Vitamin B's and Psoriasis treatment

Posted Tue 26 Jul 2016 13.46 by rob

I have recently been taking a course of vitamin B’e, compounds, complex, strong B’s and Thiamine. My psoriasis has completely cleared up. My last outbreak was a bad one, I had been stressed via a breakup of a long relationship and found myself in a tricky spot having to move out of our home, yes, of course there was stress involved and I went to see my doctor to ask for some medication for anxiety and sleep. He got me on a number of different Vit B’s and lo and behold, my psoriasis has completely cleared up. I am convinced there is a connection between the Vits and the disease. Please give it a try, it’s an immune boosting vitamin so nothing much to loose. All the creams, lotions, greasy treatments are a nightmare, coming out of the shower and daubing yourself in all that is hideous. I’d love to know if anyone has had a similar experience and if not, try it and let the forum know, For me, it has worked in some miraculous way and I hope it can help others.

Posted Fri 29 Jul 2016 09.28 by Lorraine

Hi I am new to psoriasis. Therefore I am keen to try new ways managing it. Which Vit B's did you take? Cheers

Posted Tue 2 Aug 2016 17.11 by Maggie

Me too and wud b glad of advice Creams and gels not really working

Posted Wed 3 Aug 2016 17.17 by MRSROSSI

I have literally used everything under the sun for my psoriasis that is mainly on my legs and arms. A friend suggested salveation by mama nature and I was a bit skeptical at first until I tried it. The results have been amazing and I hope through continued use it will completely disappear.

Posted Thu 4 Aug 2016 00.20 by Zo
Hi 33 year fun loving person with horrible skin.

Hi thanks for sharing think im going to try vitamin b!! Anything worth a try atm :/

Posted Thu 4 Aug 2016 18.41 by Laura may

This is so lovely to read... perhaps there is a little bit of hope?!

Posted Wed 13 Feb 2019 12.48 by Salty Backpack

I have recently had a blood test which shows me very low in B12, has anyone been on these long term and noticed a difference?

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