Recruitment support

Matching the right people to the right research is not always easy. The Psoriasis Association can offer recruitment support by promoting your study and its inclusion criteria to our community through various channels.

Please note that all studies that are looking to recruit participants are required to have ethical approval before they can be promoted by the Psoriasis Association.

How can the Psoriasis Association help?

There are multiple ways that the Psoriasis Association can support researchers in recruitment:

Our Research Network is a group of people with psoriasis who are specifically interested in research. Opportunities to take part in research are sent directly to members of the Network, allowing interested individuals to then get in contact with the researcher or take part.

The Psoriasis Association website has a Taking part in research page, where current recruitment opportunities are listed. Opportunities can be advertised for as long as needed and allow anyone to take part or contact the lead researcher.

We have a number of social media channels, which allow us to communicate with a wide range of people affected by psoriasis. Depending on the suitability and the current posting schedule, our Communications team can post about research projects that we are promoting and direct people to the Psoriasis Association website or to the study itself.

Who can we support?

The Psoriasis Association is pleased to support researchers based in a UK university or hospital whose work is focussed on researching the causes, nature, or care of psoriasis.

How to apply for recruitment support

Case study - recruitment support

Maia reached out to us for help in recruiting parents of children with psoriasis to take part in her research. We posted details of her study on the Psoriasis Association website and shared it with our Research Network. Following this, Maia recruited 3 parents to participate in the study.

"[The] Psoriasis Association were always clear about the recruitment support they could offer and were very responsive and helpful when I reached out for support. I was particularly impressed by how responsive the charity was during initial COVID-19 lockdown when there must have been many other demands on the charity’s time.

Thank you for all your help."

Maia, UWE, Bristol

If you would like to learn more about working with the Psoriasis Association on recruiting people with psoriasis to participate in your research then please get in touch!