Psoriasis on face

Posted Sat 17 Mar 2012 7.50am by Alexbw2008
I have it on my scalp, around eyebrows and recently spots here and there over the face And of course knees and elbows

I keep getting red patches without flaky skin on my forehead and around eyebrows, nose Really starting to annoy me Also got very short hair and it on the side of my head and very noticeable Any one recommend and thing to use on the face??

2 Posted Mon 2 Apr 2012 11.54am by grumpygroo (edited Tue 14 Aug 2012 10.32am by grumpygroo)
Had p for about 35 years now. Guttate, spread fairly evenly over my body. Use Elocon or Dovobet when it flairs up. Most annoying when it fla

Hi Alex, I get exactly the same thing. The only thing I've really found that clears it quickly is Elocon. I know it's a fairly potent steroid and my GP does warn me about it, but I'm always careful never to use it more than a day or two at a time and then won't use it again for at least a week. Used like that it doesn't seem to cause any problems.

Posted Tue 1 May 2012 11.52pm by Mike P (edited Tue 23 Dec 2014 2.52am by PsoriasisAssociation)
Reasonably mild at present. Mainly affecting elbows, calves and forearms

I wrote this on another thread but you may not have seen it. I use Goats Milk Moisturiser & Goats Milk Cleanser. It is quite expensive but I find that it works very well.

Posted Thu 10 May 2012 9.51pm by CharlieLou94 (edited Tue 27 Aug 2013 1.21am by pogibear)
I have psoriasis across my face and especially my forehead, and all over my scalp. It is now spreading all over my body and really affects

I experience it really badly on my face too, I tried some nettle moisturiser I found at a farmers market, and it started feeling smoother in literally a few hours, a few weeks completely took away the flakes and took away the redness. I went back and got some nettle soap and shampoo and the psoriasis has almost disappeared completely. Really really good, I recommend it!

Posted Mon 14 May 2012 7.36pm by katiebadger
All over my body

I have psoriasis all over my body but never got it on my face and recently it has appeared. It’s on my forehead, cheeks and in my eyebrows. I would also appreciate any help and information on it please as none of my other creams seem to work.

Posted Fri 29 Jun 2012 12.38pm by Anna (edited Mon 4 Mar 2013 6.52pm by kevinroberts1234)
I have had psoriasis for 15 years.

I have psoriasis on my forehead and get patches on my face. After years of issues with it one doctor suggested using dovobet ointment on my face. This has helped clear it up - making my skin look smooth and clear - and is the best solution I have found so far! but it can be temporary fix - with this medication if I stop using it - it can appear again. However I was advised by second doctor that it is not a good idea to use this on my face and they gave me some sticky alternative which irritated it - so I stick to using dovobet and keep using it in moderation - seems to work fine,and the psoriasis can disappear in a week leaving my skin looking clear. I would strongly suggest speaking to a doctor before trying this - as I said I have been told conflicting views about using the treatment on my face and they advise not to use too much of the medication because of steroids in it. But i have tried a lot of treatments and experienced the best results with this. Hope this helps!

1 Posted Fri 13 Jul 2012 2.08pm by saintsfan (edited Wed 19 Aug 2015 10.51pm by saintsfan)

Sorry Anna but your second dr was right. The steroid in Dovobet is far too strong to use on the face - sadly that's probably why it's been working. It is ok to use mild steroids on the face for short periods so it might be worth asking about an alternative.

Posted Mon 30 Jul 2012 8.11am by Alexbw2008
I have it on my scalp, around eyebrows and recently spots here and there over the face And of course knees and elbows

Thank you Only just seen these as thought I would get emails telling me people replied I mainly use e45 cream Got dr's tomorrow so asking for a referal Surprising how much it gets you down when it on the face Elbows and knees not that bothered but face you can't hide The nettle treatments sounds interesting will try that Also what's this new drug called silkies or something like that If anyone on twitter my name is @alexbw11

Posted Thu 2 Aug 2012 2.27pm by Johanne

Eumovate I use does work I'm in middle of a flare up in pain and sore start lights soon with dithronal fingers crossed

Posted Mon 27 Aug 2012 3.13pm by Alexbw2008
I have it on my scalp, around eyebrows and recently spots here and there over the face And of course knees and elbows

Got loads little red spots coming up on my body now in various places Seem red with slight flaky skin Please please get a cure

Posted Fri 31 Aug 2012 7.20am by Crushy
No but my 8 year old daughter has

My daughter is 8 and has had psoriasis for just over 2 years. She had it on her eyes, arm, a big ring around her belly button, above her bum. After trying every cream in the world until getting a proper diagnosis (after a biopsy from her eyes) I decided enough was enough, every time it came back it was bigger and new patches were coming up all the time. Someone had mentioned probiotics so I stopped all creams and started giving her 1 actimel drink a day. Within days I could see improvement and it started to itch which it had not really done before. Within a couple of weeks it had gaps and was starting to clear within 6 weeks she was completely clear of it, that was in April and (touch wood) it has not come back, and she is still taking the daily actimel. Surprisingly, the consultants at great ormond street where she ended up being treated were not the least interested in this. I appreciate it may not work for everyone but this is one thing that is definitely worth trying and I have been trying to think of a way to let people know when it occurred I could put it on a blog! If I could post the before and after pictures I would, it is truly amazing.

Posted Thu 21 Feb 2013 10.01pm by jrowlands51
Losing self confidence as patches of psoriasis increase and get bigger. In my fifties and started with it just before my 50th birthday.

For psoriasis patches on my face I apply Epaderm cream before going to bed. Really helps for me.

Posted Sun 24 Feb 2013 9.26pm by Cathy (edited Sun 3 Mar 2013 2.34pm by kstanney)
Suffered with scalp psoriasis and plaque psoriasis for a number of years

I found that ordinary Vaseline eased my redness. I don't suffer with Psoriasis now due to finding a book which proved to be a total breakthrough for me. It included avoiding potatoes and tomatoes and since I have avoided these foods (along with a few other) I have stayed clear.

Posted Thu 28 Feb 2013 3.59pm by at
plague psoriasis since 2008

For me, protopic was OK but not huge improvement. UVB treatment cleared the psoriasis on my face.

1 Posted Sat 2 Mar 2013 9.25am by CRumball (edited Sun 14 Apr 2013 9.16pm by Di)

Thats actually where I first started to notice my psoriasis, I dunno how bad yours is but I used to use E45 cream which is good a little greasy though but recently I've been using simple rich moisturiser which is working and its a nice light moisturiser.

Posted Mon 4 Mar 2013 6.51pm by AprilLeckenby
I have had psoriasis since I was 6 and from that age I have been in and out of hospital and tried every treatment going. I am currently on c

I get it really bad where it weeps sometimes so even though i am on ciclosporin i have to use dovobet steroid cream (which makes my skin thin and i blush/ burn easily) but it cleared it within days of using it.

Posted Sat 23 Mar 2013 3.06pm by Dave
To cut a long story short, psoriasis ruined my life when i was just a teenager.

I use Alphosyl HC on my face which i apply a few hours before bed. Although this has apparently been discontinued in the UK since Sept 2012, i still have a steady supply from the local chemist and it works for me to make it unnoticeable while I'm hunting down the other causal factors. I can't say this enough to anyone with psoriasis, take notice of the effects on your skin when you eat or drink something. If it makes the psoriasis worse, remove it from your diet! I noticed a big improvement by removing dairy from my diet. It's a process of elimination until you find the hidden culprit. Happy hunting.

Posted Sun 14 Apr 2013 2.47pm by Scalextrix
Everywhere on my body, scalp hairline, face, legs arms etc... I am depressed about it and wear dark clothing long sleeves in warm weather a

Hello everyone, I am new to this site. I have it on (and in) my ears, hairline, nose, eyebrows and scalp (I have it everywhere on my body, but I know this thread is specifically for the face so won't go into detail about that. I am also depressed and stressed at work. Has anyone tried putting their head (covering with a towel- like when you have a cold) over a bowl of boiling water and using the steam to treat the face? I am thinking of trying this tonight as I am really down bout my condition and I am going to a family function soon so trying to do anything I can to reduce the redness on my face.

Posted Mon 15 Apr 2013 10.19am by Scalextrix
Everywhere on my body, scalp hairline, face, legs arms etc... I am depressed about it and wear dark clothing long sleeves in warm weather a

Hello Suzie, Thanks for replying to my message :) That sounds really promising, I will definitely try this, it is so embarrassing. Do you use it everyday as a moisturiser then?

Posted Thu 16 May 2013 5.37pm by abi2108
I have it covering my arms chest back and neck with patches on my face. i have had it since i was born

Hi Alex, I had Psoriasis quite badly on my face for about a year then i found that using the super drug hot cloth cleanser with warm water and using a flannel and not the cloth. I then use the LUSH full of grace underneath CETAPHIL moisturising lotion in the evening and i do this in the morning just with out the full of grace. If you get it on your lips as well use Carmex lipblam through out the day and they put a thick layer on at night

Posted Thu 8 Aug 2013 4.43pm by Borntodoit
I have psoriasis on my face, elbows and scalp

Hey all I suffer from it bad on my face and scalp. Yesterday I started a strict diet and basically took Afew bits from different success stories I had read. In the past no creams or diets or changes I have made have ever helped long term. This past week my skin has been so red and flared it was the worst it has been in a long time.started my diet yesterday and I ate walnuts, mackerel, wild rice, asparagus and brown bread whn I woke up this morning the flaring had really reduced!! I will keep you posted if anyone is interested lol

Posted Tue 20 Aug 2013 8.24pm by pens

Hi, Just started using aloe vera directly from the plant on my face and it disappeared within 1 day, yes it came back but used it again and it disappeared once more. Using it on other parts now, and hoping it works there too, I've had p for 20 years, used various products, wish I'd started using this years ago, just that I'm starting to take my p more seriously now.

Posted Sat 23 Nov 2013 4.18pm by sabeel1d (edited Sat 23 Nov 2013 4.19pm by Sharon Heath)

I recommend ointment that has :- Clobetasol propionate. Salicylic acid. Methyl paraben. Propyl paraben. Ointment base. In 4 or 5 day you'll be fine. Ok thanks

Posted Fri 25 Jul 2014 8.23pm by fitzrovian
I have suffered from psoriasis for over 30 years, though recently the patches on my body have cleared though I still suffer with it in my fi

I too used to use Alphosyl HC until they stopped making it , which made me look for other creams and remedies. I have in the end stopped hunting after I started taking a tea spoon of virgin black seed oil every morning and evening. its not a quick cure all, but it does seem to work, and if there is a flare up in my eyebrows or hairline I also massage some in. I also never wash my face with soap even if it is fragrance free, use a fragrance free face wash.

Posted Sun 31 Aug 2014 9.09pm by FallOutGirlxo
Suffered with acute psoriasis on my forehead (cleared) Bad spots covering my back (clearing) Odd spots on arms and legs (maintainable)

I have the same patches as you as well as a couple of odd bits on the side of my face. I purchased Angels Of Bare Skin from Lush for £6.40 and within a week my forehead was clear. It is 100% natural which was great as I'd been using harsh steroid creams like Dovobet and I can't recommend this enough as it won't wreck your skin in the future.

Posted Tue 23 Dec 2014 2.56am by 47psoyrs
I never wear dresses. It's jeans or slacks to church & every where else. I don't mind cause it's more comfortable & I've never been a "fancy

Hi Mike P, Where do you buy this goats milk moister & cleanser? Some place like Supper Supplements that sells different vitamins, minerals, & coconut creams?

Posted Mon 29 Dec 2014 5.23am by 47psoyrs
I never wear dresses. It's jeans or slacks to church & every where else. I don't mind cause it's more comfortable & I've never been a "fancy

Mike P, I found a site where this family raises herds of goats. Some of the goats give 2-3 gals. per day! Then the family makes 4 different kinds of soap & various other items. They also hand pour chap stick. These items are said to help eczema & psoriasis. To find out which soap you should use, they sell a gift pack of 4 half bars for $15. The site address is Maybe that's a little cheaper than what you are getting. The family is from Bolivia I think but not sure. Let me know how you're doing if you try it.

Posted Mon 29 Dec 2014 5.28am by 47psoyrs
I never wear dresses. It's jeans or slacks to church & every where else. I don't mind cause it's more comfortable & I've never been a "fancy

P has decided to attack my face. Nothing noticeable yet but I can feel bumps on forehead, a pronounced bump on side of nose by eye & some redness under my nose. When I breathe through my nose (I am fond of staying alive :) my breath irritates the skin under my nose. Anyone else have this problem & what do you do for it?

Posted Fri 16 Jan 2015 9.13pm by ush1
Mildly over 10 years on areas hidden until recently when my face became red and sore.

Curcummin is working for me its all but gone!

Posted Thu 5 Feb 2015 8.38am by samanthajane21
i have had psoriasis for the past 3 years and it has effected me badly with confidence, self esteem and it got to a point where i havent lef

hello alex, i have also experienced psoriasis on the face but mine was on my eye lid, i have found that dovobet ointment is the best for the face as i had see results in a couple of hours of putting this on. hope this helps and your psoriasis free :D

Posted Thu 5 Feb 2015 1.19pm by
Ive had psoriasis in many areas in my body

Hello, Ive had Psoriasis for many years and a friend told me about this product called Soratinex which was amazing. I bought one set and my psoriasis cleared after 2 weeks of use. Apparently is is natural and has no steroids whatsoever. The site I ordered from is Give it a try and hope it helps you too. Regards mark stilman

Posted Wed 19 Aug 2015 10.50pm by shava
covered for 40 years

I was given canesten by my dr works great for your face

Posted Tue 11 Apr 2017 2.09pm by mezlizt

i'm using dovabet on my face too - my doctor said i shouldn't too - does anyone know why i shouldn't?

Posted Wed 12 Apr 2017 2.15pm by ClearskinPls
Since 2001, tried uvb and creams

It does seem to spread when fading in other parts. On the face is a problem. I sometimes use a vit D moistureriser and it helps but for me it only works on my face

Posted Sun 14 May 2017 7.24am by Mkrbc

Hey folks - my first post, but I noticed a few suggesting to use Dovobet on their face. Mezlizt asked why this is not a great idea and I thought I'd share.

Dovobet includes a strong steroid and is a common psoriasis prescription - it's great on arms and legs because these areas have thicker skin, but strong steroid gels on your face can lead to bigger problems down the road. They can encourage a rash around the applied area, thin your skin and make it easily bruisable, and long term use around the eyes can risk cataracts and glaucoma. You can try using weaker steroids like a hydrocortisone ointment or cream, but I'd try to limit that as well.

You can read more here:

Posted Tue 16 May 2017 12 noon by JustinAllison

My daughter has psoriasis on her elbows and regular lotion would help with the itching a little bit but once we started using dermalmd psoriasis serum, her elbows cleared right up after a couple of uses!!

Posted Sun 4 Jun 2017 11.37pm by Shakil

Guys stop using Dovobet in your face, it will cause permanent damage to your facial skin!

Posted Mon 14 Aug 2017 8.51am by Eliyamanson

I have tried so many expensive creams for eczema on my face and hand. I'm a server so I wash my face and hands all day at work and they get really irritated. Foderma serum made a visible difference within a day, and got rid of the discomfort. After a few days it completely cleared up. If you're having eczema problems you should definitely try this serum.

Posted Fri 27 Oct 2017 3.38pm by Tralalal02

I would recommend keeping away from steroid use on the face except for the short- term. I used steroids on my face years ago for psoriasis on the nose and although I have stopped the steroids I have a reddish tinge on my face down both sides of my nose. It looks like sunburn. I can cover it with a moisturiser and foundation if going out for short periods eg the evening but for longer periods it does not work. I found the old-fashioned coal tar based creams the best but even these need to be the weakest you can get

Posted Fri 27 Oct 2017 5.59pm by jason40

Hi Alex, I would suggest to try Tacrolimus cream. You will need it prescribing by your dermatologist or GP. Applied thinly it works very well and helped clear mine up a treat.

Keeping eyebrows and hair short is also good. I am bald so I find that that keeping my hair clipped and moisturising my scalp have worked wonders

Posted Tue 31 Oct 2017 1.40pm by Robert

Has anybody tried Silkis on the face and sensitive areas,it is steroid free.Also how do you go about purchasing Silkis as it is not on the NHS .

Posted Tue 21 Nov 2017 8.09am by cunninggham

Works really great and well if you have psoriasis .As soon as I applied the dermalmd serum and absorb into the skin, my rash seemed to disappear.

Posted Wed 6 Feb 2019 7.20am by JudySantillan

I have had a bad psoriasis spot on my the back of my scalp for over 6 years (but nowhere else) and nothing will cure psoriasis they say. I have used prescription creams and ointments the entire time on and off, some seemed to alleviate the itch for a short time but then it would come back after a few hours and be worse. None of the pharmaceutical Rx stopped the flaking. Some prescriptions even made the symptoms worse! I have only tried one other product over the counter and it only worked the first few uses to almost numb the itching and then it also stopped Working all together. I was a bit hesitant at $50 USD to try dermalmd psoriasis serum in case it didn't help ME, but after asking a question on Dermalmd support system and receiving a few encouraging helpful replies from the community I decided I had nothing to loose on this serum as it seems to be a very good company and product, and offers a money back guarantee! Well, I must say that I have only been using the product (once sometimes twice per day) on my scalp and it has made a huge difference. I would say that after only 2 weeks of use my symptoms such as uncontrollable itching and flaking due to treatment has been 80-90% improved! To me, that is a miracle! Not to mention it does not ruin my fine hair when styled is another bonus. Why would I want to use a prescription that doesn't even work (and who knows what else) when I can use this? It is amazing! I am so happy with the product and so glad I tried it!

1 Posted Fri 28 Jun 2019 12.46pm by Originalbeany

crushy, gonna be honest if you use healthy options the doctors will tell you to go away had severe P back in april last year to the point were i was hospitalised tried acitretin and other crap and made my life a living hell, i used a healthy approach as in stop all the crap food no smoking no alcohol i use mainly celerey juice first thing in the morning on an empty stomach to clear any crap out, i eat a lot of blueberries and other healthy foods, the moment i told my doctor he was not happy with me as i didnt take his approach.

Posted Tue 2 Jul 2019 7.43pm by Emilydavie3

Hello, just adding to the chat. I have started to get really dry patches around my eyes. Has anyone experienced this and knows of any way to help it?

Posted Sun 21 Jul 2019 1am by psoriasis123

Just adding to the chat, ask your doctor about vitamin D analogues, I think its called calcipotriol or calcitriol, unlike can steroids it can be used for 4 weeks, and it feels really nice. I used it every other 4 weeks. Defo check it out works a treat

Posted Sun 21 Jul 2019 1.52am by Miggy

Hi, my daughter (aged 11) was recently diagnosed with guttate psoriasis. It is particularly bad on her scalp, forehead, behind & in her ears & around her eyes. It isn't particularly itchy but is quite red & very dry. We have tried all sorts of creams. Doctor prescribed Diprosone ointment (betamethasone) which I now know is a potent steroid cream. He didn't give us any advice, just apply cream twice a day. In hindsight I probably would have pushed back or certainly asked more questions, but at the time I just wanted it to go away. I've been trying to cut back using the cream and haven't used it on her forehead for a few days now. I just don't know what to do for the best and I know that everyone is different and what works for one person does not work for another. At the moment we are just using a very gentle moisturiser but I don't know whether that is going to make it better. It is all over her body but certainly her face is the most noticeable. Anyway, thank you for reading, it sort of helps just to be able to share with someone.

Posted Wed 7 Aug 2019 5.09pm by Dorothy

So sorry to hear about your daughter - it's hard to watch little ones deal with this. I hope you find a solution that works for her very soon.

Posted Tue 13 Aug 2019 5.19pm by Jc79

I would ask for a dermatologist referral for your child. A lot of GPS are good but if it's that bad I'd see an expert. I got my psoriasis when I was 19 so don't know what the recommended treatment for children is but I would be tempted to go carefully with steroids especially on the face.

Posted Tue 19 Nov 2019 7.25pm by Alex1979

Hi ,I have had psoriasis on my face for most my adult life and the only application that I found to work is the cream Protropic from the docs . After couple applications it's gone , then just use every couple of days what starting to come back . It saved my sanity and life I guess , hope it works for others

Posted Tue 21 Jan 2020 8.48pm by Marcoola

Hello, I’ve just been diagnosed with mild psoriasis. The comments and suggestions above are really helpful as I re-visit my skin care routine. Thanks for sharing.

I’m interested to know what others use to remove make up with? Prior to diagnosis I’ve been using quick wipes.

What experiences and understanding do you have of Eumovate Cream’s side effects? My GP said not to use it on face and I see its risks include “increased hair growth” and also “weight gain, rounding of the face”. But does that mean if the cream is used on the face or is it that once absorbed by the skin those side effects can affect the face even if they aren’t directly applied to it?

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