Black Seed Oil - seems to have "cured" me

Posted Sat 12 Aug 2023 14.52 by Nape999

Hello, I'm Andrew and this is my first post on here. I started getting psoriasis about 4 years ago. If you can't be bothered reading my full post then I'd highly recommend giving black seed oil capsules a shot. They are readily available on Amazon. My psoriasis was especially bad on my hands, elbows and knees, and got to the extent that I was too embarrassed to go out on hot days because I didn't want to wear short sleeves and there was no chance I was wearing shorts. I had patches all over my legs, too. I went to the doctor but the DiproSalic I was prescribed did absolutely nothing but make my skin greasy. Sunbeds helped a bit but I didn't want to go for them, even infrequently, forever. I have tried various supplements and ended up making my own cream, which has more or less made it disappear. I don't know if it will work for everyone and the evidence for black seed oil is limited but it's basically a mix of vitamin D and black seed oil, with a few other natural bits thrown in. I also take black seed oil capsules twice a day, which is what I'm here to recommend. It could just be a coincidence but I didn't get flare ups - it was there all the time - but it's barely noticeable now and I never get flare ups. I've been under more stress than I ever have been at work and I've got 2 month old twins so my sleep has lessened significantly but none of this has made it worse. I don't seem to be able to post before and after pictures but my wife and I can't believe it. I used to wake up in blood stained sheets due to scratching in my sleep, so she's definitely happy that's stopped 😂. Anyway, this is just an introduction to say "hello!" and a recommendation to give black seed oil a shot if you haven't already. I started noticing a difference by taking the capsules first, which are readily available on Amazon, and then I added to this by making my own cream with vitamin D and cold pressed oil. I mention taking the capsules first because I'd recommend saving yourself some money and just buying them, at least to start. Has anyone else tried black seed oil? Has it worked for you? Nice to be here and I hope I can help some folk, or get help if mine comes back (typed as I knock on wood).

Posted Sat 12 Aug 2023 18.50 by NYGuy11

Congrats on your clearing! How long did it take for you to notice results? What brand did you buy? How many mg per capsule?

Posted Sat 12 Aug 2023 19.24 by Nape999 (edited Sat 12 Aug 2023 19.27 by Nape999)

They're made by Horbaach and it's 200mg per capsule. I wouldn't worry about what brand you buy, although these are easy to swallow. There are quite a few options on Amazon so, as long as it has enough good reviews, I think they'll all be more or less the same. I didn't choose this brand for any particular reason, so they probably had an offer on at the time and I've just stuck with them. It certainly wasn't an overnight cure and I've been taking them for a while but I would say there was a good change after a month and a massive change after 2, but I introduced the cream during months 1 and 2, if I remember correctly. The difference is truly astonishing. If I'm allowed to post Imgur links or the like then I'll try to find a before picture. I'm a watch enthusiast so I'm sure I'll have a picture of my wrist/hand when it was bad.

Posted Sat 12 Aug 2023 19.31 by NYGuy11

Thank you for such a quick response. I am going to look into adding this to my diet. Do you take any other supplements? I take fish oil, flaxseed oil, zinc, B12, folic acid, selenium, Vitamin D3, and L-Glutamine.

Posted Mon 14 Aug 2023 03.24 by Nape999

Sorry I took a while to reply but I didn't get an email telling me that you'd responded for some reason. Other than what I've put in my cream, no, although I do take a multivitamin every day. I took the multivitamin long before my psoriasis appeared, so I don't think it's helped my psoriasis. The black seed oil capsules and cream have worked so well that I'm genuinely considering getting the cream made professionally and trying to sell it. It uses nothing but natural ingredients so I'm hoping there isn't too much red tape. I'm almost certain I'm going to get some samples made up at least and, if I do, I'll send you one for free, but it could take a while. The cream I make on my own is a complete amateur job and I only wear it at night because I've not bothered about the smell or consistency - it just feels soothing but isn't remotely close to a professional product, or even one I'd want to give to someone 😂. It's got black seed oil and turmeric in it, plus a few other things. I also used to use aloe vera gel when my scales were bad and it was really itchy but I don't need to use it anymore. There are studies that show aloe vera can be good for psoriasis because of its anti inflammatory properties, but the main reason for using it was because it felt so, so soothing when my skin was bad.

Posted Mon 14 Aug 2023 03.27 by Nape999 (edited Mon 14 Aug 2023 03.29 by Nape999)

I also take Vitamin D3, actually. I live in Scotland and it's one that every Scottish person should take due to the lack of sun we get! At first I took it with in a pill that contained magnesium, too, because magnesium is meant to help you sleep. I didn't notice this benefit and it turns out that magensium can slow down or stop your body absorbing other vitamins and nutrients, so you have to be very careful with the timing of taking it. It has no benefits for psoriasis as far as I know but I just thought I'd mention it.

Posted Mon 14 Aug 2023 05.46 by Yacht (edited Wed 16 Aug 2023 23.21 by Yacht)

So, to summarize, you're saying you got 80-100% clearance of moderate to severe psoriasis, after 2-3 months, by swallowing 2 x 2000mg of black seed oil capsules per day, and by simul-rubbing a (presumably) small amount of black seed oil "cream" topically into the skin-plaques 1 time per night. 2 x 2000mg capsules per day 1 x cream per night Vitamin D tablet Cream = black seed oil + turmeric + "other stuff".

Posted Mon 14 Aug 2023 10.21 by New2This

I'm seriously interested in trying this.

Posted Mon 14 Aug 2023 20.57 by NYGuy11

No worries, sometimes I don't get the email notification either despite checking off that I want to be notified. There was a fellow who posted about "Barney's Formula" back in 2007 and it was a cocktail of supplements (fish oil, flaxseed, vitamin D3, etc). With that combination of supplements and a home phototherapy unit. I was able to achieve pretty good clearing. It's kept me clear to date. But new things or discoveries come out over time and I'm trying to stay on top of it, especially since I have a few stubborn areas that won't fully clear. I'm wondering if adding black seed oil to my diet will help stamp out the stubborn spots and maybe reduce the amount of times new spots appear. Scotland is an awesome place! I hope to visit it one day.

Posted Mon 14 Aug 2023 22.41 by Nape999

@Yacht - the Vitamin D is a pill and isn't in the cream. I just mentioned it because vitamin D is important but the pill I take contains magnesium, which can stop the body absorbing other vitamins, so you want to avoid magnesium. Other than that, yes, that what's I do. The "other stuff" is just a base cream. I've used aloe vera, shea butter and a Zerobase cream. I just looked up a bunch of studies and added in the best natural remedies based on studies. I don't use the cream every day because I don't have plaques/scaling itching anymore but I do take the black seed oil pill religiously twice a day.

Posted Mon 14 Aug 2023 22.43 by Nape999

@NYGuy11 - those are some of the ingredients I came across but more recent studies seem to show other things as more effective. Colloidal oatmeal is meant to be good but I also have coeliac disease and don't want to take the risk, even if it's applied topically.

Posted Mon 14 Aug 2023 22.46 by Nape999

If I do end up getting a cream made I'll send out freebies. As you can read in my first post, psoriasis pretty much ruined my life so I do want to help. I will warn you that I'm pretty lazy and have 10 week old twins, but at least you know the regime that has worked for me.

Posted Tue 15 Aug 2023 06.59 by Nape999 (edited Tue 15 Aug 2023 18.58 by Nape999)

Also, I'm glad Barney's Cream worked but you shouldn't take Vitamin D as a cream. It's fat soluble so can build up to dangerous levels in the skin, causing a condition called hypervitaminosis D, which doesn't sound pleasant!

Posted Tue 15 Aug 2023 09.51 by mt382 (edited Tue 15 Aug 2023 09.52 by mt382)

Just to clarify the above post - oral vitamin D3 (a fat soluble vitamin) can absolutely also cause hypervitaminosis D and hypercalcaemia, and oral absorption is much higher than topical absorption, and so is much more likely to give you toxicity as the same dose. Toxicity orally tends to appear somewhere between 20000 and 100000 IUs daily for a few weeks- months. Its very variable patient to patient.

Posted Tue 15 Aug 2023 18.34 by NYGuy11

@Nape999, Barney's Formula is not a cream. It's just a bunch of supplements that I take every morning. I don't put anything topically on my skin except moisturizer and Psorent. Unfortunately Psorent was discontinued, but that worked so well for me.

Posted Tue 15 Aug 2023 19.09 by Nape999

Sorry, I edited my post: vitamin D is fat soluble, hence it can build up to dangerous levels. I take a pill from a reputable company that I have for years, just to be on the safe side.

Posted Tue 15 Aug 2023 21.04 by JeremyG

Hi Andrew, thank you for sharing your post about Black Seed Oil, I have purchased the same capsules that you have been taking and am giving it a try. It’s really interesting reading about this product and all the amazing benefits that it could potentially offer. Thank you!

Posted Tue 15 Aug 2023 21.32 by NYGuy11 (edited Wed 16 Aug 2023 02.40 by NYGuy11)

You said you take the Horbaach. I don't see 200 mg capsules. I see 2000 mg capsules. Do you take 200 or was that a typo? EDIT: I just bought it and will start taking it. Do you take the two pills together or do you take one in the morning or one in the afternoon? Do you take it on an empty stomach or with food?

Posted Wed 16 Aug 2023 04.25 by Nape999

The capsules I have are 200mg, You say you see 200mg but then say you don't. Because mine was bad, I started off by taking 2 capsules in the morning and 2 at night. I took them regardless of whether or not I'd eaten but I'd always eaten at night.

Posted Wed 16 Aug 2023 12.34 by NYGuy11

I'm saying I don't see 200 mg capsules available online. Most of them are 2000 mg capsules. My question was only asking if you meant you took 2000 mg capsules rather than 200.

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