Psoriasis following surgery

Posted Wed 13 Mar 2024 14.48 by dickdown

Recently had a total knee replacement which went well. By week 2 began to develop rash along spine and horizontally across shoulder blades and trunk above waist. Very itchy. Then found top and bottom of wound wouldn’t heal. Initially put down to staph aureus infection but antibiotics cleared that up but had spots with heads around wound. And on either leg around knee and to an extent on arms. A dermatologist suggested it was trauma induced psoriasis. Now top of wound has closed and bottom getting better after using range of different dressings including Eumovate. Any others had similar?

Posted Thu 14 Mar 2024 02.49 by OhNo_NotAgain? (edited Thu 14 Mar 2024 14.22 by OhNo_NotAgain?)

I had plaque psoriasis all over my body ay age 22. It subsided over the tyears and I became gwnerally free apart from occasional patches on elbows and a smakll patch on my leg that appeard after a graze o n my shin. In 2018 I had a total hip replacement. 6=7 weels later a few itchy spots appeard on my torso, within 2 weeks I was covered in guttate psoriasis. My excellent GP suggested it was response to the trauma of the operation, and that it would fade after around 6 months. It was nowhere near the incisions or wound. aqt around 7 months later it was fading and after 2 more months it was gone completely.

Posted Thu 14 Mar 2024 09.12 by dickdown

Glad to hear it’s gone. I should have added that I was diagnosed with psoriasis around 2 1/2 years ago. I am now now 80 so pretty late onset. I have palmar plantar keratoderma with the usual thickened skin and fissuring on soles of feet them moving to hands. I have kept it under control topically with use of enstilar, calcipotriol,,flecxitol 10/25 etc rather than acetretin which was declined. Glad to hear your post op flare up disappeared. 🤞🤞 Thanks, Dick Down

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