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19 November 2020

Psoriasis Association joins AMRC Open Research

We are pleased to announce that the Psoriasis Association has recently joined AMRC Open Research, allowing our grant holders to publish their work on this rapid, author-led, open publishing platform.

AMRC Open Research is the open access publishing platform for work funded by AMRC (Association of Medical Research Charities) member charities. Hosted and managed by F1000 Research, the platform was developed by a number of AMRC members to help overcome some of the challenges with traditional publishing.  It has been designed to give researchers increased control over the publishing process and provide an open, accessible home for all data and outputs from charity funded research.

Benefits to researchers of publishing on AMRC Open Research are:

  • Low cost - the article processing costs are low (£920 or less) compared to other hybrid or open access journals. Nonetheless, to support charity-funded research at a time when sharing findings quickly and openly has never been so important, F1000 Research are waiving the article processing costs until the end of 2020 and so publishing is currently cost-free. 
  • Fast – articles can be published within a week, and other research outputs can be published within days. 
  • Inclusive – no editorial decisions are made based on the topic or perceived impact of the work, meaning that negative and null results are encouraged. In addition, a wide range of research outputs can be published, including protocols, methods, data, notes, posters, slides, and documents. 
  • Transparent – open, invited peer review by experts follows publication and all comments, responses and revisions are published alongside the article. This helps to bring constructive discussion to the peer review process.
  • Reproducible – source data is published alongside articles, helping to accelerate scientific progress.
  • Open – everyone can access the content on the platform, maximising the impact of published research. 

  • How does it work?

  • For articles: Articles are submitted through a single-page submission system. Once the AMRC Open Research editorial team has carried out prepublication checks to ensure that all policies and ethical guidelines are adhered to and the article is accepted, it is published rapidly. Peer review by invited experts then takes place. The reports and names of the reviewers are published alongside the article, as well as the authors’ responses. Articles remain published regardless of the reviewers’ reports and authors are encouraged to respond openly to these reports and publish revised versions of their article if needed.
  • For posters, slides and documents: Posters, slides and documents are also submitted through a single-page submission system. There are no author fees and publication is rapid. Posters, slides and documents receive a DOI (digital object identifier) and are citable once they have been checked by the AMRC Open Research editorial team.

How can I find out more or submit an article?

For more information on how to publish outputs from Psoriasis Association funded research, please click here. Please note that you will need to register before you can submit your article or output.