Ear Psoriasis

Posted Sat 19 Jun 2021 12.54 by Becca

Hi, does anyone know if ear candling helps with psoriasis or if anyone has tried this? Thanks in adavance

Posted Sun 20 Jun 2021 13.43 by OhNo_NotAgain?

I cannot think of a single reason why it might work, but I have never tried it. I smear diprosalic or dovobet very sparingly inside my ear flaps (and as deep as I can with my little finger (not a cotton bud). For psoriasis deeper inside I ocasionally use an "Allergy Relief", fluticasone propionate, 1-2 squirts sprayed inside the ear 1-2 times per month if needed, and then cleaned out after 5-10 minutes with cotton-wool. This is actually sold by Boots as a nasal spray, but after seeing it recommended for psoriasis inside the ear I discussed with my GP who agreed that I should try it. It is a steroid, so I use it very sparingly, but it certainly helps me.

Posted Tue 22 Jun 2021 21.40 by V62

I have also used ear olive oil. It really softens the psoriasis and it comes out and my ears are much more comfortable. I use this a few days every couple of weeks and am pleased with the result. Clearly not a cure - just makes my ear psoriasis less itchy.

Posted Mon 12 Jul 2021 07.21 by Andrew

Thought I was the only person in the world with ear psoriasis, so gross! I tend to let it build up and then put Dovobet on it for an afternoon and then use a wipe (plastic free) to clear it out. Really fed up with it all!!

Posted Sat 14 Aug 2021 18.14 by Sereice

I was on Methotrexate & it cleared it in my ears I was so shocked how more sharper my hearing was...I felt really restricted & worried on it though, so i came of it. I'm mixed raced & brought my own phototherapy lamp it's nearly gone after 3 weeks ( just to help anyone mine went purple colour first). I am wondering if when you stand in the big one in hospital they may work...Rays get everywhere...

Posted Mon 16 Aug 2021 06.20 by Jfranco

I had psoriasis as a child two years ago it's back and it's worse My ears and scalp and my elbow but my ears inside and out are constantly dripping wet and it smells awful I don't know what to do I have used hydracordazone cream and it helps a little I'm afraid to go to the doctor with the virus going on I scratch until I bleed I'm 62 years old and I am miserable is there anything like a home remedy or does anyone know a good teledoctor I need help

Posted Mon 16 Aug 2021 06.24 by Jfranco

Also I should mention I am constantly loosing my hearing from this and I get virdigo there has to be a treatment for this I never leave my home and I am always depressed I have been treated for depression and anxiety for years but I never knew that the two could be related

Posted Mon 16 Aug 2021 07.04 by OhNo_NotAgain?

@Jfranco : I think you MUST go to your Doctor , or at least kick off the process with them. I am assuming from your age that you will be fully vaccinated, this gives you significant reduction in risk of catching or suffering badly from covid. The staff and practice will have procedurres in place to protect people also. Look back to my post in this thread (20 June) . If you can get a phone or face-to-face consultation with your doctor, you could ask about the treatment I used. I wonder if there is also a possibility thst what is in your ears is not simply psoriasis? At least try to get a diagnosis. Good luck.

Posted Mon 16 Aug 2021 07.29 by Jfranco

Thank you so much for replying and I have wondered as well if it might be something else but having psoriasis as a child it is acting exactly like that and yes of course I have been vaccinated I will try to get to a doctor I just can't put it off another minute and I will ask about the treatment you have used thank you so much

Posted Wed 18 Aug 2021 21.51 by Sereice

I have been trying some of the things listed. I have found that the cooking organic coconut jar when at room temperature & olive oil was a good combination. I have been using a little on a cotton bud, on the out skirts. Anything that helps the build up, helps your hearing & that ringing. You don't know what your living with till it's gone. However a life on Methotroxate hmmm...

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