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10 June 2024

Guest Speaker Announcement - 'Psoriasis Update: What You Need to Know' Conference

It’s just under two weeks until our upcoming 'Psoriasis Update: What You Need to Know' conference on June 22nd at the Pendulum Hotel in Manchester.

Next in our speaker series, we’re introducing four more of our esteemed speakers: Dr. Zenas Yiu, Dr Catherine O’Leary, Russ Cowper, and Dr Julia Schofield MBE.

Remember to book your spot at Conference 2024 to hear their engaging talks.

Learn more about them and the excellent work they do below.

Dr Zenas Yiu

Dr. Zenas Yiu, Clinical Senior Lecturer in Dermatology and Pharmacoepidemiology at the University of

Manchester, will delve into the world of biologics at our annual conference.

His talk shines a spotlight on BADBIR (the British Association of Dermatologists Biologic and Immunomodulators Register), an observational study assessing long-term safety of psoriasis biologic treatments.

Talk title: Increasing understanding of Biologic treatment: What’s new from the BAD Biologics Register (BADBIR)?

Dr Catherine O’Leary

Dr. Catherine O’Leary, a consultant Clinical Psychologist, blends medical expertise and lived experiences in her book "Coping with Psoriasis."

She will discuss the profound impact of living with psoriasis on well-being, providing invaluable insights and support. One not to be missed.

Talk title: Coping with psoriasis: A psychologist (and patient’s) view

Dr Julia Schofield MBE

Dr. Julia Schofield, MBE, has been a trustee of the Psoriasis Association UK since 2008 and was awarded an MBE for services to Dermatology in 2012.

As a joint clinical lead for the National Outpatient TransformationProgramme (NOTP), she focuses on service improvement.

Join her session to explore the challenges and choices of second-line treatment (treatment given when initial treatment doesn't work or stops working).

Talk title: Second line treatments for psoriasis: Choices and challenges

Russ Cowper

Russ Cowper, one of our valued Trustees, is deeply involved in public patient involvement panels in Manchester.

Passionate about research, he will highlight the importance of patient engagement at our conference.

Talk title: Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement in research: Why is it important?

We welcome both Psoriasis Association members and non-members to our conference.

Booking is essential. To secure your place visit our booking page here.

You can also scan the QR code or contact the office by email at or phone on 01604 251 620.

We look forward to seeing you on 22nd June.