How Do You Develop It?

Posted Mon 1 Jul 2019 12.31pm by Carl Lewis

Just seemed really odd that I developed it and never had it before. 50 year old male living in England, never had skin problems before. Any ideas from the forum users.

Posted Tue 2 Jul 2019 4.06am by claire

What type of psoriasis do you have? Stress can be a cause. I am 69 came down with ppp two years ago after I fell and broke my hip. Laid there for 21 hours before rescue and stressed out. I have it on my left sole and a small place on my left palm. No more steroids for me. I now use Sorion, a herbal cream, and it helps very much. Good luck and God bless.

Posted Tue 2 Jul 2019 7.14am by Carl Lewis

Had a tattoo done on the back of my right leg in February and I had some marks left when I removed the wrapping. Skin started to get red after a while and then it moved across to my right leg. Slowly got worse and then went dry. I normally wear shorts all the time but this got imppdsible. Dovobet is getting it down I must admit.

Posted Wed 3 Jul 2019 3.41am by claire

You said right leg both times. I'm confused. What kind of marks? Have you been diagnosed with psoriasis by a doctor? It's possible you just have an allergic reaction to ink in tattoo. Or the ink was unclean. You best hope that's it. You Don't want psoriasis! Ok, I just googled Dovobet. It's a prescription, so I guess you have seen a doctor. At night when you put cream on, put Vaseline over top to seal in. Cover with gauze and a piece of tape. Or cut the top off a white sock and run it up and over the site. Find out what type psoriasis you have and google it. Good luck!

Posted Wed 3 Jul 2019 6.56am by Carl Lewis

Meant to have said left leg! Dovobet has helped a lot.

Posted Wed 10 Jul 2019 9.21am by Dorothy

Maybe the tattoo triggered it? Your body reacting to stress? I've had mine for 20 years - started within 48 hours of being involved in a road accident.

Posted Wed 10 Jul 2019 3.41pm by OhNo_NotAgain?

There certainly seems to be a consensus among medical professionals that ONE trigger for psoriasis to occur can be physical trauma to the body, eg a tattoo, a major accident.

i have had plaque psoriasis to a greater or lesser extent since 1980, when it appeared over my entire body out of nowhere during my final year at university and immediately began to reduce in severity shortly after my final exams were finished (stress?)

20 years ago I scraped/grazed my shin on a piece of wood and as it healed it scabbed as expected but instead of healing completely it turned into a patch of psoriasis which persisted for 5-6 years before disappearing.

Last year I came out in guttate psoriasis around 6-8 weeks after a total hip replacement., 7 or 8 months later it receded, as predicted as a possibility by my GP.

But I have also had 3 tattoos at various times since 1990, and intimate piercings (which DEFINITELY qualify as trauma) with no outbreak or apparently corressponding increase of psoriasis.

Posted Wed 10 Jul 2019 4.36pm by Carl Lewis

Been to the doctor today and they are happy that it has reduced quite quickly. Keep applying cream and luckily I can wear shorts at work so can carry this out quite easily. Carrying on and trying not to get stressed at work but that is easier said than done. No more tattoos for a whiie either.

Posted Thu 5 Sep 2019 5.18am by ParisDream

I ask myself that everyday. Nobody in my family has psoriasis. My mother and my fathers side haven't even seen or heard of it before. I first got it when I was 9/10 years old. My parents didn't know how to react. After they realized that about 80% of my body was covered, they took me to our family physician and he sent me to a dermatologist. I'm 19 now. I think they still don't fully understand it. I don't blame them though. I'm still learning something new everyday about psoriasis.

Posted Sun 29 Sep 2019 1.30pm by Clearance1

I am now 58 developed it 9 years ago never really had much clearance despite various creams and oral meds. The nature of the disease it is very individual and unpredictable which makes it difficult to manage. I feel for us who suffer from this as it can take you in to a dark place both mentally and physically and kicks the confidence. Experiencing a bad flare up at the moment which makes me feel very sad

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