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18 April 2019

Our 2018 Achievements Published

Take a look over our achievements from the last 12 months.

2018 achievements

As we approach the date of our 50th Anniversary Conference and AGM, take a look over some of the key achievements of the Psoriasis Association in our 50th year.

Click here to view a copy of Our Achievements 2018

Our annual review demonstrates how we have continued to work towards our three aims: providing information, advice and support to people whose lives are affected by psoriasis; raising awareness of psoriasis; and promoting and funding research into the causes, nature and care of psoriasis.

2018 was a busy year for the Psoriasis Association. In March 2018 a survey of 250 young people with psoriasis revealed that 67% felt isolated as a result of their skin, and 42% were too embarrassed to seek help. This led to the launching of our WhatsApp helpline service in May 2018, offering young people a quick and convenient way to reach out for confidential support.

The survey also demonstrated that young people did not feel as though medical practitioners understand how their psoriasis makes them feel. To tackle this, we are proud to have rolled out our Pso Well Training Course for up to 100 healthcare practitioners, to cultivate a more understanding approach to people with psoriasis.

The Top Ten Research Priorities for Psoriasis were established through our Priority Setting Partnership, agreed upon by people who are living with psoriasis, carers and healthcare professionals. The priorities are a demonstration of the Psoriasis Association's commitment to promote top quality research in the field, by ensuring that the voices of those affected by psoriasis are heard.

Our 50th year also saw the release of our anniversary animation, marking the key milestones and achievements of the Psoriasis Association, since we were established in 1968, to now.