Psoriasis on the face

Posted Sat 18 Nov 2023 08.33 by Lyndsay2886

Hi, I am really struggling with psoriasis on my face. It’s so dry and sore and looks awful. I feel so embarrassed by it but also don’t want to cover it with makeup as I think it makes it work. My dermatologist prescribed me Enstilar and dovonex ointment but neither seem to help. I’m not sure what else to do. I’m waiting for a follow up with my dermatologist but until then I’m suffering.

Posted Thu 7 Dec 2023 12.35 by Crofter

I have it down from the back of my ears and is always more obvious when I have had a hair cut, I have been told it always looks more angry and red after I use Dovonex on it but, I have found Dovonex to be the most effective treatment. What I wanted to say though is that I have read that Dovonex should not be used on the face, not sure why? Maybe the risk of getting in the eyes? I do hope it clears soon and understand how you must feel having it on your face. Steve.

Posted Mon 11 Dec 2023 12.43 by kiloran
From Lichen Planus to Plaque Psoriasis to Palmoplantar and Nail psoriasis - newly diagnosed 2023

Most of the steroid based creams like Dovonex should only be used with extreme caution and consultant approval on the face. It's because the skin is thinner there and so too much of the steroid can be absorbed. That also risks a steroid rebound reaction when you stop treatment which can be very extreme.

Posted Tue 12 Dec 2023 08.27 by OhNo_NotAgain? (edited Wed 13 Dec 2023 06.39 by OhNo_NotAgain?)

Dovonex is not a steroid. The active ingredient is calcipotriol, which is essentially a synthetic derivative of Vitamin D. Dovobet IS a steroid and contains calcipotriol AND a steroid (betamethasone). Some doctors DO prescribe a steroid for use on the face, but they usually advise VERY small amounts and regular check-ups to monitor progress and prevent damage. 40+ years ago, the go-to steroid was Betnovate, and there was a condition commonly referred to as "Betnovate face". This was where excessive use of betnovate on the face had thinned the skin to the point where the face appeared red due to the blood vessels under the skin being more visible.

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