Turmeric use and it is clearing up...anyone else?

Posted Tue 8 Dec 2015 11.19pm by lizi
Suddenly developed it at late thirties and now in remission

Hi all, I am new on here but wish I had joined ages ago - I suddenly developed P in my late thirties and could not find a reason - I cut out gluten/sugar and it seemed to hold back but then come back with a vengeance. It has cost me dearly as I spiralled into depression, which of course makes it worse, and I only wished I had seeked support on here sooner. I saw posts about turmeric use and like many others passed it off as nonsense. Desperate, I tried adding large quantities of the stuff to my curries - we are talking 3-4 nights a week for several weeks. I also added it to rice and added silly amounts of garlic. The first week was an eye opener - the itchiness settled and I couldn't believe it. I am now at the stage where once a week I have this heavy dose of turmeric, usually just with veg. 3 months on and all I have left are scarring which is healing - yes it is still itchy in places, but overall, lessening every week. I can't get over how it has healed from what it was, and only the most stubborn bits remain, but I can tell they are going. Has anyone else had experience of using turmeric? I mean I use a lot of it - not just a sprinkle, but a good 2-3 teaspoons with my meal once a week, with lots of raw garlic, crushed and just warmed though to keep the allicin high (another supposed anti-P as many might already know). Or am I just lucky???

Posted Wed 9 Dec 2015 1.36pm by hopecnvn
Can cure psoriasis.

Psoriasis should be get rid from inside. Detokify your body, control emotions stress eat proper diet follow time frame make life more perfect it is more psychological disorder

Posted Wed 9 Dec 2015 1.39pm by hopecnvn
Can cure psoriasis.

Instead you can take some dose of turmeric . Ginger, garli c, tulasi leaves. You can feel lot better. Make tulsi leave tea you Will see difference

Posted Tue 22 Mar 2016 9.03pm by captain
It has made me very low in confidence and has made me feel very low

Hi, I've just started taking a teaspoon of turmeric everyday and a piece of garlic , how long before you saw results and do you think I need to increase the amount Kind regards

Posted Sat 24 Feb 2018 9.58am by Nick
A sufferer since age 55 looking for a natural remedy

I've just reached 60 and have suffered from the dreaded P for about five years. I’d never suffered from any skin complaints before and don’t understand why it suddenly appeared. It's mainly on elbows, knees, knuckles and a small patch on my scalp.

I was prescribed Dovobet by my doctor and the pharmacist recommended the cream should only be used when flares occur. Others had told me that prolonged use of steroid creams can thin the skin, so this seemed like sound advice. The affected areas are moisturised regularly using Nivea cream containing Jojoba oil, which is very effective and soothing.

It’s well documented that there is no cure for P, so I started doing research into possible ways to relieve the symptoms and stumbled upon references to Turmeric and the beneficial affect on health in general. One blogger maintains it’s worked wonders for him, so I thought why not give it a try?

The magic ingredient appears to be Curcurmin however; the main issue is that Turmeric powder contains only a very small percentage by volume, so you have to consume a vast quantity of powder. Furthermore, it’s not readily absorbed into the body and I read that black pepper will aid this process dramatically.

I also read that people with P tend to have a Vitamin D deficiency. The body produces this in response to sunlight, which is in short supply during the winter months. People have said that their symptoms ease during summer. Reading further, I’ve learned that Vitamin D may help psoriasis by slowing skin cell growth and that it’s also beneficial to the immune system and to boost your energy.

So, just over two weeks ago I started mixing Turmeric powder (1 teaspoon) and a sprinkle of ground black pepper into warm water. It’s not that pleasant and there's only so much of this stuff you can tolerate, so I bought some 500mg Turmeric capsules from a large chemist chain and take two with food. Black pepper is added because these particular capsules don't contain this. I’ve found that adding a teaspoon of powder to a Cup of soup is quite palatable.

I also bought some Vitamin D tabs and have one per day as directed.

Has it worked?

Well, it's early days, but there are signs of improvement already. Natural skin is starting to appear on my elbows and the patch on my scalp is clearing up nicely. The other areas are not as itchy, but the most important fact is that I’ve not needed to apply the Dovobet ointment at all, which is a bonus in my view.

I’m going to persevere and see what happens.

There is a considerable amount of information online about the above and their associated benefits to health and I would urge fellow sufferers to read up further and draw their own conclusions regarding possible use.

Posted Sun 11 Mar 2018 10.10pm by RachT

Hi!I'm new to this forum and have been really interested in all the comments. I'm 48 and my P started around 5 years ago. It started on elbows but about a year ago, started on my face too. One patch on my cheek is particulalry big but my 15 year old (my number one fan) says it doesn't matter mum becuase it's love heart shaped....and it actually is. Anyway, I've stopped using anything. Water for cleansing and olive oil for when my face feels over dry. I too started drinking cooled, boiled water containing half teaspoon of tumeric and a dash of black pepper. My husband calls it my toxic cocktail. Today I made a face mask of olive oil, tumeic and honey. Kept that on for half an hour and despite looking like an Umpa Lumpa, it really calmed it down. I'm going to stick to doing this perhaps 2/3 times a week and also look for more info on vitamin D deficiency, as mine definitey flares up in winter months.

Experiment with lots of natural remedies because what works for one, may make no difference to another.

I'll post anything else I discover along the way.

Posted Sat 24 Mar 2018 6.57am by David

Hi, really interesting topic about turmeric. Noticed there was no follow on . I would really like to know if the results kept improving.

Posted Sat 24 Mar 2018 8.14am by Nick
A sufferer since age 55 looking for a natural remedy

I was going to defer my update until 3 months had passed however, David's post has prompted me to respond sooner.

My daily routine started on 8th February 2018. As stated previously, this is half a teaspoon of turmeric powder in a cup of soup at lunchtime, with two Turmeric capsules and a vitamin D tablet taken at the same time. In the evening, I have the same amount of powder in warm water. Both the soup and the water have ground black pepper added, as this is supposed to help the body absorb the Curcurmin.

I keep the affected areas moisturised as stated.


Slowly but surely the patches on my elbows are receding and being replaced with new skin. The aching in the elbow joints has virtually disappeared.

My knee caps have lost their scaly appearance

No new breakouts anywhere. Previously my lower legs were showing new patches on occasions.

I have not needed to apply Dovobet ointment since I started.

To summarise:

It's apparent this is going to be a long process and that it will take time to eradicate the long established patches, but it's moving in the right direction, with no new flare ups.

Not having to apply the steroid is a blessing, as from what I've read, this will thin the skin with prolonged use.

In addition:

I drink red wine at the weekend in moderation, but have noticed my Psoriasis does worsen early in the week. It is documented that alcohol is an irritant, but do you put life on hold altogether??

Adding a couple of handfuls of sea salt to a bath seems to be providing additional benefit.

I hope this helps and would be interested to hear from others trying Turmeric.

Posted Sun 25 Mar 2018 9.23pm by MrGimpy

I take a couple of (gigantic!) capsules of turmeric powder each day. Hard to say its effect because I am not of course going to suspend my conventional meds to try the turmeric. I do find the evidence, largely anecdotal though it might be, for the efficacy of Turmeric to be pretty, convincing, so I will keep on pounding down those tabs, which are roughly the size of a Vienna sausage.

Posted Mon 26 Mar 2018 3.39pm by David

Hi , thanks for the further input. I'm on OTEZLA just now. Not getting good results , but have decided to give the turmeric a go . I have guttate P . So might have a different effect.

Posted Wed 28 Mar 2018 11.12am by Terik


I’ve just signed up after a morning of research into other methods of treatment. I have pustular psoriasis on the sole of one foot. I’d had it for about 15 years, and tried UV treatment and various topical creams with no recognisable success. However it cleared up completely about 4 years ago when I was taking large doses of cortisone for another, unrelated auto immune condition. Recently, having been completely off the cortisone for about 6 months, it started to creep back, and over a few months it is now just as bad as it ever was. It isn’t just the skin itself, itching and burning and cracking, but also my foot seems to ache from the inside - very weird feeling. About 4 weeks ago I was prescribed Protopic cream by my dermatologist, which I’m using morning and night, in tandem with a 40% urea cream. Initially I thought it was improving things - certainly the ache seems to have receded - but now I’m wondering if that just coincided with the usual cycle rhythm of this type of psoriasis. I don’t think my actual skin looks any different than before, it’s difficult to tell when you see it every day and obsess about it anyway! I do think using the 40% urea cream is beneficial, my skin doesn’t dry and crack, just looks red, angry, scaly etc etc, you all know how it is...

Anyway, looking for alternatives, I also came across turmeric, and what I’m going to try now is something I’ve seen on a website, mixing turmeric and colloidal oatmeal to a paste with honey and applying it to my foot. ( I find oatmeal to be very soothing on my skin, I’m a big fan of the Aveeno products for any kind of itchy skin flare ups that I occasionally get due to allergies, I find it’s the only thing that helps relieve the burning, itchy feeling where other creams often just make it worse.)

I’m going to try using it before I go to bed, leaving it to work overnight. I’ll post back when I’ve given it a bit of a trial.

Does anyone have any thoughts on the importance or not of using organic turmeric? My cheapest turmeric supply would be the Turkish supermarket down the road, not organic...


Posted Thu 27 Sep 2018 1.26am by Ali Man

Hi - I've had psoriasis since I was an adolescent, with scalp psoriasis & large patches on my knees & elbows. The only time it completely disappeared was when I was pregnant, but annoyingly made an unwelcome appearance after my child was born, and now the menopause has exacerbated symptoms. I've also noticed when I'm under the weather & particularily when I have a sore throat it flares up.

Anyway, just recently I had a horrible head cold plus a

sore throat, eye-stye and cold sore, and decided to try a concoction of 2 tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar with a teaspoon of turmeric, a pinch of ginger, a pinch of cayenne pepper, a pinch of cinnamon, a grinding of fresh black pepper and a teaspoon of runny honey all mixed with warm ( previously boiled) water - to ease my symptoms & improve my health.I've been taking it first thing in the morning & last thing at night. Be warned - it is absolutely vile, and I consume it with a straw (to protect my teeth enamel) and glug it back ASAP.

Within a few days my cold was receding & after a week I felt a good bit better.

Two and a half weeks later and I've noticed my patches of psoriasis are much fainter with less scaling and itching, and it's only when I googled turmeric that I realised this could be the magic ingredient. I'm going to keep up with taking my concocted "medicine", and will keep you updated on results.

Posted Sun 20 Jan 2019 4.29am by Jeannette50

With your Sister - Turmeric is an excellent natural bit of armour for psoriasis though you have to be careful if you take blood thinners of any sort. Here is an informative study:


Posted Sun 20 Jan 2019 7.43am by OhNo_NotAgain?

I took turmeric capsules for several months. I observed no improvement in symptoms of either psoriasis or osteo arthritis.

Turmeric powder might do something different, I never tried.

Posted Mon 21 Jan 2019 2.14am by Jeannette50

Hi OhNo-NotAgain, is it possible the capsules were not a good brand? You do have to check your sources - not easy in an unregulated market.

Posted Sun 27 Jan 2019 3.21am by Krish

Can any body recommend which brand of turmeric/curcumin supplements best for Psoriatic arthritis , available on Amazon ? Thanks

Posted Sun 27 Jan 2019 9.29am by OhNo_NotAgain? (edited Sun 27 Jan 2019 7.39pm by OhNo_NotAgain?)

It is certainly quite difficult to understand what is a good brand, and what is not, or if there are even any differences, if so what to look out for. Or to decide what is a good formulation and what is not. For example, are all the capsules made in a central place and then sold wholesale to the different distributers to add their own branding?

My understanding from the limited reading I have done is that the key active ingredient in Turmeric is Cucumin. It is also apparently recommended to have black pepper included in the ingredients.

I have read reviews on Amazon also - complaining that although described as "high strength" the actual % of cucumin in the capsule is very low.

I suspect that some manufacturers/sellers also conflate hi-strength with hi-dosage (in terms of mg of turmeric)

It would certainly be helpful if anyone could give specific examples and detail of what to look for when trying to compare one capsule to another, and some recommendations.

Posted Sun 27 Jan 2019 10.10am by OhNo_NotAgain? (edited Sun 27 Jan 2019 11.12am by OhNo_NotAgain?)

Jeannette, just to point out regarding the paper you have referenced on 20/1/19, the study was carried out using turmeric as an external topical treatment in what is described as a microemulgel, and only on stable plaque psoriasis.

There is mention made of another study that looked at different types of topical preparation and compared the effectiveness, but no results were specificaly mentiond here.

That paper is not looking at taking turmeric internally in any form eg as capsules or with food.

Posted Mon 28 Jan 2019 0.54am by Jeannette50


It would seem more study is needed - no money in it for pharma unless they put it in yet another medical form (likely to contain things that are not that beneficial). I did find this (From very useful site: The Peoples Pharmacy, so I hope this is helpful (see bottom for full urls- "We discovered that researchers are looking into the potential health benefits of curcumin, a key component of turmeric. One group found that curcumin inhibits an enzyme called PhK associated with overactive cell growth in psoriasis (Br. J. Dermatol. Nov. 2000). A study in mice with a condition similar to psoriasis found that curcumin inhibited the overactive T cells that are associated with psoriasis and reduced the levels of inflammatory markers (Biochimie, April, 2016).

A review of the effects of curcumin on skin health found promising indications that it may provide therapeutic benefit, though more and better studies are needed (Phytotherapy Research, online May 23, 2016). An intriguing study in rats found that curcumin given together with methotrexate, a standard medication for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, was able to reduce the negative side effects that methotrexate has on the blood vessels (Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology, Jan., 2016). Of course, any human who wanted to use curcumin for that purpose would be well advised to work closely with the prescribing physician. A study in Iran found that people who drank a turmeric tonic twice daily got much better control of scalp psoriasis than those drinking placebo tonic (Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, June 2018)."





Posted Sat 2 Mar 2019 4.55pm by Trish
Hi. I'm Trish. I have had psoriasis on the palm of my right hand for 9 months.

Hi. I recently developed psoriasis on the palm of my right hand. It itches like crazy and is so maddening that I don't care ( at the time) if I scratch the heck out of it! I know that it's only going to make it worse. When I apply any topical ointments prescribed, it burns terribly. I had laser treatments. The girl ( could not have been more that 12 years old lol) used a device snout the size of a nickel and zapped it all over. After about 10 sessions, I couldn't stand it anymore because it burned. Now you can SEE where the laser had burned me. There are bright red circles about the size of a nickel on my wrist where she started the treatment.

My question..... Has anyone had laser treatments? Did they help? Did you experience burn marks?

What ticks me off is that the doctor didn't check to see how I was reacting to the laser.

Posted Sat 2 Mar 2019 5.19pm by Trish
Hi. I'm Trish. I have had psoriasis on the palm of my right hand for 9 months.

Sorry. I didn't mention tumeric. I think I posted on the won't place but....I sent my husband for tumeric 😊

Posted Sat 2 Mar 2019 5.25pm by OhNo_NotAgain? (edited Sat 2 Mar 2019 5.52pm by OhNo_NotAgain?)

Trish, I have not heard about laser as a treatment for psoriasis, but I will not have heard about all treatments of course. But generally it is advised not to burn the skin as this can make psoriasis spread or become worse.

So, for example, UVB and sunlight can help, but you must avoid burning the skin. The same might be true of laser use.

Also, you might want to think about starting a new "Topic" with your question about laser treatment, with "Laser treatment" in the title. People with experience of laser treatment might be more likely to read and answer, than in a topic/thread with a title about turmeric.

Good luck!

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