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14 February 2024

The Psoriasis Association Visits De Montfort University (DMU) Leicester

Building on last year's success, we were invited to the annual pharmacy student conference at De Montfort University (DMU) Leicester which was held on February 6th.

Our helpline advisor, Laura Bell led an information stand featuring our publications and information leaflets, engaging students from all year groups. Laura shared insights about the Psoriasis Association's mission, how we support patients and emphasised our role in providing literature to GP clinics and pharmacies.

The impact of our participation was particularly helpful for first-year and final-year pharmacy students. Having recently covered psoriasis in their studies, the first-year student naturally had lots of questions about topical treatments and emollient therapies. Meanwhile, final-year students, busy preparing for their pre-registration year (a work placement which is under the supervision of a pre-registration tutor), were eager to learn how to support patients with psoriasis during their community placements. Our literature equipped all students with valuable knowledge, encouraging them to advocate for patients and access our support services.

Our attendance at this conference helped bridge the gap between academic knowledge and practical application. In this way, we can ensure that future pharmacists are well-equipped to assist individuals dealing with psoriasis.

All range of healthcare professionals work with and treat people living with psoriasis, so their understanding of the condition is essential.

You can head over to the Information & Support section of our website, if you’re looking for any resources on types of psoriasis, information on treatments or any other general FAQs.