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Posted Sun 7 Jan 2024 18.57 by LaughingFlea

Can someone recommend a good scale-washing off shampoo for scalp psoriasis? So far I used Dermal: Dermax and Capasal Therapeutic Shampoo. I wash my hair every 2-3 days. Thank you.

Posted Sun 7 Jan 2024 23.10 by SheilaM

I use T gel which I find really helps

Posted Mon 8 Jan 2024 13.24 by rufferoelofs

I have used a combination of a shampoo called 'Neutral' available online from the Netherlands and Linotar leave in scalp conditioner with success after Exorex hair and body shampoo disappeard some years ago.

Posted Mon 8 Jan 2024 21.15 by LaughingFlea

Thank you SheilaM and rufferoelofs, I will check where it is available at the moment. I know of Tgel, but the other brand is a new name to me.

Posted Tue 9 Jan 2024 09.31 by rufferoelofs

The two products I referred to can be found on and I hope this helps!

Posted Thu 11 Jan 2024 16.12 by trish walsh

I have scalp psoriasis and the itching used to drive me crazy. The back of my drivers seat was a disgrace as i'd idly scratch whilst sitting in traffic. I have been to a scalp specialist and tried dozens of expensive shampoos. I also tried all the coal tar type shampoos to no effect . I have just discovered head and shoulder dermapro shampoo and conditioner and without a word of a lie the itching has very nearly stopped and I don't work for Proctor and gamble. I am even going to contact them to let them know that they have one grateful consumer. Try it, its worth a go and if it works let this forum know

Posted Thu 11 Jan 2024 18.37 by LaughingFlea

Hi Trish, I have seen Head & Shoulder shampoos, thank you for your post. I am glad this shampoo is working for you. The itching and flaking is alwful when psoriasis is bad. Has the shampoo stopped the psoriasis, or just itching and flaking? I will read about it online. Thank you!

Posted Mon 15 Jan 2024 19.58 by trish walsh

Hi laughing flea Its not the normal head and shoulders its the new Dermapro - its a bluish bottle and i use both the shampoo and conditioner which I feel i get better results from. I think the psoriasis has got a bit better because i am not scratching it all day long causing it to bleed and scab over. My hairdresser said its not so red and inflamed either. I can still feel the scaly bits on my scalp but if im not scratching it- it isn't bothering me and for once in a long time I have forgotten its there. BTW my hair looks like s**t and my hairdresser says its leaches the colour ( I have half a head tints to cover the grey) but i don't care. There is no harm in giving it a go - I spent a fortune going to trichologists and buying shampoo at £30 a go - and this is the only one that works. Good luck

Posted Mon 15 Jan 2024 21.23 by LaughingFlea

Hi Trish Thank you. This must be a new one from Head & Shoulders. I had a look online: promising. Gosh, you paid £30 per bottle! I could not spend that! I am using Dermax at the moment, which is ok but just ok. I soften the scales with Epimax in the evening, then wash it all off in the morning. I was doing it every other day last year in the spring, when it was realy bad. It is ok nowadays, as long as I do not eat peanuts (I said go0d bye to tasty peanut butter...) or drink red wine. I can wash my hair every 3 days now. I have an understanding hairdresser, who does my highlights and she knows about psoriasis. At least, after reading all messages, I have some options. Thank you all! Best wishes!

Posted Tue 16 Jan 2024 11.40 by trish walsh

Hi, Let me know how it goes please Good luck Trish

Posted Thu 11 Apr 2024 10.44 by Sal

Hi LaughingFlea I have had scalp psoriasis for over 20 years, it was where my psoriasis started me it is one of my main bug bears. I have used t-gel and also tried lots of different lotions and oils but nothing has worked and I have been like Trish with the leaving of snow storms everywhere I go. I literally last week saw Polytar scalp coal tar shampoo at my local chemist and decided to try it. Now I have been using Soratinex for the past 6 weeks which is a treatment that can be used on the scalp but I didn’t, just all my body, which was covered, so I can’t state it was that which improved my scalp. It must be the Polytar shampoo which I have used 5 times now. Used a good amount on wet hair ensuring it foams well and gets into the scalp. Leaving it for a few minutes and then washing off. I have no scalp psoriasis and I mean NO psoriasis. It isn’t that expensive but give it a go and see what you think. I’m going to get a good few bottles for reserve. Please let me know how you get on if you decide to try it.

Posted Thu 11 Apr 2024 18.18 by OhNo_NotAgain?

I first came out in Psoriasis all over my body including scalp in 1980. I used to use Selsun yellow shampoo which worked well (but no longer does, they have changed SOMETHING in the formulation, as it used to tarnish my gold signet ring, but no longer affects it. In mid 80s I was using Polytar shampoo AND Polytar bath oil. I think that they might have discontinued the Polytar bath oil, and the shampoo definitely was unavailble for a while. I swithced then to using Alphosyl which was excellent. Alphosyl has been discontinued I believe but Polytar shampoo IS available again, and I find it excellent.

Posted Thu 11 Apr 2024 19.28 by LaughingFlea

Thank you Trish, Sal and OhNo-NotAgain. I have not used Polytar for a while, because I could not buy it when I needed it. Yes, it was not avaialble for a while. Also, the Polytar with conditioner is not anywhere to be seen. I might try Polytar once my bottle of TGel is finished. I also tried the Organic Dead Sea Mineral Shampoo & Conditioner before Polytar. It was good because it was not drying my hair. Apparently Dead Sea products are good for psoriasis (moisturising). It was not a cheap shampoo, but it did well and had a nice natural smell. I probably should get some Polytar now before it disappears again.

Posted Fri 19 Apr 2024 20.27 by LaughingFlea

Hi, I am still finishing T-Gel shampoo. I think that because of T-Gel my freshly washed hair has a shorter "shelf life", it appears greasy quicker. It was ok after 3 days, now it looks flat on the second day. On another matter, I had a steroid injection into my wrist about 3 weeks ago. It is obviously immuno-suppresant and guess what, my scalp psoriasis almost desappeared or stopped growing. It is obviously not a cure, but the injection had its pluses. I was happy to hear about Novavax vaccines being available to buy this year. If I go for any covid vaccine it will only be Novavax. Let me know if you hear something on the subject. Best wishes.

Posted Sat 20 Apr 2024 12.13 by Sal

I agree about T-gel but I haven’t found this issue with the Polytar. I have an appointment at the skin clinic at the end of July and will ask about injections but I am very wary due to the risks of lowering the immune system which in turn leads to being more susceptible to infection. Another person on the forum has been having teltz injections for a year and has had no side effects and is completely clear of psoriasis so definitely worth giving it a go if you can get prescribed. Not really relevant, but I didn’t have any of the covid ‘so called’ vaccines. I will not be having any in the future either. I just couldn’t see the reason for it because I’m healthy and had covid which I recovered from easily.

Posted Sun 21 Apr 2024 21.57 by LaughingFlea

Hi Sal, I had covid too (and recovered), but I think it left a lasting effect on my breathing. I had been diagnosed with astma afterwards, I do not have a history of astma in my family. I just do not want covid to do the same next time, however, you never know if the vaccine can stop it... I have a few months to think about that. The steroid injection was for my painful wrist. The effects of psoriasis getting better was incidental.

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