Capasal Therapeutic Shampoo

Posted Mon 26 Sep 2016 11.43 by Twae

There is an advert on the back page of the Psoriasis Association magazine for Capasal Therapeutic Shampoo. Main ingredients are Saliciylic Acid, Distilled Coal Tar and Coconut Oil. Has anyone tried it? Would they recommend using it?

Posted Wed 28 Sep 2016 01.27 by DanielC

I have used Capasal for a few times this week. Was recommended it by my Derm. It's slightly pungent and leaves my hair quite coarse but it hasn't really helped with the plaques and sores I have. I'm considering shaving my head so I can use the steroid cream/Protopic just to get the scaling down so that the coal tar shampoos can be used almost as a preventative rather than a treatment.

Posted Wed 28 Sep 2016 16.20 by ali - 66 from Hampshire
I have Psoriasis and I think psa ,I’m 65now and think have had it about 5 yrs.

I was given it and do use it. It seems to 'set my head off' at first but then seems to calm it for a few days.

Posted Tue 14 May 2024 22.23 by Cro81

Do you know if Capasal or Cocois can cause hair loss? I feel that when I use it the hair around my parting starts to thin. It's unclear if it is the product or if it is just due to the scalp psoriasis. Unsure to keep going with the capasal or use it less frequently.

Posted Wed 15 May 2024 22.59 by Jlpp97230

Just got diagnosed with sporiasis. I think I have had it for years, just small patches that come and go but have no idea why it started. Does any body have personal experiences about why it started on you?

Posted Thu 16 May 2024 09.18 by Cro81

Hi Jlpp97230, Just like you I think I have had it for years but it seems like a prolonged period of chronic stress caused a big flare up for me two years ago. Oddly it seems to be fine in the winter but gets worse around March. Hoping that my marks clear before it gets too hot.

Posted Thu 16 May 2024 11.44 by OhNo_NotAgain?

@Cro81 : I have not heard of any coal-tar based/salicylic acid shampoos causing hair loss. I DO think that scalp psoriasis can affect your hair and hair-line somewhat. I have used Capasal/cocois without adverse effects, but this is only my direct experience of these.

Posted Tue 21 May 2024 16.36 by Robert Davis

For myself, I have used it for a number of years as part of a broader arsenal and find it one of the most effective things I use. I also use the T-Gel shampoo with the same ingredient. Have to say, any avoidance of Sebco/Cocois (yuk!) very desirable...

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