Physiotherapy can play an important role in managing psoriatic arthritis.

Physiotherapy can be very useful both to treat pain and stiffness and to educate about exercises, thereby helping people to maintain independence through improved mobility, strength and flexibility.

In an assessment, a physiotherapist will examine your posture, gait and muscles, and ask questions about what kinds of activities cause pain. They will offer advice, and design a personalised treatment plan, which may include exercise, posture, massage or hydrotherapy (exercises in a swimming pool), for example. Exercise is particularly important for people with psoriatic arthritis as it can help to reduce pain and increase mobility.

A GP or Rheumatologist can refer you to see a Physiotherapist, or you can pay to see a Physiotherapist privately.


The information on this page is also available in our psoriatic arthritis - first line treatments information sheet.

December 2017 (Review: December 2020)