresses and skirts that I can wear tights with, but for my arms, back and chest (the areas that can always be seen) I use this foundation which is water based, meaning it is not going to dry out your skin. For bronzer and bluser, if you have it particularly bad on your cheeks, the stick to cream bronzers, rather then powered ones. Here is a really helpful video for people wanting to know more about how to do it and what to use etc... For skin care, I have found that a clarisonic has really really helped to keep the psoriasis on my face at a manageable level. I have a clarisonic mia with the sensitive brush head, meaning its not going to dry out my skin or irritate it. Using this with a face wash with little perfume, designed for dry skin will really help you to feel confident about yourself. I have done a lot of research into this so if anyone has any questions please ask, hope this helps.

Posted Wed 2 Apr 2014 20.36 by isy9512
Psoriasis mainly on my arms, self-conscious especially in summer, embarrassed which prevents me from taking my hoodie or jumper off when I'm

That's really useful, for about a year now I have just been using powder but this hasn't been very effective so I'm definitely going to take your advice on board and see if it works! :)

Posted Sat 7 Jun 2014 10.16 by mumsey46
I have had psoriasis since I was 18 now I am 67 had a few years free.I would like to free myself of Psoriasis around my ankles as my daughte

Is MAC good for around the ankles and how many times do you have to put it on and for elbows as well.

Posted Wed 26 Nov 2014 23.22 by adamrichard
All over

Hello, im a trainee make up artist. It's great you've found something that works for cover up! . I have psoriasis on my nose which I like to cover up, I use no.7 range green liquid primer. The Green colour cancels out the red one on you can then apply other makeup. Give it a try :)

Posted Fri 10 Apr 2015 14.50 by katieanne123
I have had psoriasis my entire life, but now that I'm in my teens I'm looking for advice to cover it and try to clear it up a bit. I have ha

I've just noticed that this post was just over a year ago, but am wondering if these products have worked, especially the L'Oreal True Match Foundation? I would really like to cover some of the psoriasis on my face and it sounds like these foundation work.

Posted Mon 8 Apr 2024 19.19 by megpiper

At my wits end !! Have used almost every foundation brand on the market and all dry out within an hour or so . Also used no7 and other primers with no luck . I use Silkis which is super moisturising in evening but still looking for a foundation that is highly moisturised, have spent a fortune over the years . Have tried Rosalique which was o.k. , have been advised Fièra and Laura Geller powder is good but can't imagine a powder to be moisturising. Any advice anyone ?

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