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23 February 2016

World Health Organisation Publishes Global Report on Psoriasis

Report recognises the significant public health impact of psoriasis.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has published its Global Report on Psoriasis. The report recognises psoriasis as a 'serious global problem.'

The foreword of the report states:

WHO logo'The report is written to help raise awareness of the range of ways that psoriasis can affect peoples' lives. It intends to empower policy-makers with practical solutions to improve the healthcare and social inclusion of people living with psoriasis in their populations.'

A number of recommendations are laid out towards the end of the report (pages 33-35). These include recommended actions for governments and policy-makers; health systems and health professionals; patients' organisations and civil society; and priority areas for research.

The report also places great importance on the role of patients' organisations, civil society and the media in 'advocating for change and helping fight stigma and ignorance.'  

You can read the report in full here.

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