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29 June 2023

New study looking at psoriasis and ageing


hers at Kings College London have launched a new study into the natural course of psoriasis specifically in those aged 65 and over.

The study aims to look at how the condition may change over time due to the natural ageing of the immune system. Many factors might also influence such a change, for example alterations in lifestyle after retirement and medications prescribed for conditions other than psoriasis.

To investigate this further, the team are looking for psoriasis patients aged 65 years and over who were diagnosed with psoriasis before the age of 40. A person in a suit and tie

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Participants will be asked to complete an online questionnaire, which should take approximately eight minutes to complete. No identifying information will be required and all responses will be anonymous.

The research is being led by researchers: Dr Shir Azrielant, Dr Su Lwin and Professor Chris Griffiths from King’s College London.If you would like further information, please contact Dr Shir Azrielant at

To take part in the survey, please scan the QR code or click here.