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30 October 2019

Liz's Story - New Video Released

Liz talks us through her journey of treating psoriasis before, during and after pregnancy.

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Today we are releasing the second of our Psoriasis Awareness Week videos, which are aimed at anyone thinking about treating their psoriasis while planning for a family and which we hope will address a number of their queries and concerns.

Liz Buckley, who shared her story for our 50 for 50 project last year, offers a female perspective of treating psoriasis during pregnancy and discusses some of the issues she has faced before and after her daughter Isabelle was born.

In her video, Liz, who has had psoriasis since she was eight years old, talks about some of the treatments she tried while pregnant and her worries that her new baby would develop psoriasis. She also discusses candidly the difficult decisions she had to face when deciding whether to try for another baby when her skin was at its clearest. 

You can watch Liz’s video below.

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