Help with Palmoplantar Psoriasis!

Posted Tue 26 Feb 2019 18.26 by Alex N

I’m 63 and have just been diagnosed with severe psoriasis, particularly affecting the palms of my hands and soles of my feet. What have other sufferers of this type of psoriasis found that helps? I’m currently undergoing UVB treatment, but doubt it’s going to help my feet and hands to any extent, and will probably take Methotrexate next, as my quality of life is being affected so much by painful hands and feet. Also using Epaderm, Doublebase Gel, Dovobet, Diprosalic (hands) and Chelsea Night Mix (feet) at the moment. Eumovate, Betnovate and Dermovate didn’t help at all.

Posted Sat 23 Mar 2019 09.31 by Gwil
40 year old Bricklayer/builder suffering with PPP on palms of both hands looking for treatment that will reduce flareups & pain

I also suffer with this condition but only on the palms of my hands. I’m also a bricklayer which affects my day to day life. I’m almost 40 and have had it for 7 years. Been seeing a dermatologist for almost 4 years and tried many steroid creams. Most ointments don’t do much and found when one did work it wouldn’t work as effective after a couple weeks. I constantly wear cotton gloves and moisturise the hands. I was on acitretin for over a year but didn’t do much to me. Peeling skin all over my body so I would constantly itch & some hair loss. Circlosporin for 6 months or so worked the best with reducing flare ups but I started feeling unwell and had a swollen belly I have been on methotrexate now for possibly 6 month, didn’t work for the first month then I started to see some reduced flare ups. However after a couple month flare ups were more frequent and they increased the dose to 8 tablets instead of 6. I’m still having flare ups and recently had one of my worst. Of all the tablets taken I have been generally unwell on a day to day basis as it weakens the immune system & I’ve contracted all kinds of flu,cold Etc that have resulted in time off work & in bed for those times to which I would never of taken before I recently discovered DuoDerm. You can buy it from the pharmacy but it’s about £20 for 5 patches. A dermatologist can provide these so ask about them. It’s like a plaster, I cut it in quarters and place on the palms of my hands, it stays on for 7 days, my hands hurt the first day but then it a relief for the remaining time it’s on, it’s not a cure for it but a relief, it also looks like skin so it reduces the embarrassment of people looking. I have recently tried cannabis oil and coconut oil. I rub them on the effected area, it’s only been a week, coconut oil gives a little relief to the burning sensation, you can get coconut oil anywhere. If you haven’t already bought the Àsa Karrman book How to treat PPP Naturally I suggest you get it. Couple of quid on eBay or amazon. Gives an in depth guide what it is, how you’ve got it an understanding about it and how to treat it. I’m half way through reading it and I have a better understanding of it in the last few days than I ever had. A change in diet will be the next step of the book and I’m all for it. Has a list of food to have and avoid because the avoid food is what helps trigger flare ups. As you are not on any tablets yet I suggest you give this a go before pumping your body with tablets I’ve mentioned above that’s not designed to treat PPP. There’s also an online & Facebook support group from her with people dealing with the conditions. Hope this helps Out of interest has uv treatment not worked at all for you? I haven’t tried this treatment as my dermatologist doesn’t think it would work but I have read somewhere (might be on this group) from people who have one at home state it does work and use it when needed.

Posted Sat 23 Mar 2019 16.27 by Alex N

Thanks for this Gwil - really helpful. The Duoderm and the book you recommend sound interesting. I've read about cannabis and coconut oil, and was already thinking about trying changes in diet to see if that helps. As it happens, my feet have got quite a bit better over the last few weeks since I started using Chelsea Night Mix ointment (which contains coal tar), though that may be coincidence. I also now make sure I moisturise my feet several times a day with Epaderm when I feel they are getting dry. There are now no splits on the soles of my feet (which were agonising to walk on) and the extra plaques of skin are gradually coming off, though there is some way to go with the extra thick layers on both heels. So walking is now uncomfortable and a bit sore, but not excruciatingly painful, as it was for the previous 3 months. Just hope my feet continue to improve. My fingertips are splitting and peeling as much as ever, though, and the Diprosalic ointment doesn't seem to be doing anything.. Regarding the UVB treatment, I think it was really to help the rest of my body which is also covered in blotches, and it might have helped it fade a bit, but certainly hasn't got rid of it. However, I can live with it on my body as it's only slightly itchy (and I take antihistamine in case it helps) and is rather unsightly, but I don't mind that too much at my age! It's my feet and hands which are affecting my quality of life the most. I'm seeing my dermatologist again in a couple of weeks so will see if there's been some more improvement then and what she suggests. Will try and avoid the more aggressive drugs if at all possible,, as you say, as the side effects sound very unpleasant. Must be more difficult for you working and needing to use your hands. for your trade, whereas I am retired, though when I couldn't walk at all and could have done with a wheelchair I wondered whether life was worth living - but definitely more hopeful at the moment. I'll let you know if anything changes.

Posted Mon 25 Mar 2019 20.02 by Gwil
40 year old Bricklayer/builder suffering with PPP on palms of both hands looking for treatment that will reduce flareups & pain

There are many of us share with you In feeling of thinking whether life is worth living while dealing with these conditions. I’ve had many a dark day and pushed my loved ones aside because they don’t understand the pain, discomfort the mental health side of dealing with it, people looking and commenting., the don’t do this & that! You should try this etc, they want the best for us but sadly if the specialists can’t help us then neither can they. I have joined many psoriasis forums including this one looking for answers but unfortunately haven’t had a reply to my questions and that’s probably down to no one understands it as it’s the most difficult case of psoriasis to treat. We are given hope, we search endlessly for solutions to the point of desperation. My dermatologist told me point blank that there is no cure and the only thing out there are these drugs, some work for some people in treating flare ups and don’t for others. The medication kills off good bacteria in fighting illnesses and the ability to heal. but they hope in future there’s new treatment to try. My name was down for this clinical trial, dermatologist was hopefull that this area was getting to be 1 of the 10 locations to trial it. For over a year he was telling me he was sure we would be trialling it because he is one of the top dermatologist in the country, but then I was told this area wasn’t considered and that if it was successful hopefully in 3 to 5 years it may be available for treatment. So basically keep taking the meds and take time off work to go for blood tests and appointments. That book I mentioned to you, I discovered this weekend she has a Facebook group page called Palmoplantar pustulosis (ppp) global support group, it’s a closed group with people dealing with this condition sharing information, healing stories with success, people who understand & listen it’s free for us to vent on it . It’s certainly given me fresh hope and it will guide us with the diet change in fixing the immune system in healing the condition, the more I read the book and listen to people’s stories the more I’m convinced it’s not psoriasis at all but an unhealthy immune system. is the website for this group if you were interested in learning a bit more :)

Posted Mon 25 Mar 2019 20.37 by Gwil
40 year old Bricklayer/builder suffering with PPP on palms of both hands looking for treatment that will reduce flareups & pain

You are not alone Alex. Feel free to message me anytime whether it’s info, letting me know how you are getting on with your treatments etc or even if you just want to vent, anything. Life is worth living

Posted Tue 26 Mar 2019 15.31 by Suraya

Hi there, You can get duoderm on prescription. I get 60 patches every 2 weeks as I have psorasis on my feet and tiny bit on hands. I find it really painful to walk and once duoderm is applied the pain goes away. Be careful though when removing as I took some skin off with the patch. I have just puchased a hand held uvb lamp and I am hoping that this will help. Forever hopeful

Posted Tue 26 Mar 2019 15.58 by Alex N

Thanks Gwil and Suraya - helpful comments and suggestions. As you say, Gwil, one must try and be positive - life is definitely worth living! Feet still improving, though I did develop a new crack on one of my soles at the weekend, but moisturising lots and it hasn’t been too painful so far. Let me know if the hand held UVB lamp helps your feet/hands, Suraya. It just helps hearing from others in a similar position.

Posted Sun 7 Apr 2019 16.56 by Alex N

My feet and hands got progressively worse over the last 10 days or so, though the UVB treatment has calmed down the psoriasis on my body substantially. Saw my dermatologist again on Friday and she took one look at my palms and soles and recommended I take Acitretin. Though I don’t like the sound of the side-effects, I also hate not being able to walk or use my hands, so am going to give it a go, starting next week. I’ll let you know how I get on. If it doesn’t work, or my body can’t tolerate it (have to have frequent blood tests to check liver function), think a biologic might be the next step.

Posted Sun 7 Apr 2019 17.24 by Suraya

Hi Alex and Gwil I wonder if I can help. I have been suffering now for 10 months it came on after I used a foot peel! As I am a dancer and teacher I rely on my feet and have found it really debilatating. I purchased a uvb lamp and have been using it now every second day and everything is improving. I am not only putting it down to the lamp though. I was desperate for a cure and set about to find something and this is what I have found. I have changed my diet completley. I became gluten intolerant about 2 years ago but now I am living on Vegetables,fish, chicken,fruit and nuts and seeds. I cut out caffiene but still have the odd glass of red wine ( you need some enjoyment) I have started doing meditation morning and night (this has been amazing) Really cuts down the stress which can really exacerbate the problem. It also helps me to focus so that I don't scratch. I am taking supplements Vitamin B12 complex Vitamin D3 10,000 IU'S Probiotics 3 Billion twice a day I only thing I use on my skin now is pure soap and Skin Salvation Hemp ointment I also use antihystemines I have stopped using the hydrocolloid dressings as they were tearing the skin from the soles of my feet. I am now using a silicone dressing, really padded for comfort called Kliniderm. I hope some of this will be of use to you both. Sending you big hugs Suraya

Posted Mon 8 Apr 2019 15.34 by Gwil
40 year old Bricklayer/builder suffering with PPP on palms of both hands looking for treatment that will reduce flareups & pain

Hi Alex, sorry to hear about your condition worsening, I hope acitretin helps you. I personally hated it. I’m a stubborn man and refused to try a diet change because the dermatologist will sort it with pills. I suffered for 7 years and now changed my ways and it’s paying off. I really want acitretin to work for you but if your still eating the foods that cause inflammation then your still going to get flare ups. Give it a try, anti histamine diet is suggested in the book, gluten free is also good to fix the immune system however pre made gluten free bread has an ingredient that causes flare ups, let us know how you get on Hi Suraya great information thank you.. For about 3 weeks now, I have completely changed my diet. I take cod liver oil daily with vitamin D 1000 I got my information from a book by Asa Karrmen. It’s about treating the condition by fixing the immune system by diet. My psoriasis has cleared and I’ve not had any blisters during this time. My skin looks like it’s healing, it’s the longest I have gone without a flare up in 7 years Cut down on dairy, sugar, frozen and processed meals. Peanuts Buy more organic products,vegetables I’ve had inspiration from cooking meals through a book called BOSH which is vegan & another from slimming world recepies. The meals are delicious and I feel really good. I buy better quality meats. Preparing meals take a little longer but worth it once it’s done Evenings I use Enstilar with cotton gloves Daytime I use coconut oil with cannabis. You can buy organic coconut oil and will work wonders. I’ve come off methotrexate over the weekend by my own choice, After a month of this new diet I may introduce ingredients back in to see how I am with it, as with the meals I’ve had I haven’t had mushrooms or peppers. I’ll let you know how I get on with being drug free Gwil

Posted Mon 8 Apr 2019 17.44 by Gwil
40 year old Bricklayer/builder suffering with PPP on palms of both hands looking for treatment that will reduce flareups & pain

Suraya, I’m glad you have found a treatment that works for you. I have been interested in a lamp for sometime but waited to see if these meds worked by giving it time, ive given it 5 years of trying so enough is enough. No one I have spoken to has had success by using medication from dermatologist, the dermatologist are quick to inform you that a diet and being tested for intolerance is nothing but nonsense but there is no cure and these meds help. Everyone who has success in reducing flare ups and dealing with it has done it through avoiding certain foods and eating better, reducing everything for a month and maintaining a healthy lifestyle & taking vitamin supplements like yourself. I’m going to continue what I’m doing so far for another month & if I think I need a boost I will look into purchasing a lamp. I didn’t want to fork out £200 for one and for it not to work but sound like it’s working for you, like yourself I was desperate to find something. I purchased cannabis oil & cannabis infused coconut oil, also a diet change. I read the book on how to treat ppp naturally by Asa Karrmen and the information is fantastic, I found she had a group on Facebook which is informative, helpful and discuss things with people who also has it, it’s great All the best with your journey with healing And thank you again for your information

Posted Mon 8 Apr 2019 18.20 by Suraya

Gwil where did you purchase the book from. I am going to buy one. I totally agree with you, Dermatologists will not look at anything alternative. Actually most doctors are the same. I healed myself years ago when Iwas diagnosed with uterine fibroids. My consultant had me down for a hysterectomy and I said no. Hear I am today they are gone and I have never felt better until this showed up. I believe that stress has a lot to do with it too. Do you know why you ended up with ppp? So good to hear someone else is getting results, it helps to motivate you. Suraya :)

Posted Mon 8 Apr 2019 19.09 by Gwil
40 year old Bricklayer/builder suffering with PPP on palms of both hands looking for treatment that will reduce flareups & pain

Suraya You can get the book from amazon but if you follow this link it has it here and also if you register your email you get a free booklet via email of foods to avoid etc, . There’s also a Facebook group I think I found it through the same link where everyone shares their experiences and healing methods, I can’t praise it enough. It all started in work, I put on a pair of work gloves I bought from the Range and within 5 minutes my hands were burning. Doctors diagnosed it as contact dermatitis. After over a year I was referred to a dermatologist to which I had to wait a further 8 months for an appointment. After seeing 3 different dermatologist over months I was diagnosed with ppp. Over time I had suffered with stress, I use to smoke many years ago which has been mentioned that it affects mostly smokers. I’ve had chronic ostiomalitis as a youngster and was on many different medications growing up, I think it’s all linked in me getting it. I agree with you about doctors are the same, they all regard people who heal or try to by diet and meditating are hippies and talk nonsense, but people just want an alternative to medication that isn’t designed for this specific condition and is doing more harm than good. It’s amazing talking to people who also suffer, we’re not alone and it’s good to talk about it The link is Gwil :)

Posted Tue 9 Apr 2019 10.16 by Suraya

Hi Gwil, Thank you so much for all the info. Buying the book today. I am also now on the facebook group. Your a superstar! I am feeling really motivated today It helps to have so much support. I am thinking of posting a picture of my is definetly a private group? I don't want this to affect my business, I just need to keep going. Dance makes me happy. Alex are you on the support group? How are you feeling? I really hope things are a bit better. I was at the doctor today and he seen on my notes that they are going to start me on Acitretin which I won't be taking. I am not due back to dermatology until June and by then I am hoping to see a marked improvement. I have always been holistically minded and I feel that is the way to go for me. So glad to have found this page and great that we can support each other. Suraya :) I

Posted Tue 9 Apr 2019 12.10 by Gwil
40 year old Bricklayer/builder suffering with PPP on palms of both hands looking for treatment that will reduce flareups & pain

Hi Suraya Yes it’s a closed group, I posted a picture of my hands at their worst on it, had some feedback of what to try which was great but I’m going to focus on the book and diet for a while to give it time as so far it’s working, then if I get a flare up I may ask the dermatologist to try what these members suggested. Glad to hear you feel motivated today, that’s how I felt after reading some of the book, I then posted pictures to that group, I’ve done my best to hide my hands in public & social media due to embarrassment etc but once I done it on that group and had a response from Asa and some members it was like a weight off my shoulders. The feeling of I’m all alone was no more, despite the support from my family I kind of shut them out because in my mind they didn’t understand. But now home life has also improved because I’m happier Not taking acitretin and focusing on healing the way you have chosen will be the best decision, it’s a long time until your next appointment so you should see a big improvement, and if it doesn’t work for you then you can discuss with your dermatologist on your next appointment about the best way forward for you :)

Posted Tue 9 Apr 2019 15.50 by scouternorm

I have been through prescription medicine & ointments from 2 dermatologists. On my own, I started using CBD oil on my plaque psoriasis about 1-1/2 years ago. I had very heavy plaque on my feet & my hands had numerous cuts, and my nails had pretty well died. As of today, most of my psoriasis has cleared up. I had to get a prescription for medical cannabis from my GP. Cost right now is $90 Canadian for a 40 ml bottle. There are some pictures here: Good luck!

Posted Tue 9 Apr 2019 16.29 by Suraya

Hi Scouternorm, Wow. You have normal hands and feet. Congratulations on these amazing results. I am not sure I can get medical grade Cannabis in Scotland. I am certainly going to try. Thank you for posting these. Suraya

Posted Wed 10 Apr 2019 02.28 by Kiki

Hi Guys, I am Kiki and I am 51. I got PPP for the first time in January 2019. Awful. I am a doctor myself and I think knowing more is really bad with PPP. It is bad on the soles of my feet and I got several pustules in both palms of hands but that happened twice and they only stayed for a week before falling. Some of my nails are destroyed and I have some pains in my joints and back. Anyway, I use Butavate cream, coconut oil that is soothing, Gehwol cream with urea, I bathe my feet with Dead Sea Salt with Oatmeal, Lavender, Chamomile (its a mixture, I bought it from Boots/£5), I drink 8 glasses of water every day, I started eating lots of veggies, I started exercising, and today I started drinking turmeric with black pepper (one teaspoon of each boiled with water). I also resigned from my very stressful job and I only work 2 days/week, while I am also considering to leave the country and go somewhere where life is simpler. I am still waiting to see the Dermatologist. I hope Turmeric will work cause I don't want to take any pills. I will if I have to though. 2 things: PPP is terrible, terrible, terrible, BUT: Firstly, it is a sign that something is wrong with us from the inside :mind and body, I mean) AND Secondly: It is not cancer after all . Its awful, yes, but we are still here knowing now that we must take care of ourselves. It will be a fight, cause we will need to change treatment plans until to find the one that works for each one of us, but we will find it. I will see you soon here. I send you my hopes and positive energy, love and light. Goodnight Angeliki

Posted Wed 10 Apr 2019 14.45 by Alex N (edited Wed 10 Apr 2019 14.47 by Alex N)

Hi Kiki I was wondering what exercise you are managing to do with your feet? Since November, when I first got this condition (triggered by a chest infection and taking/coming off steroids for it), my soles have been so painful due to the splits in them, that I can barely hobble round the house, let alone do any exercise. I used to do aerobics classes twice a week and walk a lot, and would like to combine exercise with diet to help my immune system. I am going to take Acitretin, though, as I think anything's worth a try! The UVB treatment did get the psoriasis on my body into remission and the Chelsea Night Mix (with coal tar) seemed to be helping my feet a lot until a couple of weeks ago, when it all seemed to flare up again on my palms and soles and I now have multiple new splits on both feet, and very sore hands. I'll see what happens with the Acitretin. As you say, it's a horrible disease and is life-changing when it affects your hands and feet, if not life limiting (though I think the research says it's this as well). I'm just thankful I've only just developed it at the age of 63!

Posted Wed 10 Apr 2019 15.46 by scouternorm

Hi, Kiki & Alex N. I don't know if this will be helpful, but here goes: I have been through prescription medicine & ointments from 2 dermatologists. On my own, I started using CBD oil on my plaque psoriasis about 1-1/2 years ago. I had very heavy plaque on my feet with deep fissures & my hands had numerous cuts, and my nails had pretty well died. The doctor said that they had died. As of today, most of my psoriasis has cleared up. I had to get a prescription for medical cannabis from my GP. Cost right now is $90 Canadian for a 40 ml bottle, although I just found another source at $120 for a 100 ml bottle, which I am going to try. The oil is easily spread and absorbed into the skin. I also find that this oil helps with healing ordinary sores. There are some pictures of my plaque psoriasis here: Good luck!

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