Scalp psoriasis

Posted Mon 28 Jan 2019 8.24pm by Sylv236

Help. Had psoriasis since my teens everywhere. Had it on scalp when red,scabby and scaly. It's not like that now however but it is there "under the scalp" . On one part particularly it is very itchy and is driving me mad. I know the itch from when it was scabby but this is different. Tried Shampos and oitment. !! Hubby has inspected but couldn't see anything. Seriously thinking about visit to docs. Any suggestions. Thanks.

Posted Mon 28 Jan 2019 8.40pm by victoria


Aldi do an organic coconut oil solid by cooking oils it melts to the touch to keep it clean I get a tea spoon and take smigding of touch with finger tips and massage into my scalp leave over night poo a clean hand towel over my pillow case. Then wash in Johnson's baby shampoo it's the only one that does not irritate it and just use treemme conditioner the white bottle rinse out well. Once a month I use tea tree shampoo and conditioner from wilko not there Apple one too strong the Alberto one 99p each so not expensive and if I claw it just out e45 cream on to stop infections. Good luck please try it helps me if I could only stop scrating it's stress at moment with me makes it flare up soon hopefully it will heal up. God bless ya


Posted Mon 28 Jan 2019 10.11pm by OhNo_NotAgain?

Sylv236: why not go to the doctor anyway? Give them a chance to help you, and they might surprise you.

Posted Tue 29 Jan 2019 2.58am by victoria


She said she has used shampoos and ointments. I agree go to GP I WAS only telling how I get relief

Because that itch makes you feel like you have nits on scalp.

Relief is what she was looking for


Posted Tue 29 Jan 2019 3.33am by Jeannette50

I found that when I was prescribed calcipotriol for the scalp it didn't do anything much - in fact the day after it had spread somewhat. Now this may have happened anyway, but I stopped using it, especially after research on the topicals used that mostly after use see a resurgence after use and more often a worsening of symptoms. There are lots of options for natural topical treatment options to relieve symptoms and treat lesions (if you search the forums here). Also try the site: 'The People's Pharmacy' - I am currently using apple cider vinegar which seems to reduce inflammation and stop the itch. My research points to Malassezia fungus and bacteria disruption - we all have these on us they get out of kilter, so I am also using tea tree oil when shampooing (with non SLS shampoo and condiitoners), and coconut oil with tea tree oil to both moisturise and control bacteria. My research is also pointing me in the direction of gut bacteria (or microbiome) as being the root cause of the disruption of fungal and bacteria balance (which is beneficial) which is likely why many forum users here are finding diet changes of such benefit.

Posted Tue 29 Jan 2019 12.06pm by Sylv236

Thank you all for responding so quickly. It's so very comforting to know someone cares. I will try Victoria's suggestion and let you know how I get on. Other than that it's the Docs......

Posted Tue 29 Jan 2019 5.31pm by Jeannette50

Topical treatments will only temporarily treat the symptoms. P is an autoimmune disease so you need to treat it from the inside too. Look at the whole of this site for a more comprehensive idea of the steps you might need to take, but don't just rely on treating symptoms topically.

Posted Tue 29 Jan 2019 10.09pm by Sylv236

Thank you jeannette50. I will definitely research and learn. I have already gained a lot of info from this forum. You have provided a great deal of info in your post . Over the years I have learned that what treatment suits one doesn't agree with another. Hopefully I can get this terrible itch sorted.

Posted Thu 31 Jan 2019 2.04pm by Jodie

Hi wondering if anyone can help with using enstilar I have been using it a few days and it’s great taking all scales off of my scalp but I’m looking for advice to u I continue to use the enstilar on my scalp on the redness when the scales come off any advice would be greatly appreciated

Posted Thu 31 Jan 2019 5.36pm by OhNo_NotAgain? (edited Thu 31 Jan 2019 5.37pm by OhNo_NotAgain?)

Jodie: what was the advice (or the instructions/guidance) from the doctor or dermatologist who prescribed it for you?

Posted Thu 31 Jan 2019 7.33pm by Jodie

I was told to use enstilar on my scalp and body twice a day for 2 days I just wasn’t sure if u was to put it on the redness I’m new to all this only just developed psoriasis out of no where and it’s bad all over my head and body just don’t want to make anything worse I have light therapy Monday I’ll maybe wait and speak to someone there thank you

Posted Thu 31 Jan 2019 7.35pm by victoria

Hi Sylv 236 & Jodie

I have purchased today from home bargains Lanes teangi tea tree & witch Hazel cream Antiseptic cream, which is cooling &soothing it also relieves pain and itching my brother uses it on his scalp it heals all red sores £1.99 a large tube pop a small piece on finger tip and massage into affected area . I am going to start using today more expensive in Holland and Barrett + Boots give it a try ladies bless you all

Victoria, I will let you know how I get on with it after weekend only a small amount so a tube will last nearly 6 months it's worth a try good luck all

Posted Fri 1 Feb 2019 11.39pm by Tones44

My daughter was prescribed Sebco ointment for the scalp and Capasal shampoo and in just three months there is no trace of P on her scalp. It was so bad with itching, red scabs and constant flaking. Highly recommend! Best wishes.

Posted Fri 1 Feb 2019 11.41pm by Jodie

Thank u very much I have been given cocosiol think this is similar to the sebco? Enstilar has taken all of scales off my scalp and body it’s been life changing fantastic ! Although enstilar not to be used too much so going to start putting the cocosoil on now in the mean time and hope it keeps p at bay xx

Posted Fri 1 Feb 2019 by Jeannette50

Hi Tones44,

Has your daughter's P stayed away? If so for how long and does she follow a maintenance programme with any medications, topical or other?

Posted Sat 2 Feb 2019 8.27am by victoria

Hi Tones44

I tried Capasol for 3 months because it contains coltar it made my scalp worse like burnt it so no coltar shampoos for me. Different things work for different people. I go back to basics and start afresh at moment trying lanes teangi from home bargains. Only second night last night seems ok so far touch wood and don't boast going to wash my hair this morning and apply while hair is wet as can get to scalp better with long curly hair it is a night mare will as promised keep all updated seems to have stopped pesky itching


Posted Sat 2 Feb 2019 2.26pm by Tones44


Hi, we have been using the treatment every other day for 3 months and there is no trace at all on her scalp. She is still using the shampoo but not needing to use the Sebco for the last couple of weeks, so at the moment we are just keeping an eye out. We tried everything before (Dermalex, Coaltar, Oregan shampoo) and nothing worked. I took her to a Dermatologist and this is what was prescribed. Also for her body she has Dovobet which is a steroid but we only use it when it is really bad. What we are finding good as a moisturiser is Aveeno for irritated skin. My daughter is 14 and has had P since the summer. I hope this may help x

PS. She has just gone out with a black top on - unheard of 3 months ago!!

Posted Sat 2 Feb 2019 2.37pm by Tones44


Hi, yes, you are right, what works for one doesn't always work for another. It really is trial and error. We tried the coconut oil with argan oil which was great after the hair was washed but it was back the next day!

Keep us updated re the Teangi. x

Posted Sat 2 Feb 2019 4.14pm by victoria

Hi Tones 44

I washed my hair this morning and used on scalp it tingled at first but soon calmed down were I had scratched it the day before. The other places I had patches have dried up and dropped off it is still early but looking good as I said £1.99 from home bargains. Apparently they do shampoo and conditioner I will ring home bargains see if they stock it if this cream works out ok I shall try those next. Let you all know next week it has took itch away over the moon so far


Posted Sat 2 Feb 2019 4.45pm by victoria

Good afternoon all

I have ring my nearest home bargains and they have not even got the cream, I was in Newark Thursday they had it. Wish I had known about shampoo and conditioner while I was there they sell it on Amazon and eBay who are both supposed to be reasonable tosh they are not. Ring your nearest home bargains before trying to poo in and grab a tube ask if they can order the cream in should be able to. Amazon has no shampoo and conditioner in stock any way


Posted Sat 2 Feb 2019 4.49pm by Jeannette50


Very pleased for your Daughter :)

I really am still wanting to go down the natural route as far as I can (with the agreement of my Doc - he knows my feelings on steroids etc. in fact he has an eczema issue himself so I think he is interested to see what my results are). As I think all these skin issues are the result of complex interactions: immune system/bacteria/fungus - all interlinked in a bestial dance on our bodies! When I come up with anything approaching a good systematic treatment I will post. It will take some time I think and of course it would be just something else for folk to try as everyone IS different. Let us know if your Daughter continues to remain clear as the most important thing for folk here is long term success when so many treatments seem to see a worse outbreak than before once treatment is finished.

Posted Tue 5 Feb 2019 6.38pm by RBizzle

I’ve had scalp psoriasis for 15+ years and last year got it under control. My doc gave me etrivex and dandrazol to cycle through weekly. 2 days of etrivex a week and 3 days of dandrazol. The other 2 days I used baby shampoo. This seemed to keep it at bay for a long period of time!

The best treatment hands down I’ve ever had for it was Diprosalic scalp ointment. It cleared my whole head up and I had a glorious few months of not having a head like a flapjack! I tried to get more but they are reluctant as it’s a potent steroid.

Eumovate cream is also good for the hairline I found to keep it minimal and not so flakey!

Posted Wed 6 Feb 2019 4.14pm by victoria

Hi all

Still using teangi all weekend and yesterday seems to have dried sores up ok I will keep it up this week and keep you all updated. Just bumped into hairdresser and I told her about my scalp, she said when you wash your hair after using conditioner only half way down and tips of hair when you put it on the scalp it feeds the psoriasis now then so there is a good tip will washing my hair again later Incase I left some on scalp this morning tut tut. When will it all end


Posted Wed 6 Feb 2019 5.28pm by Jeannette50

Hi Victoiria,

Wanted to ask how extensive your scalp P is? All over or just section/s of scalp?

Also thought it might be useful for folk to see the Teangi ingredients list, looks like a very appropriate list of beneficial ingredients so think it might be worth others trying. :

Lanes Health Teangi Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Cream

Active Ingredients w/w: Distilled Witch Hazel BPC 40.61%, Eucalyptus Oil BP 1.04%, Methyl Salicylate BP 1.04%, Camphor BP 0.52% Tea Tree Oil BPC 2.50%, Zinc Oxide BP 3.11% Other Ingredients: Chloroxylenol BP, Emulsifying Wax BP, Lanolin BP, Menthol BP, Water, White Beeswax BP, White Soft Paraffin BP

Posted Wed 6 Feb 2019 7.05pm by victoria

Hi Jeannette 50

Thank you, so far so good but stop putting conditioner on roots from now on mind you I always rinse it well. I didn't know also simple do shampoo with no nasty chemicals in Wilko stock it for £2 but not the conditioner they do that as well. I rang my local one which 20 miles away 4o mile round trip and they have in stock 500ml for £2 not bad I will try and find who sells it before you go a lot stores stock different things. They may order the conditioner will ask when I go. Now simple products are kind to the skin shower gel soap always found the range good no nasty after feelings after shower . My psoriasis started 2 years ago two small patches . Then comes and goes in various places. The one year I was gardening and in Lincolnshire we have thunder flies from the crops in the fields twice a year tiny and they got in my hair washed them out and could have sworn they bit me. My GP said could have triggered it. That year I had Shingles as well. So for two years I have suffered with it, my brother is a health freak and has brought me oils for it and to drink different vitamins quite a lot of stuff. So I have took myself back to basics nothing from doctors and I do not want to try and drugs it was so bad the one time I had to have antibiots awful and the pain that comes with it wiĺl keep ever one updated the teangi seems to be drying them up fingers crossed


Posted Thu 7 Feb 2019 2.07am by sian_chippy11

I've had psoriasis cover my whole scalp and patches on body for 7 years, I've tried everything the doctors gave me, creams, onitment, shampoo and tablets but nothing seemed to work. Instead I turned to natural remedies. I've been using mankua honey shampoo for two month and the results already are insane. I also put coconut oil on my scapl and leave it on all night and omg does it sooth. I also use coconut oil on the patches on my body as well as aloe Vera 2/3 a day on my body as it sooth and help my skin heal. This has been the only thing that's work for me. I hope it's help to you and others.

Posted Thu 7 Feb 2019 8.43am by victoria

Hi can you please tell me were you purchase Manuka honey shampoo please


Posted Thu 7 Feb 2019 9.15am by victoria

Hi all

i for got to say now when i work in garden i wear a shower cap to keep critters of my scalp as soon as i come indoors i wash my sclap and hair because the shower cap makes my head pespire, but at least it keeps thunder flys off my scalp


Posted Thu 7 Feb 2019 11.53am by sian_chippy11

I get my mankua honey from Holland and barret, you only need a pee size of shampoo to wash your hair. I've had the same shampoo for two months and I haven't even got through half of it yet. Definitely a good buy. Hope this is some help to you.

Posted Thu 7 Feb 2019 3.21pm by victoria

Thank you so much will try anything mmm keep you updated as I live in the sticks maybe get some next week. Victoria

Posted Sun 10 Feb 2019 9am by victoria

Hi all

Just looked at recurs on Amazon teangi has some good reports so far so good nearly a week of using dongles a bit at first but has scabbed over the sores so far so good. But as hairdresser said to me to keep dmcindioner from scalp as it feeds psoriasis. So half way down hair and tips only the scabs that were there seem to be dropping on when washing will keep you all updated brought mine from home bargains £1.99 not every store has it so ring them first. HAPPY Sunday every one


Posted Mon 11 Feb 2019 11.36am by Emma

On suggestion of a friend who is a hairdresser, I have started using T/Gel (over the counter at eg Boots) and a couple of weeks in it seems to be working - at least for me.

Posted Mon 11 Feb 2019 12.25pm by victoria

T/gel is ok but has coal tar in I did try it but had a reaction from coal tar different things work for different folk hope you get on ok with it


Posted Mon 11 Feb 2019 1.38pm by OhNo_NotAgain?

Emma, I found that T/Gel worked well for me (it is also availble from Sainsbury and probably other supermarkets). just be sure to get the correct version - labelled as "Therapeutic".

Coal tar is a long established topical treatment for psoriasis and many people find it works very well.

I also find that Alphosyl shampoo is quite effective for the scalp and not overly drying for the hair..

Back in the early 80s when I first sufferred from psoriasis I found that Wrights Coal Tar soap helped a lot on my body. Bit these days it does not contain any actual coal tar, only "coal tar fragrance".

Posted Sun 17 Feb 2019 10.36am by victoria

Good morning all just an update from Victoria

Good news from surgeon no more throat problems he has signed me off that was a big worry. Any way back to scalp, getting better by the day no conditioner on my scalp for over a week and got some simple shampoo £2 from Wilko used it no stinging on scalp at all, while wet I massaged gentle with finger tips teangi into scalp and this has realy helped to heal my scalp a couple of nasty sores which I treat teangi can be applied up to 4 times a day mind you I have only twice a day. So I am trying to be positive keeping busy inside and outside edge cutting ect: Lanes teangi tea tree & witch Hazel cream is amazing it does heal up scalp psoriasis believe me &at £1.99 from home bargains is a bargain. So keeping conditioner away from scalp has helped no end use only half way and tips of hair not scalp. Because my hair is long curly I was using after washing conditioner to take it after washing with no mouse or gels. Big mistake I was feeding psoriasis without knowing the hair dresser told me. Plus I have been taking one antilisterine tablet at night to stop me scratching called Fexofenadine 120mg. Will keep prosses up for another week and keep you all updated. To keep my wispy bits of hair tidy instead of conditioner if popping out like in week to hospital and shopping I used E45 moisturing lotion which did the trick.i shall keep you all updated


Posted Sun 17 Feb 2019 11.58am by OhNo_NotAgain?

Victoria, it's good to read that you are finding improvements. Just a note: you have a typo saying at you are taking an "antilisterine" tablet - it is of course an "antihistamine".

I also found relief from an antihistamine when my psoriasis was at its most itchy.

Posted Sun 17 Feb 2019 1.58pm by victoria

Thank you so much only hoping i get relief now at last well keep it under control, also thank you for my spelling mistakes I was uploading chrome at same time and it took my spell check away for a while excuses excuses :). hope you are in good health enjoy your Sunday lovey day here drying washing outside for a change no beast from the East this year hopefully we had it bad on North East coast last year


Posted Wed 27 Feb 2019 8.54am by victoria

Good morning everyone

Some good news teangi has done my scalp a power of Good, plus kept conditioner off scalp and used only simple shampoo. Touch wood and don't boast it is clearing up as I say for £1.99 from Home Bargains not bad at all I have been using sparing small dabs and massaging into scalp with finger tips only no scratching and still have half a tube left. After washing I put on my scalp while damp then apply up to 3 times a day before bed you only need a small dab. Please let me know if any one else has tried it all the very best to every one thinking of you all in my prayers


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