CBD medication

Posted Thu 8 Aug 2019 10.16am by mike andrews

Has anyone tried using Cannabis oil (CBD), to control their Psoriasis? It seems to have a good success rate with other ailments.


Posted Sun 11 Aug 2019 5.56pm by scouternorm

I haven't had psoriasis on anything other than my hands & feet, but CBD oil has worked wonders with my plaque psoriasis. Previously I had used Dovebet & was prescribed a drug called Soriatane, but neither worked for me. Possibly CBD oil would work for you, if you can get some. I have found relief with a topical application of CBD oil. I don't ingest it. It's a little expensive - $20 for a 30 mil bottle in Canada, it lasts about 1 month, and it's not covered by drug plans. In a little over 1 year, I would say that it has cleared up my hands & feet by over 90%. As an aside, it also seems to promote faster healing of sores/wounds.

As CBD oil is used more and more, I am sure that it will relieve symptoms of a lot of afflictions. In Canada, we used to need a medical prescription to buy it from a producer, but now we can now buy it online from a government store, without a prescription.

I have uploaded before & after photos here: http://www.normtoogood.ca/psoriasis.htm

Good luck!

Posted Thu 22 Aug 2019 9.08am by Chuggybear

Wow I've just looked at photos that is an amazing difference I think I might get some .thanks for the info

Posted Tue 27 Aug 2019 1.04pm by Avalon

The photos are great! They really give me hope. For the fingers and nails, do you apply the oil under the nail as well or just on top and at the base? My nails are so raised from the nail bed I am frightened they will come off.

Posted Tue 27 Aug 2019 4.24pm by scouternorm

I just apply to the top of the nail & the fingers & palm. For the feet, same, but heavy on the sole where all the cracks were. I can't explain why it worked, it just did. My doctor & foot nurse were amazed. But my dermatologist didn't think that CBD would be of use. I didn't even bother telling him, I just cancelled my appointments.

Posted Tue 27 Aug 2019 11.32pm by Avalon

Many thanks, scouternorm, I shall start straight away! I’ve already got the oil so it’s worth trying.

Posted Wed 28 Aug 2019 3.37am by mike andrews (edited Wed 28 Aug 2019 10.27am by mike andrews)

I am going to try CBD OIL on my hands. What strength is recommended.


Posted Wed 28 Aug 2019 6.26am by Chuggybear

Yep me too , I'm lucky I went to Greece for two weeks for two weeks in may, skin cleared completely, it's just starting to come back ! Good luck everyone x

Posted Wed 28 Aug 2019 10.33am by mike andrews

Help! I contacted HealthScan. They supply CBD oil in capsule and liquid form. They said it wouldn’t work with a topical application. Any thoughts?

Posted Wed 28 Aug 2019 1.58pm by Rairai18

Hi All, I've been reading into CBD treatments quite a lot and I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with it in regards to scalp psoriasis? Thanks!

Posted Wed 28 Aug 2019 3.37pm by scouternorm

try it. It can't hurt- I would use it after shampooing & rinsing, then apply it so it gets on the scalp

Posted Wed 28 Aug 2019 5.19pm by scouternorm

to Mike Andrews: What is Healthscan? My dermatologist said that it wouldn't work either. I think that he was wrong. There are various concentrations of CBD, the higher it is, the more money it usually is. I would start with something like 10.50 mg/ml. In Canada, since it's legal, I can get a 30 ml bottle for about $23 delivered to my door.

Posted Wed 28 Aug 2019 6.11pm by mike andrews

its an on line herbal therapy site


Posted Wed 28 Aug 2019 8.17pm by Chuggybear

Do u think the Dr's can prescribe it but it's too expensive ?

Posted Wed 28 Aug 2019 9.06pm by ns44419

Interesting story I read of a mother who had pretty remarkable success treating her + her infant son's psoriasis with CBD oil:


She used Lazarus Naturals w/ coconut oil, 50mg of CBD per teaspoon. Article also goes over some of the science.as well.

Posted Fri 1 Nov 2019 4.31pm by Laura

Hola Scouternorm.

Tengo psoriasis en las uñas de mis manos, desde que mi esposo enfermó de cáncer y falleció, hace tres años y medio. Me crecen costras muy doloras debajo y las uñas comienzan a despegarse de su lecho. No debo mojarlas, es un fastidio ya que me limitan mucho para realizar tareas.

¿Podrías darme más detalles sobre el nombre del aceite, su composición en THC y CBD? Gracias!

Saludos desde Argentina.

Posted Sat 2 Nov 2019 3.18pm by scouternorm

vea este sitio sobre absorción: https://echoconnection.org/cbd-absorbed-body/

y esto es lo que he estado usando últimamente: Sativa Dominant

THC 1.00 mg / ml

CBD 10.50 mg / ml

Posted Sat 2 Nov 2019 4.37pm by Laura

Muchísimas gracias, Scouternorm. Has sido muy amable.

Probaré a usar el aceite, tal vez sea tan afortunada como tú.


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