Experience with Treatments/Supplements

1 Posted Mon 16 Nov 2020 10.31pm by magebane1

Very interesting thread on blueberries and will be trying that.

For most folks, if you aren't familiar with Dr. Edgar Cayce or Dr. Pagano, I highly suggest those readings. They aren't the be-all but I believe provide a great foundation for understanding psoriasis. There still isn't relaly a solution for everyone out there and of course there's both a genetic and environmental (incl. diet) factors that influence this disease.

Ultimately, unless you've very mild psoriasis with a low pasi score, topicals are likely not to be very efffective as the disease is an internal disease. It's why you see a Rheumatoligist.

This is purely my experience with treatments and supplements. Ensure you consult with a physician before you decide to try a new treatment or supplement.


Calcipotriol - Activated Vitamin D, help for minor psoriasis, expensive requires continued treatment for me.

Coritocosteroids (clobetasol or derivates). Quite effective topically but thins the skin and lightens the pigment. Again requires continued treatment.

Narrowband UVB - Effective on certain areas (lower legs proved less effective for me). Requires about 33 treatments before benefits seen (3xweek shown to be same as 5xweek). I use a SolArc unit at home as the idea of wasting so much time in a clinic is painful although I understand these are not that cheap. $1500 CAN here but very convenient in winter months.


Theracumin - Effective - Highly recommend Theracumin over curcumin because of it's bioavailability (27x). Seems to impact nail psoriasis more in my case. Fantastic as an anti-inflammatory. Joints have never felt better. Still taking 3 caps of theracumin double-strength daily.

Slippery Elm Bark - Effective - Morning weekdays on empty stomach. Great as a digestive tonic regardless of it's efficacy.

American Safflower - Unsure - Difficult to say if this has helped or not but quite enjoyable as an evening Tea.

Milk Thistle - Possible Effective - Improve bile flow for the liver and protectorant effects.

White Peony Root - Ineffective - Didn't observer any noticable differences.

Kutki - Ineffective - Natural treatments for Jaundice and liver conditions but didn't notice any benefits.

Ching Dai (Indigo) - Midly Effective - As a topical works very well especially for Nail Psoriasis (see psoothe products). Can source the granular extract and take it internally although safety isn't known. Interesting new research may show it can repair GI tract irritation and damage.

Omega-3s (Fish Oils) - Unsure - Healthy but unsure this made a considerable impact

Ultimately, everything from diet, to amount of exercise, amount of sleep, stress, sunlight can affect psoriasis (and differently for different individuals), but I genuinely believe that eventually with more research it will hopefully be a thing of the past one day.

Posted Tue 17 Nov 2020 8.08am by bargainlovingmum

Hi thanks for this - useful and interesting.

I found this article helpful and encouraging. It reminded me that my patience and perseverance are really important in this to me:


All the best to everyone. It can be difficult and disheartening xx

Posted Wed 18 Nov 2020 0.33am by magebane1

Yep and I think one aspect that's generall well observed but not necessarily medically documented is the impact of stress on the condition.

Many folks I have talked to often have flare-ups under stressful conditions or sudden changes to routine.

Posted Thu 19 Nov 2020 1.22pm by bargainlovingmum

So true - I can find certain work meetings, phone calls, or times of day (evening) really make my psoriasis itch! It's like my skin talking to me...

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