Guttate Psoriasis

Posted Mon 4 Mar 2019 22.06 by Lauz329

Hi. I’m reaching out on here in the hope someone can share my experience. I’ve always suffered with psoriasis but only comes and goes when I’m stressed. Having suffered with a bad bout of strep throat in January and taking strong antibiotics for 10 days, it cleared and within a few days a rash started on my tummy, I quickly realised it was very similar to psoriasis but it was spreading all over my body which I’ve never had. The rash is worse on my tummy but my arms and legs are more “spotty” and spread out. This is now nearly 2 months since my outbreak and it doesn’t look to be getting better. After a bit of research it appears to be guttate because of the link with strep throat. 2 trips to my GP and although he hadn’t confirmed it’s guttate, he has given me a different lotion (foam) to try. Please if anyone has suffered with this can you share your story? It’s really getting me down 😓

Posted Mon 4 Mar 2019 22.58 by micknug

Hi, I'm 25 and about 20 weeks ago had the exact same. I don't remember having strep throat that brought mine on, but I had the same spots appear as you that wouldn't budge with standard moisturiser. I eventually went to my GP who luckily diagnosed me right on the spot. Been using topical steroids and synthetic vitamin D ointments since then which have made it much less visible, but I'll be honest, putting them on every day is a pain and it cost me a lot in prescription fees. There's an up side though, guttate genuinely isn't considered to be chronic. That means it's acute and your symptoms should one day be gone for good. I'm having a consultation on Thursday where I presume they'll put me forward for phototherapy. That's where they zap you with UV Ray's and it works to completely remove psoriasis for the majority of people that have the treatment. Keep your head up though, one think I learned since I've had it is there's a lot of people out there in the same shoes.

Posted Mon 4 Mar 2019 23.06 by Lauz329

Thanks for your reply. I’ve got to return to the GP in 3 weeks to see how I’m getting on with my new lotion but I’ll be honest, I don’t like using them as they’re pretty strong. The UV method sounds interesting? I think I’ll be referred if this doesn’t work. Like you say, if it is guttate then at least it will eventually go which feels like a life time away at present. I hope you get sorted soon

Posted Thu 7 Mar 2019 03.20 by _KayS

Hi, I'm 19 and around the 19th of jan I started showing signs of a bad throat infection, after waiting two weeks I visited the doctors twice and on the second time was prescribed antibiotics about 3 days in I started to break out in a 'rash' I had tiny little red spots over my face, neck, chest and arms, I stopped the antibiotics as I assumed I was having a reaction to them. I made a doctors appointment again and the doctor looked at my skin and told me it was Folliculitis and prescribed me some cream. After using the cream for a few days I found it strange that my skin was getting a lot worse and even more itchy almost 10% of my body was covered in these spots! I was seen by a different doctor who instantly told me she thought I was had guttate psoriasis. I didn't know what to think and it made me upset to hear this as I already suffer from plague psoriasis and have done for quite a few years so my instant thought was oh my god I'm stuck like this for the rest of my life. She then went to get a second opinion and it was confirmed I had Guttate Psoriasis and I expressed my worries and both doctors ensured me it would be gone in 2-3 weeks maximum a month. It has now been a month and almost a week and I've showed no results of getting better if not worse. I've been to the doctors recently again and been given steroid creams something I don't wanna use as I feel like when I've used them In the past it has only been temporary fix. But I cannot survive much longer cooped in my house scared to leave in case someone I know sees me. I was just wondering if your scalp has gotten really dry and if you found anything that helps? Thanks

Posted Thu 7 Mar 2019 06.32 by Lauz329

Unfortunately I’ve now had this nearly 2 months and it seems to be spreading still! Steroid creams are helping but obviously only a temporary fix. Yes my scalp has also taken a hit now but I’ve not found anything that is helping that either. I’ll be returning to the doctor in a couple of weeks so I’m going to mention that too! I’ve now taken to eating a lot healthier than I was and exercise in the hope it helps! Lots of vitamin c is what you need too!

Posted Sat 9 Mar 2019 15.04 by Justinealexx

Hi there. So sorry to hear you are gong through this. I've supported my 19 year old daughter through this and completely understand how devastating it can feel. But there is hope! Here's our experience. The guttate plaques for my daughter began on her tummy spreading to her scalp, back legs and arms. Her outbreak was especially severe and I would estimate 75% of her body was affected. In desperation, we turned to steroid creams and ultimately to the Enstillar foam. Applying these sparingly to each plaque independently was a two hour, twice daily labour of love. The results with the foam were nothing short of miraculous. Within two days they were disappearing. However, the prescribed can lasted only 4 days and there was a weekend delay getting it represcribed. In that break, the psoriasis erupted with a vengeance! This is a known effect called rebound. It was horrendous! I actually didn't think things could get any worse. I was so wrong. She made a very brave decision to stop using steroids, creating there would be an endless dependency on them. She managed her symptoms with bath salts, emollients and exorex coal tar. And I bought a compact UVB lamp. (all I could afford) She has also radically changed her diet to avoid inflammatory foods including caffeine, gluten and dairy and boost fresh fruit and veg. We're now 5 months in. I'm sorry, that won't be what you want to hear and is not what the doctors tell you. But her scalp and trunk are totally clear. Her legs are improving by the day and her arms are following if a little slower.. It can be done without the steroids.. My advice if you want to continue with the steroid, is to plan a very gradual reduction in their use with your GPs support. Never contemplate suddenly stopping. I'm not sure whether this will help avoid the rebound but I wouldn't wish that on anyone! Good luck, stay strong and be well very soon x

Posted Sat 9 Mar 2019 20.18 by Lauz329

Thanks so much for your message. I’ve neen so reluctant to try steroid as I’ve heard the same plus I’ve used them in the past and had it return as bad as it was before. I’m still holding off using them but if you have any advice on preventing the itching at night that would be great? I’m also changing my diet and exercise regime in the hope this natural way helps. Do you have recommendations on the products used also? Thanks so much again.

Posted Sun 10 Mar 2019 11.01 by emilyrc

Hi Lauz 329 . This is Justinealexx’s daughter Emily here . I’m so sorry you’ve had to go through this too. As my mum said, I am completely against steroid treatments. As amazing as they appear to work, reducing or even removing the appearance of the psoriasis spots , they are only masking the symptom of the condition and not actually treating the underlying cause. Psoriasis does have a genetic element, that is very clear. However , we are born with our genes and yet my psoriasis didn’t appear until I was 19 ? To me that shows that something must have triggered that gene to suddenly turn on . And if it can be turned on , then it CAN be turned back off again . Now , in my case, the trigger was definitely emotional stress. Stress is not just mental , it creates a physical , acidic environment in the body and I believe this physical change actually effected my genes , triggering the psoriasis. My healing journey is focused on reducing the acidic environment in my body through diet and regular , gentle exercise . It’s important not to go to hard with the exercise as this can cause the muscles to release lactic acid which has the opposite effect to what you’re working for. If you are interested in really trying a new diet regime to help your skin , I 100% recommend that you look up Hanna Sillitoe ( my goodness recipes). You will find her on Instagram , YouTube and an online blog. She is inspirational and can give you loads of advice and motivation towards healing naturally (no more drugs) . If you’re open minded and interested in a holistic approach to healing , I also recommend that you watch the documentary HEAL on Netflix . A particular person of interest featured on there of mine is Joe Dispenza . He focuses on the connection between the mind and body . I realise that your trigger , as with lots of people, was a strep infection . I believe Hanna Sillitoe suffered similarly and diet helped her too , it can help everyone . Now I am NOT saying that people shouldn’t use steroids . Everyone needs to find their way of dealing with their psoriasis. It is a very personal condition and it’s important that you find what works for you. However , for me personally , at the age of 19 , I couldn’t face having to apply steroids all over my body everyday for the rest of my life . This is what the doctor actually suggested I might have to do . And even worse , if this stopped working , which it might , I’d have to go onto strong immunosuppressants which would leave me vulnerable to other diseases and infections , making life even more horrible . I urge anyone to try diet if they can . I know the doctors say it has no impact and that psoriasis is a lifelong, incurable condition that can only be managed . But, please please please , look up Hanna Sillitoe and other similar bloggers . They show you that it is possible and it’s not faked . There are real testimonials everywhere you just have to believe that healing is possible and that’s the first stage . Yes , healing naturally will take a lot longer to see improvement than steroids but that’s because you will actually be healing the underlying cause, not just masking the symptom and this means possibly undoing years of damage to your body AND mind . In answer to your question about the itching . After originally stopping the steroids , I will not lie to you , I suffer extreme itching for a couple of weeks . I couldn’t stop scratching ! I recomend bathing in Dead Sea salts and exfoliating gently before you sleep . If your skin is cracked or sore then bathing in oat can be very soothing . Put some oats in some tights (stockings) and run the water through them as you fill the bath . It will make the water look milky , but can be very soothing . Then apply coconut oil to dry skin and sleep that way . Note that refined coconut oil can create a nasty smell on some people’s skin , so unrefined , extra virgin is better if you can find it. I apologise for the long message and I hope nobody feels that I am forcing them to ditch their medications . If they work for you and allow you to live your life the way you want to then please carry on using them , the most important thing is that you can live your life without your psoriasis controlling you. But changing your diet, although demanding a lot of self-control, will not do you any harm and if it could actually heal you then I didn’t see why I shouldn’t try it , and it is working for me ! I wish you the best . Please anyone feel free to contact me if you want any more information . I would be happy to help you and direct you to people who can help you further . Stay well x

Posted Sun 10 Mar 2019 11.09 by emilyrc

Also for people suffering with their scalp I highly recommend the ginger shampoo made by the Body Shop x

Posted Mon 11 Mar 2019 05.47 by OhNo_NotAgain? (edited Mon 11 Mar 2019 09.07 by OhNo_NotAgain?)

I have had plaque psoriasis on and off since 1980. Initially it erupted over my entire body while I was at university. Most recently it has been limited to elbows, ears and occasional patch in groin and on one leg. Around a year ago i suddenly developed guttate psoriasis all over trunk, legs and scalp. My GP felt it might be a reaction to a total hip replacement 2 months before (psoriasis can be triggered by a trauma to the body, and the immune system reaction). My GP advised that typicallyin such a case it CAN recede after 6 months or so. I have dovobet already (same ingredients as Enstilar) but only use it occasionally. I discussed with my GP that i did not feel that a steroid ointment was suitable for my guttate. The spots were small and numerous, so it would have been difficult and laborious to apply a topical treatment to each spot individually, and I did not want to slather steroid all over the good skin in between the guttate spots. He did not want to give me enstilar for my scalp. So, he gave me a 1 week course of antibiotic, just in case there was an underlying infection - although I had not presented with any sort of inflamed throat. He prescribed psoriderm (a lecithin and coal-tar treatment) lotion for my body, and cocois and capasal shampoo for my scalp. I found the cocois hard to apply effectively as I live alone, and the capasal did not seem to help, but was incredibly drying on my hair. I probably tried every shampoo that mentioned psoriasis or dry-scalp or was mentioned on here. (I did try the Body-Shop ginger shampoo, and although it seemed nice and luxurious, I am sorry to have to say that it did nothing to help my scalp). Finally I used Alphacade PSO shampoo for my scalp - it killed the itching, and I alternated it with T-Gel and Alphosyl. My scalp improved quickly. I used the psoriderm for my body, and then also bought Exorex (green bottle). I used one in morning and the other at night (an hour or two before bed, to allow it to penetrate the skin and not stain my bedding. In between time I also used Doublebase Dayleve Gel throughout the day, any time that I felt itching. I also started taking a Vitamin D supplement each day ( After a few weeks the spots had reduced dramatically and I stopped using the psoriderm and exorex, but continued the emollient and the vit-D. After around 8 months my guttate psoriasis HAD disappeared completely (but not the plaque psoriasis, although the patches on my elbows are much smaller and less flakey than before the guttate episode, but that might simply be a coincidence).

Posted Thu 21 Mar 2019 16.14 by Hollie07

Hi, I’m on month 3 with guttate psoriasis after suffering strep throat in December. I’ve been to the doctors so many times I can’t count. Have to wait 6 months to see a specialist. I’ve cut out gluten, dairy and don’t eat meat. I’m taking vitamins also. But nothing works! I’m on Enstillar at the moment which helps a lot but I really don’t want to be subjecting my skin to steroid cream all the time. It’s so depressing :( i don’t know what to do anymore!

Posted Thu 21 Mar 2019 16.21 by Lauz329

Hi Hollie07, I’m So sorry to hear this, sounds like a similar case to me. I’m now on month 3 and it’s very slightly improving. The scales are there but more pale pink than a sore red colour. I decided to stop the steroid creams as and try a more natural approach. I read that blueberries help so wether that is working for me I don’t know but it’s worth a try. I’ve also found out I’m pregnant (unplanned) so I honestly don’t know how this will effect it.

Posted Thu 21 Mar 2019 16.27 by Hollie07

I eat blueberries every day also. Nothing works! I’ve always had psoriasis since being a child but I’ve never suffered with such a bad case before as this. I’ve read where pregnancy can either really improve it or make it worse. Hopefully it makes it better for you! I just don’t understand why there isn’t much Information or some other medication that helps as so many people suffer from it. My doctor tried to make me feel better by telling me it’s not life threatening but it’s a useless comment as it really affects, mood, confidence and mental health. It’s coming up to summer in the UK and I’m dreading the hot days as my skin is so sore like I’m covered in burns and I can’t wear anything remotely revealing. It gets me really down. Doesn’t help when people ask what it is either it makes you think you’re dirty or have a skin disease.

Posted Thu 21 Mar 2019 16.31 by Lauz329

Yeah I’ve read pregnancy can improve it so fingers crossed. It may not be life threatening but it really effects your mental health like you say, I’ve been so down since I got it and not in a good head space at all. I had someone panic at work the other week cos she thought I was getting a rash on my neck. I had to explain what it was. So embarrassing. I live in the uk too and really praying for us that it’s cleated by the warmer months!

Posted Thu 21 Mar 2019 16.35 by Hollie07

Yes same as me. I’m a manager of a shoe shop and when I’m serving customers I can see them looking at my hands which is embarrassing. Same if I wear 3/4 trousers or jeans. And the parts of me which have cleared with Enstillar have gone pigmented so it actually looks like I have really bad fake tan on when I’ve not worn fake tan in about 2 years! I’m going on holiday in May so I’m hoping a bit of sun will clear it up. I am waiting for light treatment but I can’t wait any longer. I’m looking into renting a UVB sunbed before I go. I don’t want to be put on the drug they give to cancer patients as it can lead to other cancers and liver failure. It’s just a horrible condition to have.

Posted Thu 21 Mar 2019 17.34 by emilyrc

Hi Hollie07, I understand it’s frustrating when you’re making big changes to your diet and aren’t seeing any results but please note that the natural approach will take a lot longer to work than steroids , you just have to stick with it . I have been doing it for about 3 months now and the psoriasis still isn’t gone but it is clear in some places and that gives me confidence that it’ll all clear in time . Please look up Hannah Sillitoe on istagram and you will see the progress people have made and know that you’re not alone in the long process .

Posted Fri 22 Mar 2019 16.51 by Lauz329

I just wanted to give you an update just so you have some hope! Today I woke up realising last night was the first night I’d not woke up wanting to scratch my skin off! On checking my skin I can see massive improvements and the patches are now really flat with some parts clear! This has been done WITHOUT any creams etc and one difference I made was the blueberries and orange juice every day! I know every body is different but I’ve been stuck with this for nearly 3 months so please have hope, you will get through this ❤️

Posted Fri 22 Mar 2019 19.30 by Hollie07

Awww that’s amazing! I’ve not used my enstillar for one day and it’s already coming back with the vengeance. Has anyone heard about taking vitamin B17? Apparently that’s amazing but unfortunately can’t find a link for it anywhere

1 Posted Fri 22 Mar 2019 20.23 by Lauz329

I honestly believe the creams etc make it worse in the long run and we should try healing naturally. I have been so depressed whilst having this over my body and I already feel uplifted when looking at the improvements. I can’t tell people to not use what doctors prescribe but I would never use the products again! I’ve heard about taking vitamins yes but not sure on how successful they are?

Posted Sat 23 Mar 2019 18.53 by Justinealexx

Hi Hollie. Many people find they need to be really careful with the Enstillar foam. Stopping the treatment suddenly can lead to a steroid rebound effect, where symptoms flare up. A private dermatologist my daughter and I consulted after this had happened to her, recommended only a very gradual withdrawal from Enstillar treatment though it was too late for us to try that! It was a very difficult and uncomfortable set back for her. It made us both very anxious about her restarting the treatment, fearing the steroid becomes a vicious circle that's very hard to break. But I agree with Lauz, it can be done naturally. Though it needs patience, determination and so much courage. You'll have lots of support here if you feel ready. And I wish you so much luck x

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