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Posted Sun 24 Mar 2024 18.48 by Annie

Hi I probably should have joined a forum a long time ago. I’ve had psoriasis from I was a child. Really bad in my adulthood. Have had UVB treatment a lot of times but it comes back within a month or so. The next option they have given me is injections but I’m wary of the side effects. Plus I like to have wine at weekends socially and people tell me you can’t drink alcohol with them. So now I’m just trying to manage it myself. On wynzora and moisturising cream. I’m pretty much covered and feel very down about it. Very sore and itchy. I can’t abide any material near my skin which makes clothes shopping and dressing everyday hard! Cotton is all I can wear. Last summer for the first time I didn’t wear sleeves and it was wonderful. But it’s constantly sore and hard work. So I just felt like a moan to people who understand!

Posted Wed 27 Mar 2024 12.32 by PrincessDi

I live in the USA. I have had psoriasis since the age of 16. The only thing that has cleared it completely was a biologic injectable. I was on Enbrel for 6 years and due to an insurance change I had to change to Humira which I've now been on 8 years. My doc runs labs on me once a year just to check that my liver function etc is all ok, which it has been. I am also a social drinker, may even have wine during the week. I don't know what they are thinking of putting you on but believe me, it is worth the risk, or definitely has been for me. Look at any drug you take, even over the counter, do not drink alcohol. I think moderation could be the key. People who say you can't drink while on an injectable probably have no true idea how isolated this disease can make you feel. Wear short sleeves or shorts and take all the heated stares of oh my what is its contagious!!! I say go for it, really? what do you have to lose????? I was wary too but having this time with my clear skin I have been so thankful for and if I glow in the dark later on, so be it. Life is hard people are mean and if you can get clear and feel so much freer. DO IT!!! keep in touch

Posted Thu 4 Apr 2024 03.28 by CBMan

I have been on Biologic injections for a few years now and have never been told I shouldn't be drinking. Maybe you are being offered Methotrexate by injection. There is advice regarding alcohol consumption when on Methotrexate which varies depending on the dose and where you are. In the UK the advice is generally that moderate alcohol consumption is considered OK, but I understand that in the USA the advice is generally to give up alcohol while on it. https://www.nhs.uk/medicines/methotrexate/common-questions-about-methotrexate/ When I was on Methotrexate (orally) some years ago I did actually give up drinking and have not restarted. However, I was a very light drinker already as alcohol is one of the triggers for my skin psoriasis. I found Methotrexate very effective for my skin psoriasis (it was as good as I had been for a long time), but unfortunately my PsA flared up and I had to come off it and on to the biologic (great for the PsA, but less effective on skin psoriasis). The trick with psoriasis is that reactions are very individual and it can take ages to find the combination that works for you.

Posted Thu 11 Apr 2024 11.03 by Sal

Hi Annie So sorry to hear of how awful your psoriasis is. I also suffer all over my body and scalp and like many on the forum have tried many options and treatments, although I have never gone down the oral/injection routes because of the potential side effects. The forum might get fed up with me but I was recently prescribed enstillar, which clearly works for some but was horrendous for me. Yes, it cleared some bits but it just increased the coverage and I was totally covered at the end of Feb. I therefore went back to a treatment I have used before, Soratinex. It is very expensive and it is a real faff, but it is all natural and if you give it a go, you may be surprised. I have no psoriasis currently other than a few white and pink dots all over, which I can cope with. I have also literally used 5 times, Polytar scalp shampoo and wow, what a difference, worth giving that a try on your scalp. Good luck if you try.

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