Scalp Psoriasis

Posted Sat 10 Feb 2024 12.16 by Rustyj (edited Sat 10 Feb 2024 12.16 by Rustyj)

Hello does anyone have any recommendations for scalp treatment? I’ve been prescribed all kinds over the years and nothing has really helped. I’ve just ordered some of the medivie products because I’m at a loss. So self conscious and paranoid about flakes in my head and on my collars it’s really getting me down.

Posted Sat 10 Feb 2024 18.11 by SheilaM

I use Dovobet scalp lotion and t gel shampoo the coal tar really seems to help, good luck

Posted Sun 11 Feb 2024 21.20 by LaughingFlea

I have the Dovebet scalp lotion too. Recently I have been using Epimax Isomol Gel before bed time to soften the flakes and then wash off my hair in the morning with a specialist shampoo like Dermax Therapeutic Shampoo, Capasal or T/Gel shampoo. It is difficult to get rid of psoriasis in winter or cold months, but it should be easier in the spring and summer. I used to wear either patterned tops or light colourd ones when it was really bad. Try not to keep your head in the cold for very long.

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