Feeling down

Posted Fri 29 Jul 2022 12.47 by veganmama1995

Lately I've been feeling down as just been diagnosed with hypothyroidism I have had psoriasis for over ten years and now I'm sad to see I have another auto immune problem I'm vegan and mostly have a healthy diet I've started taking levothyroxine for the hypothyroidism but looking into more natural treatments for my gut I'm going to start taking probiotics which are supposed to help the gut I really hope these can help me I'm constantly tired at the moment but I think part of that is due to stress and feeling depressed I don't want to have to change my diet but if diet has helped anyone or any natural changes please comment below I would love to know. I've tried a gluten free diet before and it did nothing and when I re introduced gluten it didn't change anything so I don't have a gluten intolerance I also don't eat dairy or meat and saw my skin improve so much but after giving birth to my second child my skin has been awful he's 13 months old now and it's not much better sorry this is so long I just needed somewhere to write all this because I've been crying over my problems recently 😭

Posted Fri 5 Aug 2022 21.47 by Seeknatural

Sorry to hear your or you were feeling down, hypothyrodism can affect your mood ie anxiety and depression. I thought i was losing my mind some days or alot of days when i waa really ill for about a year. I have had psorisis for 30 yrs and 3 yrs ago also hypothroidism diagnosed same time as coeliac disease, i was badly fatigued and felt so lost over it all. I would say research hypothyroidism symptoms and foods that are good to eat. I cant eat gluten or wheat as i get a really bad reaction like have fluey symptoms without the sneezing or coughing. Eat wholefoods, soaked seeds and nuts, vegetables (some not so good for thyroid) probiotics, fermented foods get new books! Its like a new challenge.......

Posted Fri 5 Aug 2022 21.54 by Seeknatural

Veganmama dont be hard on yourself, its probably your thyroid making you feel horrible and it does take a while for your medication to settle in. Do make sure you get your thyroid levels checked to make sure your on right dose.

Posted Sat 6 Aug 2022 06.37 by jolenedolly

Hello @veganmama and @seeknatural , hope you don't mind if I join this discussion, I am new here and read this post and I got thyroid issues too. I just got diagnosed with psoriasis and my knees hurt with the scaly skin and hyperpigmentation. I have inflammation issues too in other body parts, had recent surgery as well. Wait, so is psoriasis an inflammation issue?? I just want to double check I am getting my knowledge right. Thanks in advance!

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