My Psoriasis Experience

Posted Tue 8 Oct 2019 11.44am by ConVery94

Hi There,

I am 25 and my first ever experience with Psoriasis was when I was a young tender age of 13. I woke up to my stomach having 3 little patches of skin but I never told anyone about this.

One Morning I woke up and my full back and stomach was covered in red patches. I ran into my mum and dad and showed them. My Dad is covered in Psoriasis I knew all about what it was and how there was no cure.

My mum and dad made me a doctors appointment for that day and it was confirmed that I had something I always didn't want Psoriasis. After covering myself in creams for weeks it went away.

When I turned 16 I got a random patch just beside my ear which never bothered me as no one could see it, that was until a few weeks later when I would wake up with my full scalp covered in Psoriasis only this time it was thick yellow looking scales coming off my head, along with loosing my hair. I have never been able to treat my scalp to the point I am clear.

Today I am living with major Scalp psoriasis, along with psoriasis behind my ears, hairline, inside my ear, nape of my neck, along the top of my back, on my arms, all over my legs, 3 patches on my stomach, a huge patch on each of my sides, under my boobs, on my boobs, bellybutton, hips, buttocks, and downstairs oh and not forgetting my nails.

I have been to 4 different dermatology departments in hospitals and been on a lot of steroids and I am still awaiting for something to help me. I am now going to have to get tested for Arthritis as the pain I have in my left shoulder into my neck and on my right hip is unbearable now.

I am now tempted to shave off my hair in order to treat my scalp correctly and wear a wig to work.

If anyone has any tips or advice I will be willing to try anything and everything.

From a very depressed Psoriasis warrior whos hair is getting very thin again :(.

#keepfighting #psoriasiswarriors

Posted Sat 19 Oct 2019 10.16am by ifaala


this is how i get rid off psoriasis

stay away from alcohol and fried foods , don't stress yourself because that's will not help you , try to change the rhythm of your life

i have used pomade in my country called dermosalic , in france named "diprosalic" i don't know if is available on your country or not , you can ask any dermatologist maybe he can help you to identify any pomade similar to this one


you must use it daily when she calm and disappear temporarily , keep using it ( 1 /2 time per week ) , 90% chance wil help you get rid off this disease , but like what happen to me , the areas of psoriasis became little blacked spots ,

for blacked spots ,it's not problem , she can disappear by time or by cream

use only pomade in your hair , you can give to anyone of your family to put pomade on your psoriasis spots

try to reduce washing your body and your hair , maybe one time per week , also stay away from sea water because lots of salts contributes to skin drought

it's like using solar cream :)

By the way I just passed here , maybe my experience will help anyone

Posted Sat 19 Oct 2019 4.01pm by Helping Hand (edited Sat 19 Oct 2019 4.03pm by Helping Hand)


First and foremost, thank you for sharing your experience with this terrible affliction. I'm always interested to know how it effects other people, and how they manage from day-to-day.

I've had it for years now, although it's recently flared up onto my neck and the back of my head, I've nearly always had it on my upper arms, however as I was able to conceal it, I didn't mind too much. The latest flare however included my eyelids too, extremely red and sore, it was also on the inside of the lids and was extremely painful to open my eyes and blink.

For me, I'm using all the normal creams, they work well so I'm thankful for that. What I would suggest however, and this has assisted me a lot, is trying to practice meditation. I've recently started and it takes only 15 to 20 minutes a day. I've found by recognising negative thoughts, I've been able to address the stress associated with psoriasis. If you're anything like me, stress is such a trigger for me, which isn't great as I have an extremely stressful profession, which can cause me to work long and draining hours too, never good for psoriasis.

I have found that learning to control negative thoughts, helps hugely with anxiety and depressive tendencies, and in-turn, my psoriasis doesn't seem to be as aggressive.

I'll not signpost you the books I use, or the videos, as there is plenty out there for free on youtube. Try to find what works best for you, give it a couple of weeks and I promise you'll notice the difference, although at first it may seem a little silly, it does start to work wonders and change your perspective.

Whatever happens though, good luck and stay positive. You're not alone in all of this, although I know it's easy to feel that way.

Posted Wed 30 Oct 2019 11.14am by Kpeach

I have just recently been diagnosed at 32 with psoriasis it's does not run in my family and I have never had any issues with my skin I do know it is an auto immune disese which affects the skin but it's so hard to deal with, I have it on my face, but the back on my neck, behind ears and over my chest area are the worst it burns and hurts really bad I tried to make a doctors appointment and was told by the receptionist that for just a rash was to go see the pharmacis, which I did was told yeah it was psoriasis and given dovonex to apply twice a day for couple weeks and to return if no change, it's been a week so far and no change infact it's gotton worse and spread over a larger area than before. I have no faith in the healthcare system as I was completely fobbed off when I reached out for help with something that apparently there are alot of treatments and things available to help. I don't know what to do or what else I can use myself to ease the flare any help would be amazing

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