Methotrexate or cyclosporine?

Posted Thu 10 Jan 2019 8.28pm by Ellisjay

Can anyone help?

I’m really struggling to keep ontop of my P at the moment and it’s really getting me down. It’s taken a year to get a referral to dermatology after it broke out on my face. I have been offered both methotrexate and cyclosporine, I have read up as much as I can but would love to hear actual experiences to know which one may suit me best? I panicked when I heard the word ‘chemotherapy’ but I’m leaning towards methotrexate. I’m classed as severe at the moment, mostly guttate P but still a lot of plaqcue. It’s easier to list the place I don’t get it.. my neck.

Thanks in advance x

Posted Fri 11 Jan 2019 0.02am by Dolly123

Hiya ellisjay, I i have recently had to make this decision and have already tried skillerance which I had an an horrible allergic reaction to and had to stop them. They have now put me on low dose of 50mg of ciclosporin which started off really well no side effects other then flushing on my face (is normal) but today I've had a slight tight chest/wrist pain which I'm really hoping I'm not starting to become toixic to my body as so far it's been really good. It's smoothed my skin out and especially when I'm out the bath my skin feels like a normal person. Although I have only been on it for a week and my red marks are still there but are slowly being to fade already. I am using ensluer foam too. Methatroxate would personally be my last chose.

Posted Fri 11 Jan 2019 9.10am by Ellisjay

Hi Dolly 123,

Thanks for your reply! Can I ask what it was that put you off methotrexate? I'm due to start one or the other in just over a week dependent on blood tests etc..

Also if you wouldn't mind me asking how old you are? I'm 26.

Are you able to use enstilar alongside ciclosporin?

Posted Fri 11 Jan 2019 2.52pm by scc

Hi Ellisjay,

I have been on cyclosporine for a year and am about to come off it which I'm not looking forward to as it's been a year being free of P and the associated discomfort and self consciousness. Must say it worked wonders for my skin and importantly worked quickly. The only major downside was a raise in my blood pressure which isn't nice but is being controlled by the GP's, otherwise I have had no side effects.

I have suffered P for 20 years, now 34, and had been resisting the systemic treatments for 15 years but my skin was so bad last year I couldn't carry on with the constant pain and itching so took the plunge. I'm glad I did and it really helped both my skin and my mental health as I could finally relax and re-set.

The Dr's now want me to go on to Methotrexate however like Dolly I am highly resistant but will never say never! This time being P free has reminded me what it is like have clear skin and out of discomfort which I had lost sight of over the years and am now more keen than ever to get this under some sort of control.

I will be trying the blueberries discussed on another thread on this site as it sounds like some people have had success with this and if it doesn't work, no harm done and I will re-assess.

In regards to which is best, I think only you can decide however before I started cyclosporine I followed one of the other threads (I can't remember the name but there are a few that might help you) and I found it calmed my worries and helped me decide it was the right time. I would recommend searching for them and I hope you find them useful, whatever your decision may be.

Posted Sat 12 Jan 2019 10.49am by Dolly123

Hiya EllisJay just a reply to your message I'm 23 years old and methatroxate was my last chose as its a very chemical drug although its a long term drug some people say that your body gets amune to do it and stops working as well.

Also my dad was on it for many years and it didn't do a lot for him really and his psoriasis wasnt as bad as mine. But everyone is completely different so i chosen ciclosporin as it wss the one that worked faster ive been on it a week and the difference in my skin is amazing and havnt had that many side effects, just a slight tightness in my chest/wrist which dosnt last long and only had it once and face flushing that last for 20 mins (i will be on ciclosporin for 2 years) I am only on a low dose too of 50mg they will be increasing my dose in 2 weeks as my last tablets I had tried I had an horrible allergic reaction too the only down fall about ciclosporin is its a short term drug. Aslo after the 2 years are up i would be open to go on methatroxate if that was the only option they would give me, personally some things that work for you won't work for other people but you dont know in till you try.

what helped me is to do a bit of research about them both and compare. Hopefully you find the right medication and wish you all the best.

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