Posted Tue 19 Sep 2023 16.42 by Kirstmcp

Hi, I had my first Tremfya injection today, much larger and slower to administer than the Amgevita I was taking previously. I was just wondering if anyone else was on it and how long it was before you started to see any effect. Official guidance says 16weeks but surely there must be a creeping change before that. I had lichenoid reaction whilst on Amgevita which never resolved and currently my skin is the worst its ever been PSI 2o,2 - hard to be hopeful but I need Tremfya to do something otherwise I'll be going to my sons wedding in a full length, long sleeved smock.

Posted Sat 23 Sep 2023 01.27 by Stan

Hi Kirstmcp, I've been on Tremfya for over 2 years now. I've got guttate, so lots of little spots pretty much all over. I'm sorry to say for me it is not the miracle cure, thats not to say its not going to be for you of course, fingers crossed for you. It keeps my psor down and manageable but doesn't rid me of it. Its very convenient with a 12 week self injection cycle and from memory after the loading dose and second injection there was a noticeable improvement for me. All the best Stan

Posted Thu 16 Nov 2023 01.14 by Kirstmcp

Just posting update (for myself to look back on and for anyone else starting Tremfya) Approx 8 wks in and my skin is light night and day. Really noticing difference by about wk 6 (2wks following 2nd injection) and now practically no active psoriasis at all. Biggest issue has been trying to repair skin barrier and moisturise enough. No real side effect either, felt bit out of sorts first two weeks, headache, bit nauseous then nothing significant after that. All good here!!

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