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08 November 2017

Two Traditional Chinese Medicinal Products Found to Contain Undeclared Ingredients

These products have both caused serious adverse reactions.

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The Health Sciences Authority (HSA) in Singapore is alerting members of the public not to purchase or consume two traditional Chinese medicinal products which have been found to contain undeclared western medicinal ingredients, including a potent steroid. The products, WAN LING REN SEM CHIN KUO PILL and CHONG CAO DAN have both caused serious adverse reactions in people who have consumed them.

The report from the HSA states ‘‘WAN LING REN SEM CHIN KUO PILL’ and ‘CHONG CAO DAN’ were promoted as traditional Chinese medicine, carrying claims that they contain herbal ingredients to help with a number of conditions such as pain, numbness of the limbs and blood circulation. However, the undeclared potent western medicinal ingredients in the products can pose serious health risks to consumers, especially when taken over a prolonged period without medical supervision.’

The full report is available here 

While these products were purchased in Malaysia, we would advise people in the UK to remain vigilant, given the possibility that they may also have been available for purchase over the internet. Anybody who has purchased or used these products is advised to contact their doctor.

Finally, a reminder to be wary if you are considering purchasing any treatments or remedies over the internet. Any products that claim to produce miraculous results for long term conditions should be treated with caution. It can also be difficult to determine the source of these products as well as what ingredients they actually contain. The Psoriasis Association would advise that you consult your GP, Dermatologist or Rheumatologist for reliable and accurate medical advice.